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Bong! Bong!

Like a resounding bell ring, two muffled whomps transformed into strong sound waves, spreading out in all directions. Piles of corpses of aquatic warriors were sent flying up into the sky; some were even sent thousands of meters away.

Big Shark shook his head, with his large eyeballs bulged out of his eye sockets for about a foot. Massive streams of saliva gushed out of his mouth, that made him look rather weird and hilarious. Meanwhile, a large lump quickly grew up from the back of his head, turning as big as a water tank within a few seconds.

"Sneak attacking me?" Big Shark stopped attacking Ji Hao and turned his enormous, clumsy body around slowly, poisonously looking at Man Man.

Man Man dropped the pair of hammers, and had been quickly swinging her arms while staring at Big Shark in surprise. She knocked Big Shark on the back with her pair of hammers, and even if it were a mountain, Man Man would have flattened it. However, Big Shark was incredibly strong; he had no other injuries except the lump on his head. On the contrary, Man Man sensed a great pain from her wrists, and her bones were nearly broken.

One had to mention that Man Man had also taken a linden seed of Priest Mu, under the strong effect of which, Man Man’s Fire God power had already improved largely. As a descendant of the Fire God, Man Man didn’t need to grow inner spirit stars, as she had already reached the level of Divine Magi!

Besides, Man Man was talented. She was born with an amazingly vast strength. Additionally, Zhu Rong had given her an enormous amount of dragon spirit blood to nourish her body, which meant, Man Man was just like a human-shaped, violent dragon!

Even with that strength of hers, she failed to harm Big Shark. Clearly, Big Shark was a strong one.

"Man Man, step back!" Ji Hao growled out and flashed across the air. The nine suns devil-destroying sword hacked down towards Big Shark, leaving a golden sword light in the sky.

Big Shark gave a great growl, following which, tens of water columns rose from the surrounding water. Behind him, a thirty-meter-wide, nine-foot-thick water shield appeared. The water shield spun swiftly like a whirlpool and shielded him from Ji Hao, along with a shrill noise.

After raising the water shield, Big Shark paid no attention to Ji Hao. Instead, he wielded the long spear with both hands and fiercely struck down towards Man Man’s head.

Man Man showed no sign of weakness either. She raised the pair of hammers and leaped straight up. The pair of hammers clanged loudly against Big Shark’s long spear, leaving two arc-shaped red glows in the sky. The moves of both of them were incredibly simple, without any skill to be mentioned. This was a pure fight of violence.

A thunderous boom was generated. Flame-thunderbolts blasted from Man Man’s hammerheads, followed by earthshaking thunders. Man Man screamed, then was sent flying away like a shooting star by a significant force.

Flame-thunderbolts dazzled on the hammerheads. Large bolts of thunder dazzled to Big Shark’s arms though his spear and raised large puffs of smoke from his silver skin. The skin of his arms was broken as blood splashed out.

Ji Hao’s nine suns devil-destroying sword let out a high-pitched scream while the whirlpool-like water shield was split up by it. A scorching hot beam of sword light landed on Big Shark’s left knee.

Puff! Ji Hao’s sword edge quaked slightly. He didn’t sense much of resistance, while the incredibly sharp sword easily cut into Big Sharp’s leg, just like cutting into a piece of tofu. Ji Hao cut off an entire lower leg of Big Shark.

Blood surged out in streams, Big Shark screamed in pain. The golden essence sun fire had been blazing on his wound, and within a blink of an eye, a small half of his thigh was burned into a strand of smoke, as the golden fire was speedily reaching up to the rest of his body.

"What the hell is this fire? My body is nourished by the pre-world essence water for countless years. Every inch of my skin contains an immeasurable amount of water power. What fire can possibly set ablaze my body?" Big Shark’s face twisted in pain while hysterically growing at Ji Hao.

The essence sun fire was burning quickly. No matter how loudly Big Shark bragged about this body that was nourished by the pre-world essence water and no fire could possibly hurt him, the golden fire swiftly spread to his upper body.

Big Shark burst with a furious roar. He abruptly raised the long spear and cut down. He cut off his entire left leg, then gnashed his teeth and threw a fierce glance at Ji Hao. Another wave of blood sprayed out. Next, Big Shark roared out resonantly once again.

Followed by his voice, a white bone grew out from the bleeding end of his left thigh, then large amounts of muscular tissue and blood veins grew out. Within a single second, Big Shark had a new leg. Nevertheless, this rapid regrowth was obviously spirit-blood-consuming, as Big Shark’s face withered; even his sin became loose, as if he had suddenly grown many years older.

Ji Hao silently raised the sword and hacked down towards Big Shark. The nine sun spell symbols sent out dazzling streams of light, looking like nine suns descending from the sky. They released a great heat that evaporated all moisture in the surrounding area for miles.

"Die!" Big Shark shouted and raised the long spear, bravely and fearlessly lunging at Ji Hao’s chest.

He didn’t put up any defense. Clearly, he was putting up a desperate fight against Ji Hao. If Ji Hao’s sword landed on his body, his long spear would definitely pierce into Ji Hao’s chest too.

The long spear of his was nearly a hundred meters long, as thick as a water-tank. Being poked by a spear like this, ordinary people would certainly be crushed.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. His pupils shrunk to the size of needle points — A desperate fight? He liked desperate fights the most! By now, Ji Hao was just worried that the others might not want to put up a desperate fight against him! Speaking of desperate fights, Ji Hao never lacked courage, and now, he didn’t lack the power either!

His heart was beating violently. In the five-colored flame, the round cauldron was still digesting the Pan Jia sun. The tiny sun was constantly transforming into pure essence sun power, sending it into Ji Hao’s body. It was added with the earth power that Ji Hao swallowed back in the treasury of the heaven, that had been transforming into Chaos power and merging with Ji Hao’s entire body.

Ji Hao’s muscles swelled, and he suddenly grew about a foot taller. Blood veins bulged from under his skin while a strong power vibration spread out from his body that could even make people feel hard to breathe. At the moment, Ji Hao was like a Chaos beast who suddenly showed up, pressing Big Shark’s power vibration down. Big Shark’s blood flow was disordered. He dared not to look directly at Ji Hao, and even his limbs began shaking slightly.

An overwhelming, bloodline-level suppression made Big Shark even want to turn around and flee. But because of his wild instinct, he tremblingly straightened his long spear and kept his teeth gnashed, lunging at Ji Hao once again.

Clang! The long spear poked on Ji Hao’s chest. The stainless cloak sent up a bright golden light and squeezed a shrill creaking noise out of the spear, as it was violently turned into a twisted iron stick.

The nine suns devil-destroying sword tore apart Big Shark’s arms and sank into his chest. Golden light burst from his eyes, mouth, ears, and nose, then along with a hoarse howl, Big Shark’s upper body was suddenly turned into a puff of smoke.

"Big brother died! Kill him! Kill him! Avenge our big brother!"

Furious roars came from a distance away in the water. A massive wave rose, treading upon which were more than sixty muscular men, who had the same body shape as Big Shark.

These men all had human bodies and shark heads. The power vibrations released from their bodies were similar to that released from Big Shark as well. Apparently, they were siblings!

Ji Hao showed his teeth in shock. Over sixty siblings? These water-kind creatures indeed had a great fertility!

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