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The golden bridge released a dim golden light and swiftly moved across space.

Mist rose from the green land. Flying across a mountain area, a fertile plain area was right in the front.

A magnificent city lied silently on this plain like an enormous Chaos beast. The sky was dark, with mist rising silently. This city was sparkling with light, and from the air, one could see winged dragons hovering and patrolling in the sky.

This was You Xiong City, the base of You Xiong Family.

Unlike Pu Ban City, which was natural and less organized, this city was well designed, with streets were as straight as lines on a chessboard. Large buildings built from giant rocks mixed with metal stood by the sides of the streets. Every building in this city could serve as a residence, and also as a battle fort.

Emperor Xuanyuan was physically the most powerful among all human emperors. He ruled his people with military laws, and this tradition was inherited by You Xiong Family over generations. You Xiong Family people lived in the city as civilians and left the city as warriors. With farm tools, they worked as farmers, but with weapons, they fought as soldiers. Every single one of You Xiong Family people was brave and strong. In any large human clan, they could be as good as the top-grade elites.

You Xiong Family was thriving and strong. Other than Gong Sun Clan as their most lineal descendants, You Xiong Clan, Mi Clan and the other few top-grade branches of this family were all impressively powerful. According to Si Wen Ming, not to mention Gong Sun Clan, which inherited the bloodline of Emperor Xuanyuan, You Xiong Clan, Mi Clan and the other branch clans were as powerful as the combination of seven to eight top-grade Southern Wasteland clans.

This showed that You Xiong Family was such a powerful, enormous one.

If Gong Sun Meng could truly support Gong Sun Tianming with all the resources possessed by You Xiong Family, one could say that Gong Sun Tianming already had half a butt sitting on the throne. Added with the fact that he had already taken the Xuanyuan sword, one could almost tell for sure by now that he had seventy percent chance of becoming the next human emperor.

If Gong Sun Meng could truly persuade all branches of You Xiong Family to support Gong Sun Tianming, even Si Wen Ming would be having no choice but to give up. In terms of bloodline, You Chong Clan led by his father, Si Xi, was actually a branch of You Xiong Family, and Si Wen Ming was a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan.

Once You Xiong Family gave the order, Si Xi and his son, Si Wen Ming, could only follow.

Si Wen Ming wanted to be the next human emperor, but what he wanted was not the power. Instead, he simply wanted to change things with his passion and efforts, to make the humankind stronger.

It would be perfect if he could become the human emperor. But if he couldn’t, Si Wen Ming would still believe that he could change the humankind bit by bit with his work, and make the humankind better.

Nevertheless, Si Wen Ming couldn’t tolerate Gong Sun Tianming as the next human emperor!

If Gong Sun Tianming were a true descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan, if he truly wanted to dedicate himself to the humankind, Si Wen Ming wouldn’t say a word to disagree. But the truth was Gong Sun Tianming had his body rebuilt in such a weird way and attained Emperor Xuanyuan’s bloodline with a single drop of spirit blood…Was he even a human being?

Not to mention the fact that Gong Sun Tianming had tangled up with Priest Corpse, Bo Qiujia and the other cultivators.

Once, Si Wen Ming read countless ancient books in the secret library of the Magi Palace with Emperor Shun. Then, they paid the Netherworld Priest a high price, and learned some historical facts which were intentionally erased by the ancestors of human beings.

Priest Hua, Priest Mu, and the other powerful beings, who had been staying away from all worldly affairs, certainly wanted something from the humankind. Therefore, if Gong Sun Tianming became the next human emperor, would the humankind remain the same as before, the pure humankind in Si Wen Ming’s heart?

As for Ji Hao, his attitude was clear and simple — Si Wen Ming was a close friend of his. Therefore, Ji Hao would be benefited the most if Si Wen Ming became the next human emperor, instead of his competitors.

Letting Gong Sun Tianming be the next human emperor? Why? Because of the conflicts that burst between Gong Sun Tianming and Ji Hao, and the hatred between Ji Hao and Priest Hua, Priest Mu, and their disciples, Ji Hao could never let Gong Sun Tianming attain the throne!

Therefore, as Si Wen Ming went to Si Xi to meet up on the situation, Ji Hao came to You Xiong City by himself.

You Xiong City was covered in spell symbols. A great defensive magic formation surrounded this large city while releasing a strong, prehistorical sense of power.

The golden bridge slightly vibrated while the dim golden light sparkled. Ji Hao passed the seal of the city easily and sneaked into You Xiong City. The Pan Xi divine mirror released a dim stream of light and wrapped his entire body up, without letting out any power vibration. Like a ghost, Ji Hao drifted across, heading to the ancestral temple in You Xiong City.

Large troops of armored warriors had been patrolling on the street, while a great number of Maguspriests with long robes stood on tall buildings, glancing around with serious looks. Additionally, countless fierce beasts had been swishing in the darkness, sniffing around in every corner.

High up in the air, at least three-thousand winged dragons had been hovering. Ji Hao observed their armors and weapons, and discovered that these winged dragons and warriors on their backs belonged to two different sides. The ones with faintly golden armors should be You Xiong Family warriors, while the ones with dragon scale tight armors were obviously from the dragon-kind.

Back then, Emperor Xuanyuan led all living creatures fought the non-humankind, large batches of elite dragon warriors followed him. After the great war, a part of dragon warriors admired Emperor Xuanyuan for his power and bravery. Therefore, they chose to stay under the command of You Xiong Family. Those flying dragons in the sky should be descendants of those dragons who followed Emperor Xuanyuan back then.

Winged dragons were flying in the sky, and from time to time, a few dragons would brush against each other in a rather dangerous way. If they didn’t control their bodies so well and ended up bumping into each other, they would be severely injured and fall to the ground.

The atmosphere was intense, with a strong aura of killing; all swords were pulled out and all bows were pulled open. Ji Hao couldn’t help but silently shake his head. It seemed that the dragon-kind didn’t come with kindness, while You Xiong Family never showed a friendly attitude.

Ji Hao couldn’t understand what on earth did Gong Sun Meng want? Was he truly going to ruin the entire You Xiong Family for Gong Sun Tianming?

The threats came from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind directly. You Xiong Family was strong indeed, but compared with the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, You Xiong Family was just not powerful enough!

No one had noticed him on the way, so Ji Hao successfully sneaked into the ancestral temple of You Xiong family.

By the gate of the temple was a pair of tall bronze totem columns. Each column was over three hundred meters tall, and needed a couple of people to put their arms around it to fully cover it. Ji Hao stepped into the temple, then his eyesight expanded immediately. In the front was a hundreds of meters tall mountain. Down the mountain was a large flat area. Warriors armed to the teeth had formed battle formations, facing each other.

A giant number of warriors gathered in this place, such that no edges of those troops could be seen.

At first glance, Ji Hao saw thousands of different battle flags that belonged to the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and large human clans. But of course, the number of battle flags of You Xiong Family’s branches was the biggest. Those battle flags fluttered in the air, creating a strong vibe of killing. Each of those flags was painted with bears in different styles.

The ancestral temple was located on top of the mountain. At the moment, the fire burned ragingly in a giant bronze caldron, while a cold and harsh voice came from the mountaintop.

"Tianming, my son, is able to control the Xuanyuan sword. He should be the new emperor…You, what are you hesitating for?"

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