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A stair led straight to the mountaintop. Each stage was three-hundred meters wide, filled with You Xiong Family warriors.

Other than armored warriors, many three meters tall, entirely metal human-shaped puppets had also been standing on the stages in ordered lines. These puppets had spell symbols sparkling all over their bodies, releasing strong power vibrations.

More surprisingly, these puppets all held heavy and huge weapons, and the edges of those weapons still had bloodstains. If Ji Hao guessed right, these puppets should be the ones who followed Emperor Xuanyuan’s lead and fought the Chi You Army. No one knew how Emperor Xuanyuan made these puppets back then, but these puppets were incredibly powerful.

At one time, when the human army led by Emperor Xuanyuan almost collapsed under the great pressure given by the Chi You Army, only this strangely strong puppet army blocked the attacks launched by the Chi You Army. Eventually, the human army defeated Chi You Army and sealed Chi You, and these puppets had indeed made their contributions.

Ever since Emperor Xuanyuan abdicated, this puppet army was not as powerful as before. But today, the You Xiong Family activated it.

Ji Hao was surrounded by the divine light from the Pan Xi divine mirror. He avoided You Xiong Family warriors guarding on the stages and sneaked to the door of the ancestor temple.

Looking from the foot of the mountain, this ancestor temple wasn’t large at all. But when Ji Hao arrived at the mountaintop, he realized that this place was definitely covered by an especially powerful magic space seal, that was even far more powerful than the greatest magic space seal created by the Magi Palace.

The square on top of the mountain was five-thousand meters in radius, paved by yellow jade tiles. The anciently styled ancestral temple stood silently in the middle of the square like a Chaos breast.

A large caldron had a raging fire burning in it, while hundreds of men with long robes stood around the caldron, quarreling loudly.

Ji Hao took a glance at the broad square and subconsciously and instantly took a long gasp in shock — Gong Sun Meng had truly taken out all that the You Xiong Family had. The countless surprisingly powerful warriors arrayed on this square even made Ji Hao stunned.

Not to mention those powerful warriors from You Xiong Family, Ji Hao was now powerful too. He believed that at the level of Divine Magi or under, no matter how many human warriors came to attack him, he wouldn’t be harmed at all. Only with the few supreme treasures he had, he could even deal with a thousand Divine Magi all at once.

What shocked Ji Hao were those enormous spirit creatures standing like human beings on the ground, and still having features of beasts. According to the legends, back then, when Emperor Xuanyuan led all living creatures and fought the non-humankind, countless powerful spirit creatures joined the human army. When the human army defeated Chi You Army and won the war, most of these spirit creatures left, but a part of them was especially grateful to Emperor Xuanyuan, and chose to join You Xiong Family to serve as guards.

Ji Hao glanced around and saw at least a hundred thousand creatures that didn’t look like human beings at all, and had been releasing strong power vibrations. The sense of power released from each of these creatures was incredibly strong. These creatures had distinctive features of non-humankind creatures, but they stood side by side with You Xiong Family warriors.

Among the most eye-catching few creatures, one of them had a human head and a dragon body, with fire sparkles puffing out from his mouth; apparently, he was a pureblood candle dragon!

This candle dragon’s face looked like an eighty to ninety years old man, rather old. But the sense of power came from his body was the strongest. Occasionally, he would blink his eyes, and the air around the mountaintop would vibrate because of that.

A middle-aged couple had human-like upper bodies and snake tails. The male one had dark golden scales on his tail while the female one had silver-white scales. Their scales were smooth and shining, like crystals, seeming to be magical and special.

This middle-aged couple was not human, yet their positions were obviously especially high among all You Xiong Family people. They stood side by side, with their tails gently swaying behind their bodies. Tens of You Xiong Family warriors with vividly colored armors surrounded them. Apparently, these warriors were the middle-aged couple’s guards.

Beside this middle-aged couple, a girl silently stood aside. She looked around thirteen to fourteen years old, yet the sense of power released from her body was as steady as that from an ancient tree. She was fiddling with a tender flowering branch, wearing a long white dress. The backside edge of her dress was split, with ten snow-white fox tails slightly shaking behind her, disordering the surrounding natural powers.

Ji Hao praised in shock, once again, silently.

‘This is how powerful You Xiong Family is!’

The legendary ten tailed sky fox! Many believed that ten tailed sky foxes were extinct since long ago!

People said that Tushan Family was related to the kind of sky fox in terms of bloodline. Therefore, Tushan Family men were all handsome and women all beautiful. But according to the legend, Tushan Family only had a few nine tailed sky foxes in their holy land.

But, a ten tailed sky fox was actually under the command of You Xiong Family. People believed that sky foxes could have nine tails at most, and now that upper limit was broken! This creature, who seemed like a fourteen years old young girl, was definitely an extremely powerful one who had lived since the prehistorical era. She might even be related to Emperor Xuanyuan in some way. Ji Hao made a guess about her power. She was certainly less powerful than Yu Yu, but if a fight happened between Po, Gui Ling and her, she might not lose.

Other than that candle dragon, the fox and the couple, each one of those over a hundred thousand powerful creatures had been releasing a strong and steady sense of power, that did not seem to be ordinary at all. Apparently, they were all too powerful to be offended. They had different powers and abilities. Physically, they might not be as strong as human Divine Magi, but with their comprehensive powers, they could definitely rival powerful Divine Magi! It would still be amazing even if these creatures could only rival the weakest one star Divine Magus, just because their number was way too huge!

Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao looked at those people, who had been having a stormy quarrel around the caldron.

At first glance, Ji Hao saw Emperor Shun. Emperor Shun was wearing a simple flax shirt, and his face was covered in purple mist. Dense purple mist was rising from his head, forming a meters wide cloud upon his head. Within the purple mist, sparkling light spots were visible, that looked like stars. The dreadful sense of power released from the purple cloud even made Ji Hao tremble in fear.

Obviously, Emperor Shun could no longer restrain his power, and he seemed to be on the edge of a breakthrough.

But what confused Ji Hao was that Emperor Shun was a peak-level Divine Magus tops. Then why was the sense of power that came from him much stronger than that from Yi Shen and the other peak-level Divine Magi that Ji Hao had met? Tens, hundreds, and even thousands of times stronger!

Were there some secrets about human emperors that Ji Hao didn’t know about?

Beside Emperor Shun, Gong Sun Tianming was holding a dark-golden long sword, scornfully smiling and looking at the group of loudly talking people.

He showed a dismissive attitude towards human ministers that came with Emperor Shun, elders from the other branches of You Xiong Family, such as elders of You Xiong Clan and Mi Clan, and elders from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind.

Only when he occasionally glanced at a tall and sturdy, fierce-looking middle-aged man would he would instinctively show a slight trace of respect.

Sneakily listening to these people for a while, Ji Hao learned something. That tall and sturdy middle-aged man was Gong Sun Meng, the current leader of You Xiong Family.

Carefully observing Gong Sun Meng, Ji Hao’s heart suddenly twitched. Why did Gong Sun Meng have a five-colored, dim layer of light in his eyes? This special glow belonged to no one else but those sky devils Ji Hao had earlier encountered!

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