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In the giant whirlpool, water currents were rapid, but silent.

The white water currents moved swiftly yet quietly. And if one looked at them for a long while, he would feel like he was trapped in a delusion. The white water was quietly flowing in the enormous whirlpool, reaching down from the water surface, so deep that no bottom could be seen.

Ji Hao let the water currents bring him down.

What surprised him was that he didn't see even one spirit creature down there. Except for the aquatic warriors on the eighteen floating mountains above the whirlpool, not a single aquatic creature was in the water.

White Dragon River God had apparently spent quite an effort on building this area. Diving down from the water surface, Ji Hao found a circle of human-head-sized glowing pearls on the mountains around the whirlpool underwater, every hundreds of meters.

The white pearl glow made the underwater space very bright. The water was flawlessly clear, even scarily clear, that Ji Hao always felt like some great danger had been hiding down here in this strangely clear water.

Diving down for thirty-thousand meters, Ji Hao was brought under a red underground mountain by the water streams. With a sideway glance, he saw a few green spell symbols carved on the smooth surface of the mountain.

These twisted spell symbols should be created by ancient spirit aquatic creatures, because under the white pearl glow, these green spell symbols had been releasing a cold and evil sense of power.

When Ji Hao’s body brushed across these spell symbols, he somehow felt a strange forcefield sweep through his body, that made him feel cold from the marrow. This feeling was prominent despite the fact that he was so strong now that he could even physically rival a powerful dragon-like Cloud Dream Dragon King.

The deeper he went, the more spell symbols like these existed, and the cold power released from the whirlpool grew strong and stronger. Ji Hao tried to move his palm, but all ten fingers of his were already a bit stiff because of the coldness.

After reaching ninety-thousand meters deep underwater, extremely thin ice flakes emerged from the clear water. Sheet-like white ice flakes floated in the whirlpool in ordered lines, being controlled by the cold forcefield created by those green spell symbols. No matter how rapidly the water flowed, these ice flakes remained motionless.

At this point, Ji Hao caught a big trouble. Carelessly, he was pushed to a straightened white ice flake by the water current.

The golden bridge slightly buzzed, then Ji Hao twisted his body and brushed across the edge of the ice flake. Meanwhile, Ji Hao took out a tungsten steel block and gently scratched the edge of the ice flake. The ice flake remained perfectly undamaged while the solid tungsten steel was cut into two silently.

"Interesting!" Ji Hao packed the two pieces of tungsten steel and carefully focused on the front area.

Countless straightened ice flakes approached him like countless blades hacking down at his face. The rapid water current dragged Ji Hao’s body swiftly to those, thick lines of ice flakes. Smartly, the golden bridge had been adjusting its moving direction, to help Ji Hao easily dodge these ice flakes, which were less than three meters away from each other and disorderly positioned.

In the whirlpool, with a slight carelessness, even a powerful spirit aquatic creature would be pushed into these ice flakes by the water current, and one could imagine how miserable that would be.

Ji Hao couldn’t help but silently nod. This White Dragon River God was indeed great. He cleverly set this effective and flexible defense mechanism, but made it look so natural, as if it was a natural phenomenon. This defense mechanism seemed to be simple, but it disabled all ordinary living being from diving so deep.

Diving down along with water currents for quite a while, Ji Hao saw that the color of these ice flakes turned faintly blue from white. As more and more, thicker and thicker magic spells emerged on the surrounding underwater mountains, the faint blue color of these ice flakes slowly changed to cyan-green.

The cold forcefield got stronger and stronger, while the clear water currents turned heavier and heavier.

If the specific gravity of the water from the surface of the river was one, after Ji Hao dived down for a hundred thousand meters, the specific gravity of the faintly blue water in this area had already reached over three-hundred. Added with the great water pressure in this depth, even a Senior Magi could be crushed in this area.

As the depth went on increasing, the water flowed faster and faster. What floated in the water were no longer sheet-sized ice flakes. Instead, those had become dark-green ice threads.

Around ten meters long ice threads stood in the rapidly flowing water. The water flushed across violently, but these ice threads remained motionless. When the water currents brushed across these ice threads, they would sparkle with a faint light.

Ji Hao carefully listened, and heard a ghost-scream-like noise coming from these ice threads.

Tiny spell symbols had been bursting from these dark-green ice threads, drifting in the water and creating long and thin streams of misty tails. These tiny spell symbols were the real sources of those barely audible ghost screams. Each spell symbol would hover around an ice thread for a short while, then merge back in it.

Ji Hao looked at these seemingly soft yet strong, and extremely sharp dark-green ice threads, and felt that these ice threads were somehow familiar.

Searching through his head, Ji Hao recalled all the knowledge regarding the great Dao, skills for magic-treasure making, and all the other things he learned from Yu Yu, Po, and the Magi Palace. Soon, he found something about these ice-thread-like things in his memory.

That was recorded in Po’s the secret note of magic-treasure-making — Pre-world dark killing threads!

This type of ice threads was extremely rare, even back in the prehistorical era. It was known as an extreme form of dark power. These ice threads were soft yet incredibly strong. Except for a few pure positive types of natural powers, such as the essence sun fire, nothing could destroy them.

Pre-world dark killing threads were incomparably hard to deal with. Even if one had the essence sun fire, one may still fail to destroy them, because the essence sun fire might not be strong enough. Even if one were a greatly powerful being and could make the fire strong enough, it would still take a long span of time to melt these ice threads.

According to Po’s note, back in the prehistorical era, if a spirit creature could collect pre-world dark killing threads and make a spirit treasure with them, it would definitely be able to dominate a land. With that spirit treasure, ordinary powerful beings such as Priest Corpse could do nothing to it.

Dark-green pre-world dark killing threads already had a great quality, and if the color turned black, that would make it top-quality. If the color turned transparent-gray, that would be a supreme-level quality. If one had the skill, one could even create a pre-world-level treasure with transparent-gray pre-world dark killing threads.

"Good for you, White Dragon River God!" Ji Hao silently clicked his tongue. All these pre-world dark killing threads in this river were natural treasures! ‘I can’t waste these, I have to collect all of these later.’ Ji Hao thought.

Diving down deeper, the water pressure grew greater and greater, while the cold power in the water grew stronger and stronger. The color of pre-world dark killing threads in this depth gradually turned dark. The deeper he went, the darker it got.

The ghost-scream-like noise turned louder and louder, shriller and shriller. Ji Hao felt that his scalp was numbed from time to time, and even his seed of Dao of sun was slightly shaken.

Moving downwards for thirty-thousand meters further, Ji hao vaguely saw a series of buildings down below, and those pre-world dark killing threads around him were all transparent gray.

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