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The four different colored sword lights reached straight to the sky, with Yu Yu standing in the middle of the sword formation, naturally, gracefully and confidently.

Priest Qing Wei was going to leave, but he stayed, sitting in the chariot with a bland, calm face, silently looking at Priest Hua and Priest Yu Yu. Qing Wei’s eyebrows were slightly knitted. Obviously, he didn’t like what Yu Yu was doing. But since he stayed, and didn’t say anything to stop Yu Yu. It was obvious that he wouldn’t let Priest Mu and Priest Hua get away so easily.

It was reasonable though. After all, those sky devils were attracted to Pan Gu world by Priest Mu because he was cultivating with some secret kind of magic in the Chaos. Earlier, Qing Wei received Yu Yu’s emergency alarm, came to this place from his dojo and helped Priest Mu and solved this devil problem. If he just returned to his dojo like this, he might make himself seem to be a bit too worthless.

No matter how, Priest Mu had to pay.

Priest Qing Wei would never extort Priest Mu. With his identity, he felt too disgraceful to accept anything from Priest Mu. However, as a young disciple of Yu Yu, Ji Hao was here. Priest Mu caused himself a huge trouble, asking Yu Yu and his brother Qing Wei for help, because of which, it was totally reasonable for him to give Ji Hao a gift to express his gratefulness!

Priest Mu and Priest Hua had been hesitating all the time, without saying a word.

Qing Wei abruptly raised his dragon and tiger ruyi and knocked on the bumper of his chariot. ‘Dong’! Half a sky was instantly covered by the warm purple mist while streams of warm light poured down straight from the sky, like columns supporting the heaven. Meanwhile, a nicely scented gust of wind blew across, making the sea wave unsettlingly.

"My two friends?" Qing Wei gave a harsh growl.

Priest Qing Wei was truly a bit unhappy. ‘You two thingy things, why do you have to be so hesitant to hand out a piece of treasure? Do you truly think my brother and I are cheap fighters of yours, to fight for you whenever you want, and leave as you wave your hands?’

‘If you don’t hurriedly hand out the piece…I might truly do something to bring justice back for my little brother!’ Thought Qing Wei.

Priest Hua and Priest Mu glanced at each other. Their looks turned even more bitter. Miserably, Priest Mu dropped his eyebrows and said in a pitiful tone, "Poor us, my dojos are all located in poor wild areas. I spent quite an effort to go deeply into the Chaos, and in so many years, the best piece I’ve ever attained is…"

Yu Yu grinningly looked at Priest Mu and said slowly, "In this case, I’ll go to my Shifu’s dojo and smash his door right now! Ahyaya, bringing rampant sky devils from the Chaos to our world, such a crime…"Yu Yu clicked his tongue and continued, "I feel so good just by thinking about it, hehe, hehe, hehehehe!"

Yu Yu laughed loudly, while the faces of Priest Hua and Priest Mu turned more wrinkled, seeming even about to cry.

Giving a long sigh, Priest Mu shook his head and clenched his fingers in the air. Instantly, an indescribable stream of light emerged between his two hands. Waves of water-like, mottled glow spread out from the light stream, while an extremely great sense of power suffused the whole area.

Ji Hao’s whole body was tightened under the effect of this strong sense of power. Somehow, he felt like being stripped, and all his power was taken away, as if he was now an ordinary human being. Meanwhile, a tremendous holy weapon, that was great enough to cut the whole world into pieces, was floating in the sky, with its sharp tip pointing at his fragile body, as if it could crush him anytime.

Enduring the fear from his soul and the uncomfortableness from his body, Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the light stream between Priest Mu’s hands. That stream of light was of an unknown color, as if it included all colors in the world, but seemed to be just gray.

The stream of light was shaped like an ancient styled sword, seeming to be thick and heavy. It was eight feet and one inch long from the hilt to the top; this was a super long sword. The shadow-like hilt was nine inches long, while the body of the sword was seven-feet and two inches long, with the width of a palm. The thickness of the thickest part of the sword body was around one centimeter, while the edge sparkled brightly. One could clearly sense the extreme sharpness of this sword, even from a long distance away.

Nine human-head sized swirls could be seen on the sword in a straight line. These gray-colored swirls spun slowly, seeming to contain some especially mysterious beings. Ji Hao gook a glance at the nine swirls and felt that his soul was shaking, almost pulled out from his body.

Priest Mu held this sword with both of his hands, looked at Yu Yu and said bitterly and tauntingly, "My friend, your nose is so long. I’ve been carefully hiding this sword and keeping the secret after I attained it, but still, you knew about it."

Yu Yu smilingly reached his hand out and grasped the sword in his hand. He gently stroked across the sword with his fingers, while looking at Priest Mu, sneered and responded, "You call your master Yu Yu an animal? Only animals have long noses, hehe, I will remember this, and I will make you pay for what you said sooner or later. But today, I’m in a good mood, and will not waste time on you."

Measuring the sword in his hands, Yu Yu praised sincerely, "Forty-nine natural inhibitions, along with nine pre-world spirit magic talismans… Good treasure, indeed a good one. Good, good, good, this embryo sword is shaped, but it hasn’t generated a sword spirit yet, neither does it have its own sword intent. This is perfect!"

Praising for a while, Yu Yu pointed his finger forward. The Chaos sword box abruptly flew out from Ji Hao’s body.

Yu Yu grinned to Priest Qing Wei and said, "Brother, do us a favor. This stream of Chaos sword Qi you gave to Ji Hao, you can transform it into a sword spirit so that Ji Hao doesn’t need to spend too much time to cultivate it!"

Priest Qing Wei nodded and cast a sideway glance at the miserable faces of Priest Hua and Priest Mu. He frowned and pondered for a while, then flicked his finger. A golden purple drop of blood seeped out of his fingertip and zipped down like a shooting star, shattering the sword box into pieces.

A gray stream of sword Qi flew out of the sword box, being smashed by that drop of spirit blood of Priest Qing Wei. The sword Qi then merged with Priest Qing Wei’s spirit blood and transformed into a dim human-shaped silhouette, flashing into the embryo sword.

Yu Yu laughed out loudly, thanked Priest Qing Wei, then raised his hands towards the air and clenched his fingers.

With his great power, all the sunlight was grasped in Yu Yu’s hands. The strong essence sun fire blazed on Yu Yu’s palms. Gradually, nine golden spell symbols quietly emerged in Yu Yu’s hands, releasing a scorching hot and incredibly strong sense of power.

Nine tiny suns floated above Yu Yu’s palms. With his supremely great power, Yu Yu had created nine true sun spell symbols with the sunlight of the sun of Pan Gu world!

Gasping slightly, a stream of cold sweat flew down from Yu Yu’s forehead. He widely opened his eyes and sent the nine tiny suns into the embryo sword, one after another. The sword instantly shone with an eye-piercing golden light while the nine swirls quickly transformed into nine dazzling golden spell symbols.

"With the true spirit of the sun, having an ability to destroy devils, this sword should be called ‘nine suns devil-destroying sword’!"

Yu Yu then crooked his finger. Following his move, a large rip appeared on Ji Hao’s chest. Then, his spirit blood surged out in streams into the sword, which was blazing ragingly like a golden sphere of flame.

Once the spirit blood merged with the sword, Ji Hao sensed that a tight connection was built between something extra powerful and himself.

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