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Because of the small wound on her chest, a sparkling and sticky liquid, that might be her blood, flew out of her body. Before, she was perfectly invisible in this world, such that even powerful beings like Po and Gui Ling couldn’t grasp a trace of hers. But now, the fluid flowing out of her body left a faint, glowing trace in this incredibly clear water world.

Although the girl’s body was still invisible in the water, and no sense of power was released from her body, with their sensitive and strong spiritual powers, Ji Hao and the other cultivators followed behind the girl all the way, along with this faint glowing trace.

The enormous warship quickly moved across the water surface, without making even the slightest sound. Ji Hao activated the Pan Xi divine mirror and released a faint dark layer of light to wrap the warship up. Fierce waves violently slapped on the warship, but failed to cause any effect on the ship, as if the ship was only a shadow.

As silent as a ghost, the warship swiftly flashed across the water surface, following behind the wounded, fleeing girl, around a hundred miles away.

Hundreds of miles away behind the warship, a fat man and a tall and skinny man were leading around ten people, each treading upon a metal plate designed in the Yu Clan style, floating in the air. Three meters high above the water surface, they were following behind Ji Hao and the other cultivators. The bottoms of their metal plates brushed against the tops of those strong waves from time to time.

These people suffered a storm of thunderbolts, launched by this world itself, once they arrived in this world. Each of them was powerful, knowledgeable and well-cultivated. Therefore, those fierce thunderbolts merely managed to cause them slight troubles. Soon after that, same as Ji Hao, they realized that they needed some transportation tools to avoid the rejective force of this world.

An oddly-shaped spirit talisman that was made from a golden leaf floated above the head of each of these people, releasing thin streams of warm power to wrap up their bodies. Because of these magical spirit talismans, the spirit powers of Po and Gui Ling scanned through these people over and over again, but never discovered them.

Looking at the enormous warship, which remained perfectly steady in the rough waves, and wasn’t affected at all, the tall and slim man sighed slightly, "I’m just wondering what other treasures do they have. The waves are so strong, yet their ship stays perfectly unaffected."

The fat man narrowed his eyes with two lotuses slowly spinning in his eyes. Around each lotus, six flame-like, red spell symbols were faintly visible. Hearing the tall man, he responded with a gentle voice, "No matter what treasures they have, only people with true virtues shall have great treasure, and those treasures are all destined to belong to our sect."

While smiling, the fat man continued coldly, "Follow them and see how many nice pieces they can find. They’re no one but Priest Po and Priest Gui Ling. We together…can certainly waste their billions of years of severe cultivation today."

Afterwards, the group of people remained silent, only quietly following behind Ji Hao.

Just now, Ji Hao snatched the silver bead let out by the girl. These people had seen those, over thirty layers of complicated natural inhibitions inside the bead, and they knew that the bead was a great pre-world treasure with magical powers. If the fat man didn’t insist, quite a few among this group of people, who believed that they were quite powerful, would have launched their moves to try to snatch the bead from Gui Ling’s hands already. In their eyes, not to mention any other harvest, merely that bead was worth all they had suffered in this journey so far.

The girl’s body merged perfectly in the water, that Ji Hao and the other cultivators still couldn’t see her in the water. Following closely after that faint glowing trace, they moved towards where the sun rose for over thirty-thousand miles. Then, a whirlpool thousands of miles in radius abruptly appeared in the front.

Because of the whirlpool, the color of the clear water was suddenly darkened. The nearer to the core area of the whirl pool, the darker was the color of the water. Tens of layers of dense dark clouds gathered above the whirlpool, with enormous water columns descending from the air. An extraordinary amount of rainwater ceaselessly poured into the whirlpool, causing a strong impact force that made the whirlpool vibrate intensely. It raised large clouds of watery mist, and also created an unsettling atmosphere in the surrounding water area.

In this area, that thin glowing trace left by the girl disappeared abruptly. The water currents around the whirlpool were strong and fierce, and the girl had disappeared as well. The thin glowing stream of blood of the girl was rolled into an undercurrent and dispelled immediately.

Ji Hao instantly spread out his spiritual power in all directions. Meanwhile, Po and Gui Ling had both covered the entire area with a radius of tens of thousands of miles with their spiritual powers. Inch by inch, they searched through this entire area, both over and under the water surface.

No trace of the girl was found on the water surface. Ji Hao stood on the head of the ship, pointing down at the deep core area of the whirlpool, pondered and said, "Her nest might be just down there."

Putting the warship back into the space tool, Ji Hao and the other nine cultivators jumped down into the water together. Gui Ling clapped her hands and let out a black jade Ruyi, floating above her head. It was releasing a faint stream of watery light that surrounded the group of people and created a small sphere of space with air, then brought the group of people down.

Gui Ling dared not to use too much of her power, as it might cause a natural reaction of this world itself and make the world attack her. Therefore, she cautiously released her power bit by bit, bringing the group of people slowly down, towards deep underwater.

Undercurrents under the water were strong and fierce. Centered around the whirlpool, these dark undercurrents rolled and clashed violently against each other, like countless crazy serpents, ceaselessly letting out a dreadful noise. Occasionally, a few undercurrents would bump into each other and generate a strong force, that would be even greater than a full-power attack launched by a low-level Divine Magus. In this underwater area filled with undercurrents, ordinary people would be struck into pieces with a slight little bit of carelessness.

Fortunately, Gui Ling’s true body was a pre-world turtle. She was born with a strong ability to control the water power. Although she had restrained around ninety percent of her power, still, she brought the group of people down more than thousand miles under the water without any difficulty. In this depth, effects caused by the enormous whirlpool barely existed.

The underwater world in this depth was strangely quiet and peaceful, even a bit lifeless.

The sunlight in this world couldn’t reach this area. Therefore, at first glance, one would see nothing but darkness. However, the group of people kept moving downwards for over ten-thousand miles, until a thin stream of glow appeared in the front. That was the trace left by the girl.

They kept moving down, when a faint light appeared in surrounding area abruptly. Some thumb-sized, jellyfish-like, especially beautiful transparent creatures had been agilely swaying their long and slim bodies. The faint glow they released allowed Ji Hao and the others to see the surrounding area.

Looking down, Ji Hao saw an over one hundred miles long, enormous creature. This creature was huge and chubby, entirely transparent. The inner space of its body was a large space, that contained countless, different sized ‘rooms’, forming a gigantic nest system.

Many mermaids and mermen, who looked exactly the same as that girl, but larger in shapes, had been resting in the body of that tremendous transparent creature. Each room contained one of two of these mermaids and mermen. Some of them had been resting with their bodies huddled, while some couples had their fish tails stuck together with their bodies shaking quickly; no one knew what were they doing.

Ji Hao reached his spiritual power down and saw the girl who was wounded by him. At the moment, she was showing her teeth while swimming quickly through a transparent tube. Soon, the girl came to a large space that was miles in radius, located in the top area inside the tremendous transparent creature’s head.

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