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The tremendous transparent creature was shaped like a ball, looking like an angry balloonfish. Inside his head, in that huge space, a few mermen with large numbers of thorns and fins on their backs, had been lazily floating in the waving water.

The girl rushed into this space, waving her arms while yelling. Hearing her, those muscular mermen growled towards the sky simultaneously, then moved together towards the girl.

One merman reached his hand out and attempted to grab the girl’s slim waist, while another merman impatiently reached out his tail, coiling around the girl’s tail. The other few mermen widely opened their mouth and growled out. The merman who tried to grab the girl’s waist was punched flying away by another merman, and the one who coiled his tail around the girl’s tail was slapped in the face by another merman, that made him swish far away, even bringing up a stream of light.

Two long spears and a sharp sword nearly brushed against his body. A spear tore his tail apart, cutting off tens of brightly sparkling scales. Instantly, this merman pulled out a trident, raised a strong wave, and seemed to start a great fight.

Seeing a conflict burning among these mermen, the girl angrily raised the long spear and wielded it. The few mermen glanced at each other, then dark blue lights sparkled on their bodies while they growled out together. Dark waves spread out from around their mouths, and the tremendous transparent creature, which was serving as a nest, began twisting its body unsettlingly. Meanwhile, the other mermaids and mermen who had been resting in the nest, all raised their heads and growled out loudly.

A short while later, led by the girl and the few mermen, three to five hundred loudly yelling and screaming mermen and mermaids rushed out of the nest. They dashed straight up towards the water surface without even glancing around. Judging by their moving direction, they were going for Ji Hao, who had wounded the girl earlier, to take revenge.

While swimming swiftly, these mermen and mermaids let out a quacking noise, following which, high-pitched sounds could be heard as a response. Soon, over a hundred whale-like enormous creatures gathered over from all directions and quickly joined the troop of these mermaids and mermen.

These mermen and mermaids moved stunningly fast in the water, and soon, no trace of theirs could be seen anymore.

Left inside the nest were thirty to fifty smaller-sized mermen and mermaids, holding all kinds of weapons, swimming quickly through all paths inside the nest, while showing their teeth and looking around.

As these mermaids and mermen all began moving, Ji Hao and the others discovered that under their nest, in the area behind the tremendous transparent creature’s belly, was a three-hundred-meter in radius space.

This space had a relatively darker color, and the water inside it was slightly turbid. Over two-hundred human-sized, especially slim mermaids and mermen were crowded in this area, all having cyan-white skin color.

Not long after the large group of mermaids and mermen left, and before Po, Gui Ling and Ji Hao figured out a plan, a strong cyan-white light speedily approached from a distance away. Ji Hao and the others fixed their eyes on that light sphere, and found that over a thousand, dolphin-like swam over quickly. These fishes were not so large, and cyan and white in color.

Mounting on these nine-meter long transparent fishes were two to three thousand short, cyan-white mermaids and mermen. From around ten miles away from the nest, those dolphin-like fishes opened their mouths together and released a wave of wine-pot-sized, white spheres of thunderbolts. They then transformed into fierce white lightning bolts, silently dazzling towards the nest.

These white lightning bolts were a type of water thunder magic, soft yet strong, powerful yet silent. Therefore, the moving speed of these lightning bolts was incredibly high, but no sound was made at all.

The ball-shaped nest began shaking intensively. It turned its over one hundred miles long body around and faced the coming enemies with its enormous head. The creature opened its miles wide mouth, then a few giant yet simple spell symbol lightened up on its body. After that, a large area of water in front of it froze suddenly, and turned into a three-hundred-mile long, ten-mile thick ice shield, floating in the water.

The dark-blue ice shield released a strong cold power, while the white bolts of lightning struck over, fiercely banging against the thick ice shield. As a cup of milk was poured into a bucket of still water, the white lightning bolts momentarily pierced miles deep into the ice shield. Afterward, the lightning bolts silently exploded, making the ice shield quake intensely, sending strong waves of water bursting towards all directions. Large pieces of the ice shield fell apart, generating thunderous booms that Ji Hao and the others could hear from a long distance away.

The nest gave a deep roar, following which, swiftly spinning whirlpools emerged from around its body. Those dark whirlpools surrounded its body, causing sharp undercurrents to clash against each other, letting out loud clattering noise.

When the incoming enemies were less than ten miles away from the nest, human-head-sized, black watery thunderbolts spurted out from those, hundreds of dark whirlpools, like a crazy storm. They struck towards the group of dolphin-like fishes along with an eye-piercing light.

The group of fishes opened their jaws with their chests and bellies up and down. Dazzling white bolts of lightning sizzled out of their jaws and bumped against the dark thunderbolts created by the nest, generating a bright light in the dim underwater world.

However, the nest was obviously much more powerful, as those dolphin-like fishes were basically exhausted after letting out tens of bolts of white lightning, while the nest was continuously creating dark thunderbolts.

On the back of the dolphin-like fish that had been leading the troop, a pretty mermaid girl raised a splendidly shining white bead and gave a deep roar. Then, she quickly shouted a sentence, that had clear vocal varieties. Instantly, the group of dolphin-like fishes scattered towards every direction, dodging the wave of black thunderbolts.

The troop split up into over ten teams and kept rushing towards the nest from all directions. The nest moved its enormous body in the water, but because of its tremendous size, it could never move as nimbly as those dolphin-like fishes. Soon, those cyan-white mermaids and mermen drove those dolphin-like fishes to near the belly area of the nest, then a few mermen stood on fish backs, swiftly threw out their weapons.

Seven to eight long spears violently pierced into the nest’s skin. These long spears were incredibly powerful, and the power vibrations released from them even shocked Ji Hao and the other cultivators. However, the skin of the tremendous creature, which had been serving as a nest, was obviously especially tough. Those long spears had merely pierced into its skin for less than three meters.

A shrill scream came from inside the nest, along with which, those mermaids and mermen who were left to guard the nest, swam out of from the mouth of the nest, fiercely rushing towards the incoming enemies.

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