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The sun of Pan Jia world…

Over a million miles in radius, it contained inexhaustible scorching power. Even though Pan Jia world was domineered by the water power, the sun of this world was still immeasurably powerful. At least, Ji Hao didn’t have the qualification to control this sun.

Pan Jia made a move herself and sealed the sun and the great Dao of sun, then gifted it to Ji Hao. In this world, with the help of the power of this world, Ji Hao could barely manipulate this sun, just like an ordinarily Qi cultivator manipulating a great treasure which was far more powerful than him or herself, Ji Hao could barely activate the power of the sun and control it.

The sun floated upon the underwater city. Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the sun and compressed it to ten-thousand miles in radius. Yu Yu’s sword light released the four colored divine light, while fierce sword power surrounded the entire area with a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles, isolating this area from the outside world. This ‘tiny’ sun floated above the city, and released its brightness and hotness. Glowing red flames poured down in streams like waterfalls from above the city. Wherever the flame reached, the water would boil, being evaporated into steam in a moment.

Not a single drop of water was left in the underwater city, all of it being evaporated by the sun. The lava-like flame stream descended while turbid waves surged above the underwater city. The protective magic formation of the city had been fully activated, desperately fighting against the sun power.

Layers of waves were evaporated, and the stream swooshed up and disappeared. The bright red sunlight suffused the space hundreds of miles in radius. If Yu Yu’s sword formation didn’t isolate this area, a half of Pan Jia world would boil. The turbid waves above the city were destroyed layer by layer. Aquatic creatures standing on the first layer of wave all let out shrill howls.

The waves they trod upon had already turned into hot stream as countless bubbles popped up. The temperature of the wave was rising crazily and soon, the wave turned into a boiling stream of water. The water in Pan Jia world contained great pure water power. Therefore, the boiling point of the water in this world was incredibly high, over a hundred times higher than the boiling point of the water in Pan Gu world.

Aquatic creatures on the first layer of wave were soaked in the boiling water. Their shells quickly turned red, as the destructive sun power reached their flesh and boiled their bodies broken. Gradually, a dense aroma of fish soup began spreading through the steam.

Kappa looked at the sun floating above his head in shock. He screamed hoarsely, pointing at Ji Hao but unable to say a word.

"I am Earl Yao Ji Hao, entitled by Emperor Shun himself!" said Ji Hao blandly while looking at Kappa, "You and your people insulted the human emperor. You are with the most heinous guilt. If Minister Hao Tao were here, he would behead every single one of you. I am merciful and don’t want to see any bloodshed. Therefore…I chose to cook you into soup, so that no blood will be shed."

Kappa was furious, but still couldn’t say a word. Po and Gui Ling narrowed their eyes and remained silent.

‘Merciful? Don’t want to see any bloodshed?’ But he had actually boiled the ocean and cooked countless aquatic creatures into a giant potful of soup. No matter how one described this, this had absolutely nothing to do with mercifulness, right?

Above the underwater city, hundreds of layers of turbid waves had been surging, and each layer of wave was filled with screaming aquatic creatures.

The first layer of wave had already been boiled. Countless aquatic creatures, who were burned red, dropped their weapons while screaming and desperately dashed down, fleeing to the second layer of wave along with a great heat that lingered in their bodies.

Bone-piercing cold water wrapped up these crying aquatic creatures. A loud sizzling noise was generated when the cold water touched the red and tough shells of some aquatic creatures, that sounded like a cup of icy water being poured on a glowing red iron board.

However, every layer of turbid wave was filled with aquatic creatures. Aquatic creatures from the first layer of wave fled to the second layer, then the second layer instantly turned so crowded and the battle formation was thrown into a mess.

Ji Hao snorted coldly, then sent out a series of magic spells into the sun of Pan Jia world. The fiercely spreading essence sun fire began slowly shrank along with a deep roar. Gradually, all essence sun fire condensed into ten-thousand miles thick flame column. Form the surface of the sun, the golden fire column swooshed down, piercing straight into the underwater city like a sharp sword.

The first layer of turbid wave was evaporated immediately within the span of a few breaths.

Protective light screens of the city were burned out and large numbers of buildings in the city were turned into steam. Only a very few buildings, which served as the cores of the great defensive magic formation of the city, had still been faintly sparkling with a dim watery light. All the other buildings soon turned into nothingness.

Kappa watched this happen while being stupefied. Sun, the sun of Pan Jia world.

He stayed in Pan Jia world for so many years. The sun in this world was so small, weak and insignificant. But based on his hundreds of years of experience, he clearly knew that this was the sun of Pan Jia world.

Was this a joke?

Could Ji Hao actually control the sun of a world?

Even a peak-level Divine Magus…No, even a Supreme Magus could never control the sun of a world!

"Damn you!" Kappa screamed hysterically. He gnashed his teeth and took out a fist-sized, blue bowl from his sleeve. The leaf-shaped bowl contained a shallow puddle of water, that was blue colored with a bright silver luster. That was indeed a shallow bowl of water, but somehow, it seemed to be boundless and bottomless.

"Earl Yao, Ji Hao? I will remember your name! I worked so hard for so many years, collecting the pre-world and after-world original water powers from this world, and with a supreme magic, I made this ‘seven sea water’. This tiny little bit of water includes seven oceans. It’s cold, it’s eternal. I’d like to see what can you do to me!"

Gnashing his teeth tight, Kappa roared, then splashed the seven sea water onto the underwater city.

Following a rumbling series of noise, large silver waves roared towards all directions. Yu Yu’s sword formation isolated this area, but the surging seven-sea water seemed to contain the power of space. After the silver wave suffused the isolated area, this area began expanding speedily.

Ji Hao fully activated his eye power, but as hard as he tried, he could not see the boundary of the seven sea water.

The silver-blue ocean was vast, boundless, with dense watery mist rising from its surface. Numerous towering icebergs were floating in it, swaying along the streams. Occasionally, a few icebergs would clash against each other and generate fierce gales in the air. Next, human-head-sized hailstones would fall like raindrops.

The temperature dropped swiftly, and soon, even the air was frozen into ice crystals.

So powerful. Kappa truly didn’t waste his hundreds of years of time in this world.

Ji Hao snorted and pointed at the sun. The Pan Jia sun fell straight into the seven sea water. From the surface of the sun, immeasurably powerful sun flame rose into directly the sky, and soon, the seven sea water around the sun began boiling.

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