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Back in Heaven, inside the Divine Origin Pool...

This was a blood-red space. The air was filled with a magical blood-red spirit light. The spirit light sparkled, sometimes bright and sometimes dim, and contained an especially strong life-force. Down in the pool was sticky yet clear blood-red divine liquid. Countless spell symbols flashing across the surface of the liquid-like flame sweeping across the top of waves.

These spell symbols were extremely tiny, corresponding to all great Dao of nature. As long as one was patient enough, one could find all natural laws of Pan Gu world in this place.

These spell symbols were transformed from the power of great Dao of nature. They were like naughty elves, hovering and flying in the blood-red liquid. Occasionally, a few spell symbols would bump into each other and start a puff of electric sparkles that contained thriving life-force.

Different sized dim light spheres floated in the bottomless liquid. Within the light spheres, some magical beings had been growing. Those magical beings might be a tree, a mountain, a gust of wind, or a bolt of lightning…All natural phenomenon in Pan Gu world could be found in here.

Those trees were of different sizes. The taller ones were millions of meter high while the small ones were only seven to eight feet tall. Those mountains were of different sizes as well. The large ones extended for billions of miles, seeming to be massive mountain ranges, while the small ones were only hundreds of meters tall, small hills. Winds, thunder, lightning, fire, light, inside the pool, all these natural elements had different features.

Every single light sphere had been releasing a great power of creation. The powers released from some light spheres were even strong enough to suffocate human beings. Occasionally, a heart-beat-like sound would come from a light sphere, and after that, a terrifying energy storm would be raised from the pool.

Gong Gong floated in this blood-red space, gazing down at those different sized light spheres with a complicated look.

This place was called Divine Origin Pool. It was a secret supreme treasure of the ancient Heaven, and also the ultimate way for the Heaven to remain existing. This place was even more important than the Heaven and Earth great formation and the Heaven itself.

This place was magical and creative. The life-force gathered in this place was the strongest in the whole world, and not a single area in Pan Gu world had a life-force denser than this place.

Some people said that this place was the broken heart of Pan Gu. It was found by the first generation of the divine emperor, then was turned into the Divine Origin Pool.

As the name stated, this place was where divine Gods originated from.

These light spheres were conceiving divine Gods, the new generation of divine Gods.

These new divine Gods were different from the thousands divine Gods remained in Heaven, as Kua E and his brothers were given birth biologically, and their bloodlines were passed down from their ancestors through generations. Therefore, their powers were mixed and thin, for which reason, they were far less powerful than their ancestors.

Unlike Kua E and his brothers, these new divine Gods conceiving in the pool were generated from by the natural laws of Pan Gu world, and absorbed the purest natural powers. Indeed, these new divine Gods couldn’t be as powerful as the first generation of divine Gods, but without a doubt, they would be much more powerful than the second generation of divine Gods, who were given birth by the original divine Gods biologically!

Among these new divine Gods, one could find the new Fire God, the new Thunder God, and naturally, one could also find the new Water God!

With a complicated look, Gong Gong glanced at a black sphere of light down below. Within the dark light sphere, a flood dragon over a million miles long was faintly visible. The power vibration released from this enormous flood dragon was incredibly strong and dreadful, much stronger than that released by Gong Gong himself. Once this flood dragon was given birth, he would be a top-grade, fierce divine God. And judging from his power vibration, he was a divine God with the nature of water.

However, would this new Water God listen to Gong Gong’s orders…

Gong Gong chuckled, then his look turned especially dark and vicious.

"You’re all mine!" murmured Gong Gong, "You, you will all be mine. Once I bring the Heaven under control, you will all be my ministers. My orders will go in every direction, and I will rule the whole world, and all living beings in Pan Gu world will worship me, will enshrine me."

"Their souls belong to you, but their bodies belong to me!"

A faint, blood-red mist spread out from behind Gong Gong, from the mist, Dishi Cha walked out. He glanced around relaxedly, then began talking with a sincere tone, "What a magical place! We’ve occupied countless worlds, yet not a single world can naturally generate new divine souls after the first generation of Gods fell."

"Was this place the heart of Pan Gu? I don’t think so." Dishi Cha sniffed, looking around while murmuring to himself, "I don’t think this was Pan Gu’s heart, but what is this?"

Pondering for a while, Dishi Cha carelessly shrugged and continued, "Alright, this is not important. Anyway, it now belongs to us, doesn’t it? My dear Water God, in the future, the souls of all living beings in this world will follow you, worship you, and their bodies will work for me, be my loyal slaves."

Gong Gong looked at Dishi Cha with a cold smile and responded, "Things are not settled yet, Dishi Cha. Don’t laugh too early. For example, you now can tell me how to deal with these things, can’t you?"

Gong Gong pointed down at those light spheres and intended to continue speaking, but all of a sudden, his look changed.

"Wuyou, Wuyou…Who dares kill my son?! Damn it! Damn it! I will cut you into pieces!"

Gong Gong howled furiously. His eyes popped widely out as he stared at the front, making him look like a crazy man. He transformed into a roaring dark cloud with thunders rumbling in it and roared out of the Divine Origin Pool, rushing towards the entrance of the Heaven as if he had forgotten everything else already.

Dishi Cha paused for a second, then knitted his eyebrows. Pondering for a while, he moved slightly then disappeared in the blood mist.

"Damn it, what happened? We sent his son to bring back the unruly little girl. Was there a problem?" Dishi Cha’s voice lingered in the pool, yet his figure had disappeared already, without leaving a trace.

Following Gong Gong’s rage, the few main water veins in Midland began surging simultaneously while large and dense dark clouds swiftly gathered towards where Gong Gong Wuyou was killed. Lighting bolts flashed, and thunder rumbled in the sky as waves of thunder even made the earth shake.

Gong Gong brought Xiang Liu, Wuzhi Qi, Snake Xiu and the other few ministers under his command, along with thousands of warriors. He fiercely roared down from Sky Pillar and trod on a storm while dashing towards Yao Mountain territory.

They neglected the hidden rule of the humankind that the territories of earls and marquis were inviolable. They rushed straight into Yao Mountain territory and ragingly rushed to the central area, bumping directly into Ji Hao, who had transformed into a golden beam of light, and had been flying over.

Ji Hao stopped Gong Gong and his people and shouted harshly, "Gong Gong, the Water God, this is the territory of mine, Earl Yao Ji Hao! You broke in without an invitation, to do what?"

Gong Gong roared furiously out. His eyes had turned blood-red, and his voice had turned hoarse.

"To do what? Kill!"

Gong Gong wielded his arms and let a hundreds of miles wide bolt of thunder descend from the sky. The enormous thunderbolt was compressed into the size of a fist and instantly, violently struck onto Ji Hao’s head.

For this strike, Gong Gong had activated all of his powers, and showed no sign of mercy.

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