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Wearing a vividly red long robe and cloak, Zhu Rong was stunningly handsome. His long hair fluttered without being blown by the wind, while every single hair of his was burning with a raging fire. A glowing red wine calabash was held in his left hand. At the moment, Ji Hao almost mistook Zhu Rong as Yu Yu.

Fortunately, although Zhu Rong and Yu Yu might look similar on the outside, and even their wine calabashes looked the same, Yu Yu was proud, and was far away from the secular world. He was just like a tens of thousands of years old pine tree, standing on top of the highest cliff, elegant and free, without giving even a slight little bit of worldly feeling. Zhu Rong was fierce and potent, like an erupting volcano, and also like a powerful prehistorical beast, releasing a sense of danger all the time. Therefore, Ji Hao blinked his eyes, clearly seeing Zhu Rong, who was coughing loudly.

Zhu Rong’s face was terribly pale, and the power vibration releasing from him was unsettled. Coughing intensely for a few times, a few drops of blood hung on Zhu Rong’s mouth corner. The blood of the God-kind was mysterious, sucg that the blood coughed out by Zhu Rong burned intensely, transformed into streams of fiery light and was absorbed by his long hair.

Ji Hao took a few steps forward, then the fiery gate behind him closed thunderously. He solemnly bowed to Zhu Rong and said, "Lord Zhu Rong, what happened? Did you fight against top-grade powerful non-humankind beings? Otherwise, who could possibly hurt you?"

Zhu Rong raised the wine calabash in his hand and violently knocked on Ji Hao’s head.

Bang! The wine contained in the calabash clattered, which was quite pleasant to hear. But Ji Hao saw countless stars dazzling, while a large swelling quickly bulged on his forehead. This strike nearly knocked Ji Hao out.

"Lord Zhu Rong? How can you call me that? Hm, change it now. Do the same as Man Man, call me Abba when you’re happy, and when you’re not happy, call me father, the Fire God."

Zhu Rong then laughed, covered his mouth with his left hand and coughed again. Afterward, he leaned his head, gave a sideway glance at Ji Hao and laughed, "Seriously, when will you and Man Man have a cute chubby baby?" Clicking his tongue, Zhu Rong continued, "Kid, you’re way too slow. Back then, when I met Man Man’s mother, I made her mine in three days, only three days!"

Ji Hao strugglingly looked at Zhu Rong with a badly twisted face, as if he was looking at a crazy man.

Standing aside, the fire dragon paused, then abruptly lied down, laughing out wildly while rolling on the ground, with its claws holding its belly. Zhu Rong’s look changed. He threw a heavy kick on the dragon’s head, generated a shrill howl out of that dragon. The dragon was sent flying away by this kick, straight into the air along with a bright stream of fiery light. Ji Hao didn’t know where the dragon would be sent to.

"Ha, I was too nice to them, these unruly things even dare to laugh their own master now." Zhu Rong laughed again, scratched his scalp, then looked at Ji Hao’s struggling, twisted face and said, "Alright, alright, let’s not mention babies now. Hm, just follow me."

A sphere of flame wrapped Zhu Rong up. He transformed into a dazzling stream of flame, roaring into the sky. Followed by a rumbling series of noise, eye-piercing spheres of flame burst in the air. At lightning speed, Zhu Rong flew towards the south.

Where Ji Hao was standing should be a square on Zhu Rong Peak, as a great number of palaces wrapped in raging fire could be seen in the surrounding area, and countless Zhu Rong Family warriors guarded every vital spot. Seeing Zhu Rong flying away, these warriors all knelt on one knee and growled ‘Goodbye, Master!’. Ji Hao gave a grin, then transformed into a golden beam of light and rushed into the sky. He silently flashed across the air and followed closely behind Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong flew in the front while Ji Hao followed behind him. The flame transformed from Zhu Rong lit half of the sky up, and even the clouds were burned red. Meanwhile, sky-shaking thunders could be heard without an end, and the strong vibration could make anyone even thousands of miles away feel it hard to breathe. Wherever Zhu Rong flew across, countless living creatures on the ground would kneel and kowtow to him, and even bugs in brushwoods dared not to make any sound.

