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Activating the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, Ji Hao transformed into a golden light, swishing in the air unsettlingly.

He had the blueprint of the Heaven and Earth great formation, but so what? The great formation was incredibly powerful and mysterious, with unpredictable changes. If it were a changeless, simple formation, Ji Hao might be able to safely enter and exit that formation with the blueprint. However, Gong Gong had intruded the heaven, and at the moment, the heaven was completely under his control. With a slight carelessness, he would be discovered by Gong Gong, and once the great formation was activated, Ji Hao would be crushed to death, even if he clearly knew about all possible changes of the great formation.

There was a vast difference between a magic formation with and without a controller.

Not to mention the number of people Gong Gong brought into the heaven to guard, or the elite Water God warriors that had now been hiding in the heaven, as long as the great formation was activated, all intruders would be killed immediately. If the humankind sent a large number of people into the heaven, and if they triggered the great formation, all these people would die in vain. But if the humankind only send one or two people into the heaven, once they encountered Gong Gong’s people and fell into an encirclement, they would die as well.

Struggling… Ji Hao was struggling.

The Breathing earth kept in heaven was now the most imperative treasure needed by the alliance of human clans. But, Ji Hao didn’t have the confidence to bring it out of heaven.

The dimly golden divine light flashed across the air as Ji Hao flew at his highest speed. He left Midland, heading to Southern Wasteland.

The starry void was also suffused with a watery mist. Water drops merged together, became streams in the void, then turned into floating brooks, flowing into rapidly flowing gray rivers. Pushed by the star powers in the void, white waves roared while those great rivers surged windingly. Loud water clattering noise could be heard from everywhere, as fierce water streams flew all over the void.

Ji Hao flew straight, violently crossing numerous roaring, rapidly flowing, floating rivers. Ji Hao saw patrolling fleets of the non-humankind many times. Enormous metal ships were connected by chains, slowly moving in the water with difficulty.

Some Jia Clan warriors with bad tempers stood on the heads of their ships, angrily yelling and shouting towards the void.

Water, boundless water wrapped the fleets entirely up. It disabled those non-humankind warriors from clearly seeing the surrounding areas and made it hard to breathe for them. These Jia Clan warriors felt that they were slowly suffocating to death.

Seeing these patrolling warriors’ miserable looks, Ji Hao was curious. How did non-humankind beings in Liang Zhu City deal with this ceaseless heavy rain?

The dim golden light beam was swift, Ji Hao had squeezed all of his power out to fly as fast as possible. Rushing all the way and after shattering two large and dense spheres of watery mist, he finally came to the sky above Southern Wasteland. Southern Wasteland was enveloped in the persistent heavy rain, with countless water streams pouring down from the sky, pressing the towering trees in the forest down to the ground.

Muffled booms could be heard from everywhere. Flying mountains couldn’t bear the impacts of those water streams, slantingly falling down from the air and smashing on the ground. Many mountains were flattened and sent mud and broken rocks up in puffs.

More shockingly, many active volcanos in Southern Wasteland that were used to spurting dense smoke and fire day and night with lava boiling in the volcano vents, had their fires dimmed under this heavy rain. The rain and the boiling lava clashed with each other, causing loud sizzling noises rising from the volcano vents along with hot steams.

Because of the conflict between the coldness and hotness, all of a sudden, a few volcanos exploded. Glowing red lava splashed all over the sky, but soon was turned into black rocks by the rain. They heavily thudded on the ground, with white steam rising from them in streams.

Once Ji Hao broke into Southern Wasteland, a red silhouette flashed across the air. That was Yu Yu, who showed up abruptly before Ji Hao’s face with a gloomy look.

"Are you here because of this rain?" Yu Yu had a human-shaped five-colored silhouette seized in his hand, struggling desperately, while he asked Ji Hao straightforwardly.

"Wise as you, Shifu, I am here because of this heavy rain." Ji Hao glanced at the five-colored human-shaped silhouette in Yu Yu’s hands and realized that the sky devils in Southern Wasteland were actually not wiped out, which surprised him. Ji Hao then quickly told Yu Yu about the decisions made by the alliance of the human clan.

Yu Yu’s eyes shone with a bright light. He glanced at the five-colored silhouette in his hand. Then, fierce sword powers surged out from his five fingers and suddenly penetrated that silhouette, turning it into nothingness. Seeing this, Ji Hao’s heart even ached.

"The ancient heaven…The Heaven and Earth great formation… Hehe, Gong Gong, he is indeed daring." Yu Yu narrowed his eyes, quickly rubbing his chin with his left hand. Then, he gave Ji Hao a sideway glance and said, "You and that kid, Si Wen Ming, even with the blueprint of the great formation and a group of powerful human beings, I’m afraid you still won’t be able to enter and exit safely."

Ji Hao hurriedly kneeled and kowtowed to Yu Yu while saying, "Therefore, I came to ask for help, my dear Shifu."

Yu Yu pursed his lips, until his mouth looked like a thin line, as sharp as the sword edge. With narrowed eyes, he pondered for a while, then abruptly raised his head, glanced at the west and said, "You came at a good time…"

Murmuring something confusedly, Yu Yu then continued with a bland tone, "Back then, I signed an agreement with the other powerful beings in this world. Because of that, I cannot step in any human affairs unless the humankind is facing a destructive disaster."

Pausing briefly, Yu Yu smiled and said, "But your brother Po, and your other brothers and sisters, have no such worries. Alright, just let them go with you!"

Giving a cold smile, Yu Yu then carried on with a dark look, "Be careful when you do it. If you encounter any enemy, be quick and neat. Do not show any mercy. Otherwise, you might cause yourselves extra troubles and risks."

Ji Hao paused slightly. He realized that Yu Yu meant more than he said.

Thinking of what Yu Yu said just now, Ji Hao took a glance at the west, then slowly nodded and said ‘yes’.

Yu Yu then grabbed Ji Hao while pointing a finger at the golden bridge which floated above his head. A dim golden divine light rose straight into the sky, following a loud space-tearing noise. Within a single second, Yu Yu brought Ji Hao to a boundless space, which was suffused by coiling purple mist streams.

"Ah, this golden bridge is indeed extraordinary. Normally, it would take me three to five days to come to my big brother’s dojo. But with this thing, we made it within a second." Yu Yu praised the power of the golden bridge in surprise.

All this while Ji Hao stared at Yu Yu stunned, couldn’t say a word.

Despite Yu Yu’s incomprehensible power, he had to spend three to five days to come to Priest Dachi’s dojo. How far was this dojo of Priest Dachi from their world?

Standing on a purple cloud, Yu Yu shouted at the boundless purple mist, then told everything about the endless rain that was happening in the human world.

A Taiji-pattern-like sphere of purple mist showed up while spinning slowly. Next, the purple mist sphere split into two and let a yellow and black, exquisite tower flying out.

Yu Yu grasped this small tower, then grabbed Ji Hao with another hand and activated the golden bridge once again. A second later, they arrived in another vast space, which was filled with a golden light and a warm power.

Murmuring a few words to the golden light, a mushroom-shaped glow gradually showed and split, sending out a gray-colored long streamer, flying slowly towards Yu Yu and Ji Hao. Strong streams of power had been releasing from the long streamer.

Yu Yu caught the long streamer, then took Ji Hao and flashed away. First, they returned to Southern Wasteland and picked up Po and Gui Ling. After that, they took a trip to Eastern Wasteland, Northern Wasteland, Western Wasteland and a few places in the starry void, within the next quarter of an hour.

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