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The fastest ghost head was wrapped in a dense black smoke as it rushed to Ji Hao’s face.

Ji Hao swung his arm forwards and launched a sword move. Large flakes of golden fire roared out and turned the ghost head into countless black threads. The ghost head screamed shrilly while drawing back. Ji Hao watched it rush back into a black flag, and within a blink of an eye, another ghost head that looked exactly the same as the first one, flew out, rushing towards Ji Hao while screaming.

He wielded his sword and let an arc-shaped sword light flash across the air. Over ten ghost heads were chopped. Countless black shreds of smoke swished backward and flew back into the flag. They twisted and wove together, and turned back into over ten ghost heads, pouncing on Ji Hao once again while raising a dense cloud of black smoke.

"Interesting!" Ji Hao opened his erect eye and released a bright golden light that covered over a thousand ghost heads. Those ghost heads melted like snow statues under the strongest sunlight, and quickly turned into black smoke and drew back. Then, they transformed again to ghost heads and flew out of the large black flag, screaming and tremblingly flying towards him.

Ji Hao snorted coldly. He locked his left fingers together and quickly created tens of Yu Yu divine thunderbolts, which were the fastest and the most violent. Thunderbolts were sharp as a sword, as they hacked down fiercely and cut hundreds of ghost heads into pieces. But within a twinkling of an eye, these shredded ghost heads merged back together in the large black flag and roared out once again.

White Dragon River God’s laughter came out from the dense black smoke, "My friend, all souls in these dark killing flags are indestructible; they’re immortal. With your power, you can’t do any harm to them, not even with those supreme treasures with pure positive power in your hands."

Pausing for a second, the river God continued, with a trace of greediness in his tone, "How about this, you give me the sword and cloak of yours, then I’ll let you leave safely. By giving you a chance to leave, I will take a great risk. After all, Lord Gong Gong might want to know about all these later. What do you think?"

Ji Hao gave an angry smile when he heard this. "You indeed have a wishful thinking!"

The river God remained silent for a while, then asked a bit embarrassedly, "Is wishful thinking a treasure too? What kind of a treasure is it? I know the word ‘wishful’, but what is ‘thinking’? Is it a spiritual treasure?"

Ji Hao opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t know how to explain it to the river God, neither did he want to waste any time on this.

Were these ghost heads indestructible? That was only because those black flags had been absorbing those black smoke streams transformed from ghost heads that were chopped into pieces by Ji Hao, thus regenerating those ghost heads! Apart from this, those dark killing flags didn’t seem to have other special abilities.

Laughing coldly, Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the locations of the river God and his sons, straightened the nine suns devil-destroying sword and launched a violent wave of attacks. He took a big step forward, then swiftly rushed up for tens of steps within a blink of an eye. With Ji Hao’s current physical power, even if he couldn’t teleport himself, he could cover tens of miles with a single step.

Rushing for tens of steps, Ji Hao surprisingly found that he was still surrounded by dense black smoke. The strong black smoke suffused the entire space, except for the small area with a radius of three-hundred meters that was covered by the golden light released from the stainless cloak. Above Ji Hao’s head, under his feet, in the front, in the back, and both the sides, wherever Ji Hao’s eyes could reach, the black smoke had been rolling.

He couldn’t see the river God, neither could he see his sons.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man began talking, "Three-headed black flood dragon, dark killing threads, dark killing flags… These things together remind me of a man. Before the creation of the world, in the era of Chaos, this man was quite famous."

"Eh? Who?" Ji Hao asked subconsciously.

"The old Daoist priest named Three Dark." responded the mysterious man slowly, "He was a three-headed black spirit flood dragon born in the Chaos. He cultivated himself with the dark power and took the shape of a man, living in the era of Chaos. Those pre-world devil Gods called him Old Priest Three Dark."

Sighing for an unknown reason, the mysterious man continued slowly, "Back then, he fought me over a dark soul-breaking spear. I struck him into pieces with a punch. I thought his bloodline had died since then. Never knew he still had descendants who carried that bloodline of his."

"Hehe…" Ji Hao laughed. ‘This brutal old man.’ thought Ji Hao.

Slightly curving his mouth corners, Ji Hao continued asking, "You…Why did you fight him over that dark soul-breaking spear?"

Remaining silent for a while, the mysterious man murmured, sounding a bit ashamed, "I’ve been interested in all kinds of weapon, swords, spears, axes. Each time I saw a new weapon, I would want to have it and try it. That spear was ownerless. He fought me over it, and I carelessly punched him too hard."

Hearing this, Ji Hao’s heart was even shaking. ‘A famous powerful being in the era of Chaos, was punched to death by you, only because you carelessly punched too hard? Are you showing off?’ "thought Ji Hao.

While Ji Hao talked to the mysterious man, more and more ghost heads approached from all directions, and the cold power released from them grew stronger and stronger.

What surprised Ji Hao was that at first when he wielded his sword and hacked on these ghost heads, he could severely injure them and turn them into a puff of smoke. But now, he could only cut a ghost head into two, like chopping a watermelon.

The two pieces of the ghost head would be connected by countless dark smoke threads, and following an ear piercing scream, would merge back together and recover, seeming perfectly unharmed. The essence sun fire failed to do any harm to those ghost heads.

"White Dragon River God, these dark killing flags of yours are indeed powerful. Aren’t these ghost heads afraid of my essence sun fire." Ji Hao couldn’t help but exclaim out, praising sincerely.

"They do fear that fire." The river God’s voice sounded from far away. Ji Hao felt that the distance between the river God and himself was tens of thousands of miles long. "But do you remember what this place is? This is the deepest area of White Dragon River. The dark power is inexhaustible in this area. These ghost heads were made from tens of billions of souls that I collected in these years. How strong is the essence sun fire under your control?"

"Unless you can evaporate this White Dragon River and all tens of thousands of branches at once with one move, you would never break these dark killing flags of mine." The river God said honestly, "The sword of yours is truly powerful, but what a shame, you don’t deserve a treasure like that. You’re just not good enough."

Sighing slightly, the river god continued blandly, "If this sword is held in the hands of the few powerful beings I know, I wouldn’t dare to go against them at all. I would have kneeled straight on the ground and begged for mercy. But my friend, you don’t have the qualification to make me kneel and beg for mercy, yet."

Ji Hao straightened his face and glanced around.

This White Dragon River God sounded frank and honest, but it was not hard to tell that he was false-hearted and shameless.

Ji Hao had to figure out a way to free himself from this dark killing flags, then make the river God tell him about the purpose of that large magic formation in the square outside. More importantly, he wanted to force the river God to tell him how many ambushes like this had Gong Gong arranged.

However, before Ji Hao figured a way out, the surrounding black smoke began rolling quickly like a whirlpool.

Trapped in the dark smoke, Ji Hao felt that the world began spinning swiftly, and both the time and space around him had been twisted in a strange way. Ji Hao began spinning weirdly, such that he even felt his brain spinning inside his head.

Ear-piercing ghost screams could be heard. A few ghost heads suddenly pounced on the fire lotuses transformed from the power of the stainless cloak, opened their mouths and inhaled. Shockingly, these ghost heads each inhaled a little bit of the essence sun fire released from the stainless cloak.

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