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After a long period of time, the meeting with the Council ended.

Leohart returned to his office, summoned a few of his trusted subordinates and notified them of the future goals requested by the Council, as well as the methods requested to achieve them. This space is filled with high-class furnishings and covered by a thick red carpet, a style that seemed befitting that of a Demon Lord's. After Leohart explained the general decision reached at the meeting—

"—to put the recently excavated spirits into battle, and defeat the Moderates Faction - is it really true?"

First to speak up, was Leohart's aide Balthier.

"I can't take it anymore… Although this is not the first time that genius Council ordered us to risk our lives, it's too much of a headache this time…"

"—Luca, what's the condition of the spirits?"

The one Leohart directed his question to, is a young demon holding onto a file.

"I'm very sorry… As like yesterday's report, we managed to successfully release the seal on them, but—"

The youth called Luca lowered his eyes apologetically.

"We ran into some problems when attempting to make the Master-Servant Contract with them, so we would need more time to do it."

Just then, a warm hand rested on Luca's head.

"Don't be sad about it… After all, those spirits are relics from the Demon-God War, so being able to establish a Contact with it is already amazing, don't look down on yourself."


At the blury male demon trying to comfort him, Luca raised his tearful eyes.

"Gardo's right, there's nothing to blame yourself over… no need to act with undue haste."

Leohart then said:

"Well then - according to your estimates, how long do you need to establish a Master-Servant Contract with them?"

"Four days… No, two days, I will accomplish in two days!"

"Didn't I just tell you not to be too hasty… Much less sleep, you didn't manage to get any rest these few days, right? You're the only one able to deal with those spirits, so it'll be bad if you get tired. This concerns our important fight - no sentimental emotions are allowed at all."

"If your majesty says so, then I better prepare the spirits as soon as possible. No problems at all… Even if I collapse, there are many scholars proficient with ancient technology in this city."

"Luca… Your majesty Leohart didn't mean that."


Balthier pointed out with a bitter smile, causing Luca to widen his round eyes.

"Indeed, there are many scholars or professors familiar with ancient technology and weapons in this city, however, the only one Leohar can trust unconditionally is you only, Luca."

With Gardo's explanation, Balthier also nodded and said: [That's right]

"It's great that you don't want to disappoint your deadlines and responsibilities - although you are still young, and as one of those closest to your majesty Leohart, I trust that you are able to understand when your majesty Leohart his concerned for your health?"

With Balthier's edging, Luca finally understood what they are getting at.

"……I'm sorry."

"No need to apologise. Everyone here knows clearly that you are giving your all."

Leohart then said while looking at the remorseful Luca with serious eyes:

"As me aide, I will not permit half-assed work and results. I will ask you once more, Luca - under a load where you can withstand, how long will you need to establish the Master-Servant Contract with the spirits?"

"……Three, please give me three days. I will establish the Master-Servant Contract with the spirits in three days! In that time, I will also finish repairs and adjustments to their cores, and they will be ready for battle after doing some simple tests when the Contract is established."

"I understand, I will trust will judgement then…"

Hearing Leohart's words, Luca then replied with a bright smile: [Yes!]. Gardo then roughly stroked his head, making him out in retaliation: [Geez! Don't treat me like a kid!]

Watching the interaction between Gardo and Luca—

…The spirits are settled, and next is—

Leohart began thinking about the other problem.

"Then again - just how are we supposed to materialise the ridiculous order to attack from the Council?"

Just then, a bitter smile appeared on Balthier's straight face while he sighed.

"Although the Moderate Faction's power and influence is nowhere near as great as in their heyday…there are still many in various parts of the Demon Realm that still hold much attachment for Wilbert. In terms of battle prowess, we are undoubtedly above the Moderates Faction -- so we have to find a justifiable 『Nominal』[1] to avoid civilians protesting in the various districts.

He was right. Carelessly attacking the Moderates Faction will be seen as a one-sided slaughter, inviting criticism.

A war is not purely about a battle of strength -converted political interests are deeply entangled with it. If someone with a ulterior motive were to get a chance at all - the other factions and powers that have bee only observing to this day would suddenly rise in power.

…Abhorrent old thieves.

Those high-class demons who have lived for a very long time and are among the Council's ranks, no longer see anyone else as one of their kind; the civilians to them are nothing more than entertainment, the civilians' lives does not matter at all, only their own appeasement matters. That's why, they must be thoroughly eliminated.


Leohart deeply believed, that only he and his comrades will be able to accomplish that big task.

Hence, he had to obey the Council for now in order to preserve his position as the Demon Lord, but that didn't mean that he had to let them have all they want.

Just as Leohart began to think deeply about the Nominal—

"—Well, I do have a reason to make people sit by quietly and watch us attack the Moderates Faction."

Someone who had also answered to the summon but yet had remained quiet until now spoke.

That someone is Naruse Mio's new observer after Zolgear stirred up some problems.

Someone who had entered the Human Realm with the alias Takigawa Yahiro, a youth attending the same school as Naruse Mio.

"…And what would it be, Lars?"

Leohart asked, raising an eyebrow, to which Lars answered blatantly:

"Wilbert's daughter - Naruse Mio, is current within the Demon Realm."

"—Are you for real?"

Shrugging to the Balthier who widened his eyes in disbelief, Lars answered:

"What I said is indeed the truth… After Wilbert's demise, the Moderates Faction has come to a standstill over the problem of insufficient battle potential. After those people wrecked their brains over this, their solution is to bring Naruse Mio to the Demon Realm. Although it is unclear if they will legimately crown her as a new Demon Lord or extract the power she inherited… they will want to make use of her to regain some of their former glory."


"Hence - we just have to take advantage of their way of thinking. The Moderates Faction wants to make use of Wilbert's daughter and her inherited power to rule over the Demon Realm once again - we should be able to shut the other factions in the Demon Realm if we were to say that we dispatched our forces in response to their rebellion."

"I see… If what you say is the truth, it is indeed a reason justifiable enough to send out our troops."

Hearing Leohart say so--

"Ara, Your Majesty -- you don't trust what your aide says?"

Lars replied playfully. In reply to the sarcasm from his fellow comrade from the previous war--

"Lars, there's still us here -- stop using that disgusting tone."

"Alright alright… So, do you not trust me, Leohart? That piece of information is supposed to be highly classified and even the people within the Moderates Faction doesn't know about it, so it's not your fault if you doubt me."

In reply to the smiling Lars, Leohart said:

"No, I believe you -- you are a spy sent here by the Moderates Faction, so it's normal for you to receive classified information."

Leohart already knew long ago that Lars is a spy sent by the Moderates Faction.

How long ago? --The answer is, right from the start. Leohart had took in Lars while knowing clearly of its consequences. And Lars had accepted becoming Leohart's subordinate while knowing clearly of what consequences that would bring. Lars's current identity within the Current Demon Lord Faction, is that he is a newbie to the Current Demon Lord Faction who had defected from the Moderates Faction; as to the Moderates Faction, he is playing the role of a spy who successfully infiltrated the enemy's camp. That, is the mask that Lars had voluntarily put on.

And right now -- the only ones who knows of Lars's true identity, are the few present in the room.

"…Is this really fine, Lars?"

Leohart then asked:

"You are not only a spy sent from the Moderates Faction, but also Naruse Mio's protector. To you who had grew up under education from the Moderates Faction, shouldn't Wilbert be your most admired person?"

"Yes, it is -- all that is already past me."

[After all], Lars continued:

"I have already personally ended Zolgear's life, avenging my brothers… I have no more obligation left to do anything for the Moderates Faction."

That's right -- it was Lars himself who told the people in this room that he ended Zolgear's life.

The reason that Leohart had sent Balthier to investigate when Zolgear's psionic response disappeared, is because an agreement was already made with Lars beforehand. Leohart's goal is to wipe out the old bastards of the Council -- Zolgear who was one of them had killed many who were like brothers and sisters to Lars; thus the two of them agreed that when the chance comes, Lars will personally end Zolgear's life. Hence, when Zolgear's psionic response disappeared, Leohart's first guess was that Lars had successfully completed his revenge -- and had then received confirmation from him himself. Thus--

"I've told you before, that from now onwards, I will continue to help you get rid of those leeches -- those scum no different from Zolgear, so don't worry."

There were no signs of lying at all in Lars's words, but--

"…That's not set in stone."

Leohart then continued:

"Lars… The reason you gave your assistance to me up till now, wasn't it because that I, who wanted to kill those scum, could help you to personally kill Zolgear? Now that you had accomplished your objective -- isn't it right that you have no further obligation to provide anymore assistance?"


"In point of fact -- you had chosen Jin·Toujou's son to work with to kill Zolgear, not me. So, shouldn't it be natural for you to continue working with him?"

"Haven't I told you already? I didn't choose him because he is better than you…"

Lars sighed again, and continued in a low voice:

"The reason was -- if I had continued to observe and do nothing, Toujou Basara might have very well killed Zolgear himself, putting to waste my years of effort and plotting. So I had no choice but to work with him to be able to personally kill Zolgear, that's simply all that is to it."

"Jin·Toujou's son has that much power?"

Balthier asked doubtfully:

"Marquis[2] Zolgear might have been old, but that person who had been known as 『Sword King』 was fairly powerful; and yet the youth called Toujou Basara… From your reports, he doesn't seem to have enough power to be able to defeat Zolgear, right?"

"Affirmative. That person's power is indeed below that of Zolgear's. But I think…even without my help, he would still be able to rescue Naruse Mio and defeat Zolgear.

Lar's seriousness, caused the others to become silent, and then--

"Then again -- an opportunity to personally kill Zolgear came to me just like that, so how could I possibly let it go?"

