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Among hundreds of millions of races in Pan Gu world, the humankind had a top-grade fertility. The humankind had powerful bloodlines, strong bodies, and in every thirteen to fourteen years, a new generation could be born. In a hundred years, a human being could have multiple generations of descendants. In this way, the humankind rose, grew stronger and stronger.

However, among all races in Pan Gu world, the ones possessing the greatest fertility were these aquatic creatures, who seemed to be so insignificant. A fish or a shrimp could give birth to hundreds of thousands, and even millions of eggs. Only if even one or two in ten-thousand of these eggs could successfully hatch and grow up, the reproduction rate of these creatures would be far higher than the reproduction rate of human beings.

Kappa brought hundreds of millions of mature zygotes from Pan Gu world. He and his subordinates carefully looked after these zygotes and allowed them to hatch, allowing these aquatic creatures to come to this world.

Pan Jia world was suffused by a pure water power that was inexhaustible. Therefore, this place was perfect for aquatic creatures to grow. Human beings could raise a new generation in every thirteen to fourteen years, but these aquatic creatures could do it every year. These creatures grew mature in a few years. On being enlightened by a Kappa with a special magic created by the Water God, they became mature aquatic warriors after a hundred years of cultivation!

Kappa had been in this world for hundreds of years. How many aquatic creatures had he raised in this underwater city?

At first glance, one could see countless aquatic creatures screaming and roaring on top of strong waves, with millions of sharp weapons held in their hands. This formidable army extended for tens of thousands of miles, and had hundreds of layers. On layers of waves, innumerable aquatic creatures lined up orderly and formed a round-shaped battle formation, while shouting loudly towards Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

Kappa and tens of his subordinates, who had been releasing a strong power vibration, stood in the center of the great battle formation, while proudly pointing their fingers at Po, yelling and growing.

"Priest Po, come, just come. Today, I will tell my warriors to not resist, not fight back. They will simply reach their necks out and let you kill them one by one! I have hundreds of millions of warriors in this place. As long as you have the heart to kill them, you, you can just do it, as much as you want. You can cook them into soup, you can fry them, you can slice them and chew them, you can grind them then feed to animals… I don’t care."

Raising his head high, Kappa showed a fearless look, as if he believed that Po dared not to do anything, while wildly shouting and laughing.

"I know you cultivators, you stay away from worldly affairs, because you value the cultivations of your hearts and your minds, in terms of which, no mistake can be done. You, Priest Po, you are kind, you are righteous, and you’re just…You dare not to just start a massacre, you dare not!"

"So what?" responded Po.

Kappa’s wrinkled face showed a complacent grin as he made an insulting gesture to Po and said, "So, just piss off! Priest Po, I am not despising you, and can let my warriors to not fight back and allow you to kill them as much as you can…But do you even dare? Can you even do that? Are you willing to do that?"

Po, Gui Ling and the six disciples glanced at each other, not knowing what to say.

‘Be kind, be righteous and be just,’ Po, Gui Ling and all the other disciples of Yu Yu had always been guided by these principles. Following the great Dao of nature, following the power of the destiny and always being upright, this was their pride, that had rooted deeply in their bones, and had already become their instincts.

If Kappa messed around, they could simply beat him up. But if one asked them to deal with these lowly, weak aquatic creatures, to slaughter these insignificant creatures for defeating Kappa, they could never do such a thing. They didn’t have the heart to do it, neither did they dare to do it.

They deeply understood how terrifying the ‘causes and effects’ could be. Because of these ‘causes and effects’, countless powerful beings had perished. Even them, as Yu Yu’s disciples, dared not to slaughter innocent living beings and to bear the sin. They lived till this moment because they knew about awe.

"Hahaha, haha, haha!"

Kappa laughed out wildly. Abruptly, he grabbed the old turtle over, patted on his head and laughed to Gui Ling, "Priest Gui Ling, this brother of mine is indeed much younger than you, but…"

Gui Ling’s look instantly changed as the black Ruyi in her left hand released a dark beam of light, seeming to fly out. But Ji Hao pressed his hand on the black Ruyi, laughed and said, "Sister, who are you, why will you waste any time on this lowly thing? Saying even a single word to them will humiliate yourself."

"For scums like these, just let me, a bad person, deal with them."

With a weird smile, Ji Hao slowly walked over and laughed to Kappa, "Kappa, do you know me?"

Kappa stayed in Pan Jia world for hundreds of years, while Ji Hao became famous in Pu Ban City in the recent ten years. How could Kappa possibly know Ji Hao? Besides, judging by the sense of power released from Ji Hao, he was merely a Divine Magus, while Kappa was one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. Kappa believed that he could crush young people like Ji Hao with a finger.

"Ignorant kid, piss off. You don’t get to talk to me!" Kappa sneered proudly.

Ji Hao took out a thumb-sized crystal ball which was hiding in his palm. This crystal was secretly developed by Xiu Clan people, and contained unique spell symbols especially for recording sounds and imagines.

Silently activating the crystal ball, Ji Hao said with a cold voice, "Ignorant kid? You have to know that I am a ‘someone’ in Pu Ban city."

"’Someone’? Whoever you think you are, you’re nothing in my eyes!" Kappa and his subordinates glanced at each other, then laughed out loud together.

"I am a human minister entitled by the human emperor!" Ji Hao honestly told to Kappa.

Kappa and his people laughed even louder. Ji Hao looked too young. Not only his face, but the sense of power released from him was also young and immature as well. Ji Hao wasn’t even a hundred years old yet. How dare he claim to be a minister of the human emperor? Among those people who were qualified enough to walk into the Town Hall in Pu Ban City, which one wasn’t countless years old?

"Kid, if you’re a minister entitled by the human emperor, I could be the human emperor’s father!" An unbridled aquatic creature suddenly burst with a shout. Among hundreds of millions of aquatic creatures, surely some could be relatively more stupid than the others. Just now, they cursed Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling with ugly words, those languages they used were truly nasty.

Connived by Kappa, one of these aquatic creatures took the lead. Right after that, countless of them shouted out. They cursed Ji Hao’s ancestors, then mentioned the generations of ancestors of the current human emperor.

Ji Hao grinned, looked at Kappa and said word by word, "I am Earl Yao Ji Hao, entitled by Emperor Shun himself! How dare you people insult the human emperor?! Do you think that our humankind has no rules?!"

Snorting coldly, Ji Hao continued in a harsh tone, "Since you have no idea of rules, I shall teach you a lesson! This world can testify for me, I, Earl Yao Ji Hao, will slaughter these evil creatures today, but not for myself. I will eradicate these scums for the entire humankind!"

Before Kappa, who suddenly changed his facial expression, said anything, Ji Hao let a dazzling fiery light flash out of his forehead.

The sun of Pan Jia world showed up, floating in the air above the underwater city, burning with a raging fire!

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