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The bottom half of Buzhou Mountain stood in the world, with a crystal altar standing on it. Elder Destiny stood in front of the altar, cut open the chest of a three-headed boa dragon, took out its heart and placed on it. Followed by Elder Destiny’s moves, tens of thousands of holy spirits and ancestor souls from Pan Xi world moved together and beheaded countless fierce wild beasts, which were weakened by the rain.

A strong gale rose and rolled up the blood of these beasts that sprayed on the altar. Swoosh! A purple stream of fire rose from the altar. The water-tank-sized fire stream rose to thousands of meter high. Meanwhile, the raindrops in the air were frozen by the coldness released from the purple fire, falling from the sky.

The compass of destiny floated above Elder Destiny’s head. The complicatedly structured compass had been spinning slowly, while strands of purple fire puffed out of the altar, drilling into the compass.

Elder Destiny incanted a spell with a low voice and began walking around the compass. As the highest being of the Dao of destiny of Pan Xi world, this was the first time for him to perform an offering ceremony in Pan Gu world, to summon those fallen ancient, powerful beings of Pan Gu world, borrow their great powers that lingered in this world, and help himself.

Sensing those terrifying and evil streams of powers surge over, Elder Destiny somehow felt that he had grown into a thousands of meters tall giant, and every slight move made by him could now destroy the whole universe.

Narrowing his eyes, Elder Destiny took a deep breath, then raised his arms, pointing his fingers at the sky.

In the middle of the compass, a misty spell symbol slightly vibrated, releasing a hair-thin, dim beam of light. It momentarily flashed across the long distance, straight into the archway outside the frontal gate of the heaven.

A magical sense of power that couldn't be sensed by ordinary people spread out quickly. The circulation of destiny power around the gate of the heaven was disordered completely. Within this short moment, the sensing ability of the Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven to the outer world was weakened to an extreme level.

A crushing counterforce roared down towards Elder Destiny. Meanwhile, above the half Buzhou Mountain, a water-tank-sized dark cloud silently emerged, with thunder rumbling in it. However, Elder Destiny nimbly darted away. At the same time, over ten straw dolls swiftly flew out of his sleeves. These straw dolls would take the counterforce for him.

Those were substitute dolls made by Candle Dragon Gui himself, with dragon-soul grasses picked from the graveyard of the ancestors of Candle Dragon Clan. This kind of substitute dolls could perfectly remove ill fortune and save people from fatal dangers.

The dark cloud moved slightly. Next, all those substitute dolls were wrapped up by a thin layer of lightning bolts, then being shredded within a blink of an eye.

Elder Destiny remained perfectly unharmed. He took three steps backward, waved his broad sleeves and quickly dispelled the great power gathered on the altar.

"Master, this is all I can do." Elder Destiny looked at the sky worryingly.

What he could do was nothing more than weakening the sensing ability of the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven as much as possible, for seventy-two hours. Beclouding the power of destiny, this was extremely dangerous. Even though those substitute dolls had taken the first wave of counterforce for him, Elder Destiny could only ensure the safety for three days.

As the highest leader of an intelligent race from an independent world, and the owner of the fortune of a world with the compass of destiny as a pre-world supreme treasure, Elder Destiny was the only one capable of weakening the sensing ability of the great formation temporarily.

But with his power and abilities, he could only ensure the safety for three days.

Once the compass of destiny began spinning, Ji Hao, who had been waiting outside the gate of the heaven, moved. He gave a deep roar and activated the golden bridge. Then, Po, Gui Ling, Jin Ling and Wu Dang, moved together. Jin Ling and Wu Dang were both Yu Yu’s disciples. Yu Yu invited them over from the western Wasteland and Northern Wasteland to help Ji Hao.

The four famous disciples under Yu Yu’s guidance joined their hands and sent out water-clear streams of Yu Yu’s divine light into the golden bridge. A dim golden light stream spread out and flashed through the archway which was controlled by the great formation, penetrating into the deeper areas of the heaven.

The Heaven and Earth golden bridge was able to move across spaces and break all kinds of seals. Now, four powerful beings had combined their powers and activated seventy to eighty percent of the power of the golden bridge. Before they came up, Ji Hao merged the blueprint of the Heaven and Earth great formation with the golden bridge. Therefore, this dim golden light stream silently and swiftly penetrate into the great formation like a thin flowing stream of liquid silver.

Seals were broken one after another, magic formation cores were bypassed, and within a couple of breaths, the golden bridge reached to the central area of the great formation.

Ji Hao turned around and glanced at Si Wen Ming, who was wearing a simple flax cloth and carrying a long sword, looking like a simple and honest middle-aged man. Si Wen Ming smilingly slapped on Ji Hao’s shoulder and said, "Let’s do it! Breaking into the heaven without a permission…If we succeed, our descendants can brag about it for countless years!"

Ji Hao laughed.

If the mission was accomplished, surely their descendants could brag about it for thousands of years. But if they failed, hmm, how many of them could leave safely? Ji Hao couldn’t tell for sure.

"Go!" said Ji Hao while pointing his finger forward. The golden bridge released a golden light that wrapped the group of people up, momentarily turning everyone’s bodies into light. Through the safe path opened by the golden bridge, this dim golden light stream flew into the heaven.

Before the archway, Zhu Rong’s face was twisted, with his eye corners twitching intensively.

"A bunch of ba*tards, they got in… They truly got in! The Heaven and Earth great formation, the ancient heaven, they got in just…like this!" Zhu Rong looked at where Ji Hao and the others disappeared, abruptly slapped on his own lap and yelled, "Ah! They can even get in through the Heaven and Earth great formation so easily! Then, the treasury of my Zhu Rong Family…I have to find a secret place to rebuild the treasury!"

The Heaven and Earth great formation wasn’t triggered. Instead, it was simply staying vigilant to any possible attack. It was just like a group of fierce wild beasts which were in a deep sleep; as long as one stayed away from their claws and teeth and restrain one’s powers, one would be able to sneak through their sharp teeth and claws safely.

Colorful clouds surged in all directions like waves, while a warm mist rose with a splendid glow. The golden bridge was magical, bringing Ji Hao and the others straight to a small square which was paved with white jade and embossed with dragons and phoenixes, through nine divine archways and thousands of seals and magic screens.

This square was relatively small, but still, it was thousands of metes squared in area. Cyan-colored buildings stood on all four sides of the square, layers and layers, and no edges of these blocks could be seen.

Ji Hao sent the golden bridge back into his body, helplessly pointed at the surrounding area and said, "This square is surrounded by thirty-six thousand buildings, all belonging to the department of treasury. No one knows where breathing earth is."

Po raised his eyebrows, laughed and said, "People call me Priest Po[1], but ‘treasury’ also sounds like a good name."

Ji Hao glanced at Po, and at the same time, Jin Ling, who had a beautiful face yet with a cold and serious look, threw Po a sideway glance and said, "Big brother, don’t be naughty. We’re on mission."

Narrowing her eyes, Jin Ling continued in a bland tone, "Since we don’t know where breathing earth is, we shall just take it all."

Ji Hao was shocked, while Si Wen Ming’s face began twitching.

Only Man Man, who insisted on following Ji Hao up to the heaven, abruptly clapped her hands and laughed out loud as she shouted, "This sister is right. How many treasures are kept in this place? Let’s take them all!"


[1]’Po’ is translated from the Chinese word ‘宝’, which literally means treasure.

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