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The dense watery mist drew back into the cloud bag and disappeared within a blink of an eye, like a pool of water drained by a whale.

Ji Hao floated in midair with his eyes popped out widely, fixed on the beautifully glowing glass bottle in Priest Hua’s hand. The holy blood from Emperor Xuanyuan, was it truly a drop of spirit blood left by Emperor Xuanyuan? Where did Priest Hua find such a treasure?

And, what did he mean?

Rebuilding the body with a drop of spirit blood that came from Emperor Xuanyuan, then Zhu Rong Tianming would become a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan? This, this, this, seemed to be reasonable though. In terms of bloodline, this was absolutely reasonable. But on another aspect, Zhu Rong Tianming’s soul came from Zhu Rong Family after all. Even if all his blood were replaced by Emperor Xuanyuan’s spirit blood, something would still be wrong!

Man Man had already leaped up and shouted angrily out, "Zhu Rong Tianming, how dare you betray Zhu Rong Family?"

Within the blood mist, Zhu Rong Tianming proudly glanced at Man Man, then laughed out loud, but didn’t even say a word to explain. Priest Hua was there to protect him and support him. Before, Zhu Rong Tianming dared not to offend Man Man indeed. After all, she was the most beloved little girl of Zhu Rong…

But now, supported by Priest Hua, Zhu Rong Tianming was like a fierce dog which had found its owner, proud and fearless. He didn’t take Man Man seriously anymore. Even if Zhu Rong were right here, he would dare to act provocatively, not to mention Man Man.

Seeing Zhu Rong Tianming’s proud face, Man Man stomped her foot in anger, but she understood that Priest Hua was not someone she would want to provoke. Therefore, she could only stand beside Ji Hao without making any reckless moves. Man Man wasn’t stupid at all. Everyone saw that just now, even Kun Peng was nearly smashed to death by Priest Hua with that wooden staff.

Ji Hao flew up, waved his hand towards Priest Hua from a distance away, and said, "Elder Hua, we just met in Southern Wasteland, I didn’t think you would come to my Yao Mountain territory as a guest so soon. Hehe, is this the spirit blood of Emperor Xuanyuan?"

A hundred zombie dragons roared thunderously as Priest Corpse controlled the whole hundred zombie dragons, blocked Ji Hao’s way and laughed coldly. With fear, he glanced at the nine-sun devil-destroying sword, which was been releasing the purest possible sun power, then shouted harshly out, "Earl Yao, back off! No closer!"

Bo Qiujia and a group of disciples, who were all covered in wounds and dirt by now, flew over as well and stood in front of Ji Hao. At the moment, they were all with glowing faces, seeming ready to rush up together to attack Ji Hao if he dared to take another step forward.

Priest Hua flicked the bottle in his hand and smilingly looked at Ji Hao. His eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets, quietly scanning across Ji Hao’s sword and cloak, then took a glance at the Pan Xi divine mirror.

He smilingly nodded and said slowly and unhurriedly, "This is not only Emperor Xuanyuan’s blood, but is a drop of spirit blood left by him after he left his position, achieved the supreme level, reached the peak stage, and left Pan Gu world for the Chaos."

Ji Hao’s face twisted, then he said in a deep voice, "I thought Emperor Xuanyuan has died!"

Priest Hua narrowed his eyes, gave a quite gentle smile and responded, "Therefore, kids like you are indeed too ignorant. Emperor Xuanyuan has reached such a high level, and has been nourished by the power of faith from billions of human beings. Added with the power of natural rewards, he attained a holy body and a holy soul. He is nearly immortal, so how can he die so easily?"

Raising his head, Priest Hua looked at the sky, chuckled and continued, "Our sect have countless scriptures, recorded countless secrets of Pan Gu world. Ji Hao, my young friend, if you…"

Ji Hao turned around and walked right away. Treading on a streak of golden light, he flew back to Man Man and his friends. While leaving, he yelled loudly, "Elder Hua, you fought against my Shifu’s spirit sword earlier, and now you come to persuade me to join you. I cannot bear to offend you. Therefore, please, do whatever you want, then leave immediately after you have finished!"

