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Since Ji Hao had walked out already, he didn’t want to hide anymore. He asked straightforwardly, "White Dragon River God, cut the crap. That large magic formation in the square out there, what is that for?"

White Dragon River God paused for a second, then waved the dark flag in his hand and it behind his body. The flag flew to above the black caldron and floated in the water, releasing black mist streams.

Then he rubbed his hands and asked politely and carefully, "May I ask your name?"

Ji Hao clenched his right fingers. The nine suns devil-destroying sword appeared in his hand, with essence sun fire spurting from it. He conveniently wielded the sword, as golden fire spots drifted down from the sword top. Next, spell symbols on the ground exploded one after another along with a puffing noise. A three-hundred-meter long arc-shaped line was left on the ground. Within the line, over ten-thousand spell symbols were cut open and destroyed. Strands of green smoke spurted out from the damaged spell symbols.

With a convenient sword move, without activating any power, the defensive magic formation set in this hall by White Dragon River God was easily broken.

Ji Hao looked at the river God, whose face was suddenly tightened, and said in a deep yet strong voice, "Cut the crap! I want the answer!"

The river God lowered his eyelids and restrained the power vibration released from his body. He put on a harmless face, smiled at Ji Hao and responded, "My friend, don’t be angry, please. My ancestors told us to be nice and kind to people, and to never fight. My friend, don’t attack, what do you want to know? I will tell you all I know, I promise!"

Raising his eyes, the river God glanced outside, then sighed slightly and continued, "That large magic formation, I don’t know what is it for either. Gong Gong sent over a magic formation blueprint and ordered me to set it up. I’m nothing but a lowly weak aquatic creature, serving Lord Gong Gong with my sons, seeking protection. How can I not listen to his orders?"

Narrowing his eyes, the river God chuckled, "If you want to know what that magic formation is for, my friend, I think you should go ask Lord Gong Gong."

Hearing White Dragon River God, Ji Hao laughed out loud. This river God seemed to be cowardly and extra cautious, but at the same time, he was also cunning and smart. He claimed that he didn’t know the function of the large formation out there, but how did that toad who was captured alive by Ji Hao know it? The toad was nobody but a brother of the close servant girl of the most beloved wife of the river God. Where did he hear things about the large magic formation from?

"You’re not honest, you’re truly not honest." Ji Hao shook his head. He turned around, gripped the sword hilt with both hands and took a deep breath. He then raised the sword, seeming ready to give a hack at that large magic formation in the square.

"My friend, why do you have to push it?" While Ji Hao was gathering his strength, the river God abruptly sighed, swung his arm backward and grabbed down a large black flag that was coiled in a black mist. He flicked the flag towards Ji Hao and said, "Sometimes, giving a choice to the others equals giving one to yourself!"

Following a resonant roar and countless shrill screams, a dense cloud of black mist puffed out from the black flag. Within the black mist, the faces of countless human beings and spirit creatures were visible, while the mist cloud roared towards Ji Hao, along with a bone-piercing cold power.

Each of the twelve young men grabbed a dark killing flag from above the square cauldron, cast a growl and flicked towards Ji Hao. A great wave of black mist pressed down at Ji Hao, surrounding him like dark clouds.

Ji Hao felt that his skin was pierced by countless needles, and his spirit blood was unsettled. Every single fine hair of his had stood straight up, while stands of warmth flowed out through his pores.

The souls of human beings and spirit creatures in the mist had already been turned into some kind of especially fierce thing. They were screaming, and their screams were like ropes with countless barbs, drilling into Ji Hao’s ears, straight into his spiritual space. They seemed to hook his seed of Dao of sun, trying to drag his primordial spirit out of the seed of Dao.

However, Ji Hao’s seed of Dao was incredibly strong and sturdy, and was surrounded by purely positive essence sun fire. His primordial spirit was hiding inside the seed of Dao, and didn’t need to be afraid of any kind of evil.

If he were an ordinary human being, a Senior Magus or low-grade Qi cultivator, under the effect of the screams made by those fierce evil souls hiding in these dark killing flags, his soul would have involuntarily flown out of his body. But Ji Hao had the seed of Dao of sun. So, he only felt itchy on his whole body, but his primordial spirit stayed as unmoved as a mountain.

The stainless cloak buzzed and burst with a bright light. Nine dazzling suns rose, hovering around Ji Hao while releasing waves of raging fire that spread out. Triggered by the magic Ji Hao learned from Yu Yu, the fire released from the cloak transformed into an enormous lotus with a thousand petals. Ji Hao stood on the seedpod of the lotus, while bright streams of golden light dazzled out from petal, making Ji Hao look like a God descending from the heaven.

The cloud of frigid dark mist rolled above his head, circling around Ji Hao’s body.

However, no matter how hard White Dragon River God and his sons tried to activate those dark killing flags, not a single strand of black mist could ever approach Ji Hao’s body.

Before, Ji Hao’s spirit blood was agitated, and was even about to surge out of his body through his pores. But at the moment, once the stainless cloak was activated, all bad feelings were gone.

Calmly standing in the fire lotus, Ji Hao turned around, grinningly looked at the river God and said, "Like I said, don’t waste my time. Since you don’t want to tell me what it’s for, I think it’s better for me to destroy it."

Smiling coldly, Ji Hao put on a serious face and continued, "White Dragon River God, Gong Gong raised a flood in the human world and killed countless human beings. Our humankind will make him pay for this. You better not go the wrong way. Once you choose the wrong side, you may die because of your mistake!"

Before the river God said anything, Ji Hao continued harshly, "According to the conversation between you and your son, you know things in the prehistorical era, and you can collect killing threads to make dark killing flags. Apparently, you’re a rather powerful one. It’s not easy for you to cultivate yourself to this level, so do not get yourself killed!"

White Dragon River God’s face twitched slightly, then he took a long breath. Next, between his two flood dragon heads, his human head began transforming as well, and soon became another flood dragon head.

While releasing black fire, black ice flakes and black gusts of wind from the three flood dragon heads, the river God shouted at Ji Hao, "It has happened already, so what can we say? We planned this for so many years, and we’ve made so many efforts. How can we give up just like this? If you had stayed outside, that’d be fine. But since you’ve come in, don’t blame me for having no mercy!"

Roaring brightly, the left and right head of the river God leaned backward, each biting a dark killing flag.

The twelve sons of the river God did the same. They opened their jaws, and each bit two dark flags with their flood dragon heads. Added with the ones held in their hands, thirty-nine black flags were waved quickly towards Ji Hao.

Their middle heads began incanting a spell. Following their voices, the dark mist released from these flags grew denser and denser, darker and darker. Along with shrill, ear-piercing screams, water-tank-sized, ferocious-looking ghost heads gradually emerged in the black mist.

These ghost heads with a cyan-black color were entirely wrapped in ice crystals, and had been drooling towards Ji Hao, greedily and hideously.

As the river God gave a high-pitched scream, thousands of ghost heads widely opened their mouths and pounced on Ji Hao.

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