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How tall was the Sky Pillar?

This was a boring question, and no one had asked it before. Anyway, everyone knew that if one went straight up the Sky Pillar, through hundreds of layers of clouds and fierce airflows, one could eventually arrive in the heaven.

However, everyone also knew that Sky Pillar was transformed from a part of the spine of Saint Pan Gu. It was immeasurably tall, and no end of it could be seen.

Half a Sky Pillar collapsed and fell. From a long distance away, Ji Hao saw a brightly glowing, incredibly huge and immeasurably tall mountain raise splendid rosy clouds and raging, world-destroying fire while roaring down towards Pu Ban City.

Looking from a great distance, one could realize that if one let this mountain fall naturally, it would smash right on Pu Ban City.

Emperor Shun’s eyes were widely opened in a soul-deep alarm as he hoarsely growled, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!"

Following that resonant growl, Emperor Shun led tens of his trustable ministers to fly swiftly forward, attempting to stop the falling Sky Pillar. However, they were still thousands of miles away from the mountain. But, just the hurricane raised by the falling mountain still struck heavily on their bodies. Even with Emperor Shun’s power, even with the Xuanyuan sword held in his hand and the other few secret defensive supreme treasures that belonged only to the human Emperor, Emperor Shun was forced to vomit blood, and couldn’t move another inch towards Sky Pillar.

"No!" Emperor Shun and the group of human ministers looked at the falling mountain, stunned in despair.

They were not afraid of death, but hundreds of millions of human beings lived in Pu Ban City. If this broken Sky Pillar truly smashes down, countless elites of human beings would be destroyed.

"Gong Gong, damn you, damn you!" Emperor Shun and the group of human ministers roared out in a fury. Their eyes had even turned red.

Ji Hao shouted out while activating the Pan Xi divine mirror. A dim stream of divine light dazzled towards the falling Sky Pillar. The divine light reached to the Sky Pillar, broke layers of dense clouds and fierce airflows. A terrifying pressure came straight to Ji Hao’s head. Meanwhile, the mirror gave a shrill scream, then transformed into a dim light stream, drilling back into Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao sent out the Pan Xi divine mirror to stop the falling mountain, and the mirror managed to do it for one ten-thousandth of a second> After that, a destructive pressure struck into Ji Hao’s body through the mirror and shattered every single piece of Ji Hao’s bones, inch by inch. His internal organs were nearly turned into a pot of meat paste.

While vomiting blood, Ji Hao trembled in the air and could no longer steady his own body. As a consequence, he fell from the sky like a shooting star.

Helplessly looking at the falling Sky Pillar surrounded by surging rosy clouds and airflows, Ji Hao screamed with a hoarse voice as loud as he could, "Emperor Shun, people, move away! We can’t stop it! Can’t stop it! Pu Ban City! Damn it! Gong Gong! You did it on purpose! You did it on purpose!"

Gong Gong was much older than Zhu Rong. He served as the Water God for a much longer period of time than the term of service of Zhu Rong as the Fire God. Gong Gong could never be less powerful than Zhu Rong, but how could he be defeated by Zhu Rong so thoroughly just in a few breaths after he and Zhu Rong rushed into the higher sky?

Gong Gong wasn’t that easy to be defeated. He pretended to be defeated, pretended to be so angry and ashamed, then broke the Sky Pillar on purpose!

What shocked Ji Hao so much was that he was injured so severely by simply trying to stop the falling Sky Pillar> But Gong Gong, how could he possibly break Sky Pillar with his head? Sky Pillar was so sturdy, so no living creature should be able to break it!

"Such a smart guy! He activated the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven and broke Buzhou Mountain!"

The mysterious man shouted out in a great rage in Ji Hao’s spiritual space. "He has brought the Heaven and Earth great formation in the heaven under his control. Eith the power of the heaven, he broke Buzhou Mountain! Gong Gong, damn you!"

Ji Hao immediately lifted his head and saw that in the highest area he could see was a faintly visible five-colored mist. From the mist, an extremely dreadful pressure descended. The sense of power came from the mist was rather familiar to Ji Hao, because he had sensed the same kind of power from the Heaven and Earth great formation based on Yao Mountain City.

Had Gong Gong controlled the heaven?!

Did he break Buzhou Mountain with the original version of Heaven and Earth great formation in heaven?

Buzhou Mountain was damaged seriously already. Gong Gong only slightly bumped into it, and just like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, he broke the mountain entirely!

But why did he do it? What did he do it for?

"Buzhou Mountain is the core of the natural defense of Pan Gu world, the center of all natural meridians of Pan Gu world. Buzhou Mountain is broken, so the natural defense of Pan Gu world will instantly decrease by ninety percent!" The mysterious man growled almost hysterically, "The reason why those top-grade non-humankind beings could not intrude Pan Gu world was nothing else but the Buzhou Mountain which had been supporting the natural defense of the whole Pan Gu world. Buzhou Mountain is broken…"

The mysterious man didn’t finish his speech, yet Ji Hao was already soaked in cold sweat.

Yu Clan, Jia Clan, Xiu Clan, these non-humankind beings were capable of conquering countless worlds. Without a doubt, they surely had countless top-grade powerful ones among their people. But so many years had passed, yet these non-humankind beings still didn’t manage to conquer the whole Pan Gu world.

Was it because of the powerfulness of Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu and the other protectors of this world?

Or it was because of the natural defense of Pan Gu world? Did the natural defense of the world disable those top-grade non-humankind beings from coming to Pan Gu world through portals?

Now, Buzhou Mountain was broken, and the natural defense of Pan Gu world was weakened by ninety percent. In all probability, those top-grade powerful non-humankind beings could now come to Pan Gu world by themselves. Then, could Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu and the other world protectors still rival those enemies?

Gong Gong did such a thing. He betrayed the entire Pan Gu world.

"Gong Gong, damn you!" Ji Hao burst with a hoarse shout in a fury.

"Stop Buzhou Mountain! Even if we die! Stop it!" Emperor Shun raised the Xuanyuan sword, bumping straight towards the falling mountain while vomiting blood. "Pu Ban is not only a city, but the civilization of humankind also started in here, grew in here and spread from here. We can die, but Pu Ban cannot!"

Ji Hao thought of the Magi Palace in Pu Ban City, thought of all those apprentices in the Magi Palace who came from all four wastelands. He also thought of those Magi guided by Si Wen Ming and Emperor Shun with immeasurable efforts, those Senior Magi who mastered the art of magic formation, spell symbol, magic medicine, tool-making!

Emperor Shun was right, Pu Ban was where the human civilization raised from, bit by bit, since the ancient era. If Pu Ban City were destroyed, over eighty-percent of the human civilization would be destroyed as well. If the entire humankind declined to the level of the old Fire Crow Clan, the humankind would be doomed.

"Damn it!" Ji Hao growled out deeply while forcibly activated the Pan Xi divine mirror and released a divine light to cover his whole body. Then, he gripped the nine suns spear with his left hand, the sword in his right hand and boosted up the power of the stainless cloak as much as he could. Then, he activated the sun power in the surrounding area for tens of thousands of miles with the immemorial sun streamer. Afterward, he transformed into a golden flame, bumping towards the falling mountain as well.

One after another, the group of human leaders silently burned their spirit stars and released overwhelming waves of power vibrations. Some of them had fiery lights coiling around their bodies, some had thunderbolts sizzling in their hands, while some had hazy mountains floating upon their heads.

These were senior human ministers, elders, and leaders from top-grade human clans. But at the moment, they cursed with the worst language they knew with their necks straightened while bumping towards the falling half of Buzhou Mountain.

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