Pausing briefly, Ji Hao continued in that deep voice, "I’ve set a Heaven and Earth great formation here in my Yao Mountain territory. Elder Hua, you surely are not afraid of that, but these disciples of yours…hehe…Therefore, please leave as soon as you can."

Priest Hua’s face turned slightly dark, but soon, that smile showed again on his face.

He said while smiling, "Alright, alright, since you don’t want to join us, I shall just show you the great magic of our sect!"

With a grin, Priest Hua rolled up his sleeves and slowly took out three sparkling lotus leaves, placing them on the ground. Next, he took out over ten pieces of glowing lotus roots, forced those apart with his hands and placed them on the ground, roughly forming a human skeleton.

Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched on seeing all this— This set of moves made by Priest Hua seemed to be quite familiar, but why?

Next, Priest Hua took out a few lotuses, which were wrapped in coiling warm mist streams. He placed them on the lotus root skeleton according to the locations of human internal organs. Thus, this ‘human body’ was roughly completed. Priest Hua seemed to be not satisfied yet. He pondered for a while, then took out a black bead and a white bead, both surrounded by Chaos power streams. Then, he placed them into the eye sockets of this ‘human body’.

After all was well prepared, Priest Hua poured the holy spirit blood onto the ‘human body’, and began waving his hands. A series of lotus seeds glowing with a seven-colored light flew into the ‘human body’ along with a beautiful melody.

The great power vibration released from Emperor Xuanyuan’s spirit blood spread out speedily, transformed into an enormous blood-red sphere and wrapped that ‘human body’ up. As those lotus seeds flew into the blood sphere one after another, and the power vibration turned even stronger.

These lotus seeds were generated by Priest Hua’s true body. Same as Priest Mu’s linden seeds, these lotus seeds were also supreme treasures that could be cultivated into clones. These lotus seeds were also extremely rare natural treasures, and every single one of them contained thriving life-force and natural powers. To any cultivator, swallowing one of these seeds equaled tens of thousands of years of severe cultivation.

But now, hundreds of seven-colored, brightly glowing lotus seeds were thrown into the blood-red sphere by Priest Hua.

Priest Corpse, Bo Qiujia and the other disciples watched Priest Hua throw out more lotus seeds in a daze, with their eyes filled with jealousy. Their eyes even seemed to pop out from their eye sockets.

Compared to Yu Yu and his two brothers, Priest Hua and Priest Mu were way too poor. Their disciples didn’t have too many good weapons and tools, neither did they have much of high-quality magic medicines. These lotus seeds were highly attractive even to Priest Corpse, not to mention Bo Qiujia and those lower level disciples.

The blood-red sphere rolled from the inside and then began shrinking. Gradually, bones, tendons, blood, and muscles emerged from it. As the spirit blood was absorbed by the ‘human body’ bit by bit, a beautiful, almost perfect, young and male human body showed up in front of everyone.

Priest Hua chuckled, then slightly pushed his palm forward, sending Zhu Rong Tianming’s soul into this body.

The eyes of this tall and strong body, that was flawless and had perfect lines, suddenly opened. From those eyes, black and white mist rose into the sky. Then, he slightly moved and leaped straight up.

Priest Hua waved his hand, and a white cloak, which was decorated with the patterns of lotuses, landed on this young man.

Renascent Zhu Rong Tianming blinked his eyes, then abruptly flashed across the air. He showed up right before Ji Hao’s face, as swiftly as a ghost. He raised his fist and launched a punch to Ji Hao’s head.

Followed by a thunderous bang, Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain from his right arm. Then, a strong force drilled into his body. He was punched flying away by Zhu Rong Tianming.

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