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In the starry void of Pan Gu world, stars seemed to be quite close to each other, but in fact, the distance between any two stars could take one hundred times longer than the entire life of a human Senior Magus to travel across. Even with so much time, a human Senior Magus might still not be able to reach one star from another.

A gigantic ship, which had a dragon head and a phoenix tail, and was wrapped in a splendid light, was moving swiftly in the starry void of Pan Gu world. The ship was over a thousand miles long, and on both its sides, eighteen pairs of roc-wing-like, enormous golden wings had been flapping quickly, generating fierce gusts of wind. Rapidly flowing golden streams of air puffed out from these wings, pushing the ship forwards at an amazing speed, even faster than the speed of light.

This was a sky-patrolling dragon ship, a warship of the ancient heaven. Ancient divine Gods used to patrol across the whole world and awe all Pan Gu world creatures with this ship.

A ship like this wasn’t produced with manpower. Instead, it was a naturally crafted, world-accompanying spirit treasure generated by the great natural rewarding power that occurred when the world was created. The total number of warships like this was one-thousand, two-hundred and ninety-six; this number could also represent the whole world. The types of this kind of warships included ‘one of integrity’, ‘five natural elements’, ‘six opportunities’, ‘seven stars’, ‘eight directions’, ‘nine grids’, ‘ten positions’, and the others.

The non-humankind intruded this world and started a long lasting war against the ancient heaven. Over a thousand sky-patrolling dragon ships had been destroyed in the war. Therefore, many people now believed that this kind of warship had already ceased to exist in the world. No one knew that Kua E and his brothers still had a sky-patrolling dragon ship. Although it wasn’t one of those famous ones, it was indeed a top-grade amazing treasure.

The flying speed of the sky-patrolling dragon ship was way faster than the flying speed of Kua E and his brothers themselves. Countless stars were left behind, as they smoothly controlled the ship to move forward, with the help of the strong magnetic tides between stars. Just like a ship moving in an ocean, the dragon ship swished along the magnetic tides, as nimbly as a fish.

Gradually, they moved deeply into the starry void, and no trace of living beings could be found anymore.

The surrounding stars looked like enormous eyes that silently stared at them. It made Kua E and the other thousands of divine Gods quiver, while looking at these stars in awe, for an unknown reason.

Some stars were sparkling brightly, and had countless palaces and mansions faintly visible on them. Those were homes of many ancient Gods, the owners of the stars. The ancient heaven was incredibly powerful, that every star had its owner, and the owner of every star had a giant number of powerful divine warriors under his or her command.

Back during the peak period of the ancient heaven, any order given by the five divine emperors could shake the starry void of the entire Pan Gu world, and make all living beings shiver, including the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind. Back then, not a single race dared to go against the ancient heaven.

Eventually, this legendarily powerful ancient heaven fell. Among countless divine Gods, star owners and powerful divine warriors, only thousands managed to survive, including Kua E and his brothers. Not to mention the fact that the palaces and mansions on these stars had all been empty since long ago, and even the heaven on Sky Pillar was now cold and quiet. Most palaces in the heaven hadn’t been touched for countless years.

"Heaven, heaven!"

Kua E stood on the deck, sighed slightly and said, "We follow the rules of our ancestors, stayed in the heaven generation after generation, never took anything that belonged to the humankind or any mortal race. Even for the meat and wine, we traded with our labor from those mortal races."

"But the heaven, oh, the heaven. Will the heaven ever rise again? Do we still have a hope? Generation after generation, we stay in that empty place. The number of our people turned smaller and smaller, while we became weaker and weaker. Every generation is weaker than the old one…By staying like this, will we truly have a hope?"

A few especially tall divine Gods walked to behind Kua E. Among them, a horned divine god, whose body was entirely glowing, and had a pair of white-scaled dragons coiled around his waist, said loudly, "Big brother, the heaven will certainly rise again. Our ancestors set the rules, so even if the heaven becomes colder and more boring, we have to guard it as we are supposed to."

Puffing up his chest, he rubbed his own belly and laughed, "Besides, we can never starve to death. It’s just that we love to eat and drink, so we trade for meat and wine from the humankind. This is indeed a bit humiliating to our ancestors, but in fact, even if we don’t eat and drink…"

Kua E licked his own mouth corner, pointed at the horned divine god and laughed, "Stop saying these nice words. If I truly let you shut the gate of the heaven and stay in without getting any meat or wine from the humankind, I bet you would start crying in starvation within three days. How many years have we been brothers? Don’t I know about you guys?"

On the dragon ship, the group of divine gods laughed out loud together, even bending their waists. Their bright and resonant laughter spread far, far away.

The flying speed of the dragon ship was amazingly high, and added with the help of the magnetic tides between stars, the speed was even higher. Another twenty-four hours had passed, and more stars were left behind. By now, they were already too far away from Midland.

Abruptly, a large cloud of black dust drifted in the front. A halfway collapsed black star floated in the vast void. On the surface of the star, countless palaces and mansions were visible to be collapsed, and among those dilapidated walls, the skeletons of dragons phoenixes, rocs and many other legendary ancient creatures were leaning.

Around this black star, tens of thousands of different sized stars floated. These stars lifelessly floated within the black dust, and the star powers released from them all sensed fierce and vicious.

"This is…Luoho Star!" A winged divine God, who had smooth and jade-white skin, yet was thickly covered in golden stripes and had a tiger-head, shouted in shock, "After the great war, Luoho Star never showed up in the void again. Louho Star disappeared along with the spirit stars of the thirty-six-thousand subordinates of Luoho, its owner."

"I didn’t think that Luoho Star and all the thirty-six-thousand subordinate stars are in here." said Kua E in surprise. "Back in the war, if Luoho didn’t lead his warriors to rush into the enemy’s battle formation, destroying the thirteen world-crossing descending great formations of those monsters and disabling those powerful beings from launching attacks in their original world, through the thirteen formations, this world would have been occupied entirely, long ago."

"That battle was so dangerous. The spirit star of Luoho has collapsed, but fortunately, fortunately, the star core is not damaged. Let it rest for a few years, and the star can always recover as before. But Luoho, he, he…" said the horned divine God while sadly shaking his head, "Did he even have a descendant?"

A teasing smirk came from a distance away, "Still have the time to feel sad for a dead one? Why don’t you worry about yourselves at first?"

The thirty-six-thousand stars floating around Luoho star suddenly dazzled with a black light. Countless sharp beams of starlight dazzled all over the void and wove into an enormous web, enveloping the dragon ship entirely.

A fierce aura of killing came, while a tremendous snake slowly wriggled out from a halfway collapsed palace on the Luoho Star.

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