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"Bloody things!"

Earl Si Yao Meng had been waving his inherited treasure, the wave-breaking ax, with a bloodied hand, while squeezing a few words out from between his teeth. The ax raised a hundred meters long white light and cut tens of aquatic warriors, who rushed over with sharpened bamboo sticks held in their hands, into two.

Blue and green blood splashed everywhere, while the tens of aquatic warriors, who were only at the level of Novice Magi, howled and fell on the ground. They hadn’t even transformed into human shapes completely. They covered their wounds on the waists with their claws, twitching intensely on the ground.

Countless feet trod over their bodies, stomping the tens of dying aquatic warriors into meat paste. But then, more naked aquatic warriors fearlessly rushed up to Yao Meng with simple weapons like sharpened bamboo sticks.

Yao Meng showed his teeth while taking a long gasp. Enduring the great pain coming from his left arm, he wielded the ax over and over again. White light streams flashed across the air and put countless weak aquatic warriors down on the ground.

In the woods, a group of magic formation artists under Yao Meng’s command lied on the ground with their bellies covered with their hands, moaning in pain. Some of them had their faces turned dark, foaming at the mouths. From the water down below, aquatic warriors dashed out one after another and fiercely attacked Yao Meng and his people, as if he were their greatest enemy.

Some aquatic warriors were even more daring. They howled loudly and leaped to hundreds of meters high along the rising wave. They rolled in the air and attempted to break into the woods through Yao Meng’s defensive line to attack those magic formation artists who were already lying on the ground.

Hundreds of warriors under Yao Meng’s command guarded in the woods, with large piles of stones around them. Every time aquatic warriors tried to fly over, they would throw out stones to hit them. Stones swished through the air like shooting stars, shattering those weak creatures into pieces.

Broken body pieces fell down, stimulating those fierce aquatic warriors even more. They opened their mouth and swallowed the blood and flesh of their own kind, then rushed up even fiercer.

Yao Meng only had thirty-thousand warriors under his command. Although each of them was at the senior-level or above, the number of enemies was way too huge, and the area that needed to be defended by these warriors was too large. They tried their best to reach every corner, but suffered the waves of attacks launched by those aquatic warriors pretty badly.

A deep roar was let out by a strong warrior commander under Yao Meng's command. He slipped, then tens of sharpened bamboo sticks poked on his body. This heavily armored warrior commander cast a resonant growl and released a violent wave of power, shattering those bamboo sticks and even turning a few aquatic warriors into clouds of blood mist, spreading out.

However, an old lobster warrior with a dark shell gave a smirk and threw away the bamboo, which was used for tripping the warrior commander. Then, a black light sparkled on his long and slim fingers while a great hammer abruptly appeared in his hand and released a strong power vibration.

This warrior commander had just released a strong wave of power. Before he could gasp for air, the giant hammer fiercely smashed on his head, along with the wild laughter of the old lobster warrior.

Next, a nearly tangible stream of power came from this old lobster warrior; he was a Magus-King-level spirit creature.

Yao Meng was infuriated. He chopped the hundreds of aquatic warriors in front of him, then flashed to the old lobster warrior.

Puff! The head of the warrior commander was smashed by the lobster warrior with that giant hammer. His tall and sturdy body swayed, then heavily thudded on the ground. Yao Meng’s eyes turned red in a fury. He howled hoarsely and sent out a dazzling stream of white light.

From the large group of aquatic warriors behind Yao Meng, an ordinary-looking gray-colored crab warrior abruptly leaped up and screamed, waving his arms while striking on Yao Meng’s back with his enormous pair of crab pincers.

The shell of this green crab was thickly covered in strange and twisted natural spell symbols that sparkled brightly. A mountain-heavy power was released from this crab warrior, even raising a three hundred meters tall wave from the water in the distance.

This was a Divine-Magus-level, enormous spirit creature. His crab pincers had been nourished by the power that belonged to spirit creatures for years, and had become even harder and more lethal than ordinary Divine-level magic treasures.

Yao Meng sensed a terribly cold stream of power surge into his body like a flood, then he heard a cracking noise from his spine. A warmth rose from his throat, followed by which, large streams of blood with broken internal organ pieces mixed in it spurted to tens of meters away, shattering tens of lower-level aquatic warriors on the way.

"How dare you?!" Yao Meng turned around with difficulty and roared in rage, "How dare you break the great plan of water-control? You’re seeking for death!"

The green crab laughed scornfully, then launched another heavy strike on Yao Meng’s neck as he said, "The world is ruled by the flood now. This is a great fortune for our water-kind. Your human beings should all be drowned, and our water-kind should be the dominator of this world!"

The crab warrior’s face was covered in shell. Showing a cruel expression on that face, he continued, "Control the water? You think our fortune would be gone after you control the flood? Earl Si Yao Meng, as long as I kill you, according to the order given by the Water God, your territory will be mine!"

Yao Meng roared out with a strong and resonant voice, while his Divine Magus spirit blood surged rapidly in his body, flushing his injured body parts. However, from the three bone-deep wounds on his left arm, poisonous black blood had been flowing out ceaselessly. The sticky, poisonous blood was corroding his body. The harder he tried to boost up his spirit blood, the quicker the poison spread in his body.

"How does Snake Go’s venom taste?" The crab swiftly moved his pincer towards Yao Meng, attempting to cut his head off and finish this battle quickly. While he moved, the crab laughed quite excitedly, "For this attack, those poor Snack Go Clan things were almost drained in these few days! Hehe! I bet it doesn’t feel good, being attacked like this, am I right?"

Yao Meng cast another wave of furious hoarse growls and stared at the enormous approaching pincer.

Puff! A cyan-colored sword light flashed over. Before the crab could make any reaction, the cyan sword light penetrated his head through his temples and blew that hideous head up.

"Attacking people like this feels good!" Tens of miles away, Feng Xing stood on a large tree, looking at the crab warrior slowly falling to the ground.

"How dare you! You’re seeking death!"

Mr. Crow spread his arms and floated in the air. Ji Hao stood on his back, holding the immortal sun streamer and shouting at the tens of thousands of aquatic warriors down below.

As the immemorial sun streamer was waved, countless golden sword light beams descended from the sky and swept across the army of aquatic warriors. Countless aquatic warriors were slaughtered by the sword light of the sun, then their bodies were set ablaze, as if someone had just poured a bucket of oil on each of them.

"Brothers, follow me!" Man Man excitedly waved the pair of hammers while yelling loudly, and led over a hundred thousand elite Yao Mountain City warriors to rush into the battlefield.

Thud! Thud! Two powerful spirit aquatic creatures dashed out to stop Man Man but ended up being turned into meat pies by her hammers.

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