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Gray pre-world dark killing threads!

Ji Hao saw lines of thousands of meters long pre-world dark killing threads in the rapidly spinning whirlpool, then his mind was blank.

This kind of pre-world dark killing thread was a legend, even in the prehistorical era. Those powerful ancient spirit creatures had to spend years traveling around the world to luckily find a slight little bit of killing threads like these to create treasures. With Po’s great power and abilities, he had been traveling in the Midland and the four wastelands for so many years, but he hadn’t found even one gray pre-world dark killing thread!

Nevertheless, right now, right in front of Ji Hao’s eyes, there were millions of gray pre-world dark killing threads, each over three meters long.

The gray color meant these killing threads already had a divine-level quality, but these killing threads were not entirely transparent yet, and could not be counted as supreme-level ones. However, these threads were already perfect for making all kinds of magic formation flags, magic treasures, and weapons.

Ji Hao carefully dived deeper. The series of buildings down there became clearer and clearer. Gradually, the pre-world dark killing threads around him turned entirely transparent, when he was around three thousand meters away from those buildings.

"I thought so!" Ji Hao silently praised in surprise. He glanced around, and didn’t see any living being in this area. Then, he rummaged his pockets and took out the black steel sword from Si Water River God, who was killed by him earlier. He gently hacked on a gray transparent killing thread with that sword.

Crack! The killing thread remained moveless while the black steel sword had a thin crack appearing on it. Cold strands of power lingered on the crack. A long while later, after the black steel sword absorbed enough water power, the crack finally disappeared.

This sword belonged to a true God, and was given by the heaven, but it failed to cut a supreme-level killing thread. Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched intensively. He truly wanted to pull out the nine suns devil-destroying sword and try to cut these killing threads, but he was afraid that he might disturb the ones in those buildings. Therefore, he forced himself to not do it.

Diving down, the water currents turned even heavier and more rapid.

Raising his head, Ji Hao saw a white funnel-shaped whirlpool spinning swiftly above his head, its bottom being near him. A gray, transparent flask floated in this area. At the opening of this hexagonal flask, a gray-colored sphere of dark power was faintly visible, while a great amount of water power had been surging into the flask from the whirlpool.

On each of the six sides of this flask, a twisted spell symbol had been sparkling. Every ten breaths, a strong stream of dark power would be released from the spell symbol, surge to the surrounding mountains along with shrill ghost streams, then reach up through spell symbols carved on them.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and observed this three feet tall flask for a while, then figured out the secret of this whirlpool.

This giant whirlpool gathered a great dark power, and the strong water pressure was the best tool to purify the dark power. The purified dark power was absorbed by the flask, and transformed into pre-world dark power. Then, it was released to the surrounding mountains, being transformed once again by the magic formation based on these mountains, and eventually condensing into ice flakes in the whirlpool.

Under the strong water pressure, these water flakes were flushed and strengthened by the frigid water currents for countless years, and were purified, compressed gradually, and slowly formed into killing threads. Attracted by the sphere of dark power on the opening of the flask, the purer killing threads sank deeper, and in the end, all threads surrounding this flask were perfect supreme ones. They could be used straight for creating pre-world-level supreme treasures.

"Good one, a truly good one!" Ji Hao nodded and praised.

"Good treasure, a truly good treasure!" The mysterious man’s voice came from Ji Hao’s spiritual space, "Take it and go… This is the pre-world Liu Ren bottle. Liu Ren represents positive powers, and killing threads produced by it have an extreme-level negative power. Things would develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Therefore, these killing threads can actually withstand all kinds of pure fires."

The mysterious smiled and continued, "This treasure is good. You possess the essence sun fire, which is purely positive. It’s powerful, but simple as a defense. If you encounter some fierce creatures generated by the pre-world essence sun fire, you won't be able to do anything to them with your fire. However, with this pre-world Liu Ren bottle, you can deliver many unexpected changes."

"So, shall I just take it straight away?" Ji Hao glanced down at those buildings down below.

"Hmm, I am only giving a suggestion. As for how will you do it, that’s up to you!" The mysterious man laughed in an irresponsible tone, quite happily, "When the world was just created, this treasure was a famous one. At least three-hundred pre-world devil Gods fought over it and died, but none of them actually attained it at last. It has been so many years. Who on earth was so lucky that actually attained this treasure?"

Sighing loudly and rumblingly, the mysterious man changed his tone, gave a cold and scornful chuckle and continued, "However, the ones who own this treasure are still not good enough though. With a supreme treasure like this, they are still extracting killing threads in such a silly way!"

Ji Hao paused slightly and asked, "Do you have a better idea?"

The mysterious man remained silent for a while, then responded a bit embarrassedly, "Back then…I heard an old man mention it… He was a master of dark power. But at that time, I didn’t think that special magic would be useful for me, so I didn’t take it seriously! However, if you attain this bottle, I’ll spend some time to try to recall. I think I can recall it!"

Ji Hao curved his mouth corners downwards. ‘Alright, this old guy is never reliable anyway!’ thought Ji Hao.

He took a few circles around the bottle, then took out those magic talismans and thunder-flame bombs given by Priest Dachi before the Pan Xi World life-and-death game started. He put these talismans and bombs around the bottle, and next, set up a small-world reversal magic formation that he learned from Yu Yu to conceal them. Afterwards, he abruptly dived down and moved into the underwater city down below.

The golden bridge had been shaking slightly. Colorless and shapeless divine light streams flashed across the water, silently broke a few simple magic formations, allowing Ji Hao to easily break into this underwater city.

Although called an underwater city, in fact, this place had a rather simple structure. Barracks were built in the north, south, west, and east, circling a tens of miles huge area. In the square, facing the north were three halls. These were all that was there in this underwater city.

Barracks in the east, west, and south were quiet. Through the opened doors, Ji Hao saw a large spirit aquatic creature sitting in each room of these three long lines of barracks with legs crossed, and had been silently absorbing the rich water power from the water.

All aquatic creatures in these barracks had been silently cultivating themselves, and no one was making any sound.

In the middle of the square, a floating three-dimensional magic formation floated in the water. It was quiet and motionless, without any sense of power releasing from it. Ji Hao measured this great formation with his eyes and found that over sixty-percent of the complicated structure of this magic formation was beyond his understanding. He turned away from this magic formation, then quietly came to the northern side.

Supreme-level killing threads drifted down from above and descended into the open door, along with shrill ghost screams.

Through the door, Ji Hao saw tens of large black flags floating in the hall, while a low voice could be heard from there.

"Father, are you the most powerful one now with these dark killing flags?"

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