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"Who is it?!"

Struck by the thunderbolts, streams of smoke puffed out from Gong Sun Tianming’s head. The sword tip pointed on the ground. He gripped the hilt of the sword with both hands to support his body while screaming hoarsely in a fury.

The thunderbolts released by Ji Hao were way too powerful. Even though Gong Sun Tianming’s body was made from a Chaos spirit lotus and was nearly indestructible, he now felt that all his internal organs had been twitching, and his body nearly collapsed.

The ten tailed sky fox reacted the fastest. Her body nimbly flashed across the sky while a faintly sensible sense of power spread out. The mountaintop was surrounded in darkness, but as the fox moved, the area was immediately lightened up by sunlight. Flower aromas came from all directions, while a warmth descended from the air. It made people feel so relaxed that it even softened their bodies.

Anyone but Ji Hao might have been disabled by this warm and peaceful, yet lethal attack launched by the fox already, and became soft and powerless, having no choice but to let the enemy kill them. However, Ji Hao once faced the leaders of Sky Devils, and was under the protection of supreme treasures. Therefore, before the power of the fox could approach him, a raging fire rose from the stainless cloak while nine golden spheres of light swooshed up hundreds of meter high. As the dazzling golden light shone in the sky, the power released by the fox slightly trembled, then began burning.

A silver-white fire in the air was eye-piercing. That was the special fire generated by the fox’s power, after it was set ablaze by the essence sun fire.

The ten tailed sky fox screamed out and leaped backward immediately, quickly stepping away from Ji Hao and hiding behind that old candle dragon. She stared at Ji Hao in both anger and startle and yelled, "Where is this kid from? The essence sun fire…It’s the only thing that I am afraid of. Old candle dragon, you go!"

The old candle dragon slightly shook his coiled, enormous dragon body, straightened his dimly sparkling scales one after another, then raised his head. He looked at Ji Hao with a serious look and asked, "Little thing, why did you attack the future leader of our You Xiong Family?"

Gong Sun Tianming saw Ji Hao’s face. He popped out his eyes in shock, then opened his mouth, seeming about to yell something. But then, he shut his mouth, as if he was worried. Tens of You Xiong Family warriors approached Ji Hao with heavy steps, each holding a heavy shield with the right hand and a long spear with the left hand.

Except for these people, none of those human ministers behind Emperor Shun and those elders from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, or other branches of You Xiong Family, said a word. They were glad to see Gong Sun Tianming being struck by the thunderbolts!

Ji Hao made two steps forwards, smilingly bowed to the old candle dragon and said, "How are you? Elder Candle Dragon Gui from Candle Dragon Clan is my friend. I have two fiancées, and one of them is a disciple of Elder Candle Dragon Gui."

The old candle dragon popped out his eyes in surprise, "Candle Dragon Gui likes him? Hmm, then this kid can’t be bad…Hmm, why did you strike the future leader of You Xiong Family with thunderbolts? If nothing goes wrong, he will also be the next emperor of the humankind! You, kid, you are too reckless!"

Ji Hao grinned, so did Emperor Shun and those human ministers behind him, and those elders who came from the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and other branches of You Xiong Family.

This old candle dragon obviously knew Candle Dragon Gui, and they were certainly close friends. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say anything like that. Just now, he was angrily growling at Ji Hao, but once he heard him talking about his relationship with Candle Dragon Gui, this old candle dragon immediately changed his tone. He criticized Ji Hao with the word ‘reckless’, meaning that JI Hao shouldn’t have done this because it might cause trouble for Ji Hao himself.

According to what he said, this old candle dragon was apparently trying to protect Ji Hao, and everyone on the scene understood that.

Gong Sun Meng angrily roared out, looked at the old candle dragon and yelled, "Elder Candle Dragon, I…"

The old candle dragon cast a slow glance at Gong Sun Meng and responded with a serious tone, "This kid attacked the future leader, he should not do that. But, as a young man liked by Candle Dragon Gui, he will not do unreasonable things. Therefore, regarding what he has done, we should dig deeper to tell the right from wrong."

Gong Sun Meng opened his mouth, but failed to say anything.

The old candle dragon had shown a clear attitude. If Ji Hao wasn’t related to Candle Dragon Gui, the old dragon would have captured or killed Ji Hao already by himself. But since Ji Hao was indeed related to Candle Dragon Gui, and Shaosi was Candle Dragon Gui’s disciple, Ji Hao was a member of Candle Dragon Clan. Candle Dragon Clan never had a large population, and this poor blood old candle dragon would certainly help his own people!

Although he was now worshipped by You Xiong Family people and had been serving this family, he joined You Xiong Family only because he admired Emperor Xuanyuan for his achievements and reputation. Emperor Xuanyuan was long gone, and no one knew where he was. As a young one, Gong Sun Meng was far from qualified enough to order the old candle dragon.

If Gong Sun Meng peacefully negotiated with the old candle dragon, things might be easier. But if he ordered the old candle dragon to capture or kill Ji Hao only because he was the current leader of You Xiong Family…

Hehe, did he think these countless years old candle dragons were all nice old people? Candle Dragons were similar to dragons, but they were not dragons. They were mysterious Chaos creatures. Back in the prehistorical era, many believed that they were descendants of ancient devil Gods, and were famous for their bad tempers!

The old candle dragon’s attitude was clear. The fox remained silent, and so did the middle-aged couple. They all stood on the old candle dragon’s side. These four were the leaders, the most powerful ones among all powerful spirit creatures on the scene. As they all remained silent and motionless, the other spirit creatures all shut their mouths while staring at Ji Hao from head to toe with bright eyes.

Gong Sun Meng took a long gasp and looked at Ji Hao viciously.

In the holy land of You Xiong Family, Ji Hao attacked the future leader of this family. But still, so many You Xiong Family people tried to protect and help him. This almost infuriated Gong Sun Meng.

"Bring him over!" Gong Sun Meng gnashed his teeth and shouted, "Who are you? Why did you attack my son?!"

Tens of armored warriors stopped, while Ji Hao smilingly walked passed them. At first, he seriously and politely saluted to Emperor Shun according to the official etiquette for ministers meeting with the emperor. Then, he saluted to every single one of those human ministers and elders, including the old dragon and those dragon elders and phoenix elders according to the etiquette for young ones meeting with elderly ones.

Ji Hao was polite and well-mannered, and those ministers and elders all smilingly nodded at him.

Compared to Gong Sun Tianming, who was standing aside with a twisted, vicious face, all these people felt that Ji Hao was far, far better. The difference between Ji Hao and Gong Sun Tianming was a huge as the difference between the sky and the earth. Of course, in these people’ eyes, Ji Hao was as high as the sky while Gong Sun Tianming was as low as the earth.

Gong Sun Meng restrained his anger with some efforts until Ji Hao finished his salute and then growled, "So You’re that Earl Yao Ji Hao?! Hehe, I haven’t left You Xiong Family for many years, but I didn’t even know such a reckless, unruly one has emerged from the humankind!"

"Say, why did you attack Tianming, my son?" Gong Sun Meng growled harshly, "Give me a reason. Otherwise, I will kill you myself, and no one can save you!"

Ji Hao looked at Gong Sun Meng, smiled and responded blandly, "Why did I attack Zhu Rong Tianming? We can talk about it later."

Laughing coldly, Ji Hao continued loudly, "But you, you devoured the original soul of Leader Gong Sun, took his body and pretend to be him to raise such a disturbance…You bastard, do you really think no one in Pan Gu world can deal with you?"

Roaring out resonantly, Ji Hao let out the Pan Xi divine mirror and flashed towards Gong Sun Meng.

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