The golden beam of light transformed from Ji Hao followed behind Zhu Rong closely. He flew swiftly fast, but completely silent. Looking from a distance away, one would find that the golden light transformed from Ji Hao was fast and indescribably sharp, slicing the sky open like a fierce golden sword.

Zhu Rong turned around and glanced at Ji Hao, popping out his eyes in surprise as he said, "Good boy, you’re so weak but can fly so fast?! Am I too old? Or your flying magic is truly so magical?"

Followed by a thunderous boom, a ten-miles long streak of fiery light burst from behind Zhu Rong, as he boosted his speed up by ten times, and left Ji Hao over ten miles behind within a second.

Ji Hao flashed again across the air. He activated his sun power as much as he could, and his body merged into the sunlight. Under the sun, he could reach anywhere he saw within a second, only with a thought.

Zhu Rong flew fast, but Ji Hao chased faster. Flashing across the air for a few times, Ji Hao caught up with Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong was even stunned by Ji Hao’s amazing flying speed. In shock, he yelled, "Good boy, good boy. You…Haha, what a shame, why aren’t you my son?"

Ji Hao’s face turned twisted and dark again. He looked at Zhu Rong, and helplessly responded, "Lord Zhu Ro…Eh, A-Abba, what are you talking about?"

Zhu Rong sighed, showed his teeth while shaking his head, then said, "I am talking in human language, can’t you understand? My seventh son is too incapable. I sent him to Pu Ban City and agreed to let him compete for the throne of the human emperor, which I regret now, because he doesn’t have the ability!"

Casting a complicated glance at Ji Hao, Zhu Rong shook his head and said, "If you were my son, and if a half of your bloodline was from the humankind, I would certainly support you and help you to attain the throne of the human emperor. Ha, shame, what a shame… My seventh son, that kid…Zhu Rong Tainming? He called himself ‘the chosen one’? Without my support, he’s chosen by no one!"

Ji Hao was silently shocked. ‘So it turned out that Zhu Rong knew everything?’ thought Ji Hao.

Zhu Rong Tianming joined the competition for the throne of the human emperor in a big way, and he had been recruiting in a massive scale in Pu Ban City. Besides Bo Qiujia, Priest Corpse and the other supporters, Zhu Rong had also been helping him with that, hadn’t he?

Zhu Rong stopped speeding up. Instead, he flew side by side with Ji Hao, high up in the air. A while later, Ji Hao finally couldn’t restrain his curiosity anymore and let the question out, "Abba, do you really support Zhu Rong Tianming to compete for the position of the human emperor?"

Zhu Rong wasn’t going to lie about this. He responded straightforwardly, "A half of his bloodline is from the humankind. Therefore, he is qualified for that position. Not to mention anything else, only for all the sacrifices we, our Zhu Rong Family, have been making to the humankind, it’s reasonable for a human emperor to emerge from our family."

Ji Hao was confused. He truly didn’t know what sacrifice had Zhu Rong Family been making for the humankind.

Zhu Rong Family was domineering Southern Wasteland. Except for special days, Zhu Rong rarely went to Pu Ban City to meet the human emperor. What could he do for the humankind?

While Ji Hao was wondering, about this, a tremendous lava lake appeared in Ji Hao’s sight. Zhu Rong grabbed Ji Hao’s arm and brought him into the lava. Diving down for tens of thousands of miles, a fire bronze divine palace could be seen in the front.

Zhu Rong smiled and said, "Ji Hao, do you know why can Zhu Rong Family people be the Great Libation of the humankind, generation after generation, and hold the power of sacrifice of your humankind?"

"The reason is in here. Our Zhu Rong Family is secretly suppressing the evils for the humankind… forever."

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