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In the Northern Wasteland, the ice field was silent and boundless.

Heading north and moving across countless glaciers and icebergs, one would see a vast, dark-blue ocean.

This was the North Sea, occupying around ninety percent of Northern Wasteland. The base of Gong Gong Family was located in this place. Countless ancient, enormous creatures had been hiding in the North Sea, cultivating themselves severely. Innumerable clans with long histories lived in this frigid place.

In the core area of the North Sea, on a three-hundred-thousand miles wide island, ninety-nine black dragons had their heads raised high, and were surrounded by countless enormous water boas and flood dragons. These fierce creatures were moving around an evil-looking altar that was built from bones of aquatic creatures, while incanting a spell with a low voice.

The air of the north was filled with an endless coldness. The ice spirit, which was generated by the souls of countless creatures which died miserably on this piece of land, and the ancient evil power accumulated deep under the ground of this frigid area were attracted by the altar. They were transformed into a green fire, blazing on the middle of the altar.

Countless Gong Gong Family Maguspriests stood around the altar, expressionlessly wielding their obsidian daggers and slaying large groups of salves right on the spot. Before these slaves died in fear, their twisted souls were drawn into the altar and turned into the nourishment for the green fire.

Kun Peng was wearing a long black robe, standing on top of the altar, hoarsely incanting an evil spell. He swore to the Gods and ghosts in the world, all creatures which were willing to follow the lead of Gong Gong Family, and those devil Gods from the ancient Chaos, who were long gone but still had traces of souls lingering in the Chaos… He swore that Gong Gong Family would trade for power that was great enough to destroy everything in the world with the souls of countless slaves.

High up in the air were countless, immeasurable, invisible, insensible beings. Once one saw them or sensed them, a dreadful power that could destroy souls would immediately start to gather.

They looked down at Kun Peng. Although they had lost their wisdom and only had the last trace of instinct left, the souls of countless slaves were truly attractive to them.

Streams of evil power descended from the Chaos, merging with the pale green fire on the altar.

"Master, this is the power you need!" Kun Peng chuckled with a weird tone, with a malicious light flashing across his eyeballs.

On this large island, which had countless Northern Wasteland clans living on it, a half of all slaves belonged to these clans were killed, numbering ten-billion at the very least. The sky-devouring evil power traded with their souls and spirit blood all gathered on this green fire.

The pale green fire was quickly changing its color. By the end, this fire turned to the size of a fist, as dense as a sticky glue and as dark as ink.

Kun Peng slightly clapped his hands. Next, all black dragons, water boas and flood dragons around the altar roared out towards the sky. Their roars seemed even to shatter the sky, while this tiny dark fire merged with the sky

Outside You Xiong City, Gong Gong rushed over while roaring resonantly. Then, his trident penetrated Gong Sun Tianming’s chest.

Gong Sun Tianming screamed in pain. He lifted his head, with black and white Chaos divine light dazzling out of his eyeballs and striking on Gong Gong’s body, causing a loud cracking noise. Even Gong Gong’s defensive watery light screen was shattered by the Chaos divine light that came out from Gong Sun Tianming’s eyes.

How powerful was Gong Gong? But as the black and white divine light landed on his body, his long robe was ripped open, and his body was punctured.

Gong Gong shouted in pain. A pure black space crack appeared on the trident while a dense and dark evil fire flew out and drilled into Gong Sun Tianming’s body through the trident.

Gong Sun TIanming’s body twitched intensively while hazy lotuses drifted out from his body one after another.

Gong Sun Tianming’s body was made by Priest Hua; it was nearly indestructible and immortal. The body was made with lotus roots and seeds generated by Priest Hua’s true body. Although it was not as strong and powerful as Priest Hua’s own body, it was indeed, almost immortal and deathless.

Ordinary weapons could never harm Gong Sun Tianming’s body, not even a little bit. Even if his body was harmed by an ordinary weapon, it could recover immediately under his will, and no actual harm would be made. Even if that body were harmed by an extremely powerful natural-crafted treasure, even a world-accompanying spirit treasure, with the protective magic cast by Priest Hua on that body, Gong Sun Tianming’s soul would be safe.

Even if Ji Hao activated the powers of the Pan Xi divine mirror and the nine suns devil-destroying sword with his current power, he might be able to injure Gong Sun Tianming severely, but could never kill him! The lotus magic body made by Priest Hua himself was not that easy to be destroyed.

However, Gong Gong had paid a huge price. He sacrificed half of the slaves owned by all Northern Wasteland clans and let Kun Peng cast an ancient, banned magic to summon the powers of those powerful, mysterious fallen beings from the Chaos, and launched the attack with that evil power.

Gong Sun Tianming’s lotus body was penetrated by that evil power. His body started to collapse quickly while his soul was melting speedily.

All of a sudden, Priest Hua burst with a furious roar. That earth-shaking roar came from the sky, yet no one knew where Priest Hua had been hiding.

The evil power Gong Gong gathered with the altar was way too great. It was not only destroying Gong Sun Tianming, but also attacked Priest Hua through the faint connection between Gong Sun Tianming and Priest Hua’s true body.

This was a gambling attack launched by Gong Gong with the power of the entire Northern Wasteland. Even Priest Hua couldn’t cope with it so easily. So how could he manage to save Gong Sun Tianming at the same time?

The Xuanyuan sword vibrated intensively and burst with a golden sword light, seeming to attack Gong Gong.

But Gong Gong gave a loud, resonant shout in a harsh tone, "Xuanyuan sword spirit, you take a close look at this guy. Is he your owner?"

The sword light released from Xuanyuan sword dimmed down instantly, then the sword gave a sad scream and suddenly transformed into a streak of light. It dazzled up into the sky and flew back into You Xiong City, back to Emperor Shun. The scream given by the sword was filled with sadness and loneliness. Without a doubt, it missed Emperor Xuanyuan so much.

After shouting the Xuanyuan sword away, Gong Gong gripped the trident with both hands and violently twisted it.

A shrill howl was generated. Gong Sun Tianming’s lotus body exploded while his soul perished within a dazzling light.

Another furious roar came from the sky. Next, the sky above You Xiong City turned glowing-red. Zhu Rong dove down from a raging sky flame, wearing a long red cloak. Each hand of his was holding a fire dragon sword, fiercely hacking down towards Gong Gong.

"Gong Gong, you killed my son, fine… But you even perished his true spirit! Are you challenging the Zhu Rong Family?"

Gong Gong roared out, straightened the trident and rushed up. "Zhu Rong!" growled Gong Gong, "You have so many children, yet I had one son, one only!

"My son was murdered by this little bastard of yours, murdered by him! I want you to pay for that with your own life!"

Clang! Followed by a thunderous bang, the trident clashed loudly against the pair of fire dragon swords. You Xiong City quaked, then a massive fire roared over from the south, while an overwhelming watery mist swooshed up from the north. Fire power and water power bumped thunderously against each other, and in the following moment, a small half of the city was blown into pieces in the raging flame and watery mist.

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