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The girl’s translucent tail violently flapped the surface of the ocean, raising hundreds of huge water columns, sent roaring towards Ji Hao. The air temperature dropped swiftly, and those water columns were frozen into ice columns when they reached the height of over three-hundred-meters, seeming to become even more formidable.

Ji Hao shook his hands quickly while staring at the girl with widely opened eyes.

From his fingertips to his shoulders, Ji Hao’s suffered an aching pain from her entire arms, as if every single piece of the bones and muscles in his arms had been smashed. Additionally, thin streams of cold power lingered inside his arms, piercing into those already injured bones and muscles. That miserable feeling almost made Ji Hao scream.

This girl’s physical strength was even greater than Ji Hao’s strength, even though Ji Hao had already reached the fourth level of the cultivation method with nine turns. Besides, the girl’s strength contained a cold power that severely injured Di Hao’s Divine-Magus-level body, which could withstand almost all kinds of physical attacks.

"I was careless, careless. I shouldn’t underestimate any living being in the universe." Just now, Ji Hao forcibly restrained the Pan Xi divine mirror, as it was automatically activated to protect him, because he wanted to know exactly how powerful the girl was. He didn’t think that he would end up severely wounded while the girl seemed perfectly unharmed.

Hundreds of sharp ice columns, which had snake-like twisted shapes, roared towards Ji Hao. This time, he dared not to be careless anymore. He gave a long shout while dim black lights flashed across his body in streams. Those ice columns all disappeared once they slightly touched Ji Hao’s body.

At the same moment, those, hundreds of ice columns swooshed out from all directions around the girl, banging against her at lightning speed.

The girl howled in pain while her translucent body exploded and transformed into countless thumb-sized blue water drops, splashing all over the sky. These water drops wrapped that long spear, flew hundreds of meters away, then merged back together and quickly reformed her body. But clearly, the girl’s body was now smaller than before, and her life-force was weakened.

The full-power attack she launched just now had caused a serious injury to her own body. She folded her fish tail and sat on a small wave that had silently rose from the ocean to around a hundred meters of height, while staring at Ji Hao in shock and confusion.

Holding the long spear with her left hand, the girl scratched her own head with her right hand. She was stunned by the magical power of the Pan Xi divine mirror. She tried quite hard, but couldn’t figure out why the attack landed on her own body when Ji Hao was the real target.


The girl pointed at Ji Hao and growled loudly. Her eyes were still filled with fierceness, without any sign of intelligence. Thin streams of blue mist spurted out of her body without an end, under the effect of which, the wave under her tail froze quickly, and the ice spread out speedily. Within the span of a few breaths, the water surface within the area three-hundred miles in radius was frozen into an iceberg by the cold mist she released.

The warship let out a muffled buzz while the magic formation on the tail of the ship shone brightly, generating a strong force to push the ship forwards.

A creaking noise could then be heard. This warship was produced by Xiu Clan people, and was dreadfully powerful. On the head of the ship, large numbers of red spell symbols emerged, releasing a great heat. Waves of scorching hot air streams struck on the iceberg in the front.

Countless cracks appeared on the thick layers of ice, seeing which, the girl growled louder in rage. Abruptly, she released a black stream of cold mist from her head, within which, a fist-sized, silver-white dim light was sparkling. The air temperature dropped immediately at a crazy rate.

The silver transparent ice spread speedily. Abruptly, the bronze-colored warship was covered in three meters thick layer of ice. This amazingly powerful warship was finally sealed by the thick layer of ice and couldn’t move anymore.

"Great treasure!" Gui Ling gave a gentle shout, "This bead is even a hundred times more powerful than my spirit Dan that I’ve been cultivating for countless years! A great treasure in the hands of a wrong owner… What a shame, what a shame."

Seeing that sphere of dim silver light, Gui Ling instantly discovered that the source of the light was a baby-fist-sized, silver bead. This bead hadn’t been shining with a dazzling light, but inside it were layers of incredibly complicated natural inhibitions. At least thirty layers of natural inhibitions were contained in the bead. Without question, this was an amazing pre-world treasure.

Po smiled without saying a word, but he had cast a thunder magic with both of his hands already. His spiritual power had been fully boosted up, and as long as he made a move through changing his hand motions, a heaven-shaking Yu Yu divine thunderbolt would strike down straight from the sky.

Ji Hao flicked both of his arms. The sun power inside his body released a great heat, dispelling the lingering cold power in his body. Then, his Divine Magus spirit blood flushed inside his body, healing all injured bones and muscles. Looking at the girl, who had nothing but fierceness in her eyes and showed no sign of intelligence, he laughed out loud and said, "Sister Gui Ling, since you like it, you will have it. Although I never liked those people, I do like a word they say."

Holding the nine suns spear and shielding his body with the Pan Xi divine mirror, Ji Hao released faintly golden essence sun fire from his whole body, that made him look like a small sun. He dove directly down towards that girl from high up in the air.

"They always say…’Wait a minute, my friend, this treasure is destined to be mine!"

Gui Ling and Po laughed out wildly, even bending their waists as they almost had tears squeezed out of their eye corners. The six disciples dared not to laugh so loudly, but their faces were twisted as they tried hard to keep themselves from laughing out.

Ji Hao pointed the spearhead at the girl and sent out a stream of golden light along with great heat. The golden light tore apart those fierce air streams caused by the bead and reached to the chest of the girl at lightning speed.

The girl screamed and on her back, sharp, dark blue bone thorns pierced out from her spine immediately, making her beautiful figure hideous and scary. She opened her mouth and let out streams of dark blue mist towards the bead, activating the bead and letting it release large clouds of silver frost, reaching to Ji Hao.

The silver frost bumped into Ji Hao’s body along with strong cold power streams, but the Pan Xi divine mirror released a wave of dim light streams. The streams flashed across Ji Hao’s body and moved the frost and cold power to unknown places. Next, the nine suns spear brought up a warm air stream while Ji Hao flashed across the air and showed up right in front of the girl. He pierced the sharp spearhead shallowly into the girl’s chest, leaving a tiny, half-inch-deep wound on her chest.

Ji Hao didn’t send the essence sun fire into the girl’s body. Instead, he only gave her a not so serious wound with the nine suns spear.

However, the girl was badly frightened by this attack launched by Ji Hao. She quacked out loudly while swiftly drilling into the iceberg along with a dense stream of watery mist, disappearing in the iceberg without leaving a trace. She even forgot about the silver bead that she let out.

The silver bead rolled in the air and started a strong cold gust of wind, seeming ready to flee. But Ji Hao waved his wide sleeve and grasped it. The Pan Xi divine mirror let out a dim beam of light and scanned through the bead. Then, Ji Hao laughed, "Silly girl, she’s indeed instinctively doing everything. For such a precious treasure, she didn’t even leave a soul imprint on it."

Holding the bead with both hands, Ji Hao grinningly flew to Gui Ling, handed the bead to her and said, "Sister, it seems that this time, you’ve attained the first fortune."

Gui Ling took over the bead without any hesitation, delightfully gave it a close look, then smilingly nodded and said, "Alright, next time, I will find you a nice piece too."

Po waved his sleeve, smiled and said, "Now, follow up. Our little brother has wounded her. So, she’s not invisible anymore."

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