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The pair of hammers roared down. Yu Yu had put a powerful magic formation in the pair of hammers, and now, the magic formation was activated completely. River Earl’s bowl vibrated intensely, and the dark mist releasing from it turned thinner and thinner.

Following a loud noise, a large area of spider-net-like cracks appeared on the bowl. The look of River Earl, who had been sitting on the head of the boat with a careless and confident face, suddenly changed. A mouthful of heart blood gushed up from his chest and surged out from his nostrils, even before he could open his mouth and let it out. River Earl sensed a great pain from his internal organs, that made him grab his own chest with both of his hands. Meanwhile, he stared at Man Man in a great shock, who was swiftly descending from the air.

"This two bloody hammers, Zhu Rong didn’t make them… But who did?!" River Earl growled with a hoarse raging voice. The great heat released from Man Man’s hammers evaporated half of the river, and from the remaining half of the river, water surged over. The ice-cold river water flushed the glowing-red riverbed, creating large clouds of steam. The steam rose into the sky, coiled around by the cold wind, then turned into countless snowflakes that drifted down.

The slim bed, that River Earl was sitting on, abruptly turned into a strand of black ash and dissipated along the wind. Next, Candle Dragon Gui showed up behind River Earl like a ghost, a sticky stream of gray mist coiling around his body. It was nothing else but this gray mist that destroyed River Earl’s boat in a moment.

Before River Earl could stand up, Candle Dragon Gui already had the five fingers of his right hand locked on River Earl’s neck. The cold, iron-hard fingers of Candle Dragon Gui sank deeply into River Earl’s neck. These terrifyingly strengthful fingers could easily break River Earl’s neck. Therefore, River Earl now tightened his whole body, daring not to move an inch.

"Young kids are fighting, adults like us shall not get involved… Right, old water creature?" Candle Dragon Gui stretched out his neck, put his wrinkled face near River Earl’s ear, while letting out cold gusts of wind that were filled with a strong power of death, from his mouth.

"If you truly want to get involved, you shall become a dead water creature." Candle Dragon Gui put forth his strength through his fingers and squeezed out a series of cracking noise from River Earl’s neck. River Earl even temporarily lost his eyesight because of the pain, and he was completely disabled from activating his own divine power, even as a God-kind being with the power of water.

"Candle Dragon Gui…I didn’t think that you’ve become so powerful." River Earl gnashed his teeth and growled in a low voice in rage.

A nimble silhouette abruptly dashed out from the river; that was Wuzhi Qi. He carried a large dark ice stick as he dashed immediately up to Candle Dragon Gui, raised the stick with both of his hands, and seemed to smash down towards the back of Candle Dragon Gui’s head. However, a cold snort could then be heard, following which, Wulong Yao, Kuafu Yan and the other few elders showed up behind Wuzhi Qi. The square-shaped hammer held in Kuafu Yan’s hand was burning in a raging fire as he began talking with a thunder-like, strong and resonant voice, that even caused a sharp pain on Wuzhi Qi’s eardrums.

"Monkey, don’t move! You may not be able to break the skull of old Candle Dragon, but my hammer can certainly break your head."

Wuzhi Qi paused instantly, then he slowly turned around with an embarrassed face and looked at Kuafu Yan, who was standing behind him, and was around thirty meters tall. That giant square-shaped hammerhead, which was thickly covered in tiny spell symbols, was five to six times bigger than Wuzhi Qi’s entire body.

River Earl and Wuzhi Qi remained silent, and the looks of both of them were as dark as ink.

Pop! Followed by a loud noise, River Earl’s black bowl exploded, transformed into countless beams of dark light beams and dazzled back into River Earl’s sleeve. River Earl let out another mouthful of blood, then he showed a badly twisted face, with his teeth gnashed. Just now, the dark mist seal he created was completely broken.

Man Man carried the two hammers and heavily landed from the sky. Along with an earth-shaking bang, a few huge pieces of rock in where she landed were shattered, while tens of serpent-like cracks appeared on the ground. The great shocking wave created by Man Man raised a nearly hundred meters tall wave from the river.

At the moment, Yi Shen’s dragon-slaying bow was destroyed by Yemo Shanye’s thunderbolt, Man Man released a meters long divine fire from her eyes and immediately saw Yi Shen, whose left hand was blown into pieces.

"Eh? You again? How annoying!" Without using any special magic, Man Man simply boosted up her strength and rushed over towards Yi Shen, along with a strong gust of wind, just like a crazy rhino.

Along with two heavy thuds, the pair of hammers smashed violently on Yi Shen’s body. On the flower-bud-shaped hammerheads, a water-clear stream of Yu Yu’s divine light flashed slightly. Next, a scarily huge power, that seemed to be as strong as the force generated by a prehistorical star descending from the original void, was released from the hammerheads. It drilled into Yi Shen’s body through his pores, then reached to all blood veins, internal organs, bones and marrow of his. Right after that, it exploded, just like the eruption of a volcano.

From the inside to the outside, this great power burst all of a sudden. That wasn’t Man Man’s power. Instead, it was a highly lethal function given to Man Man’s hammers by Yu Yu quite conveniently.

Yi Shen’s bones broke inch by inch; his internal organs were shredded, while tens of huge slashes appeared on his body. Blood surged out from those wounds ceaselessly.

Man Man let out a breath along with a roar while she wielded the hammer forwards. Yi Shen’s body was sent flying away like a drifting withered leaf in the wind. While vomiting blood, he fell into the rapidly flowing river, being rolled into the high wave, and then disappeared.

As a dim light flashed across the air, Shaosi rushed into the battlefield with Taisi carried in her hand.

Taisi was drunken, but when he saw Feng Xing, whose entire body was covered in blood, Taisi instantly shook his head and mumbled loudly, "Eh? Is, is someone…bullying you?"

The wine vat and grilled beast meat held in his hands immediately turned into a drifting straw of ash while Taisi’s face twisted like a devil. His eyes turned white without any other color. With a low voice, he began incanting an evil sounding spell, creating subtle waves of air ripple that swept across the entire area.

Yi Shen had brought three-hundred Eastern Wasteland elite archers. Among them, thirty to forty were Divine Magi, and the others were elite Magus Kings. These archers had been attacking Yu Mu together, and at the time, Yu Mu’s fat had been shaking intensely because of the fierce waves of arrow coming towards him.

Nevertheless, colorful streams of mist flew across these archers’ faces from time to time, as they were all poisoned by Yu Mu. They all had protective magic treasures that had blocked around ninety percent of the poison for them. These archers were powerful and had strong bodies. Therefore, although they were all poisoned, the poison was already weakened by around ninety percent and could not cause any actual threat to them within a short period of time.

In this very moment, Taisi’s power of time swept across the battlefield. Those Eastern Wasteland archers, who had their bows pulled open, instantly quivered. Then, within a microsecond, a magical reversal of time happened to them. At that moment, their bodies had gone back to their teenage, back when they just started cultivating themselves. Back at that time, they were merely ordinarily Novice Magi; they were young and weak, and had absolutely no resistance to any type of poison.

All of a sudden, three-hundred elite Eastern Wasteland archers turned into a puddle of pus-blood that flowed all over the ground.

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