Lars said with a bitter smile.

"Alright, since that is the case, no need for anymore further speculation. Don't worry anymore, when the Great War ended, someone had asked me to help take good care of you"

" ? Just who would even do tha--"

"--That would be Your Highness Riara."

Lars's answer--


Leohart showed surprise.

"Who could possibly reject her request when being asked by that smiling face? If there's a need, we could just send the spirits I brought along with me to defeat the Moderates Faction; on the other hand, if you still want me to leave being unable to trust me, I will just obediently leave."

"No need to do any of that, there would be no need your thoughtful kindness."

At Lars's suggestions, Balthier sighed and said:

"We have already known you for so many years since the Great War, of course I believe you -- I only fear that you would return to the Moderates Faction should you leave or take the spirits along with you. Both me and your majesty Leohart knows too well just how troublesome of a person you can be."

"Ara, is that so?"

As Lars shrugged his shoulders with a [Ah]--

"--Then hand the spirits over to me."

A bulky figure said with a low voice -- Gardo.

"As an aide, Balthier would want to avoid leaving Leohart's side. And since Lars is not an option, I am the only one left."

"……I'm sorry, Gardo."

Leohart lowered his eyes, and then said to the older male demon:

"The one who was originally supposed to be the Demon Lord was you -- no, you[3]."

From the same generation of high-class demons as Leohart, Gardo's powers and bloodline was seen to be the most suitable for the throne by the old elders from not the Council, but the Conservative Faction.

However, in the process of changing the Conservative and Radicals Factions' image that now is a new era within the Demon Realm, the old elders from the Council still chose Leohart to be on the throne.

--And Gardo had no choice but to follow their decision.

And voluntarily chose to be a subordinate of the new Demon Lord, becoming Leohart's aide.

The edges of the lips of that selfless male curled into a smile, and said:

"Don't mind it, I am also here to be a helping hand. I would of course be delighted to give my assistance to you, who wants to change the world where authority had completely fallen into the Council's hands after Wilbert's failed attempt to cleanse and change it."


Luca looked on worriedly, and Gardo once again patted his head.

"When Luca is done doing his stuff with the spirits, I will immediately head out to Wildart City with our troops -- is that decided?"

"Of course, and make sure that they can no longer do anything against us."

Leohart nodded, and Balthier then supplemented:

"I agree. If possible, deal with their leader Ramsas[4], and let none of them escape. He is Wilbert's brother, and had gathered the support of many various civilians; if he is gone, the Moderates Faction will most likely collapse."

"I understand -- what should I do about Wilbert's daughter?"

After pondering for a few seconds, Leohart gave a reply to Gardo in a calm voice:

"Try to capture her alive. In order to obtain a power to make it possible for us to go against those old bastards in the Council, it would be for the best if we stick to the original plan and use the inherited Wilbert's power effectively/ That is something that is definitely worth us doing this."

Even after Ramsas had returned to the city, Mio and the rest were not brought back to that small cramped room.

It probably was to be expected. After all, it was a result of Klaus mediating.

The extravagant luxurious dinner atop the table in the luxurious dining room -- even that was assorted to all of their tastes of the food in the Human Realm, with careful and intricate seasoning and preparations -- Sheera and Klaus who was also at the table, as well as Zest and Noel who was responsible for serving them, even gave them detailed introductions for every single dish. Amongst the hospitality, Ramsas was not to be seen at the table throughout the dinner even when he was supposed to have returned to the city.

--And an hour has already passed since they all had returned to their respective rooms.

Accompanied by Yuki, Maria, and Kurumi, Naruse Mio appeared in a space filled with humidity and warm air.

This space where the naked girls barely showed some decency, is the large bath for female guests.

This large bath filled with thin white steam, was carved from marble -- the grand and impressive facility, gave off the impression and feel of a luxurious high-class hotel or hostel.

…Such amazing places to take a bath are rare. It's a pity that Basara had to be absent from this.

Otherwise, they could just announce to the people in the city who they are.

However, Basara had rejected that idea while giving a bitter smile, saying that he didn't want to provoke the people in the city for no reason, and Mio could only just give up on it. Now -- Mio is sitting on a chair by the wall at the washing area, preparing to wash herself, but--

"--Then, Mio-sama, please excuse me."

Saying that from behind Mio's back is Noel with only a towel wrapped around her. To the ones like Ramsas, she would be of no further use once Wilbert's power within her is extracted -- but to the ones like Klaus who wished to crown her as a Demon Lord, Mio is the most important VIP they have; thus they even sent a group of people to serve them, from the flushing of the bath to the adjusting of the water's temperature, to washing them; of course Mio and the others and strongly rejected it saying that they wouldn't be able to relax, but as the other party strongly insisted they receive the proper treatment -- they compromised, letting Noel who they had spent time with touring the downtown areas serve them.

"Ah… Sorry to trouble you, Noel."

Mio nodded, and Noel made a obeisance[5] with a [Yes]. Firstly using the warm water in the wooden barrel to wash herself, Noel then began washing Mio's back while creating foam. The maids of the royals and noble were gentle in washing people in order to not damage the skin, and Noel was no different, but--

"…Eh! Ah…..aaaoo!"

When the slippery sensation moved across her back, Mio wasn't able to stem her sexy moans.

"I only just washing your back… Mio-sama is so sensitive? I did hear that Mio-sama had made a Master-Servant Contract with Basara using Maria's powers, is this related to that?"

"W-Well, that…!"

Mio turned red with Noel's teasing.

…Why, am I…!

In the joy of being able to take a bath in another Realm, Mio forgot to prepare herself.

--Since the time she had made the Master-Servant Contract with Basara, Mio's sexiness had been developing with each and every time Basara subjugated her, and right now her body has already become incredibly sensitive; but even then, there was no problems at all while taking a bath in her own home. She could control how much force to use while bathing by herself. But there were many times she had to take a bath together with Basara and Yuki as a result of Maria plots, and adding on the fact that she had experienced her body being thoroughly washed by Basara many times, she would occasionally accidentally let slip some of the reaction she had in those times.

"Could it be that the reason you reduced the number of people serving you, was because you were afraid of people finding out about this? To tell the truth, there was no need for you to worry about that at all…"

" ! …Any more of that, and I will drive you out."

"Being glared at by Mio in embarrassment, Noel giggled and said: [I'm very sorry], and then once again began washing Mio quietly. Naturally, a maid wouldn't just wash a Mio's back, but also her underarms, breasts, butts, hips -- all of that, Noel scrubbed all of those parts.

" ! …Ah …Fu ……Ah …Ya …Ah!"

Mio began biting her lips in desperation to endure it, but that wasn't enough to stop her gasps and moans from escaping, and--

…Don't worry. All these, are completely incomparable to when Basara does it himself…!

That's right. The techniques used were all completely different when Basara was playing with her body. He was always very bold yet cautious, with love and affection within his unyieldingness -- even if he was very rough, he would never let someone be in pain.

Noel wouldn't be able to raise her lewd side like Basara did.

…If it was Basara instead, it might have been…

Basara's big hands, Basara's solid chest, Basara's flair to deliver mindblowing pleasure, and especially Basara warmth that relaxed her the most -- thinking about what he had done in the past, what Noel is doing in comparison gives her only slight embarrassment, itches, and some moans that she couldn't stem; after all, Basara had washed her breasts, underarms, belly button, and even her butt before. Thus, Mio restored her calm and handed over her body to Noel's washing, and after that came her long hair. Her combing, was just as comfortable at it being done in a salon.

"Umm, Mio-sama…"

Just then, Noel suddenly said that, causing Mio to suddenly become vigilant, thinking that she was about to tease her again. But--

"May I ask, how is Lars doing?"

"Lars… Are you talking about Takigawa?"

The impression of Takigawa was too strong, making her unable to connect him to his original name.

"Well… He seems to get along with Basara pretty well, since he spends a lot of time in school with him. Probably because they're like-minded, those two boys mess around a lot."

But after finding out that Takigawa was the one behind that white mask, Mio and Yuki wasn't very happy. As Takigawa said some cruel words to reopen the wound in his heart while he was critically injured, both of them are still unable to forgive him.

"Why do you suddenly ask…? Do you know him?"

"……Yes. Lars and I grew up in the same orphanage."

From her tone, it was easy to guess what kind of emotions Noel held for Takigawa.

…It's the same as me.

She has had the same thoughts when she found out Basara and Takigawa and joined hands in the shadows.

Just like when she found out that Maria and Basara had been out in the nights hunting rouge evil beings.

The wanting to ask, just why, were they doing such dangerous things without telling her.

But Mio couldn't. Because for Mio, Basara putting himself in danger wasn't for any reason other than protecting her. If Takigawa hadn't helped, Sheera who was taken captive by Zolgear would probably have already been killed; the reason Maria could escape from that tragic ending, was because Basara and joined hands with Takigawa. Because of that, Mio couldn't say anything about it to Basara.

It's just -- right now, there was a way to erase Noel's pain, and the key lies within Mio's hands. So after her hair was washed--

"Noel, I--"

Mio turned around, to say something to Noel -- but at that time, someone entered the washing area and sat down on the chair beside Mio. The dissemination of transparent beauty, is Yuki who had also made the same Master-Servant Contract with Basara.

"--I'll be using this."

Without looking at either of them directly in the eye, Yuki began to wash herself.

Even without anyone saying anything, the atmosphere began to become awkward.

"……Umm, Mio-sama …I shall not interrupt you any further."

From behind Mio's back, Noel said so as if she had done something wrong, and stood up.

"Please do enjoy our bath, and eliminate fatigue from your body… I will be awaiting orders in the changing room -- Yuki[6], please excuse me."


