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"Shifu!" Ji Hao laughed out in surprise.

Priest Mu’s body began shaking while a green light dazzled out of his neck. It transformed into tens of linden leaves, hovered for a wile then formed into a new head of his. However, the bitterness on his face was gone. Instead, anger and shock showed on his face.

"Yu Yu! You…"

Priest Mu screamed with a hoarse voice while another water-clear, light green beam of sword light dazzled windingly over and struck straight down, splitting Priest Mu’s body into two.

A silhouette flashed across the air. That was Yu Yu, wearing his vividly red long robe, carrying a wine calabash with the left hand and a cyan-colored sword with his right hand. He dashed swiftly to Ji Hao, then blew towards the broken body of Priest Mu.

A strong gust of wind screamed though Priest Mu’s broken body, even pulled up the towering linden tree behind him, and shredded it.

Following Priest Mu’s scream and shout, his body collapsed and transformed into a green mist stream. It coiled in the air for a while, then silently shrunk and turned into a fist-sized, crystal linden seed, glowing brightly with a red light as it fell in Yu Yu’s hand.

"Hehe, Ji Hao, my good disciple, this is your fortune!" Yu Yu gave a big grin, curved his eyes into a pair of lines while proudly measuring the weight of the seed with his hand.

Priest Mu was a pre-world linden tree, a top-grade powerful creature that was born in the Chaos. Every single branch and leaf of his contained an amazingly great power of creation. After every 129600 years, a linden seed would grow from Priest Mu’s true body, and every seed would be cultivated into a clone of his.

With 129600 years of time, a linden seed could grow, that meant every clone of Priest Mu was cultivated with 129600 years of severe efforts! However, who was Priest Mu? The result gained through 129600 years of severe cultivation by ordinary Qi cultivators could never be mentioned in the same breath as the power attained by Priest Mu through 129600 years of severe cultivation.

When Priest Mu cultivated himself, the improvement he attained through every single breath might even equal to the result gained by an ordinary Qi cultivation through a hundred years of severe cultivation. Besides, when a linden seed was cultivated into a clone of his, this clone could also continuously cultivate itself to improve its power constantly.

Twenty-three golden lines were faintly visible on the linden seed held in Yu Yu’s hand. This meant that this clone of Priest Mu had cultivated himself for at least twenty-three times 129600 years!

"Good disciple, my good disciple, you’ve actually made a clone of that crappy wood bleed all over his face!" Yu Yu gave an even larger grin and showed his beautiful, white teeth, shining brightly under the sunshine.

Yu Yu conveniently pointed at the linden seed. Instantly, a cyan-closed beam of sword light fiercely penetrated the seed, and then a shrill howl could be heard from the seed. The slight part of the true spirit of Priest Mu that was hiding inside the linden seed was neatly crushed by Yu Yu with a single strike.

"You are truly my good disciple. Hehe, how can anyone bully my disciples?" Yu Yu was truly delighted and pleased. His disciple cut Priest Mu’s scalp and made him bleed all over his face!

Even though that was only a clone of Priest Mu, but who was Ji Hao? Which level was Ji Hao at currently? And who was Priest Mu? Which level was he at?

Ji Hao was powerful enough to cut Priest Mu’s scalp. Although that was only a clone, this fact was still enough for Yu Yu to flaunt in front of everyone for ten-thousand years, and make Priest Mu feel so ashamed, even too ashamed to come out of his room for…Hmm, three months?

Yu Yu showed his teeth. Thinking of the shamelessness of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, Yu Yu’s face turned slightly dark.

"My good disciple, this treasure is yours now. Go absorb its power, hehe… It’s enough for you to reach the grade of peak-level Divine Magus!" Yu Yu glanced across Ji Hao’s body, nodded and continued, "Hmm, you have a good foundation, much better than ordinary human beings…But no matter what, this was a clone of that old bastard. It should be more than enough for you to promote yourself to the level of peak Divine Magi!"

Flicking his finger, Yu Yu transformed the seed into a green stream of mist and sent it into Ji Hao’s body. Without any extra work to be done by Ji Hao, the seed automatically began burning inside Ji Hao’s body. Burned by the essence sun fire, the dense green spirit power quickly transformed into golden light streams, surging into the few Magus acupoints around Ji Hao’s heart.

The golden light streams merged together, and gradually, a few tiny golden stars began growing. The number of these tiny stars was speedily growing. The power contained in a clone of Priest Mu was immense, and soon, over seventy speedily expanding golden stars were generated in Ji Hao’s body.

By the time this linden seed was burned out and those golden stars attained enough power, they would become new spirit stars! Not long after, in a month at most, Ji Hao would become a powerful Divine Magus with nearly eighty spirit stars.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man’s voice came, "This linden seed can indeed make any other Divine Magus grow into a peak-level one. But, little thing, it’s far from enough for you! If you can go get thousands of linden seeds from Priest Mu, those would be enough for you."

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched. He pretended he heard nothing.

What a joke! Seriously, what a joke! Snatching thousands of clones from Priest Mu? If that happened, Priest Mu would truly put up a desperate fight against Ji Hao!

Yu Yu grinningly looked at Ji Hao and said, "Normally, I wouldn’t do such a thing as pulling up seedlings to help them grow. But this time, you largely hurt that old bastard’s feelings. For that, I will have to award you with a good one!"

Slapping heavily on Ji Hao’s shoulder, Yu Yu maintained that big grin on his face while he continued, "Besides, this old bastard asked for it. His linden seed continued a great life-force and power of creation. It can improve your physical strength and your cultivation as a Magus, and that too without any future trouble!"

Yu Yu smiled and carried on, "Only top-grade treasures like this will I use on my own disciples. The other medicines or magic herbs mostly will cause future problems. So, I will never let my disciples to improve their cultivation by taking medicines."

Ji Hao clearly understood that what Yu Yu said represented his attitude.

He would never spoil things due to excessive enthusiasm. But if his disciples could do what Ji Hao did today, as making one of his archenemies lose face and attain a great treasure without any side effects from the enemy, Yu Yu would ‘naturally’ make use of the opportunity to give a push and improve the power of his disciples!

Natural and unrestrained, without any worry, this was Yu Yu that Ji Hao knew!

All of a sudden, a fierce and violent gale roared over from all directions. Following that, over a hundred clones of Priest Mu approached from all directions. Every single one of them had tsunami-like waves of green light surging out of their bodies.

"Yu Yu, how dare you kill my clone?! How dare you!" These clones growled out together.

Yu Yu grinningly raised the cyan-colored long sword held in his right arm. Meanwhile, his mouth corners curved downwards while his pair of dashing eyebrows straightened. A fierce intent of killing reached directly to the sky and stirred the surrounding green light into pieces.

"I, your master Yu Yu, just did it. Bite me!"

"Unhappy? Come, come, come, let’s fight. See if your Master Yu Yu can crush you, you crappy piece of wood!"

Hearing Yu Yu aggressively shouting, Ji Hao couldn’t help but laugh out loud and yelled, "Woah! Shifu! Kick his ass!"

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