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The essence sun fire was like all types of fire contained in the few supreme treasures that belonged to Ji Hao, with an extremely positive nature. It could destroy anything in the world, yet it could also generate an inexhaustible power of creation.

The extremely negative power was cold and soft, and was the extreme of all negative powers in the world. In a good way, the extremely negative power could also nourish everything in the world and deliver the power of creation, but in an evil way, it was cold and destructive, and could perish any living creature in the world.

The dark killing flags contained the extremely negative power. The dark soul cauldron turned countless souls into evil ghosts, and what was extracted by the dark killing flags was only a slight little part of the extremely negative power of those evil ghosts.

Ji Hao was never a good namer, so he named that as Dark Cold strike. Just now, what landed on Yemo Tian’s body was nothing else but a Dark Cold strike.

It was soft and frigid, and could drill into any corner of the body of a living being. It would linger in the body for a despairingly long span of time. The Dark Cold strike did not just freeze Yemo Tian’s skin, muscles and bones, it had also drilled into his soul, and was freezing his soul into an ice block.

Fortunately, despite the weak physical bodies of Yu Clan nobles, they did have especially strong soul powers. A dense black stream of fire spurted out from Yemo Tian’s erect eye, from which, Yemo Tian’s heartbreaking screams could be faintly heard.

That scream was barely audible, and only powerful beings were strong souls could hear that scream on the soul level. Obviously, Yemo Tian’s soul had been fighting against the dark cold strike as hard as possible.

Ji Hao chuckled, while a whole three-hundred water-tank-sized, purely dark ghost heads popped out around Yemo Tian. These ghost heads were twisted and hideous, viciously staring at Yemo Tian, as they slowly opened their mouths widely, with frigid strands of gray mist drifting out from their mouth corners.

"Surrender, or perish!" Ji Hao looked at Yemo Tian and smiled coldly.

"Surrender? How can I surrender to you lowly, insignificant barbarians? I am Yemo Tian, I am a direct descendant of that great man. I am going to become the supreme owner of Pan Gu world and all three-thousand worlds nearby!" Yemo Tian widely opened the erect eye between his eyebrows, then the black fire began burning more and more ragingly.

In midair, within the dense watery clouds, over ten-thousand heavily armored water ape warriors stood in the sky.

A few large apes with golden armors and large sticks showed their teeth, anxiously scratching their heads and necks while surrounding a larger shaped ape, who had an especially long neck. They were all shouting and yelling.

"Big brother, I say we attack now, what do you think? If we kill Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao, Lord Gong Gong will be happy."

"Indeed! Kill those bastards! They always bring us troubles!"

"Do it, Lord Gong Gong ordered us to protect Yemo Tian. We cannot let Ji Hao kill him in this place!"

The larger ape sat on a watery cloud, with a pair of eyes shining brightly, looking down at the fight which was happening down below, hundreds of miles away. A while later, he laughed confusingly, "What‘s the hurry? Just let Ji Hao kill that kid. Before we left, Abba secretly told me this, and I assume this is Lord Gong Gong’s idea too."

The group of apes paused for a second, then lowered their heads, looking at Ji Hao and Yemo Tian.

The large ape proudly glanced at the group of confused apes, and suddenly had a strong sense of superiority as a smarter one. He chuckled and said, "If Ji Hao killed this kid, he would bring himself a huge, huge trouble. Neither Dishi Cha, nor Yemo Luoye would ever let him go."

The large ape smirked loudly, then gnashed his teeth and said, "Didn’t you find that till now, it’s our Gong Gong Family that has been suffering all losses. Dishi Cha claimed to be a partner of ours, but what did he do? We have to stimulate him, to let him work, let him shed some blood."

The other apes were still confused, but didn’t stop them from looking at the large ape in admiration and asking carefully, "So?"

The large ape raised his head and said slowly "So, although Lord Gong Gong ordered us to protect this kid, we shall let him die. When he dies, we will go seize an arm or two to three legs of his, and bring it back to show Dishi Cha. That will be it."

An ape calculated with his fingers, lowered his voice and said, "Big Brother, Yemo Tian has two legs only. How can we get three legs?"

The large ape grabbed the stick by his side and heavily knocked this ape on the head, giving him a serious dizziness. It made him thud his butt on the cloud, and unable to make any noise for a long while.

Ji Hao stood on the cauldron, surrounded by a black mist that made him look like a devil from hell. Hearing that Yemo Tian refused to surrender, Ji Hao didn’t want to waste any time on talking. Instead, he clapped his hands and let the three-hundred ghost heads open their jaws simultaneously. The power of dark cold strike transformed into strong gray mist streams, roaring out and shrouding Yemo Tian in a flash.

Clang! Clang! Strange metal-crashing noises sounded from Yemo Tian’s body, while a crushingly great pressure spread out. It was as terrifying as a tsunami, and even made people feel hard to breathe.

Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain from his brain. The spirit power he released was crushed suddenly by that scary pressure, as two streams of blood gushed out of his nostrils. Hurriedly, Ji Hao controlled the dark soul cauldron and drew quickly backward.

The looks of Si Wen Ming and the few Yu Clan warriors changed suddenly. The pressure released from Yemo Tian’s body was not even something that living beings should have. That was a merciless, emotionless, extreme terror, that existed for nothing else but destruction.

Si Wen Ming also moved backward as quickly as he could. As waves of pressure landed on his body, layers of yellow-colored glow emerged around his body, mixed with thin strands of purple mist. The glow was crushed layer by layer, and slowly, blood began flowing out from his ears and nostrils.

The few Yu Clan warriors suffered the worst. Being struck by that pressure, countless cracks appeared on their armors, squeezing a series of cracking noise out of their bones. Next, they all fell to the ground like broken sticks.

Obviously, this destructive pressure could largely suppress Yu Clan people from the Dark Sun. The damage it caused to those Yu Clan warriors was way more serious than the damage to Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming.

Following a series of clang, the dark cold strike released by the three-hundred ghost heads suddenly froze, becoming an ice shell, then being shattered by that great pressure. It exposed a purely dark…human-shaped thing, silently floating in the sky while releasing a strong power vibration.

The three-hundred meters tall human-shaped thing was slim, and looked at a giant armor, with twenty-four pairs of wings spreading on its back.

The twenty-four pairs of, over nine-hundred meters long wings had different types of power. They were wrapped in fire, gale, thunderbolts, poisonous gas, flood…All purely dark, giving a feeling of destruction, and seeming ready to destroy the whole universe.

On the giant human-shaped thing’s head, between the pair of eyebrows, was a transparent dark crystal. Yemo Tian was silently floating inside the crystal, looking down at Ji Hao.

"This is the destructive weapon Dishi Cha brought to me from my father!"

"I was keeping this as my trump card. I wasn’t going to activate it before the last gasp!"

"Lowly ants, you have actually forced me to use my trump card. Yemo Luoye, that bloody woman must have sensed the power of this destructive weapon, as well as people from the other eleven families in power!"

"It’s all your fault!"

The destructive weapon had eight long and slim arms. At the moment, one of those arms raised high and slapped down towards Ji Hao.

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