While washing her body, Yuki nodded, and hence Noel left the bath after giving a bow. And then--

"--You're thinking that by going to ask Klaus yourself, you can cancel Takigawa's spying mission, right?"

Hearing Yuki say snappily--

"I only just…"

Mio lowered her head evasively.

"We did not request for a luxurious room or meal, it was all things that they had prepared; so even if they ask us to reciprocate them, we can reject them. However, once we make any request, the situation would be different; if we were asked to reciprocate, it would be difficult for us to reject them. And more importantly -- doing that would be the same as exposing our weak point."

Have you forgotten?

The demon called Klaus was one of Wilbert's advisers, a strategist once called the 『Virtuous Elder』. The luxurious rooms, meal, and dining hall and the grand welcoming, all of those were all a performance to make you agree to become the new Demon Lord. If you were to let those people know that you are some able to sympathise with them, do you even know what are the consequences? If you do not want Takigawa to have an even more dangerous mission, if you want to fulfil the wish of a maid worrying for her childhood sweetheart -- the moment he graps onto an emotion he can use to make his attack on you, he'll immediately attempt to use it to make a negotiation or transaction; and if it still isn't possible, he might even utilise threats…"

Stopping here, Yuki turned to look at Kurumi who is bathing together with the loli succubus.

"Threats like sending away Maria from your side, and making her carry out suicidal missions are entirely possible -- and since her mother and older sister are here, Maria cannot reject any orders."

"………I'm sorry."

Unable to retort -- Mio lowered her head remorsefully.

"No need to apologise… It's just, I hope that you don't forget that."

And as if giving advice, Yuki then said to Mio:

"--Even if you still hadn't decided what to do with Wilbert's power, I guess that you have already reached a conclusion regarding the identity 『Naruse Mio』, so don't do forgetting that."

With that, Mio then nodded in agreement.

"……Ah, you're right… I got it."

Right now, she is not the daughter of the previous Demon Lord, but Basara family, his sister -- as well as his servant.

No matter what happens, being by his side is a must. That, is Naruse Mio's only desire.

And for that very desire, all of them must return to that home one day. Just then--

"It's fine if you get it, and I will also think of something to help you out -- because that is also Basara's wish."

Yuki also quickly expressed to Mio's agreement. In Mio's heart, Yuki is a rival she must never fall behind -- but she was also a comrade who could understand more than anyone. Thus--

"……Thank you, Yuki."

Feeling more at ease, Mio expressed her thanks, mixing in a shade of threatening.

"No need for thanks… Oh, that's right--"

Holding out a towel from the foamy bucket towards Mio, Yuki then said:

"…Mio, help me wash my back."

Towards the tone that of an older sister commanding a younger sister, Mio widened her eyes.

Probably giving some advice made her somewhat cocky. Thus Mio smiled and--

"You have a really high price tag…"

Took that towel and after going behind Yuki, she began scrubbing her back -- not using the towel, but with her hands instead.

The one who had been subjugated by Basara and had her sensitivity raised a lot by him was not Mio only. That's why--


Yuki let out a cute scream, while jumping up from the stool.

While soaking in the bath, Nonaka Kurumi saw her older sister in the washing area suddenly jump up while screaming.

And then collapse onto the floor onto her butt.

Silently turning around to look at Mio who had a victor's smile on her face, Yuki made her counterattack.

After pushing Mio down onto the floor and while straddling over her, she began to violently knead those large breasts.

『 ! ---- 』

Mio screamed, and arched her back under Yuki, and then her two hands began to do the same things to Yuki's butt, not wanting to be outdone.

And it was Yuki's turn to react to a sudden kneading -- the two girls thus began waging a war over their pride. Seeing those two older sisters like that--

''It's better if I don't invite trouble onto myself.'' From within the bath, Kurumi turned around to have her back face the washing area Yuki and Mio were at.


And proceeded to take a stretch in the bath[7], letting the warmth of the water fill her. Comfortably exhaling a deep breath, she then scooped some water with her hands. The slightly blue hot spring, seemed to have been drawn directly from underground, so it naturally would have rather high demonic concentrations. However--

…Ah, it seems to have much less of a load on me now.

Comparing to when she had just arrived in the Demon Realm, the level of discomfort she felt back then now seemed to have been just a dream. Although her getting used to the demonic concentrations had a hand in that, it was not the main reason. Thus--

Kurumi raised her left hand from the water and held it out, and gathered her consciousness towards it, and her gauntlet for controlling spirits then materialised. Within some of the notches in the gauntlet, balls of various colours have been inserted. Those were elements needed for communicating with the spirits.

--Right now, there were a few black balls there weren't there before.

In Lucia's office, Basara and turned the imbroglio[8] in her heart into happiness and pleasure and subjugated her, disentangling her emotions -- when she opened her eyes, Kurumi realised that she was on a bed in another room.

Seeing Maria sleeping while snuggled up against her, she then remembered what Basara had done to her, she then became a ball of internal struggles. At that time, Lucia came to that room and upon seeing her situation, Lucia then said to the alert Kurumi in a cold and indifferent tone: [Thank you for being friends with Maria], and gave a certain something to her.

That something was these black elementals. These black elementals had the protection of high-class spirits in the Demon Realm, which thus allowed Kurumi to communicate with spirits not bound with a Master-Servant Contract while using spirit magic.

And with the protection of high-class spirits, the difficulty of borrowing a spirits' power was lowered a lot.

For Kurumi who had not made a Master-Servant Contract with Basara and was unable to increase her battle potential by deepening her relationship with him, this was help coming to her when she needed it.

Lucia is part of the Moderates Faction and is a demon, and she is the aide of Ramsas who gave the cold shoulder to Mio. That, made Kurumi to put up some resistance towards Lucia in the beginning, but accepted her in the end. Reason being, her pride as a hero is not what's most important now, but it was instead not becoming a burden to Basara and the others.

Thus for the period of time while she was in the Demon Realm, she hoped to at least to be able to use it.

…To think that I would begin to think like this…

If it was the her in the past, it would be unthinkable for her to live together with Maria who lived together with the surveillance target Naruse Mio, much less fight alongside her.


In their daily life, Maria seemed to be putting her in embarrassing situations every day, and she could only just accept it since she wanted to not be left behind. In fact, not just Maria - it would be even Basara or Yuki sometimes. And that is the reason why Kurumi has become the way she is now, boldly doing lewd and lecherous things in Lucia's office, exposing her incredibly debauchery side.

Speaking of which - no matter how embarrassing it has become, rejecting any of that is not an option.

..So it really seems that the truth is I don't really hate those kind of stuff…

Just like Mio and Yuki, Kurumi is slowly becoming more and more lewd.

And it's not only that. Kurumi had turned an event she thought was only possible in her dreams into reality today, to have a kiss with Basara. Although her first time was in her dream, and doing it in reality was only to satisfy Lucia, Kurumi still did automatically move her lips to kiss with Basara's lips - indulging in her sexuality in her tongue filled with emotions, lusting for Basara's existence.

From the moment when their lips made contact, the warmth and pleasure she received from Basara still remained fresh in Kurumi's mind.

Kurumi suddenly turned red from the embarrassment and brought her face back into the water partially, while blowing bubbles and not realising that someone was sneaking up on her—

"…--My dear Kurumi~♪"


Suddenly being hugged from behind by Maria, Kurumi let out a high-pitched scream.

"Oi, don't go about scaring me!"

"Ara, weren't Kurumi you the one who seemed miffed and ignored me, making a certain someone very loney~…?"

"Y-You, would you be looking to over there - at the place older sis and Mio are?"

Maria giggled and said:

"Of course I would, but just me alone doing that would be very boring, and that's why I came over here to enjoy it together with you - just like usual times when we enjoyed erotic films together~."

"W-Weren't you the one who forced me to watch them, saying that it was For Academic Purposes…!"[9]

"And I wasn't wrong at all… That's why this is also research material."[10]

And with a captivating smile, Maria began to massage Kurumi's breasts and started licking her neck.

At Maria's assault, Kurumi attempted to put up her death struggle, trying to shake off Maria while flailing her arms about on the water surface, but failing in the end.

"Hu fufu… You've been through this so many times, but you're just as shy as your first time… Kurumi is really cute~."

With burning flames of passion visible within her eyes, Maria then said:

"Come, Kurumi. Give me your underarms, expose your underarms[11]. I want to fill up your weakness with my saliva."

Shit. If this continues, I will fall into one of Maria's seasoned traps.

And thus, Kurumi turned her line of sight towards the washing area Mio and Yuki were at, hoping for a rescue.

Despite her attention leaving that area for only a slight moment, the situation there has already changed a lot. With foam covering their bodies, they were still assaulting each other's weak spots while gasping and panting heavily, with no intention of giving up at all; they've not gotten into the hot spring yet, but their eyes have already become lifeless, voices weak, and skins pink. Of course, they're completely oblivious to Kurumi's predicament. When Maria saw that Kurumi now had no one else to turn to for help—

"Fufufu, it's too bad …Come, give it up and let me lick you, you lewd girl hero~"

" !~~~~~~"

As Maria's lips got closer, Kurumi's eyes also widened as usual in anticipation of the assault of pleasure.

"…Ah? What's that elemental, I've never seen that colour there before?"

Maria then suddenly noticed those black elementals set into her gauntlet.

Which then made Kurumi remember -- what Lucia had said before when she gave them to her. Back then, Lucia had said—

『Please continue to look after my little sister. 』

She did look at the Maria sleeping beside her when she said that.

Thus, entrusted with looking after Maria, she asked that black elementals to also look after her.

