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When the pretty mermaid ordered the group of mermaids and mermen, Ji Hao had already taken the lead to rush out.

That couldn’t go wrong; the clear vocal varieties, the sound with emotion, and the bright light sparkling in the girl’s eyes, all these clearly showed that these human-sized mermaids and mermen were an intelligent group. The girl didn’t just yell without reason. Instead, she was talking with a well-developed language.

Unlike the other mermaid girl who tried to snatch the Moho Staff from Ji Hao’s hands, when this mermaid girl spoke, Ji Hao clearly saw her face. She only had two lines of snow-white, beautiful teeth inside her mouth. Her teeth were slightly sharp, slimmer and longer than human teeth, but at least, those were much better to look at than the layers of sharp teeth inside the fierce mermaid girl’s mouth.

At least, Ji Hao could accept their girl’s appearance, because in general, she looked no different from human beings except for a fish tail.

Puting back the nine suns spear, Ji Hao pulled out the Moho Staff.

The water in surrounding area was agitated as those gemstone eyes on the staff released a dark-blue light, bringing the water currents inside the whole area with a radius of ten-thousand miles under control.

Under Ji Hao’s will, strong undercurrents surged out and struck on the bodies of the tens of mermaids and mermen, who had just rushed out of their nest. They made their bodies sway, and their moves incredibly hard and strained.

These mermaids and mermen screamed madly with twisted faces. They violently flipped their tails while releasing dark-blue light from their bodies. They moved forwards, but with some solid difficulties, because of which, their moving speed had become extremely low.

"Seal!" growled Ji Hao with the Moho staff held in his hand.

The undercurrents coming from all directions suddenly turned as heavy as mountains, surging towards those mermaids and mermen rushing out from their nest. The bodies of these mermaids and mermen immediately turned stiff, just like bugs which had sunk into the resin. No matter how hard they tried to struggle, they could only slightly twist their bodies.

The nest let out a scarily loud growl as its body suddenly turned dark-blue and burst with a bright light. It pointed its enormous mouth towards Ji Hao while swallowing streams of water. The water streams compressed at a crazily high rate inside its stomach. Clearly, it was now preparing an immensely powerful attack.

Gui Ling abruptly took two steps forward, slightly raised her head and gave a long and resonant roar.

A prehistorical sense of power spread out towards the whole area in a formidable way, as if a star had just exploded. The nest instantly stopped its motion, as well as all mermaids and mermen. No matter those who came on the dolphin-like fishes or those who rushed out of the nest, all mermaids and mermen stopped moving. It seemed as if their whole bodies had gone stiff, and none of them dared to make another move.

Gui Ling released the power, that belonged to her real body. As a pre-world turtle, she was definitely at the top of the food chain among all aquatic creatures. Even though this wasn’t her world, predators were always predators. Gui Ling’s dreadful power awed these local creatures. Through her power, a message was sent into the soul of every single one of these local creatures — Anyone daring to move will die!

All mermaids and mermen were badly frightened by Gui Ling, just like rabbits frightened by a tiger which was right in front of them.

Po raised his right hand and slightly pointed his finger forward. Clear streams of water power gathered towards Po’s fingertip from all directions. The magic created by Yu Yu was incredibly ingenious. Po used his own power as a trigger, and with a hand motion of thunder magic, he momentarily transformed the strong water power into powerful watery thunderbolts.

Tens of water-tank-sized spheres of water thunderbolts dazzled out around Po’s body while spinning swiftly, softly attaching to the skin of the nest. Po then flicked his fingers, silently and gently made the rapidly flowing undercurrents shake for a few times. But in the next moment, the thirty-meter thick, transparent skin of the nest broke. Large streams of glowing and sticky liquid surged out of the nest without an end, and soon, the surrounding water began glowing as well.

A huge long tear was ripped open in that slightly turbid area behind the nest’s belly, through which, hundreds of smaller sized mermaids and mermen weakly drifted out.

Mounting on the dolphin-like fish, the girl who commanded this sneak attack, shouted out in a great surprise. She attempted to rush up, but was awed by Gui Ling’s power, and could only carefully turn around, glancing at Ji Hao and the other cultivators.

Ji Hao’s Moho staff had a bright beam of light flashing across it. Next, the undercurrents, which had the tens of mermaids and mermen sealed, began compressing quickly. The soft and gentle water gradually turned thousands of times harder and sturdier than metal, seeming to crush those mermaids and mermen with a great force. The bodies of those mermaids and mermen shrunk slowly, while sticky, faintly glowing fluid gushed out of their mouths.

Seeing Ji Hao was going to crush these mermaids and mermen to death, Gui Ling stopped him and said, "Just capture them alive. These local creatures are indeed fierce, but it’s alright to keep them alive. They might be useful in the future."

Po looked at the tremendous transparent nest with a shining pair of eye and said, "This big one is interesting, it served so perfectly as a nest. If we can do some works on it, perhaps it can become a precious space treasure."

Ji Hao nodded smilingly, then put back the Moho staff, wielded his left hand and sent out tens of enchanted bone thorns, which were produced secretly by the Magi Palace. Each bone thorn transformed into a dark stream of light, that pierced into the body of a merman or mermaid, through the back of the neck.

These mermaids and mermen suddenly paused, then turned as powerless as dead snakes, drifting in the water.

Ji Hao sighed with relief. He was afraid that the Magi Palace’s bone thorns might not be effective on these local creatures. After all, the power systems of the two worlds were different. But the Magi Palace’s magic turned out to be just powerful, and these fierce mermaids and mermen were disabled from fighting back immediately.

The Pan Xi divine mirror released a thin layer of light and covered up Ji Hao’s body. Afterward, Ji Hao carefully drifted towards those mermaids and mermen mounted on those dolphin-like fishes.

Gui Ling had already restrained her power, allowing those mermaids and mermen to move freely again. Vigilantly, they formed a found-shaped battle formation and circled around those mermaids and mermen that came out from the turbid area of the nest. Every single one of these mermaids and mermen had now been staring at Ji Hao with panic and carefulness.

These mermaids and mermen’s eyes were all bright, and Ji Hao could discover faint emotional changes from their eyes. They were smart, and they had emotions. Therefore, they were communicative.

Ji Hao cast that language magic that he learned just before he left Pan Gu world, and asked with a deep voice, "People...I think, we can be friends."

Hearing Ji Hao, the eyes of those mermaids and mermen sparkled.

Before, they were frightened by the strong powers showed by Ji Hao, Po, and Gui Ling. And now, they discovered another weird thing — They didn’t understand a word said by Ji Hao, but they got Ji Hao’s meaning.

With bird-song-like voices, those mermaids and mermen whispered to each other for a while. Then, the girl, who had been leading the troop, mounted on her fish and carefully came over.

A beautiful voice came out from the girl’s mouth…

Ji Hao helplessly turned back and spread his hands towards Gui Ling and Po — He couldn’t understand the girl!

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