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The divine light released from the sword formation lit up the enormous pyramid in the dark water area.

The ice pyramid was faint purple in color, sharp at the top and tremendously huge at the bottom. Countless evil mermaids and mermen with twisted faces were sealed in the pyramid.

Unlike those spirit mermaids and mermen peacefully sleeping in that enormous ice land, evil mermaids and mermen sealed in the pyramid were all with twisted faces. They had their eyes popped out, with all kinds of weird postures. Obviously, they struggled desperately before they died. The bodies of some evil mermaids and mermen were even broken, and were thickly covered in bloody wounds.

"My…children…come back willingly…when…tired…"

"Hers…forcibly…devoured…as offering!"

Mother Spirit’s voice came and explained the reason why these evil mermaids and mermen looked so twisted. Before she finished her speech, the brains of those countless evil mermaids and mermen shone with a purple light, that looked like dim flames blazing in a grave. Countless extremely thin purple lights quickly gathered up from the bottom of the pyramid, and within the span of a few breaths, the water in the top area of the pyramid was pushed away by a strong force.

Rapid undercurrents spread out from the top of the pyramid. Those raging undercurrents were as fierce as dragons, roaring towards all directions. The sword light released a dazzling light and shredded all undercurrents one after another.

Po and Gui Ling’ looks turned dark. The power released from the pyramid had already surpassed the upper limits of their own powers. If those undercurrents struck directly on their bodies, they wouldn’t be able to fend themselves easily, despite all their power.

If Yu Yu didn’t lend Ji Hao his sword formation, which was the most powerful magic formation of his, only this wave of undercurrent could kill Ji Hao and all the other cultivators.

A loud quack came from above the pyramid, as the dim purple light sparkled. Meanwhile, a nearly five-thousand-meter tall, beautiful mermaid showed up above the pyramid. She coiled her long fishtail around the top of the pyramid while looking down at Ji Hao and the others with a fierce pair of eye.

In the water ball floating upon Ji Hao’s head, Mother Spirit raised her head, looking at the gigantic mermaid.

Both of them paused slightly as they made an eye contact. Mother Spirit sighed slightly while the gigantic mermaid, whose body was entirely dark purple color, raised her head and furiously roared towards the sky, her eyes filled with craze. Next, she wielded both of her arms, then a bottle and a bead, which had both been releasing a stunningly great sense of power, appeared in her hands.

Ji Hao showed her teeth in shock, then helplessly glanced at Mother Spirit inside the water ball.

Ji Hao thought he could easily gain a great fortune through the deal he made with Mother Spirit, but he didn’t know that Mother Spirit never meant to let Ji Hao gain any easy benefits. According to the images Mother Spirit showed Ji Hao, when she created the world, the two treasures held in her hands was a bottle and a bead. These two treasures were the ones that helped Mother Spirit to create the world. However, they were now held in the hands of the evil half of the true spirit, and Ji Hao and his friends had to deal with this evil half of the true spirit. Seeing this, Ji Hao, Po and Gui Ling’ faces had all twisted!

Waves of dreadfully great spirit power crushed over. The four-colored divine light released by the sword formation hovered, creating a heavy rain of light and firmly fending against the strong spirit power.

Following an angry quack, the gigantic mermaid screamed furiously like a wild beast, without showing any sign of communicating. Contained in the spirit power vibration released from her was nothing but the instinctive desire of hunting and killing.

Buzz! A black watery light dazzled out of the bottle held in the hand of the gigantic mermaid.

The whole world seemed to spin along with the black watery light. Within this boundless, vast water area, all the water had been rotating. Every undercurrent, every whirlpool, every water molecule had been randomly spinning.

Yu Yu’s sword formation quaked intensively, as the four-colored light abruptly stopped moving. Faintly, a part of the divine light was twisted, seeming to begin spinning along with the movements of the water streams.

"Brother Po!" Ji Hao shouted out.

The sword formation was affected, and generated a terrifyingly great counterforce. Ji Hao sensed a great pain from his internal organs, and felt that his primordial spirit was even going to be torn into pieces. He let out a stream of blood, then hurriedly gave up on controlling the sword formation.

Po gave a raging growl. From the top of his head, five clear streams of mist swooshed up for over ten-thousand miles. A dense cloud floated upon the five streams of mist, with three lotuses quietly blooming upon the cloud. On each lotus, a hazy silhouette was sitting with crossed legs. Meanwhile, Po’s both hands sparkled with water-clear Yu Yu’s divine light, while he slapped his hands heavily on the blueprint of the sword formation.


The disordering sword formation quaked slightly. Next, a power of Dao, which was at least a thousand times greater than Ji Hao’s power of Dao, was injected into the sword formation. The power of the sword formation was boosted up immediately. The dark watery light released from the bottle swiftly hovered and surrounded the entire sword formation, but it could no longer shake the sword formation, not even by a little bit.

Po slightly quivered, while a thin stream of blood flew out of his mouth corner. He raised his head and asked Mother Spirit, "My friend, how can this other half of your spirit have completely no intelligence?"

Mother Spirit sighed slightly again. She stared at that gigantic mermaid and responded slowly, "I get the wisdom…she got the instincts…all memories…wisdom…in my heart…she has no wisdom…she has the treasures."

Ji Hao and Po glanced at each other and helplessly nodded.

Spirit Mother’s true spirit was split into two, a good half and an evil half. The good half gained all the intelligence and wisdom while the evil half gained all fighting abilities and survival instincts. This was fine, but the evil half also gained the two spirit treasures.

Before Ji Hao and Po said any other word, Mother Spirit said with the gentle voice, "This…is the…best chance…I stall her…please help me!"

The water ball broke, and a cyan-white light stream dazzled up. Mother Spirit’s body also expanded to thousands of meter tall. She roared resonantly, then rushed towards the gigantic mermaid.

The gigantic mermaid paused, then seemed to be wild with joy as she opened her mouth, biting towards Mother Spirit.

The pressure suffered by the sword formation was eased instantly.

"Sister, brother, lend me a hand!" Po gave a deep shout, then sat on the blueprint with his legs crossed.

Simultaneously, Ji Hao and Gui Ling sent their powers into the sword formation as much as possible. The four-colored divine light hovered, within which, four five-hundred meters long swords swished up, rotated around the evil mermaid’s body and cut her into four.

Mother Spirit was equally powerful as the other half of hers; the difference came from the two supreme treasures.

Yu Yu’s sword formation was incomparably powerful. Po launched a sudden attack with the sword formation, and unless Mother Spirit’s true body was here, neither of the two halves of hers could ever survive it.

Mother Spirit let out a silvery laughter. Her body flashed across water area, transformed into a cyan-white light and immediately wrapped up the broken evil true spirit.

Within the short span of a quarter of an hour, following a frightfully great spirit power vibration, a ten-thousand meter tall, breathtakingly beautiful mermaid showed up in front of Ji Hao and the others.

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