At the same time, a magic pattern opened up on the floor—


In the moment Maria let out a weird sound upon seeing that - the loli succubus flew out from the bath together with a large amount of bathwater, colliding with Mio and Yuki by the wall in the washing area, and also sending the stools and bucket flying.

"W-W-What happened!? What's that loud noise!?"

Noel frantically rushed into the bath, but Kurumi remained silent, and then got out from the bath quickly.

"I will definitely use it well with much gratitude…Hmph!"

Throwing that out behind her, Kurumi then left the bath area on her own first.

After having dinner alone within his own room, Ramsas left the room, and came to a certain place.

A place that can allow one to look over the city with just a single glance - the top of the main tower, which is the city's highest.

Having arrived at that place, Ramsas looked down at the illuminated streets quietly. About fifteen minutes later—

"You insisted on not seeing Mio-sama even once… Is this really for the best?"

Coming to place after a while, Lucia asked him. Hearing his faithful subordinate's question, Ramsas then answered in a low voice while not moving his sight from the city areas:

"…Why should I go and see her?"

And with that, Lucia decided to not say anymore, and after giving a bow, she moved back and left Ramsas alone.

After that, Ramsas continued standing while the night wind continued to blow.

Suddenly, Ramsas's eyebrow twitched slightly.

An unnatural change in the night wind's currents just occurred, and it was at a degree where a normal person wouldn't notice - there was a pair of eyes, looking at Ramsas from behind him.

--It was not Lucia, and not one of the maids serving under her.

After that, some more changes to his surroundings occurred. Sounds of footsteps as if announcing a person's existence, slowly neaed him. Then—

"—do you know? There is a place like this platform at where Mio and us live, a place that allows you to look over the nightscape of a city."

Saying those words while standing beside Ramsas, was a youth - Toujou Basara.

Likely, Lucia wasn't the one who had told this youth of this place; no matter who it was, someone was still being nosy. While looking at the view Ramsas, who had decided not to pursue the matter, was looking at, Basara said:

"This afternoon… The maid Noel[12] had brought us into the city to look around. The view that can be seen from here, is what your younger brother - and you who had took over his work, protected to this day."

Seeing Ramsas return silence as an answer, Basara turned around slowly--

"In what you want to protect, why did you not include Mio?"

And spit out those words filled with a dark shade.

"After your younger brother died - Zolgear killed his subordinates whom he had trusted to bring up Mio. Although Maria had managed to rescue Mio in a critical moment from Zolgear's palm, Zolgear had taken Sheera, and then coerced Maria into following his orders…"

[But]. Basara said:

"According to Takigawa - Lars, you were well aware of this situation, yet you chose to remain quiet and observe, right? No matter how others asked you to prioritise Mio, you still chose to not provide more assistance. Other than Maria who had been coerced by Zolgear, as well as Takigawa who had infiltrated the Current Demon Lord Faction and could not made any obvious moves, you had sent no more help to assist the two with the mission of protecting Mio."

So why?

"Mio is the daughter of your younger brother… In other words, she is your niece. So why did you choose to not make any moves despite knowing that she is faced with such clear danger?"

Being questioned with a firm gaze from Basara, Ramsas finally spoke to answer him - he bluntly said:

"—because there wasn't a need to at all."

"No need to…?"

Basara had already known Ramsas is cold towards Mio.

His reason for still doing all this, was basically just to clarify it all. The truth and reality was just as Lucia had said. Considering that Ramsas has his own set of difficulties and opinions, if Basara would be able to hear about them, he might be able to somewhat understand even if he can't agree with it. However - Ramsas words just now, was still completely beyond Basara's expectations.

"There was still no need even when Maria had no choice but to betray Mio after worrying to no end from being coerced by Zolgear? There was still no need even when Mio had been abducted and have who-knows-what done by Zolgear to her? After all these incidents, are you really going to say that there's no need to increase her protection?"

"Since the reports had said that she's completely safe, is there really a need to ask for more?"

"That was because we…!"

To be able to safely rescue Mio, they all had racked their brains and struggled with their lives. Viewing it from another angle, perhaps being able to save Mio before she was ruined by Zolgear, as well as safely rescuing Sheera who was taken hostage, was the best possible result. However - if back then Ramsas had accepted Klaus and his other subordinates' views to take effective actions like increasing the amount of protection, then perhaps the incident of Mio being abducted by Zolgear might have never happened.

Additionally, Takigawa even knew where Zolgear was hiding, to the point where he even knew where Sheera was being kept hostage; if he had sent out his elite forces to launch an attack, the culprit known as Zolgear might have already been exterminated long ago. But he hadn't, so he definitely has no right to speak about it - just as Basara gave his retort while becoming mad, Ramsas finally looked at him, and said:

"You guys - how was it? From what I know, the main reason Zolgear had retreated in his defeat was not because of you guys, but it was Wilbert's daughter who let her powers go berserk, right? Even if the reason for it going berserk was due to thinking that Sheera had been killed, she would've put up a great opposition if Zolgear were to casually make any moves against her. With that, even if you and those girls you knew since you were small weren't there, she would still be saved in the end. Would that way of thinking be wrong?"

"……Perhaps it might not have been wrong. Even if he hadn't done anything Mio and Sheera might still be saved."

However - Basara then said wile heavily emphasising:

"Those kind of words, can only be said by the people like us who had taken real action to save Mio and the others - people like you who had just remained standing by the sides and did nothing better than try to score points now that that is already over."

Basara seems to have hit a sore area, and Ramsas remained quiet.

"…I have no intention of questioning whether your decision was right or wrong. The result in the end was as you said: Mio and Sheera are safe, and Maria and Zest escaped from Zolgear's control. What I would like to question instead, is if you had intentionally disregarded Mio."

Basara then continued:

"But, that's already enough - I already understand it. Originally, I had even speculated if you had gave Mio this attitude because your views were different your younger brother… but no matter what you say, I wouldn't accept it. I have already made the decision to protect Mo - the one who had become my little sister, a person who is part of my family. So matter how big or noble of a reason or excuse you give me, it's not my business at all, and doing any of that would be completely meaningless.

"—so, do you want to following Klaus's words, and let that girl become the next Demon Lord?"

At the question Ramsas asked in a low tone, Basara shook his head and said:

"No… Klaus[13] has been very sincere to us, thinking for our sakes at first glance - but he just want to take advantage of the story that Mio is the only daughter of the previous Demon Lord who had inherited his power, completely ignoring if she has the qualifications to do so and her own will, treating her as only a political tool."

All Mio wants is to be normal girl, who lives a peaceful life.

And having sent her away from his side to live a peaceful life in the Human Realm that too is also all Wilbert wants.

And yet - Klaus who claims to respect and love Wilbert, disregarded his lord's wishes, and is pushing for Mio to be a new Demon Lord. Reportedly, the current Demon lord also seems to have been given the throne to become a chess piece by the Council, so the two sides can be said to be equal.


With his lord's daughter, the one who had made a Master-Servant Contract being the son of the number one enemy in the Great War, Klaus was especially kind towards Basara to the point where it seemed completely unnatural. Who knows, even the matter of Mio who had no choice but to make a Master-Servant Contract might be taken advantage of; making it into a story where thanks to Wilbert sending troops to put a stop to the Great War, they finally managed to create good relations between the son of the scary [God of War] Jin from the Hero Tribe and the only daughter of the Demon Lord, turning it into another of Wilbert's achievements.

…Both routes are equally bad.

To put it bluntly, all that side wanted are personal benefits - the reason Toujou Basara is unable to accept them.


"I do understand that both you and Klaus have your own thoughts and plans, and that the subordinates within the Moderates Faction respect the opinions of you higher-ups. However - you all just want to take advantage of Mio, with no shred of consideration to the person in question. In Mio's moments of great pain, you refused to lend a hand despite knowing about it, and Klaus followed that decision and stood by idly, both sides are the same. And so from my viewpoint, you all are just trash."

Since the moment they were called to the Demon Realm to till now, Basara had submitted to the humiliation, but he could not take it any longer.

And so he spit it all out:

"I'll put it bluntly. You guys shouldn't have called her here, only to just put her aside. You guys had always been ignoring and snubbing her for so long… and now that in order to win against the Current Demon Lord Faction you demand for her presence or for her to hand over her inherited power to you? Stop cracking jokes. That power was given to the one he had not hesitated to separate with by your younger brother to protect herself. Because of her circumstances, Mio has already given up a lot of things; that has to stop."

Listen carefully.

"We will no longer hold anymore hopes and anticipate anything more from you. So at least, stop taking things away from her. To Mio, that power is a gift from her own father, the only bond between them - you guys basically have no rights or authority to intervene in that!"

Ramsas silently listened to Basara ranting.

…So this is the son of that man

I see. The report had said that he was exiled from the Hero's [Tribe], and now I can understand why. This youth, is really indeed not suited to be a Hero.

…He's far too naive.

Ramsas wanted to let this youth carried away in the heat of the moment know of something called 'Reality'.

"The lives of the Royal Family do not belong to themselves, they live for the people, and die for the people - not even a single person can escape from that blood tie. Since that girl is Wilbert's daughter, she is part of the Royal Family, thus she has a duty to dedicate her life for the people."

"I've said this already, you guys had cast her aside for so long, and yet now you want to use 『Because she is Royalty』 as a reason is just too—"

"—Originally living a civilian's life, and then only to have that life taken away due to the sudden revelation of Royal blood ties; all that is not uncommon."

Additionally - Ramsas continued:

"Although Klaus and I think and do things differently, the both of us have a duty to protect everything here as the ones who stand over the people. Since you guys had walked through the streets in the evening, you should've have already seen it clearly. In reality, you protecting that girl like that - could just very well turn all that you saw and everyone you have met on the streets into dust, do you understand?"

