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Ji Hao moved too fast.

Or in other words, no one thought that Ji Hao was daring enough to attack Gong Sun Meng. He was the current leader of You Xiong Family, a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan. His family was one of the top-three among all clans in the alliance. As the leader of this family, he could even be mentioned in the same breath with Emperor Shun!

Which human being dared to show disrespect to him, not to mention attack him!

Therefore, no one stepped up to stop Ji Hao. Instead, everyone watched Ji Hao let out the Pan Xi divine mirror and release a dim stream of divine light, pouring it on Gong Sun Meng.

Weirdly, Gong Sun Meng’s body twisted slightly. This three-meter and two-foot tall, tall and sturdy man had actually twisted his waist like a young girl, making a graceful dancing pose.

Emperor Shun’s face twitched intensively with his eyes popped out in a great shock.

All human ministers shouted out in shock. This pose Gong Sun Meng made was nothing like him!

Elders from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, the old candle dragon and the other spirit powerful creatures, all fell into confusion. They looked around, not knowing what to do. Something was definitely wrong with Gong Sun Meng, but what was it?

As for those princes of You Xiong Family who had their titles forcibly taken away by Gong Sun Meng earlier, and the elders behind them who were forced to support Gong Sun Tianming with all of their powers, all grinned delightfully while nodding.

No matter what was wrong with Gong Sun Meng, as long as something was wrong with him!

A five-colored light blasted from between Gong Sun Meng’s eyebrows. A colorful lotus floated before the spot between his eyebrows, releasing a misty, colorful light, rotating swiftly and transforming into a transparent cocoon of light that wrapped him tightly up.

Gong Sun Meng’s manly and strong voice became soft and silvery as he said, "Ah, ahaha! Did someone see my true face? Interesting, interesting, this mirror of yours is quite something. It has actually forced my true power out."

Under the light released from the Pan Xi divine mirror, Gong Sun Meng’s body turned translucent. Everyone on the scene clearly saw that inside his body was a three-foot tall, slim and stunningly beautiful girl holding a jade pipa, grinningly looking at Ji Hao through Gong Sun Meng’s body.

Ji Hao released a golden beam of light from his right forefinger into the mirror, maintaining the suppression on the sky devil.

He shouted coldly, "The soul of Lord Gong Sun Meng has perished, hasn’t it? The others might not be able to recognize you, but I have just killed many of your kind a couple of days ago."

Ji Hao looked at that girl, sneered and continued, "One named Yu Zun, one named Xia Zun, both died in my hands. Who are you?"

The surrounding people were stirred up immediately. A large group of You Xiong Family warriors who were loyal to Gong Sun Meng were enraged. Did Ji Hao say that the leader they followed was murdered? Had his soul perished? If this was true, Gong Sun Meng’s soul would not even be able to go into the ancestral temple and accept the power of worship from his people, would he?

Some You Xiong Family warriors with bad tempers growled out in a fury. They wielded their weapons and fiercely stared at Gong Sun Tianming. These You Xiong Family people were not stupid. Gong Sun Meng had been acting so weird these days, trying so hard to push Gong Sun Tianming up to the throne. This meant, Gong Sun Tianming and the one who killed Gong Sun Meng were together!

"Kill him!"

"Chop him into pieces!"

"Take out his soul and let our Master Maguspriest torture it!"

"Who is behind all this? Who killed our leader? Who? We have to find out, kill him, destroy him! Kill all his families! Wipe out his entire clan!"

You Xiong Family warriors approached bit by bit. They burst in tsunami-like roars. You Xiong Family warriors from the foot of the mountain, Pu Ban warriors brought by Emperor Shun, added with the armies that came with those dragon elders and phoenix elders al became unsettled, with their mounts roaring deeply and resonantly.

Seeing a massive disturbance about to happen, Emperor Shun’s voice resounded across the entire holy land.

"I am Shun. People, Gong Sun Meng, the leader of You Xiong Family was harmed by evil beings, and we are looking for the truth. Please be patient, don’t do anything that might make the ones love you sad, and the ones who hate you delighted! In any circumstances, our humankind cannot surrender to internal strifes!"

The shouts let out by warriors leaders of You Xiong Family, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, came from all directions.

Emperor Shun was highly influential among human beings. At the moment, something was wrong with Gong Sun Meng, and he could no longer lead his people and solve problems. A word of Emperor Shun calmed and stabilize You Xiong Family warriors.

The girl inside Gong Sun Meng’s body slightly moved and released a puff of five-colored mist from the lotus between Gong Sun Meng’s eyebrows. Then, the girl’s figure showed from the mist.

Gong Sun Meng thudded heavily against the ground. Along with a puffing noise, his bones and muscles withered quickly, only leaving his skin on the ground. Except for his skin, all his internal organs, bones, fleshes and spirit blood were devoured by this girl.

"I’m so full!" The girl looked at Ji Hao, narrowed her eyes and said, "Yu Zun, Xia Zun, you killed those two bitches? I should really thank you. Hehe, so now, I, Xie Zun, is the only leader of our kind in this world, right?"

Ji Hao cautiously shielded himself with the Pan Xi divine mirror. Yu Zun, Xia Zun and sky devil under their commands only devoured original souls and occupied human bodies. But this Xie Zun, she even devoured the spirit blood of her target.

Yu Zun and Xia Zun were not as fierce as Xie Zun, not even after combining their powers. Ji Hao dared not to let this Xie Zun approach.

Emperor Shun stood aside, looked at Xie Zun for a while, and finally started talking, "Where are you from? How dare you murder Gong Sun Meng? He was a senior human minister!"

Xie Zun cast a sideways glance at Emperor Shun and laughed, "You? Hehe, eight months ago, you were resting in a bamboo woods. I wanted to take your body back then, but that nasty Xuanyuan sword was guarding you inside your body, so I couldn’t approach."

Emperor Shun popped out his eyes while a layer of cold sweat oozed out of his forehead immediately.

Slowly, Xie Zun continued, "Since the highest leader of the humankind is untouchable, I can only find some slightly lower ones. Therefore, this Gong Sun Meng…Hehe, he was lecherous, yet he thought no one could harm him in You Xiong City. Therefore, he didn’t even care to take a mind-protecting treasure with him. I easily occupied his body."

Emperor Shun and the group of human ministers remained silent. Such a powerful devil, if she got to do whatever she wanted, how could the humankind ever stop her?

Ji Hao smiled coldly and said, "Xie Zun, cut the crap. This Gong Sun Tianming, why do you want him to be the human emperor? What do you want exactly?"

Xie Zun sighed slightly and responded in a cold voice, "Don’t you think controlling the human emperor is interesting?"

Ji Hao nodded, cast a pitiful glance at Gong Sun Tianming, who now had a deathly pale face, and said, "Prince Tianming…You are…hehe!"

Shaking his head, Ji Hao pulled out the nine suns devil-destroying sword, slowly pointing it at Xie Zun.

From all directions, You Xiong Family warriors, dragon warriors and phoenix warriors and Pu Ban warriors all pulled out their weapons, slowly encircling Gong Sun Tianming and Xie Zun up.

No one noticed who let out the first shout, but following that, swords lights and blade lights condensed into a dazzling rain of light, striking down towards Gong Sun Tianming and Xie Zun.

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