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‘Kick his ass!’

This sounded rude, but was quite satisfying when said out loud. By saying this, Ji Hao felt rather great.

A whole hundred and seven clones of Priest Mu approached from all directions. They, or ‘he’, had clearly heard Ji Hao. The language Ji Hao used came from his previous life, but as a powerful being with immeasurably great power and abilities, Priest Mu immediately understood all the meanings contained in Ji Hao’s words.

The faces of a hundred and seven clones turned green, just like moldy cabbages. Each of them cast a complicated glance at Ji Hao, then one of them pointed his finger froward and let green light spots spurt out of his fingertip. They condensed into a group of crystal spell symbols that looked like jade statues. These spell symbols quickly formed a human-head-sized teleporting magic formation.

A faintly audible spell incantation sound came from a long distance away. A green beam of light dazzled out of the teleporting magic formation, from within which, a linden seed, that had over a thousand golden lines on it, flew out from the magic formation, hovered in the air then transformed into another clone of Priest Mu.

A hundred and eight clones of Priest Mu encircled Yu Yu and Ji Hao, they bowed to Yu Yu, laughed and said, "Yu Yu, my friend, I refuse to accept what happened earlier, as final. Today, let’s continue the fight."

The clone of Priest Mu came through the teleporting magic formation wielded his broad sleeve, then slowly pulled out a branch, that was thickly inlaid with gemstones, pearls and jade pieces, and was coiled by five-colored divine light streams.

"Yu Yu, my friend, you sent a clone transformed from your spirit treasure to this place. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate."

The glowing branches flicked slightly in his hand while the gemstones on the branch glistened dazzlingly. This clone of Priest Mu stared at Yu Yu with brightly shining eyes and continued with a low voice, "If I make this clone of you fall in this place, I’m afraid that countless years of severe cultivations of yours would be thrown to the winds, my friend."

"Shifu!" Ji Hao looked at Yu Yu in shock while he cast a deep shout.

It wasn’t the real Yu Yu. Instead, it was a clone of his, transformed from his spirit treasure and a trace of his true spirit. This type of clone was much more powerful than Priest Mu’s clones. After all, it was transformed from an especially powerful treasure.

However, a hundred and eight clones of Priest Mu were right here. Ji Hao dared not to just make a guess about the combined power of them all.

Yu Yu threw away the wine calabash in his hand, then gently flicked his cyan sword with the forefinger of his left hand. Along with a silvery clang, a stream of sword light was sent up from the sword edge. Within the sword light, ripples were spreading, with faintly visible duckweed in it. The sword light seemed to be free and unrestrained, yet bone-piercingly cold.

"Don’t worry, don’t worry, they’re nothing but a hundred and eight crappy pieces of wood. They can do nothing to your Shifu." Yu Yu narrowed his eyes, smiled and said, "Ji Hao, my good disciple, today, with the two of us together, I will let you witness the ‘supreme~divine~magic’ of some top-grade prehistorical powerful being!"

When speaking ‘supreme divine magic’, even with his high status, Yu Yu couldn’t help but drawl and raise his voice in a dramatic tone. Anyone could sense the unconcealed teasing and scorn from his words.

Priest Mu’s clones had their looks changed instantly. If Ji Hao attacked him with language, Priest Mu might not be enraged, because, in his eyes, Ji Hao was as weak as an ant. If a man was stung by an ant, he could easily crush the ant, and didn’t need to be angry at all. However, being taunted by Yu Yu, who was at the same level as him, Priest Mu only felt that he has lost all his face. Besides, just now, Yu Yu witnessed Ji Hao cut his scalp broken and saw him bleed all over the face. Such a humiliating thing…If Priest Mu couldn’t defeat Yu Yu to wash off his shame today, he would be too ashamed to go out and meet anyone for a long period of time, no matter how shameless he could be.

"Yu Yu, my friend, please kindly give your advice regarding my humble magics today."

While speaking, this clone slowly raised that colorfully glowing branch in his hand. Meanwhile, the other clones all raised their branches. The branches held by the other clones had the exact same shape as the one decorated with pearls and gemstones, but had only been glowing with a green light.

Following the moves of that clone, faintly visible golden lotuses could be seen under his feet. He swiftly flashed across the air for a few times, as a strangely-shaped, bloom-like magic formation was built by him in midair.

The power vibration released from all clones connected together. Then, golden streams of light mixed with dense green mist surged out of their bodies. Ji Hao’s eyesight was blocked immediately. The flashing lights and shadows, the sky and the earth, all disappeared in his eyes. Instead, he was now surrounded by a boundless sphere of faint golden light, with countless green clouds floating in the light, and strands of silk-like warm mist descending from the clouds.

"This is called ‘great datura Futu devil-defeating formation’ I coincidentally created during the recent meditation." Priest Mu’s body was covered by those clouds, and Ji Hao couldn’t tell exactly where he, or they were. But, his voice could be sensed coming from all directions.

Ji hao wanted to talk, but Yu Yu had already laughed out loud. He wielded his cyan sword and released sharp beams of sword light, hovering around Ji Hao and himself like flying water streams.

The sword lights swished in the air, as clear as water, while Yu Yu laughed, "Before we start, you stupid rotten wood, your Master Yu Yu has something to say."

Priest Mu gave a deep, cold snort and responded, "What do you want to say? Just say it out! Are you going to beg for mercy?"

Yu Yu laughed so loudly that his eyes were squeezed into a pair of lines again. "Beg for mercy? No, no, no, you underestimated your Master Yu Yu too much…I was going to tell you that I will certainly spread the news about what happened today to everyone I know. The head of a clone of yours was actually broken by a disciple of mine, your Master Yu Yu! Ah haha!"

Yu Yu gave a wide grin, showed his shining teeth as he continued, "In the future, when you see Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, and Ximu again, you shall just pull off that old wrinkled face of yours, throw it on the ground and step on it yourself! You old bastard, you’re beaten up by a disciple of your Master Yu Yu!"

A raging howl came from all directions while a tsunami-like wave of green mist wrapped in the faint golden light roared over and bumped into Yu Yu’s sword lights.

The sword lights buzzed and tore a huge cloud of green mist apart. Next, Ji Hao burst with a loud laugh as the Pan Xi divine mirror released a dim stream of light and hovered around Ji Hao’s body for a while. Then, a cylindrical black glow spread out towards every direction.

The golden light and green mist bumped onto the black glow and generated a slight buzz from the mirror. Right after that, the golden light and green mist disappeared. At the same moment, the golden light and green mist reappeared in the distance on a green cloud, violently clashing against it.

Priest Mu’s attack landed on his own magic formation.

A raging growl could then be heard. Meanwhile, that green cloud was shattered thunderously. It turned into a puff of green light spots, rising high into the sky, condensing into an enormous datura flower.

The flower spun, and the bodies of Yu Yu and Ji Hao shook slightly and simultaneously.

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