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Over a hundred human ministers stood behind Emperor Shun, angrily staring at Gong Sun Meng.

For an illegitimate child with an unknown background, Gong Sun Meng insisted on making him the only prince of You Xiong Family, and was preparing to push him up to the throne with all resources possessed by the entire You Xiong family!

Didn’t Gong Sun Meng understand how many troubles he would cause the humankind by doing this?

Once internal conflicts burst in You Xiong Family, more internal strifes would start to happen among the humankind. Didn’t he know about this?

On another side, tens of elders from large branch clans of You Xiong Family had also been staring at Gong Sun Meng with sulky faces. They didn’t have too many complicated thoughts by now, as they now had no spare attention to pay to the overall situation of the humankind. They were simply angry. Even though Gong Sun Meng was the current family leader, a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan, but which You Xiong Family member wasn’t a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan? Why did Gong Sun Meng take away the prince titles of the other princes, and give all they had to an illegitimate child of his, who was with an unknown background?

To these elders, if Gong Sun Meng promised them enough benefits, they might agree to support Gong Sun Tianming. However, Gong Sun Tianming was an absolute idiot, who actually offended the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind. As a consequence, two formidable armies were raised by the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, and had marched into the You Xiong Family!

He was a troublemaker. How could he be the only prince of You Xiong Family? Such a bearer of disaster, he should be strangled to death and thrown into a toilet until he became a pile of compost, instead of staying in You Xiong Family to cause more troubles.

‘Look at all three dragon-king-level dragon elders, six phoenix elders, and twenty to thirty elders that came from the dependency family and clans of these two kinds, all as powerful as dragon kings!’

If the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind insisted on starting a real war against You Xiong Family, they could never manage to rival these two powerful kinds! Not to mention You Xiong Family, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind were unstoppable, not even if all human clans combined their powers. After all, the human kind was the weakest among the three kinds generated by Pan Gu’s bloodline. The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind had always been much more powerful than the humankind, always!

"No matter how, Gong Sun Tianming cannot be a prince of our family!" A You Xiong Family elder growled in rage. He squeezed out from the crowd, pointed at Gong Sun Meng and shouted, "Gong Sun Meng, you said this kid is your son, right? Who is his mother? Which clan dose his mother come from? Bring her over, let us testify her bloodline. Then, we can discuss!"

Gong Sun Meng popped out his eyes and responded with a harsh tone, "You said he is my son, then he is my son. His mother died long ago. Do you want me to dig her bones out for you?"

Laughing coldly, Gong Sun Meng raised his head and continued, "He is my successor. I cultivated him with all resources I had in these years. He is the future human emperor, and the future leader of You Xiong Family. He can probably attain greater achievements than our ancestor, Emperor Xuanyuan himself!"

"How dare you!"

"Shut it!"

"Nonsense! Gong Sun Meng, are you out of your mind?!"

Gong Sun Meng said that Gong Sun Tianming might even do better than Emperor Xuanyuan. Hearing this, all You Xiong Family elders, even the ones who were on his side, exploded. They rushed up one after another, furiously cursing Gong Sun Meng for what he said.

Not only these elders, human ministers who stood behind Emperor Shun and leaders, elders from the other large human clans, were all infuriated.

Even elders from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind stared at Gong Sun Meng with unhappy looks!

Emperor Xuanyuan was admired even by the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Emperor. The current leader of the dragon-kind, who was also the Dragon Emperor, fought side by side with Emperor Xuanyuan back then; they were brothers.

Gong Sun Meng bragged that his son could be better than Emperor Xuanyuan. By saying this, he didn’t only show disrespect to Emperor Xuanyuan, but also offended the current Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Emperor.

While sneering, a dragon elder raised his head and gave a resonant roar towards the sky. A golden and shining pair of dragon horns flashed upon his head, while an overwhelming power vibration spread out from his body. It even started a hurricane on the mountaintop.

The dragon elder stared at Gong Sun Meng angrily and shouted out loudly, "Leader Gong Sun, don’t call this kid your son so soon! As far as we know, this son’s real name is Zhu Rong Tianming. He is the seventh son of Zhu Rong, the Great Libation of the humankind! This body of his is made from a lotus! How can he be your son?"

Gong Sun Meng smilingly bowed to the dragon elder, then responded with a bland tone, "He is my son. How can I not know my own son?"

Sighing slightly, Gong Sun Meng looked at the dragon elder, as if he was wronged, and continued, "In order to cause my son troubles, you even made up such a ridiculous story? Make a human body with a lotus? Hehe, hehe, hahaha!"

Gong Sun Meng spread his arms, looked around for a while, then laughed, "People, people, everyone on the scene is influential and famous among human beings. You’re all heroes, you’re all powerful! May I ask, which one of you is capable of making a human body with a lotus? And giving him the bloodline of our ancestor, Emperor Xuanyuan?"

Emperor Shun remained silent, so did those human ministers. You Xiong Family elders didn’t say anything, neither did those dragon elders and phoenix elders.

The dragon elder said that Gong Sun Tianming’s body was made with a lotus by a powerful being, because Ao Li said so in the message he sent back. However, Ao Li didn’t witness the whole thing. Instead, Man Man told him that.

This was the problem. Man Man was Zhu Rong’s daughter, a young and naive little girl. Her words…To be honest, what Man Man said was truly not so convincing.

If Zhu Rong said the same thing, no one dared to not believe it! But these words were from Man Man, so no one took her words seriously.

Hearing Gong Sun Meng, the dragon elder blushed in shame, lowered his head and couldn’t say a word.

He wasn’t doubting Ao Li’s words, but making a human body with a lotus? This sounded indeed too strange, like a myth. This sounded as magical as creating a world and creatures living in it. Only the ones as powerful as world-creators could do things like this! The scalp of the dragon elder was even numbed when he thought so.

Emperor Shun’s face twitched as well. He looked at Gong Sun Tianming, who was with a serious look, standing beside him. Abruptly, Emperor Shun gave a long sigh and said, "Gong Sun Tianming, are you truly a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan?"

Gong Sun Tianming glanced at Emperor Shun smilingly, then responded with a bland tone, "I can swear to the heaven that I, Gong Sun Tianming, am indeed a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan! If any word I said is not true, I will be struct to death by the thunderbolt descending from the heaven!"

Standing in the distance, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. He boosted up an extra pure stream of power of Dao and silently cast a thunder magic that he learned from Priest Qing Wei. Slightly, he waved both of his hands and next, a rumbling thunder descended from the sky. Thirty-six water-tank-thick purple thunderbolts struck down, along with an overwhelming and unstoppable positive power.

Gong Sun Tianming didn’t manage to react timely. He didn’t even have the time to raise the Xuanyuan sword before the thunderbolts struck on his head in a row.

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