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Yao Mountain City, the Palace of Dao[1] located inside Yao Mountain.

During the recent years, Ji Hao had been traveling around the universe, while Ji Xia managed Yao Mountain City for him. Based on the blueprints provided by Ji Hao, the constructional works of Yao Mountain City Magi Palace and the Palace of Dao had never stopped.

Yao Mountain City Magi Palace was easy to find, as a series of buildings were built behind Earl Yao’s mansion for it, while the Palace of Dao wasn’t as obvious. Yao Mountain was entirely emptied, surrounded by numerous great magic formations created by Yu Yu. With the power of the special magic formation of Dao, called ‘Heaven and Earth dust’, the inside space of Yao Mountain, which was only around ten miles in radius, had expanded to tens of thousands of miles in radius, beautiful and magnificent, just like an artificial fairyland.

Bronze-colored, stately and ancient style halls stood among towering trees, while the bodies of the nine ancient Gold Crow floated in the sky, providing the energy for all creatures in this ‘small world’ to grow.

Groups of children with long white flax robes and relaxed looks, sat on the squares in front of each hall, with crossed legs. They closed their eyes, silently listening to the voice of great Dao coming from a mysterious, immeasurable source.

A faint silhouette of Yu Yu sat in the great hall, located in the core area of the Palace of Dao, also with his legs crossed. Yu Yu had a warm smile on his face while giving a lecture regarding the mysteriousness of the great Dao of nature. Glowing lotuses flew out of his mouth, transforming into sparkling light spots and drifting in all directions.

Yu Yu sent a clone of himself to the Palace of Dao, passing on the knowledge regarding the great Dao to Ji Hao’s new disciples. Clearly, Yu Yu attached great importance to this Palace of Dao founded by Ji Hao.

Yu Yu believed that, with education, there was no distinction between classes or races of creatures. Therefore, in the Palace of Dao, except for tens of thousands of human disciples, countless non-human disciples had also been peacefully sitting or lying on the ground, listening to Yu Yu’s lecture with an incomparable solemn look

Ji Hao’s friend Dragon Pool, and his best mate, the black leopard, were among these non-human disciples.

Because of Dragon Pool and Ji Hao’s relationship, and also because Yu Yu always valued magical creatures like it, Dragon Pool had put down his roots outside the Hall where Yu Yu’s clone stayed in. He reached a few of his branches straight to the door of the hall while concentratedly listening to Yu Yu. That black leopard huddled right beside Yu Yu, with his large head nodding slowly while looking at Yu Yu. From time to time, he would show surprise, shock or smile on his face.

Yu Yu liked Dragon Pool and the black leopard quite a lot. From time to time, he would conveniently point his finger forward and send out thumb-sized golden lotuses from his fingertips. Those lotuses would then merge with the bodies of Dragon Pool and the black leopard, leaving a faint aroma in the air.

In a corner of the Palace of Dao, in an enormous hall, Elder Destiny activated the Destiny Compass, while walking around the compass at a wind speed. His both hands had been quickly changing motions, sending out streams of power onto the compass from time to time. The compass had a complicated structure, as it was formed by tens of layer of round and movable plates. At the moment, the tens of layers of plates had been spinning disorderly, while countless complicated spell symbols sparkled quickly on the surface of the compass, with different colored light.

After he came to Pan Gu world, Elder Destiny and a batch of his people followed Ji Hao’s lead and started their new lives. One day, Yu Yu saw Elder Destiny activate the compass to foresee the future, which stimulated his interests. Therefore, Yu Yu gave a long lecture regarding his own understanding of the great Dao, that lasted for a whole three days. Elder Destiny was enlightened by Yu Yu. Hence, he became Yu Yu’s disciple while Yu Yu became his Shifu.

By now, Elder Destiny had been trying to foresee the future of Pan Gu world with the secret power of destiny possessed only by the king of destiny in Pan Xi world, in combination with the supreme knowledge taught by Yu Yu.

To Elder Destiny, the more future he saw, the faster he would be able to improve; the more secrets he knew, the more powerful he could become, and the longer he could live. He could only foresee the future, but could not speak the future out. If he told the future he saw to no one, he would be able to gain immeasurable benefits, but he would also have to suffer the terrifying consequence as a counterforce of the power of destiny. This was the special cultivation method of Elder Destiny, and even Yu Yu was surprised and clicked his tongue because of this mysterious, magical cultivation method.

The compass of destiny was spinning swiftly. A bright stream of light dazzled up from Elder Destiny’s head. Meanwhile, in the front left, in where the destiny tangled together, he saw some faint and weird images gradually emerging before his eyes. However, before Elder Destiny could see those imagines clearly, a dreadfully great counterforce, that never occurred before, struck down. The compass quaked intensively while shining with countless beams of dazzling light. From the dazzling light, quite a few sword-shaped light streams fiercely hacked on Elder Destiny’s body, broke his bones and forced him back, making him vomit blood.

Following a thunderous bang, Elder Destiny’s head thudded against the wall and created a giant hole. Elder Destiny flew out from the hole and fell on the empty area outside while vomiting blood.

Tens of holy spirits from Pan Xi world sat outside the hall, and had been listening to Yu Yu’s lecture about the great Dao of Pan Gu world. Seeing Elder Destiny fly out of the hall while vomiting blood, they hurriedly stood up, held Elder Destiny up and poured a bottle of life-saving magic pills into Elder Destiny’s mouths.

A faint silhouette emerged in front of Elder Destiny. That was a clone of Yu Yu. In shock, Yu Yu asked, "Destiny, are you…affected by the counterforce of the power of destiny? The natural power system of Pan Gu world is stable and normal recently, nothing wrong happened. How can you be injured so badly?"

If Elder Destiny had only suffered a physical injury, things would be still fine. Although his bones and tendons were broken and some internal organs were damaged, with that bottle of life-saving magic pills, he would be able to recover fully with half a month of rest. Nevertheless, the worst injury happened to Elder Destiny was on his soul. Pan Xi world people didn’t have three soul and six spirits. Instead, the soul of each of them was an integrity, just like a crystal ball.

In Yu Yu’s eyes, a few cracks had appeared on Elder Destiny’s soul, and his soul was nearly shattered. With the current situation, with a slight carelessness, Elder Destiny could perish, both in his body and soul.

Knitting his eyebrows, Yu Yu took out an egg-sized, purple-golden pill and pointed his finger at it. The pill then transformed into two strong streams of power that drilled into Elder Destiny’s nostrils while letting out resonant sounds, that sounded light roars of dragons and tigers. Elder Destiny’s body instantly began shivering intensely, then his soul recovered. As a purple mist lingered around his soul, both the sturdiness and purity of his soul were improved largely.

"Dear Shifu, thank your for saving my life." Elder Destiny freed himself from the group of holy spirits and quiveringly stood straight.

He raised his head and frowned, then continued with a deep voice and a worried look, "Shifu, I saw some terrifying scenes. The flood devoured the sky, and all living beings died. But it seems to have nothing to do with Pan Gu world. Some outer force stopped me from looking into those scenes."

Yu Yu knitted his eyebrows once again. Instantly, his look turned especially serious.


[1]The official name of Ji Hao’s dojo was changed into ‘The Palace of Dao’.

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