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Ji Hao thudded against the wall of the divine palace, making a dense layer of fiery light emerge from the palace. Ji Hao’s head buzzed loudly. He sensed a great pain from his neck, and also heard a loud creaking noise from his bones.

Merely a series of sound waves had almost made both Ji Hao’s body and soul collapse. One had to mention that at the current stage, Ji Hao was a genuine Divine Magus. His power of Dao or his physical power and spirit star power were now all at the level of Divine Magi. In addition to that, he had learned many powerful magics from Yu Yu, and the moves of Sky-Opening, Earth-Splitting, Everything Grow and Everything Perish from the mysterious man. Then there was also the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words that he brought from his previous life…

With all of the above together, Ji Hao was hundred percent confident that he wouldn’t lose to any peak-level human Divine Magus. However, these beautiful girls came from an unknown place, and had actually thrown Ji Hao into such a bad situation without giving him a chance to fight back.

"No, something’s wrong. The pipa?" Ji Hao popped up his eyes, as his eyeballs shone with a bright golden light. The eye of Dao of sun opened between his eyebrows and released a dazzling golden light beam towards those girls.

‘Are you joking? Pipa? Musical instruments like that…Nowadays, many remote clans are still using stone tools, doing the slash-and-burn cultivation. Even for the top-grade human clans, wind musical instruments like flute had just been invented, and those newly invented wind instruments were things only top-grade rich people like Gong Gong Wuyou could have.

Currently, the most commonly used musical instrument of the humankind was the drum! In both battles and ceremonies!

Pipa? Ji Hao had never seen pipa in Pu Ban City, because at present, human beings didn’t have such a musical instrument! Not only the humankind, but even the non-humankind also didn't have it!

Yu Clan people had always been pursuing a high quality of life. They had thousands of kinds of musical instruments, with different sizes and functions. Many of those musical instruments were especially ingenious and exquisite. Nevertheless, the non-humankind didn’t have pipa as a musical instrument!

"What are you?!" Ji Hao growled in rage. A dim stream of light flashed across the surface of his body, as the Pan Xi divine mirror was fully activated to protect him.

A beautiful girl abruptly came to Ji Hao. The girl enchantingly smiled to him, and he could even sense the warmth that came from that pair of eyes of hers. She let out a breath with a faint aroma towards Ji Hao, then began talking with a sweet and soft voice.

"What a handsome man. Do you think I’m pretty? Do you want me to play a melody for you? The melody is called Flying Dancing."

"Flying?" Ji Hao shouted harshly, "I’ll beat your soul out of your body, and let it fly into the sky while your body falls to the ground!"

Casting a resonant roar, Ji Hao straightened his right arm and hacked directly towards the girl along with a stream of essence sun fire, as if his arm was a sharp blade. He launched the move of Sky-Opening and hacked straight towards the chest of the girl, but didn’t have the time to make the rest three moves.

The girl gave a smile. She drifted backward along with Ji Hao’s moves, as if she was completely weightless. Her dress fluttered beautifully in the air and exposed her pair of jade-like lower legs. Her toenails were painted red with flower juice. Her feet slightly swayed, then countless transparent, glistening datura blooms drifted out.

The golden blooms released a dense aroma while countless blooms emerged before Ji Hao’s feet, seeming like a blanket of flowers.

The girl held the pipa behind her body while her fingers gently pulled the strings, generating a quick series of melody, striking at Ji Hao like a storm. While playing the pipa behind her body, the girl slightly twisting her slim waist. Her dress raised into the sky and sent up puffs of sparkling golden powder.

Surrounded by the golden powder and blooms, the girl danced airily. Her moves were gentle and small, as she had only been slightly turning her head and shaking her shoulders, twisting her waist or raising her feet. Yet, a sense of beauty was naturally released from her body, and that stunning beauty could even imprint the souls of any ordinary human being.

Just like the aroma of a tasty bottle of wine that had been stored for countless years, the beauty of the girl spread in the air, slowly yet strongly.

Ji Hao shouted out in a deep voice while quickly waving his arms, casting Yu Yu’s evil-suppressing calming magic on himself. Streams of Yu Yu’s divine light transformed into light screens and covered his body. The surface of the divine light screen rippled, as the sparkling golden powder released from the girl spread on the light screen, devouring it.

Puff, puff, puff, a slight noise could be heard without an end.

After every puff, a calming magic spell of Ji Hao would be broken. At first, a puffing noise would only be caused after the time for each breath, but soon, the puffing noise could be heard without an end.

Ji Hao’s fingers were even cramped. In every span of a breath, he cast around three-thousand calming spells on himself. Such a high degree of defense could even allow Ji Hao to unhurriedly face a full-power wave of attack launched by a peak-level Divine Magus.

But following that quick series of puffing noise, the golden light covered on Ji Hao’s body was all broken. Next, the dim light stream released by the Pan Xi divine mirror quaked intensively, and then, along with a buzzing noise, a terrifying attack was sent out from Ji Hao’s body.

Bang! A part of a wall of the hall beside Ji Hao was shattered all of a sudden. An enormous, hand-shaped hole appeared on the three-meter-thick wall, which was cast from divine gold. The shape of the hole was as same as the shape of the beautiful girl’s hands.

"Eh? A supreme treasure?" The girl paused for a second while she smiled so sweetly, with her sparkling eyes fixed on the dim light on Ji Hao’s body.

"Break!" Ji Hao gave a deep shout, waving his hands and casting a thunder magic with all of his power. Forty-eight dazzling thunderbolts descended from the sky, fiercely and directly striking to the girl’s face like sharp swords.

"Pretty boy, you’re so cruel. Why don’t you just fly with me, be happy with me?"

The girl shook her body and easily dodged all thunderbolts released by Ji Hao, then pounced. Gently and airily, she pounced to before Ji Hao’s face. A strong aroma came right onto Ji Hao’s face, making Ji Hao feel drunk in both his body and soul.

Ji Hao was paralyzed once again, and couldn’t put forth any strength.

The seed of Dao of sun and Pan Xi sun automatically activated again. Dazzling golden light surged through his body, burning all the aroma that Ji Hao inhaled.

"Ji Hao! Be careful! These things…" shouted Po from the side, "They’re not things!"

Po had five streams of clear mist rising from his head. The three lotuses were spinning on the mist, with a hazy silhouette sitting with crossed legs on each lotus. Countless water-drop-like drops of golden light were pouring down from his head, forming a splendid light screen that shielded Gui Ling and himself inside.

Ji Hao clearly saw that within the mist cloud above Po’s head was a faintly visible floating tower.

Every single door and window of that tower had been releasing a seven-colored, beautiful light, pushing the surrounding air to surge like water, striking towards those beautiful girls along with colorful light streams.

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