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In the front square of the Town Hall, Man Man held Shaosi’s hand and violently split the crowd, excitedly rushing to every noisy corner. She snatched a piece of grilled meat from around a bonfire, then grabbed a vat of wine from around another bonfire. Meanwhile, she swung her arm backward and sent a muscular man, who attempted to flirt with Shaosi, flying away. She then threw out a heavy kick and broke the teeth of a badly drunken young man, who rushed over to make an expression of love to Shaosi.

Taisi was holding a grilled beast leg in his left hand, a pot of wine in his right hand, and following closely behind Shaosi and Man Man. He swayed and walked as if he was actually in sleep. He showed the whites of his eyes while walking and stiffly raised his hands to allow himself to drink the wine and eat the meat, as if he was a robot. No one knew what he was thinking.

Sometimes, excited people would reach their hands out and attempt to coil their arms around Taisi’s neck to invite him to make a toast together. However, extremely slight air ripples would be stirred up from the air when their hands were still feet away from Taisi’s neck, and an indescribable, mysterious power would immediately block the space around Taisi, isolating him from he others. The other people could see Taisi, but could never approach him.

That wasn’t a physical distance between Taisi and those people. Instead, that was a distance of time.

After absorbing a Candle Dragon spirit pearl, Shaosi attained the power of space, that allowed her to tear the space apart and teleport herself. Taisi had also absorbed a Candle Dragon spirit pearl, and what he gained was the power of time. Different from Shaosi, Taisi took a rather long period of time to absorb the power of the pearl, but he had merged with the pearl to a high degree. As a result, Taisi was now in a subtle and indescribable state.

Everyone could see Taisi, but he was always about a second away from each other, or in other words, he existed in a second later or earlier than the others. One could also say that he existed in the future or the past, but never in the present. Therefore, those people who attempted to invite Taisi to drink together would find out that there was always an immeasurable distance between Taisi and themselves.

Besides those bonfires were some girls brought by some human clan leaders. Just like Man Man, these girls were young and energetic. They laughed while chasing each other around the bonfires. Occasionally, some pretty girls would notice Taisi, then with drunken blush, they would excitedly come over to invite Taisi for a dance.

Nevertheless, Taisi was just like a zombie. He completely neglected these girls’ invitations, as he passed straight by these girls, with airy steps that made him seem like a ghost. Not a single person could ever touch even a corner of his cloth.

On the roof of the Town Hall, behind a tall ridge, Candle Dragon Gui, Wulong Yao and the other few elders squatted there, sharing a pot of wine, that had a strong and terrific aroma.

Seeing Taisi swaying across the crowd, Candle Dragon Gui abruptly let out a long sigh and said, "This kid, he’s all good, but with something wrong with his brain. Do you guys still have single young girls in your families? Can you introduce them to this kid?"

Wulong Yao and the other few elders reached out their heads, glanced at Taisi, then simultaneously shook their heads.

Wulong Yao made it straightforward, "This kid…Only Shaosi, his own blood younger sister, is willing to take care of his daily life. Otherwise, he would have starved to death long ago. You want us to introduce girls to him? So do you want a girl to become his wife, or his mother?"

Candle Dragon Gui angrily raised his hand, wanting to beat Wulong Yao, but the other few elders laughed and stopped him.

Kuafu Yan sat behind the ridge as well. He was extra muscular and was a lot taller than the others. Hearing Candle Dragon Gui and Wulong Yao, he raised his eyebrows and squeezed his eyes while grinning to Candle Dragon Gui and laughing, "Our Kuafu Family girls are not bad. Although they might be slightly stronger than the other girls, it’s not a bad thing for them to marry this young man. Hmm, as long as you can fulfill their appetites."

Another series of laughs could be heard from the roof.

Kuafu Family people were large in shapes. That was not worth mentioning, but their stomachs were like bottomless holes. A gulp of water made by a Kuafu Family person could even break a river, and a meal of a Kuafu Family person could wipe out all animals living on a grassland. Basically, except for some special cases, not a single human clan would be willing to be related to Kuafu Family by marriage. To any ordinary human being, marrying to a Kuafu Family person was just like marrying a king or queen of stomach. A small-scale human clan could literally be eaten broke by a Kuafu Family person! Besides, which boy would want to marry a girl, who had arms thicker than his own waist?

Laughing for a while, Candle Dragon Gui curved his mouth corners back down, flicked his fingers and released a faint layer of gray mist that covered the group of elders up. Then, he said with a deep and strong voice, "For what Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao mentioned earlier, I assume you have a result by now, don’t you?"

"Working with the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, we have to support them. Otherwise, with the natures of those dragons and phoenixes, they would snatch all benefits away." Candle Dragon Gui fiddled with the wine pot while continuing with a low voice, "A world, same as Pan Xi world."

The few elders all had sharp lights sparkle in their eyes, as they put their heads together and started whispering to each other.

Whispered for a while, Candle Dragon Gui’s look abruptly changed slightly. He raised his left hand and released a strand of gray mist from each fingertip. The thin mist wove into a complicated magic talisman on his palm, then a slight voice drifted from the talisman.

"Hehe, River Earl. This is Pu Ban City, not their Northern Dark Sea…This place is not under the domination of his River Earl underwater force." Candle Dragon Gui’s face turned quite dark as he murmured, "Gong Gong has been acting more and more unscrupulous and aggressive. Where did he get that confidence from?"

Wulong Yao snorted coldly. He flicked his finger and released an extremely thin stream of fiery light. From a great distance away, the fiery light stream flew to Shaosi and Man Man, then exploded into a dim sphere of light.

Man Man and Shaosi were having a good time in the crowd. But abruptly, as a dim fiery light flashed across, they heard Wulong Yao’s voice.

Shaosi paused slightly, then immediately turned to the direction of that rapidly flowing river, which was not too far away. Meanwhile, Man Man had a raging fire roaring out of her pair of eyes all of a sudden. This slightly drunken girl then gave a raging growl while boosting up all of her strength, "Gong Gong Wuyou, why didn’t he die! How dare he bully our friends?!"

The pair of hammers appeared abruptly in Man Man’s hands. Dazzling flame flakes were released from the hammerheads, as Man Man slowly lowered her body, then leaped high up like a flea. Her tiny body left a sharp glowing arc in the air while flying towards Yu Mu and Feng Xing, along with an ear-piercing swishing noise.

The square vibrated intensively. At the place where Man Man leaped up from, the ground dented three inches deep. Countless spell symbols sparkled on the smooth ground while thin spell symbol cracking noises could be heard from underground.

Shaosi snorted coldly. Her face was blushed because she was slightly drunken as well. She grabbed Taisi’s neck, carried him up then directly split the space, teleporting Taisi and herself away.

Following two thunderous booms, Man Man’s hammers were thrown out while she was still flying in the air. The hammers transformed into a pair of blazing shooting star, fiercely smashing on the dark mist released by River Earl.

A, hundreds of meters tall, mushroom-shaped cloud puffed up into the air. A half of the water of that rapidly flowing water evaporated momentarily, exposing the dried riverbed.

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