"Of course I d—"

And Ramsas blunted said to Basara trying to refute:

"Then why are you still being persistent… Then again, you just said that that girl had already given up a lot of things… but she was living happy days in a place unrelated to the political wrangling and fights; that, was thanks to her being Wilbert's daughter. Now we have a need for her who had lived because of Wilbert's death, so he called her back - it was just that her time ran out, and that it was time to say goodbye to the unneeded necessity to acknowledge her bloodline and the disregarding of her responsibility."

" ! ……"

Basara, whose expression, became complicated—

"What you said, was something I cannot completely agree with. You had said, that girl doesn't even know that she doesn't have the qualification, and shouldn't become the Demon Lord—"

And Ramsas resolutely replied:

"That is correct. That girl who had tied a Master-Servant Contract with a little brat like you who had been expelled from the Hero [Tribe], who had let herself become a lowly sensual bondage slave; someone like that has no right to become a Demon Lord, and that's why I wanted her to just obediently hand over Wilbert's power."

With that, the atmosphere suddenly changed. Basara's fighting intent aimed at Ramsas, became even more incisive and cold.

It became blatant killing intent. Then—

"Take it back… If not—"

Basara's right hand went towards Ramsas, and at that moment—

"--That's enough."

Countless numbers of guns were then aimed at Basara's throat, held by the maidservants who had surrounded them. Commanding these maidservants armed with weapons, Lucia came to Ramsas's side—

"It's already difficult enough to overlook the various insults towards Ramsas-sama - if you continue to show disrespect, you shall not be forgiven even if you are Mio-sama and Maria's saviour."

And said coldly.

Basara remained quiet, and lowered his head. But—

The maidservants holding Basara at gunpoint suddenly received a shock, and their bodies tense.

Rather than decreasing, Basara's killing intent further increased, and then—

"Insults… insults, you said? Those should be my words. Having heard Mio - hearing my own little sister receiving that kind of insult, do you really think this warning is enough to push me over and make me leave it as it is?"

As if ignoring the maidservants surrounding him, light appeared in his right hand.

And his own weapon appeared from the light—

"……It's a shame. I had thought you were smarter than that."

Lucia's eyes narrowed, and just as she was about to give her orders—

"---Kay kay, ~Th-a-t's - e-nou-gh ♪"

An extremely hearty voice cut into the tense atmosphere from the side.

Ramsas's head turned, and found Sheera with Zest behind her standing there,


Lucia frowned while looking at her.

"Lucia-ya… If you were to start fighting here, Mio[14] and the others would immediately find out, and what would you do if they were to come running over? Even if you are able to incapacitate Basara before they realise, the matter that you argued with him would still come to light. Mio and Yuki both had made the Master-Servant Contract with Basara, so throwing him into the dungeons would be useless."


"—you'll create a barrier, so that they won't realise?"

Sheera smiled at Lucia preparing a retort and said:

"It'll be useless. Doing so will only increase their suspicions, and you won't be able to get Mio's assistance in the end, fine with that?"

Seeing Lucia becoming unable to retort, Sheera's line of sight turned to Basara and she said:

"Basara, you too should stop making a scene. If you were to start fighting now with Lucia or Ramsas, you won't be able to make them back down even if you win. It's great that you love your little sister Mio so much, but if she were to find out you got hurt when you flared up for her sake - she'll blame herself. Are you still fine with that?"

Sheera's words caused Basara to become silent - and he retracted his killing intent soon after, his weapon also disappearing. Seeing this, Sheera smiled and said: [Good Boy.] The maidservants also seemed to relax. Finally, Sheera looked at Ramsas and said:

"Well then, I'll be bringing Basara away - is it fine?"

"……Do as you like."

[Okay.] Hearing Ramsas say so, Sheera immediately brought Basara away together with Zest, disappearing into the house[15]

"—Ramsas-sama, I'm very sorry, for my mother's impertinence."

Lucia lowered her head and apologised—

"It's fine… It isn't that person's first time creating trouble."

After that, Ramsas looked out towards the city once again.

Dots of light from the city was spread throughout the city, the stars illuminating the night sky.

After being brought away from the platform Ramsas and the others were at by Sheera, Toujou Basara, was then brought to a certain place.

That place, is the bath for male guests' use. He had already taken a bath before coming to the Demon Realm, and right now he wanted to be alone, so he got ready to reject taking a bath, but—

"—Right now you are still mad at Ramsas, do you really think you can fall asleep?"

He was still unable to retort against Sheera. Many things has happened since he entered the Demon Realm, and apart from the nervousness he was expecting, he probably accumulated some stress from things that had went beyond what he was expecting.

Although relaxing to the point where he would put down his guard must be avoided at all costs, he can't really see how much longer they would have to stay in the Demon Realm according to the current situation; being too nervous would only cause his concentration to wane, and things would be dire if he were to not be at his best due to wear when needed.

And thus, Basara finally accepted Sheera's suggestion and got ready to take a bath, but--

"……For some reason, I knew it would turn out like this."

This mother before him is known to be even more mischievous than Maria, due to her following her succubus instincts more than half the time, and so she had followed Basara into the bath as expected. Needless to say, Zest too was also present in the males' bath.

Sitting naked on a stool before Basara, Sheera was trying to suppress her giggles while saying:

"Well, that's of course… Zest[16] is a maidservant serving Basara, while I am her superior? I'm just here to supervise the maid-in-training while she does her duties to ensure that she is serving you well~."

Amazing… She is completely different to Maria who always brags, being able to so easily turn a lie into the truth. Completely masterful.

What if after Maria grows up, what would happen if she turns out just like Sheera? As a touch of anxiety crossed Basara's mind--

"……Well then, here comes your punishment."

Zest said that, and then began washing his back -- with her large matured breasts.

"--Hold it right there! Why are you doing it so naturally!?"

Basara couldn't help but to turn around, only to find a naked foamy Zest say tearfully:

"I-I'm very sorry… I'm still not used to these kind of stuff, did I hurt you?"[17]

"Uhh, no… That wouldn't."

A question: Which male would ever experience pain from being rubbed against a female's breasts? -- that, is one question Basara very much wanted to scream out, but was unable to thanks to Zest seemingly blaming herself.

"Very sorry Basara… Sheera-sama had told me that this was how to help wash a Master, and had even intricately thought me how to do so. This is just my inability to master the art."

"I understand… It's fine, and you're doing it not too bad -- no, the problem does not lie with you at all."

After hurriedly consoling Zest behind him, he then stared at Sheera who was before him.

"Sheera… Just what in the world did you teach Zest?"

"Ara, Basara, don't make such a scary face… Is anything wrong?"

Sheera then boasted while smiling:

"I honestly don't know what else a woman would use when washing a male… I guess that this must be the fault of the differences between the cultures of Demons and Humans."

"No, no matter how you think about it, it only exists within the culture of you succubi."

Hurry up and apologise to the other races making up the Demons Race, you loli succubus Mom.

"Anyway, is there something known as 『Local Customs』 in the Human Realm? Over here, of course you would have to accept the customs of our culture, isn't that right?"

"…Rather than [Local], it feels more like I've entered an urn." [18]

Too deep…[19]

"If you insist, it would be fine if you want to wash yourself…"

Sheera then made an apologetic face,

"But that you mean your maid isn't doing her job… Later I will have to hand Zest a punishment -- the kind that especially painful."

"…………I get it already. Alright, Zest… I'll be counting on you."


It's as if Basara did a bad deed, yet Zest exultantly answered and once again began to use her soft breasts to scrub Basara's body. Crap… That softness, is just too damn comfortable, and there are just only subtle differences from those others who would use their breasts to help Basara wash himself. Once again, Basara experienced just how unique the breasts of every person are. If his thinking were to go any further, his own rationality would be in danger -- in order to try to not set the national holiday or prime number[20], Basara tried to scatter his focus.

"…Ah~? Basara seems to be very calm…?"

[How boring]. When Sheera said that, Toujou Basara sighed:

"I'm so very sorry… I'm starting to become used to these kinds of situations."

"Arara, what shocking words, to be able to get used to a girl scrubbing you with her breasts…? You've become a hero at such a young age.[21]"

"Eighty percent of it are the fruits of the labour of your daughter…"

Up to now, both Yuki and Mio who had a Master-Servant Contract with Basara had often used their breasts to scrub his body, thanks to Maria's 'wonderful' suggestions. In order to induce jealousy which would then activate the curse to send them into an aroused state, Maria too would also sometimes demonstrate for them to see; later, Kurumi too was also dragged into this activity -- the remaining twenty percent, belongs to the infirmary teacher Hasegawa who was an exception. It was only Hasegawa, who had not made a Master-Servant Contract with him and had no need to increase battle potential, who was not dragged helpless into this by Maria, and had willingly and voluntarily done that kind of thing with Basara. Just then--

"……Please excuse me."

Saying that from behind his back, Zest's hands which had been embracing Basara's abdomen suddenly descended, slipping under the towel wrapped around his waist.

"H-Hold on, Zest! I can wash that place myself!"

"I-I'm very sorry…!"

Basara's suddenly screamed, causing Zest to hurriedly withdraw her hands from shock, but in that moment--

"--Don't stop and continue, Zest."

A cold voice that could send chills sounded out within the warm bath. Though Basara wanted to retort with a [Stop joking around!] -- he wasn't able to. Reason being, Sheera was releasing pressure that seemed impossible from her small loli body.

"Even if the other party wants to do it themselves, this is supposed to be a maidservants' duty and reason for existence… Continue."

"Hey --…Haven't I already said that there is no need to?"

