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"Shut the gates, let them fight!"

Before the ancestral temple, the few elders with the highest positions growled out loud.

Gong Sun Meng was possessed by an unknown devil, nearly making a kid with a weird background the future leader of the family. This almost caused inner strifes in the family. But before this ended, Zhu Rong and Gong Gong had started a massive fight, which was another giant whirlpool.

You Xiong Family didn’t want to get involved in things like this, neither could they at this juncture.

Although a small half of You Xiong City was blown up, fortunately, the situation had been stressful in the city these days. Therefore, relatively weaker civilians were sent out of the city long ago. Many buildings were damaged, but the casualties were not too great.

If Zhu Rong and Gong Gong wanted to fight in here, then they could just let them fight, even till death.

In front of the gate of the ancestral temple, eye-piercing light streams rose into the sky. Thirty-six thousand enormous totem columns thunderously rose from the earth, with faintly visible, gigantic silhouettes of bears on top of each column. These bears had their mouths widely opened, sending out strong earth power from all directions.

Tremendous streams of earth power were sent into the city. On the flat area around the city immense spell symbols lightened up one after another.

The ground had been quaking slightly while the surrounding mountains seemed to rise and fall. Soon, an incredibly large wall surrounded the entire city up.

An elderly You Xiong Family Maguspriest flew into the sky, stood on top of the magic formation, and growling harshly to Zhu Rong and Gong Gong, "This is You Xiong City, the territory of You Xiong Family. If you insist on fighting a deathly fight, go further. You Xiong Family has no intent to develop hatred with you two powerful Gods."

This was rather straightforward. You Xiong Family had no intent to develop hared with these two powerful Gods. Yet, if these two Gods showed an unappreciative attitude, the hatred would be planted indeed. You Xiong Family had great powers, rich resources, and solid foundations. Their people didn’t need to show any fear to Gong Gong and Zhu Rong.

Gong Gong shouted out loudly. His body had already transformed into a dense dark cloud. In the rolling cloud, a water-tank-sized head was faintly visible. Two blue streams of watery light spurted from his pair of eye. Wherever that light reached, all mountains were turned into flooding water.

Zhu Rong also growled out in a fury. His body had transformed into a sphere of flame, with only a blazing head floating in the fire. Fire roared out from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. His eyes shone with a colorful fiery light, and wherever he scanned across with those eyes, even the water was set ablaze.

A dense dark cloud and a sphere of fiery light left hundreds of miles long, dazzling light streams in the air. They clashed fiercely against each other, seeming like two shooting stars bumping into each other. They ceaselessly caused sky-shaking booms, even thousands of times louder than thunder.

They struck into each other over and over again and sent themselves flying away. Then, they rushed back even faster and bumped into each other again.

Following the muffled sound, ice crystals and lava streams began falling from where they clashed. Fire power and water power conflicted in the air, causing terrifying explosions, and even made the sky and earth shake.

Hearing the elderly Maguspriest from You Xiong Family, Gong Gong shouted out loud in anger. He pointed at the city and yelled, "You Xiong Family? Big deal? How dare you talk to me like that? When I have the time, I will turn all your people into floating corpses!"

The faces of all You Xiong Family elders turned incredibly dark on hearing Gong Gong. What Gong Gong Said was too impolite. Did he think that You Xiong Family would be afraid of him?

Some warriors with bad tempers even leaped straight up into the sky, seeming to be ready to fight Gong Gong and see who was truly more powerful. But You Xiong Family elders immediately burst with a harsh series of shouts and stopped these warriors, making them feel too ashamed to even raise their heads.

No matter how ugly were Gong Gong’s words, the hatred was between Gong Gong and Zhu Rong, how could You Xiong Family be part of it?

The sky and the ground were both turned chaotic. Fire and water conflicted intensively and generated a massive watery mist that covered the sky. Zhu Rong shouted out, "Old water monster, don’t harm the foundation of You Xiong Family. Follow me up, let’s fight to death!"

Gong Gong laughed with a creepy evil voice and said, "Little fire thing, is You Xiong Family worth for you to flatter? I am harming their foundation right now, so what? What can they do to me? What can they do to my billions of Northern Wasteland elites?!"

Zhu Rong snorted coldly, then a stream of fiery light rose into the higher sky and merged into the cloud, disappearing without leaving a trace within a blink of an eye.

Gong Gong laughed loudly and wildly, transformed into a black stream of mist and swooshed up into the air. While chasing Zhu Rong, he barfed and shouted with unbearable insolence.

Ji Hao raised his head, looking at the sky in a daze. A while later, he murmured, "Zhu Rong came so fast. It seems that he had left something in Zhu Rong Tianming’s soul too…" Clicking his tongue, he continued, "Zhu Rong Tianming was Zhu Rong’s son after all. He was killed, so Zhu Rong had to come to take revenge without a doubt!"

A sword scream could then be heard. Following that, Emperor Shun released a golden beam of light while swishing into the sky. The Xuanyuan sword transformed into an enormous golden dragon, following closely behind Emperor Shun.

Those human ministers followed Emperor Shun up one after another excitedly.

Ji Hao clearly saw that these human ministers were all grinning delightfully, considering the intense fight between Zhu Rong and Gong Gong as a nice large show for entertainment. Some even started discussing the result of the fight. A few clan leaders even shook hands and set huge bets.

Ji Hao shook his head helplessly. It seemed that these human ministers didn’t take the fight between the water and fire Gods seriously at all.

Gong Gong Family and Zhu Rong Family had been fighting each other for countless years, for the rights from the alliance of human clans. They had started countless fights already, and even massive wars had happened between these two families for over a hundred times.

Fights like this happened too often. Surely, these human ministers would not take it seriously.

"But this time might be different!" Ji Hao showed his teeth. Then, the golden bridge released a dark golden divine light and brought him up into the sky, rushing into the clouds before the others.

If Ji Hao guessed right, what would happen next would be...

Once he rushed out of the layer of the void gale of Midland and arrived in the starry void, a loud howl drilled into his ears. Gong Gong had transformed back into the human body, falling quickly down with blood gushing out of all over his body.

"Defeated already?" Ji Hao yelled in shock.

Zhu Rong stood in the air, seemed to be stunned as well. With confusion, he looked at the pair of swords held in his hands and said, "Did I defeat this old bastard so quickly? Have I improved so much in these years? Or has this old bastard been wasting his time all these years?"

Gong Gong was shouting with a hoarse voice, with froth in his mouth. No one knew what he was saying.

All of a sudden, Gong Gong shivered, then he gave a shrilly loud howl. Next, followed by a millions of miles long streams of watery light, he heavily bumped towards Sky Pillar, also known as Buzhou Mountain, located in the middle of Midland.

An indescribable loud bang resounded across the entire Pan Gu world. Even people in the four wastelands heard it clearly.

A giant hole was opened up on the mountainside of Buzhou Mountain. Then the upper side of the mountain quaked and slanted downwards.

"Crap!" Looking at the collapsing Sky Pillar, Emperor Shun growled in shock.

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