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It was a brutal mass brawl.

Xie Zun swiftly moved across the crowd, leaving streams of colorful mist and countless glowing afterimages behind. She laughed with that silvery voice from time to time while sweeping his fingers across the strings of her pipa. As her soft little hands slightly touched the body of those warriors coming at her, a huge stream of spirit blood would be extracted from their body and absorbed by her.

Many warriors touched by Xie Zun’s hands had their bodies softened right away, lying on the ground and disabled from moving. They were all strong male warriors, but within a few breaths, they seemed to become at least twenty years older, and around sixty percent of their life-force had been taken away.

Touching over ten warriors in a row, Xie Zun laughed so happily that she even squeezed her eyes into a pair of curved lines. In her eyes, powerful human beings were no more than this.

But soon, those warriors who had ragingly rushed up were shouted back by their elders and leaders in anger.

Led by Emperor Shun, leaders of large human clans stepped up themselves and launched a fierce wave of attacks on Xie Zun. Tens of supreme-level magic treasures were activated, releasing dreadfully strong power vibrations and sweeping across Xie Zun’s body like a tsunami.

Xie Zun completely underestimated the powers of Emperor Shun and those clan leaders, especially Emperor Shun. He had been cultivating himself with the secret cultivation method that belonged only to human emperors. Additionally, he was under the protection of the power of his spirit star, the Zi Wei emperor star. Therefore, despite the fact that Emperor Shun was only a Divine Magus, his power could only be described with the words like ‘terrifying’.

Emperor Shun lost the Xuanyuan sword, but he straightened his forefingers and middle fingers as a pair of swords was gently and slowly wielded. Followed by his move, endless sword light dazzled over from all directions, even creating black space cracks in the air. Xie Zun was careless, letting tens of sword attacks launched by Emperor Shun fall on her body. The sword power released by Emperor Shun contained immeasurably great faith power from the humankind, and great power of natural reward from this world. Struck by a sword power like this, Xie Zun howled out shrilly in pain.

Some countless years old powerful spirits, such as the old candle dragon, mingled in the crowd and launched their moves as well. Within a few breaths, the figure of Xie Zun turned dimmer, seeming about to collapse at any time.

Xie Zun was nearly defeated by the great pain. She raised a huge rainbow, reaching to the sky and attempting to run. However, Ji Hao had been waiting aside for a very long time. Finally, he got his chance. The Pan Xi divine mirror released a dim stream of light and rolled in the air. Before Xie Zun could run, she was thrown straight into the small colorful caldron inside Ji Hao’s body by the mirror.

The mirror quaked intensively and released strong waves of power vibration spreading out, that was great enough to make everyone feel hard to breathe.

Smilingly, Ji Hao pointed at the mirror, nodded and said, "Lords, that devil is caught. Now, the question is…"

Ji Hao pointed at Gong Sun Tianming, who was encircled by warriors from all clans, holding the Xuanyuan sword with a pale face. He was trembling in fear yet dared not to leave. The long sword held in his hands released golden streams of light. The strong sword power injected into his body, and soon, the sense of power came from his body could even be compared with Emperor Shun.

Emperor Shun and the others witnessed Ji Hao ‘kill’ the devil with a supreme treasure, nodded and praised. Then, they turned around and looked at Gong Sun Tianming.

A dragon elder said with a muffled voice, "Kid, give us the ones behind you! No matter who they are, they are the enemies of our dragon-kind for making zombies with the bodies of our ancestors. Hand them out, then I can kindly let you die as a whole piece!"

Another dragon warrior leader gnashed his teeth tight, even causing a creaking noise. He said with a deep and cold voice, "You can remain silent while I chew you and swallow you inch by inch. I haven’t tasted human beings for many years!"

Ji Hao didn’t say anything.

He came to You Xiong City to do nothing but stop Gong Sun Tianming from becoming the only prince of this family, and causing him some troubles to keep him away from the throne.

