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Rapidly flowing water streams transformed into countless ferocious-looking water-kind beast heads, roaring and diving down. Tens of enormous aquatic beasts roared furiously, and following behind them were countless oddly-shaped, smaller aquatic creatures. They raised their bows and released waves of arrows, screaming down while leaving white traces in the water.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He stepped backward quickly, grabbed White Dragon River God up from the ground, then lifted him to shield himself under his enormous body.

"River God!"

Those aquatic warriors screamed simultaneously, while those lifelike beast heads, which were transformed from water streams under the effect of some kind of magic, bumped fiercely into the river god’s body, sending up his broken scales drifting everywhere. Next, countless arrows pierced into his body.

White Dragon River God had an especially strong body, and these arrows shouldn’t be able to harm even a hair of his. However, he was violently beaten up by Ji Hao earlier, and all his scales had been broken already. Countless thin cracks had appeared on his strong, thick dragon skin. Through these thin cracks, many arrows drilled into his body and exploded almost simultaneously, under the effects of all kinds of powerful explosive spell symbols.

Thousands of, different-sized fiery light streams burst from White Dragon River God’s body. All those arrows were produced by the non-humankind and were of high quality; any of them could easily flatten a hill.

Thousands of arrows like that exploded inside the river God’s body together. The river God was indeed strong, but his internal organs were injured by Ji Hao already, and those injured internal organs were now being vibrated by the explosions of those arrows. It all caused the river God an unbreakable pain, that made him scream.

"You idiots! Are you trying to kill me and take my piston?!" White Dragon River God even had tears gushing out of his eye sockets because of the anger. He raised the lightest injured head of his with difficulty and growled hoarsely.

"Who ordered to launch the arrows?! I’m going to cook him and eat him as a snack! Ah! Who was it?!" The river God roared so loudly that it made tears waggle in his eyes. Hearing his raging roars, those smaller shaped aquatic creatures all shouted out while hurriedly throwing their bows away.

Hundreds of thousands of bows with faintly glowing spell symbols were thrown away by these aquatic creatures as far away as they could. Surrounding these aquatic treasure, dark killing threads silently floated in the water. Those bows bumped on those dark killing threads and generated a series of puffing noise while these high-quality, exquisitely crafted weapons, which were purchased by the river God with a good sum of money, were cut into pieces.

A stream of blood spurted out from the river God’s mouth, mixed with internal organ pieces. The river God cried in an indescribable heart-rending tone, "My ancestors' souls! What did I do? These idiots, are my warriors all idiots like these?!"

Ji Hao patted on a lowered head of the river God and comforted him while trying pretty hard to not laugh out, "Cheer up! If you hadn’t threatened to eat them, they wouldn’t throw those bows away…I can see that as the God of the river, your words mean a lot to them!"

The river God vomited blood once again in anger. He turned around his only moveable head, stared at Ji Hao and screamed, "Kid, you…"

Before he could finish his speech, Ji Hao grabbed his neck and smashed him onto that large magic formation, which was protected by countless layers of fish-scale shaped, rapid water streams, once again. Along with a shrill friction noise, pieces of skin were sliced off from the river God’s body. Suffering that piercing pain, he couldn’t even breathe, and soon, the river God fell unconscious.

"When you’re like a piece of meat on my chopping board, you should be more polite to me." Ji Hao threw the river God, who was unconscious, on the ground, then raised his head, grinned to those dumbfounded aquatic creatures and said, "Obviously, your river God didn’t have the experience of being captured!"

"Ri-river God, he, he is…so powerful…How, how can he ever be, be captured?!" A crab warrior straightened his stick-like pair of eyes, looked at Ji Hao and stuttered, "You…How dare you come, me-mess around in our, our White Dragon River…Let, let our river God go, now, now…"

A taller aquatic warrior, whose skin was thickly covered with silver scales, kicked the large crab away. He looked at Ji Hao and shouted loudly, "Let our River God go, then we can let you die without too much pain!"

Ji Hao looked at that silver scale aquatic warrior, laughed out wildly and then pointed his finger forward. The Liu Ren bottle flew out, and a stream of dark power surged out from its opening. Then, countless mature and immature dark killing threads swished over and flew into the bottle.

Before those dark killing threads moved, those smaller shaped aquatic warriors lined orderly between those killing threads, carefully keeping themselves away from those dangerous threads. But as Ji Hao activated the bottle, countless extremely sharp and cold killing threads screamed across those aquatic warriors. Immediately, waves of screams were generated. Body pieces were sent up along with blood splashing everywhere, and dyed the entire river red.

Even the tens of enormous aquatic warriors didn’t manage to react timely, and over twenty of them had their bodies swept across by dark killing threads. Their bodies were extra huge, tens of times larger than those smaller shaped ones. Therefore, the number of killing threads that sliced across their bodies was large. Before these large shaped aquatic warriors could activate their defensive treasures, their bodies were cut into pieces, along with their own scream.

Within a couple of breaths, all surrounding dark killing threads were sucked into the bottle, and most of the hundreds of thousands of aquatic warriors, who came to save the river God, were killed. Only less than five-thousand of them managed to stand on the ground unharmed.

These survived aquatic warriors trembled in fear, looking at Ji Hao as if he were a ghost.

A high-pitched roar burst all of a sudden, followed by which, except for those enormous ones who had been leading the troops, all the other aquatic warriors transformed back into their original shapes simultaneously. The fishes, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, fled at their highest speed in all directions.

Ji Hao sneered, then took out the dark soul cauldron.

Not to mention the fact that White Dragon River God colluded with the non-humankind, he worked for Gong Gong and attempted to harm the humankind. This was a capital crime. These aquatic creatures followed the river God’s lead, and thus could not be spared either. If Ji Hao let them live, how many more human beings would be harmed by them?

A dense black stream of mist was released from the cauldron. Following shrill screams, countless twisted faces emerged in the black mist, greedily dashing towards those fleeing aquatic creatures.

Without being able to give a moan, the remaining tens of enormous creatures were rolled into the black mist. Countless streams of black mist drilled into their ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth, as countless fierce evil ghosts crazily tore and devoured their souls. These strong aquatic creatures never cultivated their souls. Therefore, they now had no power of resistance, and could only watch themselves being torn into pieces by those evil ghosts.

The thousands of smaller shaped aquatic creatures didn’t run too far before they were caught up by that dark mist. The dark mist rolled over their bodies and pulled their souls out. The cauldron then devoured all their souls and spirit blood.

With the power of the two supreme treasures, Ji Hao wiped out a water-kind army almost instantaneously. Next, Ji Hao patted on the cauldron and released a black mist stream, bringing the river God and his six sons back into the cauldron. The river God and his six sons sank to the deepest area of the cauldron, being suppressed by its power. After all this, Ji Hao turned around and knitted his eyebrows, looking at that large magic formation which was protected by those fish-scale-shaped, rapidly flowing water streams.

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