Gulping, Basara then managed to force out some resistance, but--

"Aren't you just denying the reason for a maid's existence, Basara, just like saying 『I don't need you following me』? Speaking of which, you seem to be misunderstanding something…"

Sheera continued coldly:

"It was my order for Zest to serve you. Zest is my maidservant, her master is not you, but me; If I order her to wash another male's body, she will…"

And then gave a cold laugh.

Even if she has to help wash those soldiers who would harass her, she will still do so if it is my order. That is the duty of a maid whose duty is to serve people."

Those words caused discomfort within his heart.

"Cracking that kind of joke is just too cruel… If that happens, I wouldn't let Zest continue to be your maidservant."

"But the thing is, you don't have the authority to do so, Basara. You had handed Zest over for us to handle her which is why she is now my maidservant… And so, regarding her all, my word is absolute. The one who had created this result is you -- the decision you had made at the beginning."


Basara anxiously tried to form a rebuttal -- Basara had told Zest before that if anything happens, she can return to the Toujou Household anytime, as he had judged that she would be able to escape from the Demon Realm with her power. However, those words were just merely for Zest, and wasn't approved by Sheera. Seeing Basara beginning to turn pale--

"How selfish… Ignoring her life and death normally, and then suddenly wishing everyone to be happy when you see her."

Sheera continued while making a caustic[22] smile:

"Don't tell me -- you haven't realised that Zest is isolated and helpless in this city?"

Basara remained silent, as he did vaguely have that sort of feeling. Other than Sheera or Lucia, he had not seen anyone else in the city speak with Zest; while visiting the city areas, Noel also doesn't seem to be familiar with Zest -- and from Noel's personality, it might perhaps have been that way because of pressure from the higher-ups. For Zest who was part of the Current Demon Lord Faction to find a place for her in the Moderates, it really isn't an easy task. Just then--

"--I would also like to remind you, that Zest's position and situation would also very likely be going downhill some more."

Sheera said something that can't be ignored.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Do you still not get it? No matter if Mio in the end decides to go with the wishes of either Ramsas or Klaus, that final decision will definitely cause resentment in the other party. Adding on that you had just stupidly went to argue with Ramsas saying that you won't accept both sides' wishes, would there still be anyone within the Moderates Faction that would still treat you as one of them?"

If that's the case--

"Even if you all are able to safely make it back to the Human Realm… I believe it wouldn't be difficult to guess who would be the one baring their fangs at you, right? After all, weren't you the ones who asked us to handle Zest?"


Basara said in a low voice, groaning. He had never thought about it -- that protesting for Mio would bring about the worsening of Zest's circumstances. As Basara became speechless--

"All these are the results of the decisions you guys have made. The you right now, have no authority at all to stop Zest from doing anything… If you still want Zest to listen and obey you no matter what, and not let her be in danger of being tarnished by someone she wants to--

Sheera giggled some more, and then continued:

"Basara -- you must become her master, make her into a thing of yours."

"I, become Zest's master…?"

Basara turned to look at Zest, only to see Zest slowly raise her lowered head, her eyes meeting with Basara's. There was no signs of rejecting Basara at all in her eyes -- but rather, it was as if hoping what Sheera said will turn into reality. However--

"Isn't the Master-Servant Contract magic only usable on the night of a full moon…? There's still a very long time before the next full moon comes."

"Ara… So in the end you are not opposed to making a Master-Servant Contract with Zest?"

"Only if -- Zest herself agrees to it, then I will have no opposition."

Basara directly gave his affirmation to Sheera, because the decision to make a Master-Servant Contract with Zest -- that decision, was already made long ago in his heart, from before Basara entered the Demon Realm."

At those words, Zest stared at him in shock. Then--

"Ara, then I would say that there's no problems at all."

Sheera continued:

"The restriction of a full moon, only exists when the magic is used in the Human Realm… The Master-Servant Contract is pretty commonplace within the Demon Realm, so it can be used anytime. Since everyone already knows that I'm casual, bold, and unconstrained, even Ramsas and Klaus likely wouldn't say anything if I were to use the Master-Servant magic to make you Zest's master."

"……I see."

With Sheera's explanation, Basara murmured his understanding of that, and also understood why Sheera's attitude towards him had changed suddenly. Zest's position and circumstances, must be in a much bigger danger than what Basara's had thought. That's why--

…Is this the only chance?

Right now -- Basara is standing at the intersection to decide if he really has the power to be able to protect Zest, but the situation isn't really 「No Problems at all」 like Sheera said.

"Zest… Let me ask you first, are you really willing to have a Master-Servant Contract with me?"

Thus, Basara ask Zest who was before him.

"T-This isn't something that can be selfishly decided by me alone, I would still need the approval of Mio-sama and the others."

Towards Zest who replied with her head lowered while biting her lower lip, Toujou Basara continued:

"--I have already obtained their approval for this."

"Eh--! …?"

Zest raised her head from the shock.

"We have already discussed this matter before we had come here. If it was deemed that there is a need to, I will bring you back together with me -- and they gave their approval."


"They -- of course includes Mio."

Mio-sama she…? …Is it - really the truth?"

Basara then put on a smile, and said to the dumbfounded Zest:

"It's the truth. It exactly because that's the kind of person she is, that's become the reason why I will protect her no matter what… So if you are willing to, I hope that you can help me in protecting her -- protecting my proud and arrogant little sister, Zest."


"If you are willing to help me in protecting her… I too will also protect you with my all."

Finishing, Toujou Basara gazed at Zest sincerely. After a long period of silence--

"………I refuse."

Basara heard it -- Zest's extremely soft voice saying out her rejection.

Thus, [I see], those words came to Basara's mouth -- but they never made it out of his mouth.

Reason being, Zest hasn't finished speaking. Those are, her feelings that have always been suppressed up till now.

"I too want to protect Mio-sama, but… I do not want Basara to be protecting me, or else it would make the Master-Servant Contract meaningless. I wish to become your maidservant, to truly become your subordinate… to live for you only, and go through happy and tough times together."


Zest poured out her own thoughts, and after Basara said her name--

"Please, Basara… Please allow me to remain by your side forever!"

She pressed herself against Basara's chest.

To which Basara whispered into her ear: [Yes.] -- his own choice.

"……Sheera, looks like I'll be troubling you once again."

The moment he finished his sentence, a magic circle opened up beneath them on the bath's floor.

In order to let Basara and Zest make the Master-Servant Contract.

"--Thank goodness that the efforts I spent on preparing these won't go to waste."

As if knowing that this would happen, that small young and glamorous succubus smiled, and said:

"If you want it to be like Mio's and Yuki's, the Contract would need to be made through a succubus's power."

And at the same time, a magic circle appeared on the back of Basara's hand.

After that -- there was no need to say[23] what came after that.

Basara stretched his right hand towards Zest, who respectfully kneeled and received the palm -- and lightly kissed the magic circle.

Basara and Zest were then immediately enveloped by the light indicating that the Contract has been completed.

…With that…

Zest is now finally Basara's subordinate, but for the question of whether is he able to be able to protect Zest, it still depended on whether his good fortune will last. Feeling the weight of the responsibility on him increasing, Basara raised Zest's hand to aid her in standing up. It was then--


Zest gave a cutesy scream, and limply remained attached to Basara. Taking a closer look, the collar-like markings on Zest's throat showing the activation of the curse could be seen.

The unbelievable amounts of pleasure, caused Zest's whole body to tremble while she was in Basara's arms.

…S-So this is…

Although it was somewhat painful, the pleasure that was stronger continued flowing out from the depths of Zest's body. Within the fresh numbness and aches, Zest is now currently experiencing her indescribable first experience. This sweetness that she is experiencing right now -- so this is the happiness that belongs solely to women. Just then--

"W-Why…? Didn't making the Contract go smoothly?"

Basara had questions, while holding Zest within his arms. This development seemed exactly just like the developments that happened during the contract making with both Yuki and Mio. However, Zest had indeed kissed that magic circle before it disappeared unlike Mio and Yuki -- in fact, Zest herself too doesn't know why things had turned out like this.

"Ara… So it turned out like this."

Apparently this was also beyond what Sheera had expected.

"I would say that this would be that although you said that there's no problem, deep within Zest's heart, she is worried that she would cause you unneeded trouble now that she's your subordinate, which had activated the curse."


The reason why Zest harboured guilt, turned Basara speechless.

" ! …I-I'm very very sorry…I have no intention of doubting your words… Aaaoo!"

Although she was on the verge of crying, Zest still continued trying to quell the anger she thought Basara must be feeling while gasping heavily.

"Basara-ya, there's something that I have to reveal… Although my current power is far from the levels during my prime, my succubus powers are still stronger than Maria's. So, the effects of the aphrodisiac curse are very likely to be much stronger than that of Yuki's and Mio's."

"Yes, I can see that!"

Basara then flared up while hugging Zest in his arms.

"Don't panic… Zest's powers are above Mio and the others, and the guilt she has probably isn't really deep, so she'll probably be able to take it longer than them."

"Is that supposed to be consolation? Anyway, thanks for providing that piece of information."

Basara sighed, and laid Zest on the floor of the bath.

" ! …Basa-ra…?"

As this was her first time experiencing pleasure, Zest had no idea how she should take it, so she could only just look at Basara in a daze.

"Zest, please bear with it a little longer. I will soon make you yield, and free you."

Thus -- Toujou Basara said:

"Accept me -- as your Master."

Those words are just what Zest wanted to hear -- so, despite the overwhelming pleasure shaking her body--

"……Yes, Master Basara!"

