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A dark golden divine light flashed across the space. Ji Hao activated the Heaven and Earth golden bridge, which tore the space apart, bringing Ji Hao, his mother Qing Fu, and tens of his close clansmen swiftly towards Yao Mountain territory in the Midland.

The incident started in the evil-suppressing divine palace had ended. But under the invitation of Zhu Rong, and also because of his own cautiousness, Yu Yu gladly took Po and Gui Ling to Zhu Rong Mountain as guests, in case those sky devils refused to give up on their evil plan and came back to intrude the divine palace again.

At the moment, the divine palace was guarded by Yu Yu himself. Those sky devils might survive if they stopped planning on Chi You, but if they ever dared to intrude the palace again, they would be seeking death.

Ji Hao returned to Gold Black Mountain and ran a discussion with elders of Gold Crow Clan. Then, he decided to bring Qing Fu back to Yao Mountain territory himself, to meet Ji Xia. Meanwhile, the Gold Crow Clan would select a batch of elite clansmen and send them to Yao Mountain territory under the escort of Zhu Rong Family. After all, only people from Gold Crow Clan were Ji Hao’s true clansmen, who shared the same bloodline and origin with Ji Hao. At present, the population of Yao Mountain territory was large, yet all of those people were purchased, looted, and even tricked by Ji Hao to join the territory. The current Yao Mountain people were not from the Gold Crow Clan, and some of them were even not human beings.

In this age, if one wanted one’s clan to rise, grow strong, and to constantly develop, one had to have a batch of trustworthy clansmen. Not to mention any other fact, physically, those purchased or looted Yao Mountain people were not as strong as Gold Crow Clan people.

Gold Crow Clan elders valued Ji Hao’s suggestion a lot. Under Ji Hao’s request, they prepared to select over ten-million elite clansmen and send them to Midland. With this batch of clansmen, a truly sturdy foundation of Yao Mountain territory would be laid.

The golden bridge flew as fast as the bolts of lightning. Ji Hao’s original soul power was now thousands of times stronger than before. Added with the fact that Priest Qing Wei had kindly improved his power, currently, he was much more powerful than before when he just returned to Southern Wasteland. Therefore, he could now manipulate the golden bridge much more freely.

With a couple of hours, the golden bridge had already reached Midland from Southern Wasteland. Ji Hao stopped the golden bridge and floated above the fierce layer of the void gale, looking down at the vast Midland.

"Amma, this is Midland. Pu Ban City is in here, and so is the emperor of our humankind."

Standing above the void gale, countless kilometers high from the ground, Qing Fu could only see a beautiful landscape, even though she had tried her best. After all, she was only a Senior Magus.

However, with a glance from such a long distance away, Qing Fu could sense the uniqueness of this Midland world. Compared to the wild Southern Wasteland, every mountain and river in Midland seemed to be delicate and lively, that made her feel so great and refreshed. The delicateness and liveliness of Midland were in a greater harmony with Qing Fu’s taste. Therefore, Qing Fu fell in love with this place at first glance.

"This is a nice place!" Qing Fu dragged Ji Hao’s sleeve, smilingly nodded and said, "The natural scenes in Southern Wasteland are already great, but compared to this place, something is lacking."

Talking about the natural scenes of Midland for a while, Qing Fu’s topic changed naturally, "Hao, I’ve met Man Man before. But what is that girl called Shaosi like? How much do you like her? If you really like her, just marry her as soon as possible!"

Narrowing her long beautiful eyes, Qing Fu grinningly raised her hand, stood on her tiptoes and gently patted on Ji Hao’s shoulder.

"You’re so tall now. See, I can only reach your shoulders. Back then, when you were a baby, you were only as big as a bamboo rat, see, about this size." She raised both her hands to show Ji Hao how small he was. Then, with a pair of eyes filled with warm love, she looked at Ji Hao and continued, "Therefore, you’ve grown up now. Just marry Man Man and Shaosi as soon as you can, then have many babies. I can take care of the babies for you!"

Ji Hao had cold sweat oozing out of his skin as he looked at Qing Fu and laughed embarrassedly. He responded, "Amma, this…"

Qing Fu just couldn’t stop. With her eyes narrowed, he looked at Ji Hao and continued talking with a warm and gentle voice, "Do you remember those kids you grew up with? They all have their own children now. The oldest among those little ones can already hunt a wild wolf by himself!"

"You’re Earl Yao now, you’re a minister of the human government. Your position is even higher than those most powerful ancestors of Gold Crow Clan now. In the future, the branch of clansmen represented by you will become the strongest branch of Gold Crow clan."

"You have to have many kids, especially boys, so that our clan can grow stronger. The stronger a warrior is, the more kids he should have for his clan. This is his responsibility towards his clan."

Ji Hao’s mouth corners twitched slightly while saying ‘yes’ embarrassedly.

On the golden bridge, a few kids, who were shocked by the landscape of Midland, had been yelling and shouting. Hearing them, Ji Hao even had a headache. These boys and girls were all Ji Xia’s kids, Ji Hao’s brothers and sisters!

Qing Fu glanced at those shouting kids, then pinched Ji Hao’s arm and continued with a low voice, "Learn from your Abba…You’re my son. You can marry a hundred girls. With this, you’re different from your father…If there is any girl that you like, I will go talk to the girl for you."

Ji Hao chuckled, then hurriedly started the golden bridge and brought up a dim dark stream of light, swishing towards Yao Mountain territory. He dared not to let Qing Fu continue talking. Otherwise, Qing Fu might force him to consummate his marriage today. Ji Hao liked Man Man and Shaosi, but he was not the same as people living in this age. He just didn’t want to get married and have kids so soon.

According to Qing Fu’s plan, in three to five years, he would have tens of boys and girls crying and rolling in front of him, hugging his legs and calling him ‘Abba’! Thinking of that crazy scene, Ji Hao only felt that his scalp was numbed and his whole body was itchy, and that even made him want to die.

The golden bridge transformed into a stream of golden light and descended at high speed, flying at a low altitude, even brushing against mountaintops. Ji Hao flew over Pu Ban City and approached Yao Mountain City. He slowed down, pointing his finger down and telling Qing Fu, his brothers and sisters and the others of his clansmen about the natural scenes in this area.

This place was the largest natural pasture of Yao Mountain territory, and had countless wild animals living on it…

This area was the most important forest farm of Yao Mountain territory, with fifteen logging teams from Yao Mountain City stationed in this forest…

The front area that had fire rising constantly was one of the biggest mines of Yao Mountain territory. It had over a thousand smelting furnaces, and could produce innumerable pure gold and other precious metals every single day…

Hearing Ji Hao’s explanation, the group of clansmen standing behind him were stunned.

They knew that Ji Hao was doing pretty good in Pu Ban City, and had already attained the title of ‘Earl Yao’, but they had been living in Southern Wasteland since forever, and they had absolutely no idea what the tile of ‘earl’ or ‘marquis’ meant.

Listening to Ji Hao for quite a while, a sturdy man with a simple and honest look rubbed his hands and asked with a great surprise, "Ji Hao kid, this territory of yours, how big is it?"

This man was a distant cousin of Ji Hao. He and Ji Hao were close friends. Hearing his question, Ji Hao was going to give the answer. But all of a sudden, followed by a deep shout, over ten-thousand purely metal arrows zipped over like a group of flying buzzing locusts. Different colored spell symbols sparkled brightly on each arrow.

A heavy rain of arrows roared down from the upper sky and covered the golden bridge up, aimed at the vital body parts of everyone on the bridge.

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