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"Jiu Li devil ax! How can you have it?!"

Zhu Rong shouted out while swiftly waving his broad sleeves, sending dazzling streams of fire descending from all directions, crazily burning the spreading blood-red light. A strong bloody scent could be sensed from the air. Under the effect of this bloody scent, Ji Hao felt dizzy, as if both his soul and body were turning rotten.

Po and Gui Ling moved immediately. Yu Yu’s divine light shone brightly between their eyebrows while their great spirit powers spread out towards every direction, rippling the air while searching for the sky devil.

With their powers, their spirit powers could reach to millions of miles away within a blink of an eye. But within a million miles in radius, the sky was blue and unclouded, and nothing abnormal could be detected.

Ji Hao looked at Chi You, whose eyes had turned back to normal. The eye of Dao of sun between Ji Hao’s eyebrows was suddenly opened, releasing beams of sunlight, staring at Chi You. Clearly, Ji Hao saw extremely thin wisps of blood-red mist dissipating inside Chi You’s head. The blood-red mist was transformed from the Jiu Li devil ax. The enormous blood-red ax launched an amazing strike just now and covered the sky devil to run, then immediately transformed back into a stream of blood-red mist and drilled back into Chi You’s head. The ax collapsed, turning into countless tiny streams of blood-red mist, merging with the cells of Chi You’s brain.

Soon, the ax transformed into a series of spell symbols on Chi You’s brain cells, seeming to be nothing special, mixed with the other spell symbols with unknown functions in his head. One would have to cut Chi You’s brain into tiny pieces, split his brain cells one by one and dig deep into them, taking out every single one of those tens of thousands of tiny spell symbols on each cell. Otherwise, no one could ever find the devil ax.

"Amazing!" Ji Hao looked at Chi You, praised sincerely while giving Chi You a thumbs up with both of his hands.

Chi You was indeed worthy to be the greatest villain in Pan Gu world who caused Emperor Xuanyuan so much headache. With the help of a group of top-grade powerful beings, Chi You was finally suppressed, but even as a suppressed one in the divine palace, Chi You still had his great abilities that could still cause everyone a bad headache.

Chi You narrowed his eyes, smiled gently and said to Ji Hao, "Don’t blame me. This place is way too boring. I haven’t seen thriving plants for a long time, and haven’t touched the strong and beautiful bodies of Jiu Li girls for many, many years …Therefore, I am willing to add an unexpected possibility to this world."

Zhu Rong, Po and Gui Ling each cast a complicated glance at Chi You, shook their heads and said nothing. Instead, they rushed straight out of the palace.

Ji Hao understood their feelings. In their eyes, Chi You was the worst villain in the world, who could commit all manners of crimes, and was guilty of the most heinous sins. Therefore, no matter Chi You did, that would be reasonable. Helping a nameless evil being escape, this was nothing to Chi You. Even though this evil thing had just attempted to kill Chi You’s original soul and occupy his body, and could be counted as Chi You’s enemy, Chi You shouldn’t help her run. But since Chi You was a big villain, he could do anything without a good reason. Zhu Rong, Po and Gui Ling weren’t willing to waste any time to talk to Chi You regarding what he had done.

"Just behave yourself!" Ji Hao also gave a complicated glance at Chi You, then turned around, transformed into a golden beam of light and dazzled out of the palace. While moving, Ji Hao yelled in his spiritual space, "Oi, old man, do you think this cauldron in my body can digest Chi You as well? Would I become an immortal being as well if I digest him with this caldron?"

The spiritual space was golden and bright, yet the mysterious man didn’t give any response.

Ji Hao shrugged while taking a last glance at Chi You.

At this moment, Chi You had his eyes popped out, looking at the seventy-two muscular men chained on altars outside the palace, through layers of flame.

Ji Hao paused, because he saw that Chi You’s eyes were filled with tears. With the tears gushing out from his eye sockets, Chi You looked at the seventy-two muscular men, who were constantly tortured by thunder-flames. Ji Hao clearly saw the affection in Chi You’s eyes, and that pure and strong affection even shocked Ji Hao.

"Affectionate or merciless…Chi You, ah, Chi You!" Ji Hao rushed out of the palace, then a raging fire rose from behind him, blocking Chi You’s eyesight. Followed by a deep dragon roar, the gate of the palace closed loudly, with countless red spell symbols sparkling on the gate.

The lava ocean, which was split up by Zhu Rong’s divine power, began merging back together. Roaring streams of lava surged into the chasm.

Ji Hao rushed out of the lava ocean, trod on a golden stream of light and stood in midair. Po and Gui Ling had left, and Ji Hao didn’t know where they went, while Zhu Rong stood in midair, waiting for Ji Hao. Seeing Ji Hao, Zhu Rong hurriedly pointed at two directions and said, "Ji Hao, Priest Po, and Priest Gui Ling had gone in these two directions to search for the sky devil. I will go this way, and you go that way. Be careful when chasing the evil thing."

Pausing for a second, Zhu Rong continued harshly, "Remember, you have to remember, if you see the devil, protect yourself…Ha, you have the sword formation! If you see the devil, try your best to kill it. If you receive a distress signal from us, come as fast as you can."

With eyes showing fierceness, Zhu Rong continued in a cold voice, "This is Southern Wasteland. Even the seal we created together couldn’t stop the devil. If she starts a massacre here in Southern Wasteland, our Southern Wasteland would be facing a disaster! Ji Hao, you must be careful, careful… be extra careful!"

Warning Ji Hao cautiously, Zhu Rong then cast a resonant roar towards the sky and transformed into a raging fire. The roaring fire compressed, turned into a thousands of miles long fire phoenix, raised countless swiftly spinning whirlwinds while screaming towards where he pointed at earlier.

Ji Hao paused briefly, then gnashed his teeth and let the Heaven and Earth golden bridge dazzle out from between his eyebrows. The golden bridge released a dim golden light, carried Ji Hao up and flashed away.

With the amazing speed of the golden bridge, tens of thousands of miles were covered by Ji Hao within a second. Then, another ten-thousand miles were left behind.

Extremely thin streams of spirit power penetrated the space like sharp blades, carefully sweeping across the surrounding area and searching for the escaping sky devil. But while searching, Ji Hao laughed bitterly in his heart. The sky devil was traceless. Even the seal created by Zhu Rong, Po and Gui Ling join-handedly couldn’t trap it, how could they even find a trace of that sky devil now by blandly searching in this vast Southern Wasteland?

However, as Zhu Rong said, this was Southern Wasteland, the foundation of Zhu Rong Family, and also was the base of Ji Hao’s clan. Even by risking his own life, Ji Hao could not allow the sky devil to whatever she wanted in Southern Wasteland.

Sky devils were fierce and cruel. They lived on souls of human beings. If they were allowed to be rampant in Southern Wasteland, Ji Hao was afraid that Southern Wasteland would truly be destroyed.

Ji Hao tried his best to release his spirit power and search forward. Without knowing how, his spirit power had actually covered the area with a radius of million miles, and wherever his spirit power reached, he could detect everything, even including a grain of dust or sand.

Searching for twenty-four hours like this, a boundless water area abruptly appeared in the front.

Volcanic islands floated on the boundless water surface, like stars in the sky. Many volcanos had been erupting intensively, letting out dense black smokes, making the water surface quake ceaselessly.

Standing high up in the air, Ji Hao saw a towering linden tree standing straight on a beautiful large island in the front, in the furthest place he could see.

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