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Packing the nine suns spear, Ji Hao made the Big Dipper step. Between his feet, a faintly visible golden light sparkled. With every step he made, a bright light spot would emerge in the air, shining like an eternal star. Holding the nine suns devil-destroying sword and making the set of sword moves taught by Yu Yu, Ji Hao’s movements were slow, yet accurate and strong. The airstream brought up by his sword stirred the cloud in the sky, sending up thousands of meter tall waves from the sea.

Following every move made by Ji Hao, the nine mysterious and powerful golden spell symbols on the sword released an eye-piercing light, shining in a straight line on the sword like nine small suns. They gave off a great power vibration that was enough to suffocate people. After each move made by him, a frightful hot stream of power would gather inside the sword intent released from the sword. At first, Ji Hao felt it quite easy to wield the sword, but after three to five moves, the sword became heavier and heavier in his hands, such that even as Divine Magus, he could barely hold the sword anymore.

The entire world seemed pressing down onto the sword, bringing Ji Hao an overwhelming pressure.

Gradually, the strong power accumulated on the sword had almost broken every piece of Ji Hao’s bones inch by inch, even before he completed ten percent of the set of sword moves. He could no longer control the sword, but could only cast a loud growl, grip the sword with both of his hands and wield the sword forward fiercely.

A dazzling stream of light flashed across the nine golden spell symbols while a buzzing noise could be heard. Then the sun in the sky dimmed down slightly. Next, a beam of sword light that was as fierce as a flame and a thunderbolt flashed out from the sword. It transformed into a thousands of meters long, tens of meters wide, magnificent stream of sword Qi, roaring out.

The golden, tremendously powerful sword Qi split the surface of the sea and screamed straightforward. Wherever the sword Qi swept across, a giant amount of seawater would be evaporated, that caused a miles long and hundreds of meter deep crack to emerge in the sea.

Eighteen erupting volcanos were in the way of the sword Qi. The smallest one was around seven miles in radius while the largest one had a radius of over a thousand miles. The golden sword Qi swished across swiftly and shattered and melted all those volcanos one after another silently, without leaving a trace.

A single stream of sword Qi managed to sweep across the distance of three thousand miles and flattened eighteen volcanic islands!

Ji Hao gripped the sword, with his entire body soaked in sweat. His limbs were shaking, while his body was exhausted. He almost lost the power to even stand straight. However, he was thrilled now. The power of this sword and the power of the sword moves taught by Yu Yu were combined, and he had released less than one ten-thousandth of the full potential. Yet, the result turned to be so amazing!

At this moment, one could see Yu Yu’s proud grin and Priest Mu and Priest Hua’s bitter faces. The greater the power Ji Hao released with the nine suns devil-destroying sword, the harder Priest Hua and Priest Mu could accept it!

"Shifu, thank you so much for gifting me this sword! Thank you so much for teaching me the sword moves!" Ji Hao held the sword with both of his hands, kneeled in midair and kowtowed to Yu Yu for nine times in a row. He then stood up and turned to Priest Qing Wei, kowtowed to him for nine times too, then said politely, "Dear uncle, thank you so much for your generous gift. Dear uncle, you consumed your own spirt blood to improve my power. I will remember your great kindness forever!"

Priest Qing Wei smiled warmly. His face still looked as serious and strict as a door plant, yet his eyes were now showing gentleness and warmth. He looked at Ji Hao, who was smart and polite, nodded and praised, "Hmm, indeed an excellent disciple. Little brother, this disciple of yours is not bad."

Yu Yu laughed out loudly towards the sky. Then, with his brightly sparkling eyes, he looked at Ji Hao from head to toe.

"Eh? That cloak of yours…" Yu Yu abruptly found that the Gold Crow cloak he made for Ji Hao was gone. He made a quick spirit reaction with the cloak, then realized that the cloak was broken violently by someone else.

"The cloak gifted by you, my dear Shifu, was destroyed by those devils." Ji Hao said with a bitter smile, "Those devils were way too powerful, I couldn’t stop them."

Yu Yu pondered for a while, then took out a thumb-sized, yellow-jade-like bead, that had an amber-like color and a crystal luster. Inside the bead, nine tiny spell symbols could be faintly seen.

"Priest Mu, this is a soul-nourishing pill concocted my big brother. This is the only type of supreme magic pill that is effective for the soul injuries of people at our level, in this world." Yu Yu fiddled with the pill, while smilingly looking at Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu had their eyes fixed on the pill instantly.

Priest Hua could still remain calm, as he blandly and coldly looked at the pill with sparkling eyes. No one knew what was he thinking. Unlike him, Priest Mu’s eyes even seemed to pop out of his eye sockets when he saw the pill. He stared straight at the pill, and even Ji Hao discovered his eagerness for the pill.

Ji Hao realized something.

With Priest Mu’s power and his mind cultivation, no matter how many treasures were piled up in front of him, no matter how greatly he wanted those treasures, he shouldn’t be like this!

The only reason for Priest Mu to act in this way was that his mind had been shaken!

"Yu Yu, my friend!" said Priest Mu hurriedly.

"Hm, I was only suspecting earlier, but right now, I can tell for sure that my friend, your mind has been shaken!" Yu Yu seriously looked at Priest Mu and said coldly, "What exactly were you doing with those sky devils? How did they make you so blundering?"

Priest Hua took a step forward, shielded Priest Mu behind him and said with a deep voice, "Yu Yu, my friend…"

Yu Yu interrupted Priest Hua and also said with a deep voice, "I don’t care about those nasty things you’ve been doing. This soul-nourishing magic pill is not so easy to make, not even for my big brothers. My big brother can only make three to five pills like this in every thousand years, and for those in stock, a big half was wasted by my silly disciples."

Ji Hao chuckled while Priest Qing Wei unhappily cast a glance at Yu Yu. Only Yu Yu could say something like that without being ashamed at all. Yu Yu’s disciples were all straightforward and forthright. At the sight of injustice, they would pull out their weapons and go fight the evil beings without any hesitation. They fought a lot, and having their minds shaken or souls injured was also frequent for them. Therefore, Yu Yu often went to Priest Dachi’s dojo for the soul-nourishing pills, until a big half of those pills were gone.

At present, even Priest Dachi couldn’t easily hand out one or two soul-nourishing pills, all because Yu Yu’s disciples had wasted a lot, seriously a lot.

"I’m afraid, this one will be the only one within the next three to five-hundred years." said Yu Yu smilingly while looking at Priest Mu, "My friend, every time you go through a natural trial, your body will molt for once. I want the first tree bark you naturally peeled after you came to Pan Gu world!"

Priest Mu paused in shock while Priest Hua gave an angry snort.

Yu Yu fiddled with the pill and continued slowly, "This soul-nourishing pill is not too good a thing, but to people like us, the injuries of souls and mind… hehe!"

Priest Mu remained silent for a while. Then, he shook his head, sighed, and threw out a roll of tree bark, that was brightly shining with a green light.

Yu Yu flicked his finger and sent the pill into Priest Mu’s hand.

Priest Mu and Priest Hua glanced at each other, both shaking their heads silently. Then, they merged with the air and dispersed.

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