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The number of these aquatic warriors was incredibly huge, but not many higher grade ones existed among them.

Ninety-nine percent of warriors in this boundless army were weak spirit aquatic creatures. The weapons they used were only sharpened wooden or bamboo sticks; some were even with large pieces of stones.

These weak aquatic warriors encountered the elite Yao Mountain City warriors just like a bunch of sheep encountering a group of fierce dragons. Even the weakest Yao Mountain warrior was a peak-level Senior Magi. These elite Yao Mountain warriors rushed into the group of aquatic warriors with sharp weapons held in their hands. By randomly wielding their weapons, strong power vibrations would be created that shattered all aquatic warriors nearby.

Jia Clan warriors who chose to follow Ji Hao’s lead were as strong and sturdy as bears. These over six meters tall Jia Clan warriors had specially made heavy weapons. Their hammers struck down like shooting stars banging against the ground, and their bolas swept across the air like a serpent flashing through. Wherever these Jia Clan warriors reached, large clouds of blood mist would rise. The figures of these Jia Clan warriors were barely visible, and only screams of those aquatic warriors could be heard from the dense blood mist.

From time to time, a few powerful and enormous spirit aquatic creatures leaped out from the crowd, but before they did anything, Shaosi and Taisi cast magic curses from the distance, with a large group of Maguspriests. In one breath at most, these Magus-King and Divine-Magus-level spirit aquatic creatures withered speedily under the effect of the curses cast by tens of thousands of Maguspriests together. Taisi drained their life-force with his special power at a despairing rate, turning them into a puff of bone ash that dissipated in the air within a very short span of time.

But the one who had been killing with the highest efficiency was Yu Mu.

This fatso carried the large pot made by Yu Yu on his head and grinned warmly and honestly while walking in the crowd of aquatic creatures step by step. The faintly visible poison mist rolled in the air while aquatic warriors around him fell down wave by wave, twitching without being able to make any sound. The dead bodies of countless aquatic warriors quickly turned into black blood, and the poisonous blood mixed in the flood, killing more of them.

The fiercest Jia Clan warrior could kill three-hundred to five-hundred weak aquatic warriors at most, but with a handful of drug sprayed out by Yu Mu, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of those aquatic creatures would be killed right on the spot within a blink of an eye. What a terrifying killing rate!

Feng Xing stood in the distance, near the edge of the battlefield. He pulled his bow open and carefully searched for targets. He tried for quite a while but failed to find a relatively powerful one that was worth for him to make a shot. Consuming his power to kill those weak aquatic creatures… not worth it. In the end, Feng Xing dropped his bow while watching Yu Mu be surrounded by countless aquatic creatures and spreading his poison.

"Bloody fatso…Isn’t he afraid of having nightmares? In his dreams, he might be hunted by billions of aquatic creatures…"

The waves surged inexhaustibly. On the waves, the dead bodies of countless aquatic warriors floated. These awfully smelling corpses had piled up as a meters thick layer. Feng Xing looked at this terrifying ocean of corpses created by Yu Mu, and couldn’t help but show his teeth in shock.

Earl Si gasped desperately for air, then laughed out loud. He waved his ax towards Ji Hao, who was standing on Mr. Crow’s back, and said, "Earl Yao, thank you! When this flood is controlled, come to my Si Water City. In there, you can have as much fine wine, delicious meat, and as many beautiful girls as you want!"

Si Water City was the city Yao Meng lived in as Earl Si. Yao Meng’s territory were located on the eastern side of Yao Mountain territory. In other words, Yao Meng and Ji Hao were true neighbors.

Ji Hao smilingly cupped his hands towards Yao Meng, then looked at those magic formation artists lying in the woods. He frowned and asked, "What happened? Are they poisoned? Otherwise, how could these water-king things ever harm you, Earl Si?"

Among hundreds of thousands of magic formation artists, many were indeed powerful. But at the moment, they all lied on the ground and couldn’t even make a move. If these magic formation artists weren’t poisoned, despite the giant number of those aquatic warriors, the water-kind army could never cause any threat!

Yao Meng had his face flushed. He pointed at the three deep wounds on his left arm, that had poisonous blood flowing out and poison mist lingering in. He laughed embarrassedly and responded, "I was careless, I was careless…These days, none of them has ever taken a good rest. Therefore, I cooked some soup for them to warm their bodies. Hehe, I was…I was indeed careless…Damn it!"

In the next moment, Yao Meng burst with a loud shout, as Ji Hao pulled out the nine suns devil-destroying sword all of a sudden. A golden beam of sword light dazzled down towards Yao Meng. Yao Meng thought Ji Hao attacked him, and that almost freaked him out.

Buzz! Followed by a thunderous noise, a giant wave roared over, crushing the pile of corpses of aquatic creatures in front of Yao Meng. Next, an exceptionally tall and muscular silhouette rushed out of the wave and lunged a long spear that was sparkling with a black watery light at Yao Ment’s heart, along with a fierce gale.

Ji Hao’s sword light dazzled down and struck right on that long spear.

The sword light exploded and pushed the long spear away, making it get stuck in the ground.

There came another thunderous bang. A great power burst from the long spear, then a black stream of mist rose like a dragon, even brushing against Yao Meng’s body. Wherever the black smoke swept across, rocks were shattered, and the ground was split. Thousands of towering ancient trees in the woods were blown into pieces, and over a thousand poisoned magic formation artists were swallowed by the black mist, crushed like beans in a millstone.

The puffing noise could be heard without an end. After the black mist disputed, a, meters wide, hundreds of meters deep and hundred miles long ditch was left behind Yao Meng.

"Bastard!" Yao Meng’s eye instantly turned red. This strike was so heavy that if Ji Hao didn’t discover it and launch a sword move to stop it, Yao Meng would have been killed already.

"Damn it! My rewards!" The tall and sturdy man, who launched this strike, murmured with a low voice. He carried that nearly one hundred meters long spear and slowly stood straight. This man was over thirty meters tall, standing in front of Yao Meng like a hill.

The rough skin of this man was light silver in color. His limbs were long, and his body was unusually muscular. The body of this man looked similar to a human body, but his head was not a human head. Instead, it was an ugly shark head.

The large eyes of this shark man shone with a blood-red light, as he turned around, opened his enormous jaws and laughed, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao? Good, your territory is more than ten times larger than Yao Meng’s. If I kill you, your territory will be mine!"

Ji Hao coldly looked at the shark man, then flashed across the air and moved beside Yao Meng.

Ji Hao out a detoxifying golden pill made by Priest Dachi, handed to Yao Meng, then said in a deep voice, "Earl Si, you wait aside. I’ll deal with this one!"

Yao Meng took over the pill and threw into his mouth without any hesitation. A few streams of dark blood flowed out of the wounds on his left arm, then the poison inside his body was dispelled completely. Next, as his spirit blood surged in his body, all his injuries recovered fully.

"Earl Yao, be careful! This thing is not easy to deal with! I think he’s as powerful as a peak-level Divine Magus!" Yao Meng stepped back while kindly reminding Ji Hao, "Spirit creatures are different from human beings. At the same power level, they’re always stronger than us. Earl Yao, you have to be extra careful!"

Ji Hao nodded silently. The shark-man raised his long spear and laughed again, "Be careful? Useless! Without the strength, you’re chickens to be slaughtered!"

Shaking his large head, the shark-man continued, "Remember, the one who killed you is the giant one, the king of aquatic creatures, me, Big Shark!"

Big Shark lifted that long spear, seeming ready to strike on Ji Hao’s head.

Dong! Dong! No one noticed where Man Man rushed out from and how she smashed her hammers on the back of Big Shark’s head.

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