Zest gave a small smile and stretched out her hands, and said from the very bottom of her heart:

"Zest is Master Basara's maidservant… Please make everyone remember that clearly!"

And so Basara nodded -- and silently, his hands went towards Zest's breasts.


Not just Zolgear, that body part which no male has ever touched before -- in those days after leaving Basara side, those days where her endless yearning for him and dreaming about being at his mercy caused changes within her body, turning her breasts into an alluring size. That very evening, when those very breasts were about to be encroached on by the city guards, Basara had stopped them which meant that he had protected her chastity -- that was the first time Basara had protected her.

…Ah ha…

Hence, with the moment of Basara finally caressing those breasts of hers finally arriving, Zest's heart was beating in happiness. Just seeing his hand getting closer and closer -- raised her desires and anticipation higher and higher.

And then, Basara began caress those plump and obscene breasts of hers -- and it was in that very moment--

The aftermath of her breasts being caressed for the first time, was a body-shaking female climax. It was then, Zest's subjugation had begun.

Her eyes rolling and her memories now in short bits and pieces, Zest then slowly regained her normal vision, and upon seeing Basara still at her side--

…How moving, Master Basara and I are finally…!

--In the past, Zest had witnessed the scene where Basara and Yuki made the Master-Servant Contract, and also the scene where Basara, Yuki, Mio and Maria had taken a bath together in the Toujou Residences' bathroom. Back then, she had secretly decided. That if she were to one day be subjugated by Basara, she wanted it to happen in a bathroom. That very wish had now come true, and Zest kept shouting Basara's name, wanting to share the happiness she felt; however, since Basara wanted to subjugate Zest as soon as possible, the caresses that were originally gentle quickly became stronger--

"Aahh! Yaaah! Fuuaa-aahhaaa…. Yaa-aaaahh! …Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh♥"

The caresses on Zest's breasts very quickly turned wild, allowing room for only gasps and the pleasure filling up every pore of her body, her burning desires eventually turned her brown-coloured flesh into a wet and bright lewd colour.

And as if wanting to express the pleasure she felt, the twisting and quivering of her body continued, and she let out gasps of lewdness.

…My goodness… My breasts has already become so salacious[24]…

Basara's fingers dug into the flesh, rapidly kneading Zest's breasts into various lewd shapes -- emphasising its softness to none other than Zest herself.

Lewd… The fact that Basara is having his way with her breasts, as well as the pleasure resulted from that, are lewd. Being seen by Basara in this state, further intensified the pleasant feeling within her. Soon, Zest saw the tips of her breasts begin to get excited from the pleasure, swelling up and becoming hard. As her breasts melted into pleasure, that very part became harder and harder.

As Basara kneaded Zest's breasts, those extremely sensitive tips, were then rubbed in between his thumb and forefinger. It was in that very moment--

"Ya-- Fuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh♥"

Another orgasm at a level where the first one could never compare to, caused Zest's body to spasm; arching her back and sticking out her butt, her waist to hips were raised uncontrollably. Basara's right hand then went around Zest's waist, and lifted her up. By the time she felt a floating sensation, Basara was already face to face with her straddling his crotch.

By the time she realised that, one of tips of her breasts were already being sucked in his mouth.


Although something happened and her thoughts hadn't caught up to what she was feeling, Zest's femininity told her that she too also needed to start moving. And so, Zest's hands went around Basara's neck, and she put some force into the legs around his waist -- at the same time, Basara also disappeared from her sights. All of a sudden, she felt some unrest from the thought that he might have cast her aside.

But that was wrong, as Basara was still in front of her.

--It was the mirror on the ceiling of the bath that had confirmed that fact.

While orgasming, Zest's eyes then met with the her in that mirror.

…This is, me…?

What the reflection of the mirror showed, is not the cold and frosty Zest she was in the past, but gasping from the tremendous climaxes with a lewd smile -- it was just simply a girl intoxicated in pleasure.

--However, she didn't mind, just how lewd her own expression is. Compared to this, Basara sucking her breasts and his hands relentlessly kneading her butt -- the pleasure brought about from those sensations are much more important.

"Ya,aahh… Ah! W-Why…is, my body, getting hotter and, hotter… Fuaahhh!"

Despite climaxing continuously, the curse showed no signs of going away. Her upper body arching to its limit again due to another orgasm, what vision imperceptibly[25] became that of what is behind her now.


Over there in her sights, is Sheera. She was looking at the scene of Zest lewdly orgasming, with a coquettish[26] smile that didn't match her young appearance; her lips seemed have said something and after fidgeting a bit, she then went towards the entrance of the bath.


Is she going to leave before witnessing the end of Zest being subjugated by Basara? With her awareness being broken up by the waves of pleasure, Zest couldn't understand what Sheera had just said, it was as if like the strong sensations had paralysed her sense of hearing. However -- Zest found out the answers very quickly. Gripping her shoulders, Basara then pulled her towards him, making her sit up straight.

After that, the lips of Basara's mouth in front of Zest's eyes started moving.

Zest didn't know how to read lips.

But she was able to forcibly make out the words [I'm] and [ear].

After that -- Basara's lips began to slowly near her ear.

…Master Basara, are you…?

Basara had already kneaded her breasts and butt out of proportions, so in that moment, she couldn't understand just what Basara was going to do.

And in the next moment, Zest realised a truth and an answer.

It seems that the ears are full of erogenous zones -- and that, that area is her weak spot.

"…Um, Basara, are you alright?"

Maidservant Noel shouted out at the large bath for male guests' use.

She had been asked by Mio and the other to check on Basara since he still hasn't returned for a long time after entering the bath.

The basket in the changing room contained not only Basara's clothes, but also Zest's and Sheera's clothes.

They all are indeed inside the bath, but could the reason why they were taking so long--

--Did they faint in the bath from soaking too long?

Should I go inside to check? As Noel became indecisive--

Zest's scream came from inside the bath.

" ! --A-Are you alright…--!"

Rushing into the bathing area not knowing what happened -- she then saw it.

The scene of Zest's ear in Basara's mouth, and Zest experiencing a massive climax. Her waist and hips trembled violently, shaking her large pleasure-filled breasts about.


Noel's legs became weak, and she collapsed onto the floor. Just then--

"--My my, this girl really knows how to pick a great time to come."

A giggling voice came from her side, and a pair of hands covered her eyes from behind her. As if her thoughts were seen through, she then heard someone whispering into her ear.

『However, it would be for the best if you forget what you saw here. You are to immediately return to the room Mio and the others are and tell them that Basara will not be returning tonight and to not worry -- do you understand? 』


Rapidly nodding her head, Noel then followed the instructions and left the bath.

To head towards the room Mio and the rest are in -- and to tell them that Basara will not be returning for the night.

After successfully sending Noel off,

"Alright… No one will be coming in to disturb us anymore."

Sheera giggled, and--

"…Um, Sheera."

"Basara said while hugging Zest:

"You were right, about Zest's weak spot being her ear… Thank you."

On the neck area of Zest who had already lost consciousness after Basara bit her ear, the markings of the curse has already vanished. However--

"Ara, Basara… Isn't it too early to be thanking me?"

"What do you mean…?"

Sheera then said to Basara who began to feel doubt:

"What you did just now, was merely to use pleasure to make Zest unconscious, a measure used in emergencies. Didn't she activate the curse due to being worried over causing you problems as your subordinate? Unless you managed to make her really feel 『I am not causing trouble for Master Basara』 and 『I am able to give my assistance to Master Basara』, the curse will activate again when she regains consciousness and becomes stable."

"Then -- what I did just now--"

"Don't worry… Your efforts have not gone to waste."

Sheera then came to where the two of them were, and touched Zest's cheeks--

"Alright, Zest… Time to wake up."

After gently saying that, Zest then opened her eyes slowly.


"Do you remember? You had fainted partway while you were serving Basara, so now it's for the best if you continue… Do you not want to be a bother to Basara? Then you better assist him well, and show that to him."

"Master Basara… A bother…?"

Saying so with confusion in her eyes, the markings then appeared once more on her throat.

"Sheera, you…?"

Seeing the curse of the Master-Servant Contract activating and thus started to panic, Sheera raised her hand to stop Basara and said:

"Don't worry… Right now Zest is calm from the tremendous climaxes she had since her memories aren't clear, so her guilt isn't that strong. What you have to do now, is to help her out from this situation. The curse of the Master-Servant Contract has the purpose of reminding the subordinate to be loyal to the Master, so no matter how muddled her memories are, she would still remember the reason for the activation of the curse. Hence, before she starts blaming herself when she completely regains her calm, you have to drill into her the knowledge that her presence and existence will not be harmful but beneficial to you, to give her the confidence to remain by your side as your subordinate."

After all--

"The tipsy state she is in right now will make it easy for her to reveal her true thoughts. If you were to accomplish that, the curse will no longer activate when she regains her calm after that."

That is the only way to make Zest to be able to continue living as Basara's subordinate.

" ! ……--I understand."

Finally, Basara gave his agreement after thinking over it, and so--

"Come, Zest… hurry up and serve Basara, and prove that you are able to help him."[27]


"To be able to help him, you must be able to do some meaningful things to be able to have pride in being his subordinate… So, hurry up and go serve Basara, he's waiting for you."[28]

Zest nodded, and then wrapped her hands around Basara's neck.

"Master Basara--…"

With a confused and alluring smile, she then pressed against Basara's lips, with her own lips.

Basking in the sweet warmth welling up within her in the aftertaste of her climaxes, Zest kissed Basara.

Because as Basara's subordinate, Zest felt that she must be willing to sacrifice her all for him.

"Nn… Oi, Zest… Mnn?"

