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Ji Hao was frightened and Po was shocked, while Gui Ling screamed out from aside.

While chuckling, that ‘man’ released waterfall-like waves of sword light with a splendid glow, dazzling down towards Po’s head.

The tower floating above Po’s head released a dragon-like, tremendous stream of power, vigorously roaring around, bumping against the sword light waves. A buzzing noise could be heard without an end while large streams of Yu Yu’s divine light were releasing from those colorful crystal blocks gathered above Po’s head, transforming into magnificently glowing mountains and islands, protecting Po.

The sword light released from the ‘man’s fingers curved in the air and struck those colorful crystal blocks. Beams of light splashed out like a pouring rain while those glowing images of mountains and islands upon Po’s head shattered one after another, then reemerged constantly.

Within a single second, tens of thousands of splendidly glowing mountains and islands shattered altogether. Before Po could react, tens of thousands of beams of sword light fiercely struck on Po’s body.

The simple long robe worn by Po was torn apart, transforming into countless gray-yellow cloth butterflies, flying all over the sky. Po took in a long gasp, pointing his finger forwards. Those cloth butterflies suddenly blasted and turned into extremely thin and bright beams of light, dazzling towards his body. Before the next wave of sword light struck on his body, those countless light beams had already woven into a stunning, luxurious long robe that was thickly covered in the patterns of stars, mountains, and rivers. Stars glowed and moved on the robe, seeming to be real, with a Tai Ji diagram embroidered on the chest, and Ba Gua diagram on the back.

Po snorted coldly and seriously while his long hair fluttered without being blowing by any wind. The long hair quickly coiled itself up into a bun, then a golden-purple, lotus-shaped crown emerged from the air, steadily buckling the bun. Next, a purple mist rose from the crown straight into the air and crushed the thousands of beams of sword light released from that ‘man’ within the blink of an eye.

Followed by a loud buzz, a nine-story, six-angled tower emerged from the mist. Every angle of the tower had golden lights or bronze bells hung on it. Dense purple mist was puffing out from those golden lights ceaselessly, while those bronze bells were letting out resonant and bright rings.

Po was now holding an ancient styled bell on his left hand, that was wrapped in a strong stream of Chaos power and embossed with a stellar map, and a ruyi in his right hand. The ruyi in his right hand glowed as bright as the sun, while releasing a destructive Chaos power. Added with the tower floating above his head, three supreme treasures glowed resplendently and circled Po up.

Ji Hao swallowed his saliva with difficulty while looking at the three supreme treasures of Po in a daze.

The Pan Xi divine mirror quaked intensively inside Ji Hao’s body. Without a doubt, these three treasures of Po were all at the same level as the mirror; all these three treasures were pre-world supreme treasures, each with forty-nine natural inhibitions.

Ji Hao was an incredibly lucky boy. With his luck and the help and guidance provided by the mysterious man, he attained the Pan Xi divine mirror, which was a top-grade supreme treasure. Po seemed to be so humble at ordinary times, that he never mentioned any supreme treasure he had. But at the moment, he showed three supreme treasures all at once, seeming to shake the whole world.

"Amazing, my big brother!" Ji Hao couldn’t help but shout out sincerely. Po was truly a powerful being who lived since the prehistorical era. Back when this world was just created, Po had found his own Dao. Not to mention his power of Dao, not a single ordinary cultivator could ever bear comparison with him, only because of all these supreme treasures he possessed.

Po gave a faint smile, while a dense and strong starlight roared out of the bell in his left hand, striking towards that ‘man’. At the same time, countless beams of Chaos sword light randomly dazzled out of the ruyi in his right hand, flashing towards that ‘man’ as well. Meanwhile, the tower above his head was spinning, destroying the surrounding area. Zhu Rong’s divine hall was crushed into bits, and the entire mountaintop of Zhu Rong Mountain was almost stirred into a pot of paste. It seemed that Po was going to relay the Chaos for real.

"Be careful, Priest Po!" Zhu Rong worryingly growled aside, "Don’t break my dojo!"

Po paused slightly, then slowed down a little bit. That ‘man’ seized this opportunity, flashed across the air and transformed into an indescribable being that was like a shred of shadow, a gust of wind, but also like a thought, or a faint trace left in the universe. Strangely, swiftly and magically, that ‘man’ reached to Po.

"Die!" Following a deep shout gave by that ‘man’, his both hands reached out at lightning speed, hacking down towards Po’s head and chest along with ten beams of sword light.

Po was protected by the three amazing supreme treasures, yet, that ‘man’ easily broke the protection of the treasures and reached to Po. Ji Hao, Gui Ling, even Po himself were all shocked, while the ‘man’s pair of hands had already hacked on Po’s body for hundreds of times like a spinning wind wheel.

The purple golden lotus crown sparkled on Po’s head while the luxurious robe worn by him released splendid streams of glowing mist. Additionally, lotuses drifted out from Po’s mouth, each lotus wrapped in water-clear Yu Yu’s divine light.

The sword light released by that ‘man’ broke the purple mist that came from the crown, dispelled the glowing mist rose from the robe, and even lotuses drifted out of Po’s mouth were cut into pieces. Followed a thunderous series of noise, Po was hacked on the body for hundreds of times, and was sent out flying.

"Big brother!" Ji Hao moved, dashing towards Po while leaving a golden beam of light in the air.

That ‘man’ moved as swiftly, pouncing on Ji Hao along with countless beautiful curvy silhouettes. However, Ji Hao wielded his arm and let the nine suns spear release a sky-shattering sizzling noise. It forcibly tore the space apart and sent out a golden arc light, towards the ‘man’s head.

This strike was generated by all of the power of the spear, added with the immense essence sun fire came from the Pan Jia sun. Additionally, Ji Hao launched the move of Sky-Opening along with this strike. The golden arc light vibrated intensively, swaying from left to right. The moving track of this arc light seemed to be random, but it actually flowed some natural law of Pan Gu world, completely disabling this ‘man’ from dodging.

This strike launched by Ji Hao was almost the Dao itself. Through the strike, he clearly told the ‘man’ that as long as he was still in Pan Gu world, he would certainly be hit!

This was the most perfect attack Ji Hao had launched ever since he learned the move of Sky-Opening from the mysterious man; this strike was flawless, and was even beautiful.

That ‘man’ paused briefly, then slightly sighed and said, "Such a beautiful move. You’re able to launch such a perfect attack, which means the scene will be stunning when I chop off your head!"

Following the slight sigh, Ji Hao saw and with a soul-deep shock and fear that his arc light froze in the air. Then, as a golden glow flashed across the air, that arc light turned around, striking towards himself in an unstoppable way.

Ji Hao was deeply confused. What happened? Why would a full-power attack launched by him strike back at himself?

"Ji Hao! Move!" Gui Ling roared out while she clapped her hands and sent out a thick, turtle-shell-shaped shield, shielding Ji Hao behind.

Clang! A deep mark appeared on the shield. A strong force pushed the shield quickly backward, thudding loudly against Ji Hao’s chest. The Pan Xi divine mirror activated automatically, sending the shield immediately away.

A muffled moan was squeezed out from the throat of Po. Po was sent flying out, but abruptly, a large and thick shield appeared before his head, that made his head bang heavily against it, leaving a human-head-sized hole on the shield.

Po and Gui Ling vomited blood simultaneously. Both of them looked at that ‘man’ without being able to say anything.

In both terms of attacking and defending, this ‘man’ was so powerful and fierce; he was almost unassailable.

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