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"I am the second brother of the Shark Family! Give back the life of my big brother!"

A shark man yelled with a hoarse voice, straightened a long spear and lunged at Ji Hao fiercely. Same as Big Shark’s weapon, this shark man’s weapon was also made from the ice bronze from the bottom of the sea. The spear was huge and heavy, only having a few most basic sharpening and strengthening spell symbols on it. These spears were only the lowest-level spell symbol weapons, and couldn’t be even counted as magic weapons.

Ji Hao puffed up his chest, facing the spear. The spearhead heavily struck on his chest, and the stainless cloak burst with a bright golden light. The spear twisted, and while this shark man gazed at Ji Hao in a great shock, Ji Hao wielded the sword and chopped his head off.

"I am the third brother of Shark Family, how dare you…"

Another long spear clanged against Ji Hao’s chest. The third shark man roared, as a strong power coiled around his body, looking like black water streams. The bone-piercing cold power spread out, even turning the surrounding water into icebergs.

Ji Hao crooked his left forefinger. The nine suns spear flew out. He wielded the spear and penetrated the head of the third shark man, disabling him from finishing his speech.

Following a swishing noise, the pair of small crescent-shaped blades flew out from the spear and brought up two beams of golden lights, dazzling all over the sky. Tens of shark men shouted and howled, as they suffered pretty badly from the swift attacks launched by the pair of small blades. Thin golden light beams circled around them and squeezed out streams of blood. These shark men were strong, yet they had no magic to use. Soon, each of them was penetrated by the pair of small blades hundreds of times.

Followed by waves of screams of those lower-grade aquatic warriors, tens of shark men, who were at the level of Magus Kings or even above, had faintly golden flames rising from their bodies. A gale roared across, and these shark men howled, then quickly turned into puffs of drifting ash.

Clang! A Magus-King-level aquatic warrior who had been hiding among the group of water-kind warriors, dropped his machete and tremblingly kneeled on the ground. This catfish warrior cried loudly and desperately, "Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me! I still have over three-hundred babies at home, waiting for me to feed them! I can’t die!"

Thud! A Magus-King-level electric eel warrior dropped his weapon, also kneeling on the ground while trembling.

Ji Hao easily slaughtered tens of Magus-Kings-level and Divine-Magus-level water-kind warriors. Without their leaders, the rest of these water-kind warriors, who were as smart as human beings, all freaked out. They dropped their weapons and surrendered to Ji Hao one after another.

Human beings valued their dignity. For their clansmen and families, many human beings would choose death before disgrace. But these aquatic creatures were driven by their instincts. They were gathered up by those powerful ones as their leaders. Now, those leaders had died, so they fell into the state of disunity. The desire of survival was now above all.

Countless lower-grade aquatic warriors, who hadn’t even learned of the scariness of death, dropped their bamboo and wooden sticks. They learned to kneel down and huddled on the ground, like those relatively stronger ones. The ones that had arms buried their heads in their arms, while the one without arms simply buried their heads in mud; all of them were shaking intensively.

Groups of aquatic warriors kneeled down on the ground or in the water, surrendering to Ji Hao and Yao Meng’s warriors.

Human warriors scattered in the troops of these aquatic warriors ordered them to leave the water and go to the higher ground in the woods and gather together. Troops of aquatic warriors walked out of the water; tens, then hundreds of thousands, a million, and within a blink of an eye, over ten-million aquatic warriors gathered in the woods. Anyone would be shocked by this giant dark crowd.

These aquatic warriors were all lower-grade shrimps, fishes, crabs; many of them had just gained some basic intelligence, and were just like three to five years old children. They were weak. Most of them were even not as powerful as ordinary human beings, their strengths equal to the strengths of thirteen to fourteen years old teenagers at most. Added with the fact that they didn’t even have armors, and their weapons were only sharpened bamboo sticks and wooden sticks, these aquatic warriors were just indescribably weak.

However, their great number triggered a change. Over ten-million aquatic warriors circled Yao Meng and his people up, while Yao Meng and those magic formation artists were poisoned. Thus, this army of aquatic warriors became a nightmare, and Yao Meng and tens of thousands of elites under his command nearly died in these woods.

Ji Hao stood on a rock with Yao Meng, looking at those aquatic warriors walking out of the water.

They saw many strange types, such as frog warriors, fishes with shells, water snake warriors, viviparidae warriors. These aquatic warriors all had a strong earthy smell. They walked out of the water one after another while murmuring in strange languages. With their eyes quickly rolling in their eye sockets, they obediently squeezed together in the woods.

Occasionally, conflicts would burst among them suddenly. For example, under Ji Hao’s eyes, a fish warrior suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed a shrimp warrior up. Around that shrimp warrior, hundreds of shrimp warriors screamed and yelled, wielding their fists to punch the fish warrior. Warriors under Ji Hao’s command rushed up to appease this, and only after killing over three-hundred shrimp warriors right on the spot did these noisy little things finally quiet down.

"These things?!" Yao Meng pointed at those aquatic warriors and growled in an extreme anger and disgust, "These things, how dare they?" Ji Hao’s face was quite dark at the moment. These aquatic warriors were indeed weak, but their number was way too huge. Within a quarter of an hour, another ten-million of them had walked up from the water. Nearly thirty-million aquatic warriors now gathered up!

The one who planned all these was indeed patient. How on earth did they raise so many odd things? Nearly thirty-million aquatic warriors, not to mention their power levels, among then, tens of Divine-Magus-level and around a thousand Magus-King-level powerful ones existed, added with about ten-thousand senior-level leaders. These relatively powerful ones hid among the weak ones and launched surprise and sneak attacks, managing to cause severe losses to Yao Meng’s army!

Ji Hao let out a breath and turned around to look at Man Man, who trod on a fiery cloud and flew back.

"Man Man, are you alright? That shark man had quite a strength!" asked Ji Hao.

Man Man shook her head, curiously looking at those aquatic warriors. These things had just fought a great battle, so they were probably hungry by now. Aquatic creatures fed on each other, and this was normal. At the moment, they looked at the ‘food’ around them, all seeming ready to do something. The atmosphere was not peaceful at all.

At this time, a strong wave roared over.

A giant crab, which was entirely bronze in color, and about three-hundred meters in radius, stood upon the wave, with countless aquatic warriors following behind him. The crab wielded his pair of pincers and shouted, "I’ve already slaughtered every last one in Si Water City! My kids! Kill!"

A strong power vibration struck down and agitated all those obedient aquatic warriors.

Standing beside Ji Hao, Yao Meng gave a loud growl, then let out a large mouthful of blood.

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