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Snake Xiu smashed the door himself. With his immeasurably great strength, a dense purple smoke was sent up from the door along with dazzling fire sparkles. Golden roof tiles of the hall couldn’t stand the strong impact anymore and fell off one after another.

Ji Hao clearly saw that the door of this hall didn’t have any magic seal. Instead, it was locked in a physical and clumsy way, which was also the most dependable way.

The door was thickly covered with stellar maps. With a mysterious power, numerous fist-sized gemstone stars had been moving slowly, along perfectly organized tracks. One had to move these stars according to the right sequence to open this door. Once these stars were moved to the right position, the giant and heavy latch behind the door would unlock automatically.

Ji Hao scanned across the doors of all buildings in this area with his spirit power. These doors were three-hundred meters tall, three meters thick, and all locked in an ancient, physical way. But each one of these doors was also under the protection of the Heaven and Earth great formation.

Therefore, Snake Xiu could either patiently crack the hidden passwords in the stellar maps on the door, put each star in the right position and open the door patiently, or violently destroy the protection of the Heaven and Earth magic formation and break the door to attain the treasures inside.

Obviously, Snake Xiu wasn’t willing to use his brain. He had already shut down the magic protection of these halls and weakened the defense of these halls to an extreme point, then started violently attacking the door.

Thunderous booms could be heard without an end. Smashed by Snake Xiu, the large metal door, which remained motionless under the fierce attacks launched by thousands of powerful Magus Kings, was dented and twisted. At last, followed by a thunderous bang, the door frame and a large piece of wall collapsed, being sent into the hall.

"Haha! Go, go, let’s get in and see! According to this directory, materials from ancient divine dragons are kept in this hall, including millions of dragon pearls!" Snake Xiu waved his hands in excitement while conveniently throwing the golden pillar away.

"No one is allowed to take anything without my permission! All treasures are mine! I get to chose the first, then you!" Snake Xiu blinked his eyes, fiercely stared at his warriors and said, "Remember, no one can take anything without my permission! Those dragon pearls can largely improve my power. Whoever dares to take any of those without permission, I’ll eat your whole family!"

Thousands of warriors under Snake Xiu’s command growled out together and impatiently rushed into the hall.

Snake Xiu proudly took out a three-foot-long, one-foot-wide jade board. Seven-colored mist coiled around the jade board as it glowed with a faint clear light. Along with Snake Xiu’s voice, golden, ancient style divine spell symbols were released from the jade board. Countless fist-sized divine spell symbols sparkled quickly in the air, seeming to be made of pure gold.

"Hmm, things kept in this hall are materials from the dragon-kind."

Clicking his tongue, Snake Xiu said, "The spirit blood of a nine-headed feather dragon is also kept in here? Hehe, Xiang Liu, oh Xiang Liu, why do you have to pretend to be high-hearted? The spirit blood of a nine-headed feather dragon can improve your power by a hundred percent at last. But you were scorned to come to claw open the treasury with me!"

"Good, good, good, the spirit blood of the nine-headed feather dragon is mine too. Hmm, according to the number, it should be in this hall!"

While murmuring, Snake Xiu turned around and quickly pointed at the few halls behind him.

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Was that jade board the directory of treasures of the heaven? Which meant, the storage location of each treasure that belonged to the heaven was clearly recorded on it, right?

It should be so. The ancient heaven was unimaginably powerful, and perfectly organized. So, every single treasure that belonged to the heaven should be recorded in detail. Heaven blesses, Snake Xiu sent this directory straight to Ji Hao.

Although Man Man suggested to take all treasures in the heaven, and this suggestion was rather tempting, the most important thing at the moment was to find breathing earth and let Si Xi stop the toxic rain that had been causing harm to the entire world. Therefore, finding breathing earth as soon as possible was what Ji Hao should do right now.

Ji Hao activated his spirit power and told everyone else about his discovery.

Po and the others nodded. Shaosi flashed across space and teleported herself to before Snake Xiu’s face.

Snake Xiu was concentratedly searching for the treasures useful to him. He didn’t even think that he would be attacked in the heaven, which was covered in the great formation. Shaosi easily snatched the directory from him, then flashed back to beside Ji Hao.

"Enem…" Snake Xiu opened his mouth and attempted to warn the others. But before he finished the first word, Po had already shown up right in front o him.

Po didn’t use any weapon. Instead, both of his fists zipped out, as swiftly and heavily as a pair of shooting stars. A punch landed in Snake Xiu’s mouth while another one thudded against his chest.

The punch struck in Snake Xiu’s mouth crushed all his teeth and sent his tongue directly into his throat. Poor Snake Xiu, he couldn’t breathe, and his face had even turned blue. He could not make any other sound either.

The punch that landed on Snake Xiu’s chest was like a bolt of lightning. A destructive power burst inside his chest, as if a volcano erupted inside his body. The power flow of Snake Xiu was disordered, and consequently, Snake Xiu couldn’t inhale any air. Countless scales had already emerged from his skin, yet, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t transform his body back into the shape of an enormous snake.

Gui Ling and Po moved simultaneously. Gui Ling flashed behind Snake Xiu, and with her pair of hands glowing with dim black thunderbolts, she slapped fiercely on Snake Xiu’s back. A buzzing noise could be heard without an end. In that very moment, tens of thousands of pre-world water thunderbolts blasted inside Snake Xiu’s body, tearing his internal organs apart.

Almost at the same time, Jin Ling, the one with a serious face, flew to Snake Xiu. The dragon and tiger Ruyi in her hand smashed straight down onto Snake Xiu’s head like a towering mountain. Snake Xiu’s skull was dented while his brain splashed out, looking like thousands of pink peach blossoms.

Wu Dang smiled and quickly rubbed her hands. Next, tens of white sword lights spurted out from around Snake Xiu’s body, rotating around him like a whirlwind. A short while later, blood sprayed out, as Snake Xiu was cut into countless pieces.

Snake Xiu was indeed a famous Chaos beast who lived till today, ever since the prehistorical era. Suffering such a severe injury, his shredded body still squirmed and suddenly transformed into thousands of small snakes, darting out in an attempt to escape.

But Po, Gui Ling, Jin Ling and Wu Dang laughed together and said in an extra scornful tone, "A rice-sized pearl can indeed glow, but how dare you play such a lowly trick in front of us?"

The famous four disciples of Yu Yu waved their hands. Thunderbolts with four different colors merged together and transformed into a dazzling and sizzling cover that enveloped the thousands of small snakes. Next, Deep thunder rumbles could be heard as all those snakes were turned into smoke.

Feng Xing pulled his bow open. Countless arrow lights flashed across the air like shooting stars and covered the entire hall. Those warriors under Snake Xiu’s command, who rushed into the hall, had their bodies penetrated by countless arrow lights, and were killed right on the spot, before they could even turn around and take a glance.

Ji Tian, Ji Di and the other twenty-two disciples of Ji Hao raised magic formation flags, which were glowing with starlights. Starlight rose in streams and transformed into an invisible screen that enveloped the surrounding few halls and stopped all sounds and power vibrations from spreading out.

Meanwhile, Ji Hao took over the directory from Shaosi’s hands and pointed his finger at it while silently incanting a spell. Instantly, a series of golden divine spell symbols emerged, and he instantly found the hall where the breathing earth was kept.

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