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The strong spirit power crashed down overwhelmingly, like a heavy flood of liquid silver, roaring towards Ji Hao and Yu Yu in an unstoppable and destructive way. The invisible spirit power surrounded them, trying to corrode them, continuously attacking both their bodies and primordial spirits.

That familiar bitterness again...

Ji Hao sensed the bitterness fill every single cell of his body, while a strong despair and emptiness rose from his primordial spirit, that made him want to cut his own throat and end this miserable, hopeless life for no reason. It was an intense emptiness and despair, because of which, Ji Hao felt that he was standing by a bottomless chasm, and a tremendous suction force had been releasing from the chasm, dragging him down into the endless despair and miserableness.

Countless voices could be heard; men, women, old people and young people, they had all been crying and wailing with low voices, telling Ji Hao about their pains and sadness.

The enormous datura flower rotated slowly. On those translucent petals of the flower, countless human faces were faintly visible. If one looked closer, one could even find the faces of some Yu Clan, Jia Clan and Xiu Clan people sparkling on the petals, which was generated by Priest Mu’s magic formation.

"All living beings are miserable, and the sea of bitterness if boundless. Only my mercy can serve as a boat and save you from your miserable life."

Priest Mu’s voice came from all directions. He sighed slightly and said, "Yu Yu, my friend, you know nothing but wielding your swords and taking lives. But do you know that among all lives you’ve taken, how many were innocent? How many were poor? How many were sad and miserable? You, you’re a great sinner!"

Hearing Priest Mu accusing Yu Yu, Ji Hao’s heart quivered. For unknown reasons, he felt like he had done countless evil things and his hands were all stained with the blood of innocent living beings. He felt to be a true sinner, an unforgiven sinner, and he was eager to kneel down under Priest Mu’s feet to beg Priest Mu to help him wash off his sin.

Yu Yu chuckled, flicked his sword with his finger and let a silvery sword clang rise into the sky.

This clear and bright sword clang woke Ji Hao up and made him shiver intensely. Then, his whole body and mind relaxed, his primordial spirit was freed as well, without any worry or sense of guilt anymore. He abruptly raised his head and yelled out towards Priest Mu, "Priest Mu! You’re a powerful being, an elder, but all you can do are these nasty dirty tricks!"

Taking a deep breath, Ji Hao raised the nine suns spear and challenged Priest Mu with a resonant voice, "If you’re a man, come fight us face to face. Do not hide in the darkness and play these lowly tricks!"

Yu Yu laughed out, raised his sword and continued loudly, "My good disciple is absolutely right. Priest Mu, don’t even try to shake the Dao of mine with all that nonsense of yours. What can this evil trick possibly do?"

The long sword released strands of water-clear sword light while Yu Yu gave a sneer and said, "Did you say that I’ve taken lives? I, your Master Yu Yu, do take lives, with good reason and with perfect justness. Laws and rules do not exist in the Chaos. With this long sword, I, your Master Yu Yu, corrected the rules, supported the laws, punished the evils and helped the good ones, saving countless lives!"

A fierce power vibration was released from Yu Yu that pierced straight into the heaven. Meanwhile, his whole body transformed into a sharp shining long sword that dazzled so brightly that people couldn’t even look directly at it.

"Priest Mu, I, your Master Yu Yu, can tell for sure that every single one who died in my hands died with a good reason! I was in the Chaos for countless years, and I’ve never killed a single living creature wrongly…I dare to swear this to the universe, you old bastard, do you dare to do the same? Do you even have the guts?!"

Hearing Yu Yu, Ji Hao shouted and laughed, "Shifu! Mighty! Priest Mu! Come out and fight!"

Priest Mu didn’t respond. Yu Yu’s words left him no space to respond at all. He attempted to shake Yu Yu’s heart of Dao with his magic formation, in combination with language. Yet, he was nearly struck down by Yu Yu’s fierce and just spirit.

As for Ji Hao’s provocation, Priest Mu truly wanted to smash Ji Hao straight to death. But Ji Hao was under the protection of Yu Yu and the Pan Xi divine mirror now. Smashing Ji Hao to death wouldn’t be so easy!

Snorting coldly, the one hundred and eight clones of Priest Mu showed up from the air, silently wielded their branches while swiftly moving in the air, along with the complicated curving lines of the magic formation, and rushing towards Yu Yu.

The power vibration released from each clone had combined into one. Their powers were connected, in the magic formation, and the combined power of theirs had been released perfectly. By now, the area sealed by this magic formation was like a toy in their hands, and they could do anything they wanted in this area.

Every single attack launched by them was as dreadful as a destructive natural disaster, seemingly ready to destroy the whole world and perish all living beings in the world.

Yu Yu delightfully grinned, as if he was a predator who had its eyes fixed on its prey. Treading on a sword light, he dashed out while smoothly raising his sword, slicing, hacking, and sweeping the sword through the air. His moves seemed to be easy and quick, yet a sharp wave of sword light had been released, dazzling all over the sky. It struck on those branches held by Priest Mu’s clones, causing them to dim down and made puffs of light spots drift down from them.

Soon, one hundred and eight clones of Priest Mu had Yu Yu encircled, slapping the one hundred and eight branches, including the colorfully shining one, decorated with gemstones and pearls, towards Yu Yu. The moves of these clones seemed to be random and disordered.

Yu Yu only had two arms and one sword. He unhurriedly wielded his sword, yet, he successfully fended every single attack launched by each clone of Priest Mu. No matter how hard those clones attacked, Yu Yu could keep himself three-meter away from all attacks launched by them. Merely judging by the current battle situation, in terms of fighting, Yu Yu was definitely over a hundred percent more powerful than Priest Mu.

Ji Hao was dazzled. Yu Yu’s moves seemed to be simple, but actually contained the power of the great Dao. Priest Mu’s moves seemed to be radon and disordered, but actually were well arranged and largely changeful. All these deeply attracted Ji Hao, soaking his whole body and soul in the endless, immeasurable mysteriousness of powers. While watching the fight between Yu Yu and Priest Mu, Ji Hao’s own fighting skills had been improving as well.

Two top-grade powerful beings were doing a fight with the top-grade fighting skills in the world, right in front of Ji Hao. It was not hard to imagine how much Ji Hao could learn from it. Days ago, Ji Hao couldn’t even clearly see the moves of these two powerful beings, neither could he learn anything from them, because they were way too fast, and the magics they used were way too complicated hard to understand.

But now, Ji Hao’s original soul power had been improved by countless times. It was now as great as, and even greater than the original soul power of Po and Gui Ling. It could be compared to the original soul power of any top-grade prehistorical creature. With such a great original soul power, Ji Hao’s eyesight was surely much, much better than before.

Ji Hao grasped every single move made by Yu Yu and Priest Mu with his eyes. He learned as much as he could from their moves, enriching his own fighting skills. Gradually, his moves of Sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything grow and everything perish had turned smoother, more powerful and effective.

Abruptly, Yu Yu cast a thunderous growl.


Following his strong voice, a clone of Priest Mu was stabbed in the chest. This clone vomited blood and was pushed out from the group.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. This clone immediately turned around and threw a glance at Ji Hao. It pondered for a while and then flicked his finger. Followed by his moves, a hundred and eight glass beads zipped out of his sleeve, striking towards Ji Hao along with thunder-like rumbles.

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