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Tushan Mountain, the base of Tushan Family.

Smoke puffed up into the sky as fiery light dazzled up from all directions. Kua E and thousands of divine gods trod on fiery clouds, casting their great magics and drilling into the ground. They turned the rock and soil into lava which flowed away along with the channels they built. These powerful divine gods drilled into the ground for tens of thousands of miles deep, to dig the foundation for the new Tushan City.

An elderly man, who looked eighty to ninety percent similar to Tushan old man, also with white hair, was surrounded by a group of people, while smilingly sitting on top of a mountain, in the distance.

Quite proudly, this elderly man looked at the construction site, which was ten times larger than Yao Mountain City, then smiled in satisfaction and said, "My big brother is indeed generous. Our Tushan Family is with a large population, and with many wealthy members. We can’t compare with Earl Yao, as he started from a scratch after all. Therefore, we better expand the scale of this city by two hundred percent… Hmm, to allow more of our family members to live in the city, and more troops to be stationed in the city."

A middle-aged man looked at the elderly man in shock and said, "Uncle, the scale of the construction site of our city is already ten times larger than Earl Yao’s city. Are you sure that we’re going to expand it further by two hundred percent?"

The elderly man slapped heavily on the middle-aged man’s head and said, "What’s the big deal to expand it by two hundred percent? Nothing will happen except it costing more money, isn’t that true? Speaking of elite warriors, our Tushan Family may not be as good as the others, but in terms of financial resources, except for the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, who dares to compete against us?"

Narrowing his eyes, the old man proudly laughed and continued, "The dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind possess more treasures than we do, but speaking of active capital, we might even be richer than the combination of the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind."

Waving his hands, the old man continued generously, "Go tell brother Kua E to expand the scale of the construction site by two hundred percent. They will still be treated with the best meat and the best wine, double portions since today! Their stomachs will be satisfied, and the salary will also be doubled! All in all, this Tushan City of ours have to be an unshakable property, that will serve generations of our descendants and last for hundreds of millions of years."

A few Tushan Family people hurriedly ran into the construction site, found Kua E and a couple of his brothers and talked to them.

Kua E and his brothers paused, then excitedly slapped their own chests.

"Brothers, big deal, big deal, expand the scale of Tushan City by two hundred percent! That means the amount of our work will be over ten times greater than before. Great deal, this will take us more than ten years, and the wages will be enough for us to live freely and happily for over a hundred years."

A group of thousands of meter tall divine Gods raised their heads and cheered out towards the sky. Their strong and resonant voices even shattered the clouds in the higher sky.

Animal howls came from a distance away. Tushan Family slaves drove large groups of livestock and especially crafted vehicles over. Carried on those vehicles were hill-huge piles of grilled meat, grilled till oily, and thickly covered in sauces. Buffalos, goats, tigers, leopards, all kinds of wild animals were cooked into nicely smelling grilled meat, such that dense delicious aroma even spread to tens of miles away along the wind.

Tushan Family was wealthy. Therefore, they treated Kua E and his brothers much more generously than Ji Hao did. That grilled meat all came from carefully selected, healthy and strong wild animals, covered in expensive spices, and cooked by slaves who mastered culinary skills.

The wine served to Kua E and his brothers wasn’t any ordinary type of wine purchased from Pu Ban Market. Instead, that was a top-grade wine produced by Tushan Family, and had been stored in the wine cellar for over a hundred years.

The attractive smells of the wine and grilled meat could be sensed everywhere. Kua E and his brothers sat down on the ground, served by Tushan slaves and happily filled themselves with that delicious meat and wine. Oil flew down from their mouth corners in streams, while they satisfyingly nodded and praised.

On the mountaintop, the elderly man looked at Kua E and his brothers, who had been happily enjoying the banquet, and couldn’t help but shake his head.

"They’re descendants of divine Gods after all, but generation after generation, they have declined. Look at these gobbling big guys, how many years has it been since they filled their stomachs the last time?"

"But, you can’t blame them for that, you just can’t. Ever since the ancient heaven fell, they’ve been keeping their promises, staying in that empty heaven. They wouldn’t even take a single step out of the heaven if they didn’t have to. Besides, they never lay a finger on the natural resources in the world. Instead, they trade for food, wine and money from human beings with their labors. These descendants of divine Gods can indeed follow the rules of their ancestors, they’re not bad."

The group of Tushan Family people turned to the old man, staring at him while hoping to hear more secrets regarding the ancient heaven from him.

What promise? What ancestor rules?

The old man was right. Kua E and his brothers were thousands of meters tall, and were amazingly powerful. But, no one had never heard about any descendant of divine Gods messing around in the territories of the humankind. These powerful beings only came to the human world to sell their labor for food, wine and jade coins. They never even hunted a wild rabbit in a jungle without permission.

"Uncle, what’s the story? We’re young, and we know nothing, can you just tell us?" A Tushan Family young man grinningly bowed to the old man and said.

"This…is a long story…" The old man gave a nice grin, slowly shook his head and was about to start telling the story, but from the construction site, Kua E rushed over to before the faces of this group of Tushan Family people, with only a few steps.

The mountain was around three-thousand-meter tall. Kua E stood beside the mountain, that allowed him to straightly face the group of Tushan Family people. As his giant pair of eyes sparkled brightly, Kua E said to the group of Tushan Family people with a muffled voice, "The constructional work of Tushan City was already immense, and it was quite difficult to collect so many divine materials. Now that the scale of the city is going to expand by two hundred percent, the amount of the required divine materials is not small at all. Elder Tushan Zhi, we…"

Before Kua E finished, the old man smilingly waved his hand and said gently, "Kua E, since our Tushan Family have already decided to build this great city, then we have to build it with the best materials and the most advanced techniques."

Pausing for a second, Tushan Zhi took out a jade board, handed to Kua E and continued, "Regarding divine materials, here, I have a star map. In the star void, is a divine mine which no others know about. Raw materials in that mine are of the best quality, and with great reserves, enough for building our Tushan City."

Kua E paused briefly, then let out a breath on the jade board. The jade board blasted into a splendid sphere of light and drilled into the spot between his forehead.

Carefully checking the star map inside his head, Kua E said in surprise, "It’s not a small distance. Added with the time we will spend on collecting materials, a round trip to this divine mine will take us half a year…hmm!"

Gnashing his teeth, Kua E drummed his own chest and continued, "But, Tushan Family people treated us so kindly, served us with so much delicious food and wine. We can't fail you, can we? Hm, it’s far, but my brothers and I can go together a couple of more times."

Giving a resonant roar, Kua E turned around and shouted to thousands of divine Gods.

The group of divine Gods each gulped a mountain-huge pile of grilled meat, then leaped straight up, trod on fiery clouds and flew up into the sky. Kua E gave another growl then led all divine Gods into the void, heading to the divine mine mentioned by Tushan Zhi.

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