But this time, the result was way better than his estimation. Gong Sun Meng was actually possessed by the sky devil. By discovering this fact, Ji Hao ruined the plan of Gong Sun Tianming and Priest Corpse, and the others on his side. Ji Hao had already captured Xie Zun, so he needed to say no more.

No matter how, Gong Sun Tianming was actually Zhu Rong Tianming. Because of Zhu Rong, Ji Hao couldn’t kill him personally. Maybe, being chopped into a pile of meat paste by warriors from all clans was the perfect end for Zhu Rong Tianming,

Gong Sun Tianming looked at all those people coming at him with a badly pale face. Gritting his teeth, he said in a low voice, "The Xuanyuan sword admitted my bloodline… I am a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan. I am holding the Xuanyuan sword, and I’m am the only one who can be the next emperor!"

A You Xiong Family elder stepped out and said in a cold tone, "You colluded with the evil being, murdered our leader. You said you’re a descendant of You Xiong Family… Ask around, see which one of our family members admits that you’re one of us?"

A dragon elder said with a deep voice, "We’ve told you, this kid gained a drop of Emperor Xuanyuan’s bloodline from an unknown source and rebuilt his body with an unknown magic. That’s how he attained Emperor Xuanyuan’s bloodline."

A phoenix elder also said in a cold voice, "Why are you talking so much? Capture him alive, torture him, and use soul-torturing magics on him. He will even tell you how many times he peed on his bed when he was a child. Why are you wasting time on him now?"

Hundreds of powerful beings surrounded Gong Sun Tianming up. Even though he now had an especially strong body, he could never manage to free himself from such an encirclement.

Outside You Xiong City, on a nameless hill, Priest Corpse sat on a hassock, holding a string of dark-golden beads and cursing with a sour face, "Useless things, that devil thing, and so is Tianming the kid. And that Earl Yao Ji Hao, what have we ever done to you. Why do you ruin our plans over and over again?!"

Bo Qiujia stood beside Priest Corpse and carefully asked, "We, should we save him?"

Priest Corpse paused briefly and said in a lower voice, "He has been seen through by those people now. If we save him…How many efforts we would have to spend to cover this? After that, we would need to arrange a new identity for him. How many resources we might waste for that? We’ve spent too, too many efforts on this kid, Tianming."

Bo Qiujia gave a bitter laugh, "We have indeed spent too many efforts on him. For this exact reason, if we abandon him just like this, wouldn’t we be too wasteful?"

Priest Corpse’s eye corners twitched intensively for a few times, then he murmured with a low voice, "But he is now surrounded by so many people. Unless the two Master Shifu go save him by themselves, you, me, who can save him now?"

A slight sigh came from beside Priest Corpse. Following that, Priest Hua’s voice came slowly, "It seems that this Earl Yao Ji Hao will not join us. Give out my words to all our disciples. The one who kills Ji Hao will be able to learn all top-grade secret magics of our sect."

A bronze, old lamp flew out from the air and airily landed on Priest Corpse’s hand.

"Go save him for the last time. Didn’t we bury a chess piece in Mi Clan of You Xiong Family back then?"

Priest Corpse politely took over the lamp, looking at the beam-sized, cyan-white lamp fire on it, and said reverently, "Yes, Shifu."

Glancing at You Xiong City, Priest Corpse raised the lamp and slightly blew towards it. The cyan-white lamp fire drifted out.

Before the ancestral temple of You Xiong Family, Gong Sun Tianming’s body was abruptly wrapped up by a cyan-white fire. Then, as a breeze blew across, his figure faded away gradually, then disappeared without leaving a trace.

Outside the city, Gong Sun Tianming showed up in front of Priest Corpse, seemed to be ravished with joy. He thudded his knees against the ground and began kowtowing to Priest Corpse.

Before Gong Sun Tianming could thank Priest Corpse, a furious roar came from the sky. Next, a trident descended from the sky along with a raging thunder-flame, striking on Gong Sun Tianming’s back and penetrating his body,

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