Zest drunkenly kissed the misunderstanding Basara even stronger, and just then--

"Basara, you should just let Zest do as she please… She had given up her first kiss to you since she thought that will make you happy, so how could you as the master to reciprocate her feelings?"

After Sheera said that as if scolding him--

Basara's body twitched, and he then pulled Zest into his arms.

Then -- the time to turn them into true Master and Subordinate, began, like as if they were lovers.

--However, it began with just Zest one-sidedly serving Basara.

Despite Zest using her obscene and lewd breasts to continually scrub Basara's body, he showed no resistance at all. However, this made Zest worried.

「…Master Basara, please use my body to tell me, just what do I have to do in order to satisfy you. 」

Giving Basara a kiss as if sending a plea, it appeared that her thoughts had reached Basara's heart. He then began making demands for her -from that moment onwards, Zest began to experience countless numbers of orgasms.

Nibbling her ear while massaging her breast, and her butt - all these made Zest become surprised at just how easily she can be overwhelmed by pleasure, which had caused her to expose her intoxicated and drunk state induced by her orgasms to Basara.

In that regard[29], Zest was not an exception. Reason being that no matter how embarrassed the person became, it will still be insignificant against the bliss and pleasure she experienced. Just as the minute hand of the clock embedded into the wall of the bath finished one round—

"Haah… Nn, chii, chiiiii… Aaahh! Master Basara… Nnnnfff…lyaaaa…"

The kiss between Zest and Basara, basically turned into intense intertwining of tongues and pooling of saliva.

Hands massaging her breasts from behind her back, Zest had twisted her body back to kiss - although the posture brought about some discomfort, it was completely insignificant against the tremendous intense bliss and pleasure Basara gave her. Zest's instincts as a woman were still steadily rising, plunging her into madness. With all signs of morality and discipline and self-control gone from her eyes—

"Master Basara, suck me more… please make Zest's breasts become as sensitive as Mio-sama's…"

Zest shook her breasts around like a spoiled child, to which Basara immediately granted her request. Making Zest sit on his thighs facing him, he began kneading her butt with his hands and latched his lips onto that pair stiff tips of her breasts, and loudly sucked it in. Faced with a simultaneous pincer attack—

"Yaah! Aahh… Fuuu! Nnnhh… Nn-nnuu… Nnnaaaa♥"

Zest wriggled around on his thighs, squirming around intoxicatedly, drunk on the pleasure bestowed on her by her Master's forceful caresses. Since not long ago, something deep within her lower abdomen has already melted into heat, as if it was already ready to cause her to burn up anytime; her wet pleasure-drenched sensitive spot had already begun to pour out lewd juices, causing those juices to continuously flow down her thighs.

She was twerking her hips on a male's thighs - as if competing for the top contender for the world's most lewd lap dance. Zest's lowered sight caught on to just how crazily she was moving her hips about, and it was then she noticed - Basara had also grown up due to a male's reaction.

…Master Basara, because of me, you had already become so…

For someone like her to be able to make Basara become this excited - this fact, made Zest with her already-very-sensitive body even more excited; with her blazing flames of passion, large amounts of saliva suddenly built-up in her mouth.

After swallowing that saliva back down in one gulp—

"Master Basara… Ah…"

Zest slowly slipped down off Basara's thighs, and knelt down before his waist.

A subordinate who only cared about her own indulgence in pleasure ad neglected her master's satisfaction has got no worth to exist. That was the reason why she then slowly raised her eyes to look at Basara, to make a request to Basara with her wet eyes.

Basara did not say anything—

And gently stroked her head with his hand with a calm expression[30] on his face.

That was enough. Even without any words, that was enough to let Zest understand that Basara has given her his clearance.

--Thus using her mouth, Zest began to serve Basara's private area.

And what happened after that, was just ecstatic - causing Zest to close her eyes, and gathered all of her consciousness into her mouth and tongue that was being used to serve Basara. Later after that—


Zest opened her eyes, and realised that both she and Basara were lying on the floor of the bath with their legs entangled together.

The two of them were also stark naked. Basara's face was buried within Zest's breasts, breathing normally.

Just what exactly happened? - Zest was of course stunned[31], and just then—

"—Are you awake, Zest?"

A very leisurely voice came over to her. Turning around to look, she saw Sheera sitting at the edge of the bath.

"Sheera-sama, I…"

"You probably should still remember - no matter how intoxicated with pleasure you've become, you will still definitely remember the situation when the curse of the Master-Servant Contract activated."


Those words vividly awakened Zest's memories from not too long ago. Although Basara's male pheromones[32] made her feel dizzy, the fact that she currently was still latched onto Basara's avatar[33]still remains.

『Nnhh… Nnfuu, fuuu, lyuu, chuu… Master Basara♥Hapuuf… Ann, chuu…nnn… Haafff, chuu…Puuuff…yeuu…nnaa… Ah-pchh…』[34]

Using her tongue to carefully entangle it, Zest intricately served it with her mouth, and Basara's stiff avatar also twitched excitedly in her mouth - in order to satisfy Basara even more, the intoxicated Zest decided to go with trial and error, to search for a way that Basara would like.

『Nnn… Aahh… Aaoo, Master, Basara… Haahh… Aaahh… Fuahh♥』

That's right - not only using her mouth, Zest also utilised her large full breasts later on; completely enveloping Basara's avatar, she had also completely immersed herself into serving Basara with her own breasts.

It was different from when Basara sucked on them - with the effects of friction and other things due to Zest's breasts gripping onto it, lewd sounds sounded out with every single movement her breasts made. The joy from serving Basara, combined with the immorality from wantonly[35] rubbing it with her breasts, inextricably[36] raised Zest's lust even higher.


Zest finally remembered the ecstasy she had felt when she and Basara and finally met again. She then forcefully pushed the Basara attempting to fire onto her breasts to the floor of the bath, and after clasping her arms around his waist, she pushed herself against him - plunging Basara's avatar into her mouth once again.

--After that, that major historical event replayed itself vividly in Zest's mind.

Making her remember - the events of Basara's hot torrents[37] flooding her, as well as--

(…Master Basara, Master Basara, Master Basara…♥)

Her swallowing it all, while calling his name countless times in her heart. With every movement she had made with her head, that viscous pleasure had poured even more of itself into her body - just that was already more than enough to bring her up to a continuous string of climaxes, plunging her whole body into overwhelming bliss, causing every single part of her to shake. At the end, as all of that flowed past Zest's throat--


Remembering what had happened after that, a cold chill suddenly assaulted her body.

"—have you remembered it?"

As if seeing through Zest's emotions, Sheera smiled and said:

"You were very fierce and abrupt when you lost yourself in playing… As if this being your first time isn't enough, you had kept harassing Basara non-stop - doing it three times with your mouth, and two times with your breasts in between that - I can see that you have a really bright future ahead of you. Basara must have already accumulated a lot of damage - be thankful that you have such a strong master, okay?"


While embarrassed to the point of wanting to make herself disappear, Zest nodded. Even if it was while being plunged into total bliss, lusting for Basara like she had just did is just too embarrassing for her to face. But she still remembered with every eruption[38] Basara had made on Zest's breasts and in her mouth, he would also cry out her name.

To show that he also wanted her[39]. That's why--

Zest felt her neck - there were no signs of the collar markings of the Master-Servant Contract's curse, as well as any lingering signs of the sweet aphrodisiac. In other words, that is the best evidence to show that she had served him well and had fulfilled her responsibility of serving Basara - that's why, she could no longer hold it back.

Before the gap in her memories, what she had whispered while her legs and Basara's were entangled:

"…I really did it. I finally became Master Basara's subordinate - and family."

Cuddling against the sleeping face of her very much cherished Basara, Zest whispered it again. Then--

"Congratulations on being reborn, Zest… As a precaution, please answer my question first."

Sheera then continued:

"—towards becoming Basara's subordinate and being by his side, do you still harbour any doubt?"

[None at all.] While trying to hold back her tears, Zest shook her head to answer her former master's question.

With no more guilt towards becoming Basara's subordinate - all that's left in her is purely bliss.

名目: used to describe a [standard]. E.g. the nominal currency exchange rate a nobleman ranking above a count and below a duke. A more respectful version of calling someone is used here kill a gesture expressing deferential respect, such as a bow or curtsy Miss Yuki is used here, like the many places in the text the one where people stretch their backs after waking up in the morning a confused heap; an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation most likely a reference to F.A.P. - [F]or [A]cademic [P]urposes; masturbation material search the aforementioned material underarms / armpit Miss Noel Mr. Klaus [Chinese]little sis, she refers to Basara and the rest like her little siblings, like the previous chapters house/castle calling Zest her imouto cause you pain? Rather than customs of a community, it seems more like ones that of a cult It's starting to get spiritual Chinese language puns, referring to an erection Not the real hero in this story. The Hero of Youths, one who is able to 'control' his own libido sarcastic in a scathing and bitter way had the urge to use the word [narrate] instead having or conveying undue or indecent interest in sexual matters so slight, gradual, or subtle as not to be perceived behaving in such a way as to suggest a playful sexual attraction; flirtatious Sheera's line Sheera's line too the revelation of that state in the previous paragraph was supposed to be [peaceful expression], but it didn't seem to fit stunned/shocked referring to something that has been discharged male private part various and lots of sound effect text that I have no idea how to put into English. Basically, I tried partially improvising here, so accuracy can't be guaranteed sexually lawless or unrestrained; loose; lascivious; lewd: wanton behavior incapable of being disentangled, undone, loosed, or solved ejaculate; what comes out during ejaculation ejaculation [lusted for her] is the exact translation, but might not have been the best to use. Double meaning here: [To lust for her] and [To accept her as a subordinate/servant]

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