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Ji Hao lost his eyesight as he thudded to the ground from a high altitude like a shooting star. From where Ji Hao landed, the earth rippled circle by circle. Rocks vibrated, and the ground split up. Mountains collapsed as countless towering trees were shattered in the earthquake.

Ji Hao sank deeply into the ground and drilled into the earth to a great depth.

Facing the full-powered strike launched by Gong Gong, the Pan Xi divine mirror blocked a big half of the effect for Ji Hao, while the nine suns stainless cloak released nine raging spheres of flame and burned out the thunderbolt sent over by Gong Gong completely. Not even a hair of Ji Hao was burned.

Nevertheless, this was a full-power strike launched by Gong Gong after all. Despite the fact that the mirror and the cloak managed to protect Ji Hao’s body, he still couldn’t cope with the terrifying impact force. Consequently, he failed to steady his body in the air and was struck down to the ground.

Tens of thousands of meters deep under the ground, the rocks and sands were melted into lava by the great heat released from the nine suns stainless cloak. Ji Hao shook his head with a bad dizziness. Soaking in the lava, he remained in a daze for quite a while, then finally figured out what had just happened.

What a scary strike! If he didn’t have the two treasures to protect him, this strike made by Gong Gong could definitely destroy both his body and his soul.

Gasping deeply in the lingering fear, Ji Hao thought of the feeling he had just now when the thunderbolt struck on his head. At that moment, he instinctively sensed despair and fear. Ji Hao couldn’t help but have his face twisted and teeth exposed when he rubbed his whole body.

Gong Gong, so frightful! Only the power vibration that came from the thunderbolt he released had given Ji Hao a great fear, that made Ji Hao not want to see him anymore. Then, this weird feeling made Ji Hao slightly angry, and afterward, this slight anger quickly transformed into a sky-devouring fury.

"Gong Gong!"

As he growled out, Ji Hao gripped the nine suns devil-destroying sword with his right hand, the nine suns spear with his left hand, while the Pan Xi divine mirror was faintly visible above his head and the golden bridge released a dim golden light, wrapping his entire body up. He moved as fast as a lightning bolt, bumped up through the thick rock layers then swished into the sky.

Where Ji Hao landed, in hundreds of miles, all mountains were flattened, and the ground had dented for over five-hundred-meter deep, as if it was struck by an enormous shooting star. On the edge of this dented area, rocks had piled up into a circle-shaped wall.

With a badly darkened face, Ji Hao activated the golden bridge, flashed across the sky and showed up right in front of Gong Gong once again.

He pointed the spearhead out and growled out with a harsh voice, "Gong Gong, what are you doing?! This is my territory! I am Earl Yao! You broke into my territory without permission, are you trying to start a war against me?!"

Gong Gong gave a glance at Ji Hao in a slight surprise. Just now, he fully activated his divine power and launched a thunder strike to Ji Hao. But as a Divine Magus, Ji Hao survived that strike, and was actually unharmed at all?!

"Wuzhi Qi, kill him." Gong Gong blandly waved his hand, then trod on a dark cloud. He swished across Ji Hao, dashing towards the nameless mountain which was not far away.

Once Ji Hao slightly moved his body, Wuzhi Qi walked over with a heavy iron stick carried in his hand. While showing his teeth, he silently stood in Ji Hao’s way.

Wuzhi Qi’s eyes were sparkling with a golden light, and his sharp teeth reflected a bright cold light. Standing in front of JI Hao, Wuzhi Qi began talking with a dark face and a deep voice, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, today, you better not make any reckless moves. Things happened before can be big, and can also be small. But if you go against us today, we would be having no choice but make you shed blood right on the spot."

Ji Hao’s face turned even darker as he asked loudly, "What exactly is this for?"

But in the next moment, Ji Hao quickly released his spirit power, swept across the area for a million miles in radius, like thousands of threads. He saw Gong Gong Wuyou, who was already chopped into meat paste, and also saw Zhu Rong Tianming, who was covered in blood. In addition, he saw Priest Corpse, who had leaped up into the sky, rushing towards Gong Gong.

"Did Zhu Rong Tianming…Kill…Gong Gong Wuyou?"

"This…Zhu Rong Tianming, he, he, he…" Ji Hao stared at Wuzhi Qi in shock.

"Zhu Rong Tianming has to die! Zhu Rong has many descendants, but our Gong Gong Family is never the same. Gong Gong Wuyou was the only son of my current master, so, you better stay out of this."

Holding the dark and heavy iron stick that had countless complicated patterns of rivers and mountains clearly visible on it; dim and blue streams of watery light flowed on those patterns of rivers, making those rivers look like wriggling dragons.

Wuzhi Qi gently stroked across those patterns on the stick with his fingers, then continued in a lower voice, "Honestly, I never liked the personality of my current master, neither do I like the way he handles things. Prince Wuyou, that trash, was even more annoying. However, back then, when the old master saved me, I swore that I will be loyal to Gong Gong Family generation after generation."

Ji Hao understood Wuzhi Qi. He put down the spear and the sword and brought the golden bridge back into this spirit space, only leaving the mirror floating above his head, releasing a divine light to surround his body.

Looking at Wuzhi Qi, Ji Hao said, "Alright, I admit, although Zhu Rong Tianming is an elder brother of Man Man, Man Man doesn’t like him, and neither do I…As for those followers of his, they never liked me either. Therefore…"

Wuzhi Qi blinked his eyes towards Ji Hao and shouted out, "Come, come, let’s see what you have got!"

Ji Hao slowly nodded, turned around and glanced at the group of his friends and warriors, who had been hurriedly rushing over. Then he yelled, "Wuzhi Qi is so powerful! I can’t defeat him! Come! Hurry! Come help me deal with this old monkey!"

While yelling, Ji Hao threw a gentle punch towards Wuzhi Qi’s head.

Wuzhi Qi dropped the iron stick and launched a soft kick towards Ji Hao’s lower belly.

Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi each made a series of swift yet soft moves and started an ‘intense’ fight.

Man Man, Shaosi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and the others who arrived later were all confused. They glanced at each other, then looked at Gong Gong, who was facing Priest Corpse at the moment. Then, all of them nodded, picked up their weapons and joined the fight against Wuzhi Qi.

Soon, one could see Wuzhi Qi releasing his great powers, such that his pair of fist and legs moved as fast as windmills, Ji Hao and his friends and the hundreds of Jia Clan warriors couldn’t even approach him.

Not only that, from time to time, numerous Jia Clan warriors would be sent flying out of the group with swollen faces and bleeding mouths, one after another. They howled so loudly, and without a doubt, they were deeply awed by Wuzhi Zhi Qi’s power.

The fight continued for a while, as Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi yawned simultaneously.

They glanced at each other, then Ji Hao took out the cloud bag, released a dense stream of water mist that covered the sky. He wrapped the whole group of people in it.

A few hassocks were put on the ground, and a few plates of fresh fruits were served. Shaosi boiled the tea for everyone, while the group of Jia Clan warriors randomly clanged their weapons. They sat in the watery mist, looking at Gong Gong fighting against Priest Corpse, from a long distance away.

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