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In the underground water prison in Yao Mountain City, a large group of warriors rushed in and violently dragged out the hundred Jia Clan battle kings, who had been locked in this place all this long.

While forcibly restraining their anger and discomfort, these powerful Jia Clan battle kings, who were tortured nearly to death by the scary prison, gasped quickly for air to regain their powers as much as they could, while letting those warriors drag them out, to an enormous, round-shaped arena.

Back in the ancient heaven, some divine Gods also liked to fight all kinds of powerful Chaos beasts to show their power with pure violence and blood. Therefore, on the west side of Yao Mountain City, Kua E and his brothers had also built an arena for Ji Hao. The arena was located in the west, because as a direction, west represented violence and killing.

Normally, no one would come to this arena. But today, this place was filled with people. All protective screens based on this arena was now fully activated, isolating this place from the outside area.

Ji Hao stood in the middle of the arena, with this erect eye firmly shut and his body slightly swaying, to get used to his abruptly improving power. Standing on the grandstands, were Pan Xi world people under the lead of Elder Destiny, Di Family people under the lead of Di Yantuo, and Yao Mountain territory people led by Ji Xia. Millions of audiences stood on the grandstands with their breath held while silently looking at Ji Hao.

Man Man waved her pair of hammers while yelling in the first row, "Ji Hao! Smash these Jia Clan monsters! Smash them all if they refuse to surrender! Ahyaya, you’re a Divine Magus now!"

Shaosi stood aside Man Man, nervously looking at her, who had been over-excitedly waving her hammers like a monkey. Shaosi wasn't worried about Man Man’s own safety. Instead, she was afraid that Man Man might accidentally throw out her hammers and kill some poor Yao Mountain people; that would be too bad.

Ji Hao stood in the arena, silently watching the one hundred Jia Clan battle kings being dragged in.

Those warriors took off the chains wrapped on these Jia Clan battle kings, pulled out all kinds of needles and thorns that sank deeply into their bodies, then poured some liquid medicine into their mouths. That medicine could quickly heal their bodies and allow them to regain their powers.

These Jia Clan battle kings were all strong and had thriving life-force. Once they were freed from those chains, needles and thorns, they had already regained a small half of their powers. After they swallowed the medicine, they each gave a long growl and released waves of power vibrations.

The power vibration stirred the air, causing circles of air blasts around their bodies.

The tallest one among these Jia Clan battle kings, who was over three feet taller than the others, gave a resonant growl and threw out a punch, breaking the bones of the warrior who unlocked his chains. The poor warrior was sent flying out while vomiting blood. Fortunately, he was a powerful Magus King, and even though tens of his bones had exposed from his bodies, he didn’t die. Those exposed bones slowly moved back into this warrior’s body after he flew around a hundred meters away. All wounds on his body recovered quickly after a short while. Afterward, with the help of the other warriors, this injured warrior quickly moved out of the arena.

The group of Jia Clan battle kings grinned viciously. They stretched their bodies and attempted to attack the other human warriors, who dragged them over to the arena.

"Enough! Don’t humiliate yourselves!" Di Yantuo’s strong and harsh voice came from the grandstand.

Those Jia Clan battle kings paused, raised their heads together and looked at Di Yantuo. In a panic, they stared at Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the large group of Di Family leaders behind them.

"Have we conquered this city already? How long has it been?" yelled the battle king, who attacked a human warrior earlier, in surprise. "Oh my great, supreme Blood Moon, is this bloody city already our property? Aha! This city’s defense was way too terrifying. If it now belongs to us, that would be wonderful!"

Di Yantuo snorted coldly and continued growling with a deep voice, "Defeat the man standing in front of you, or…pledge your loyalties to him, just like us!"

Those Jia Clan battle kings paused together, turned around and looked at Ji Hao.

The tallest Jia Clan battle king looked at Ji Hao, and suddenly burst with an especially raging shout, "Ah, lowly things! You, you’ve actually surrendered yourselves to human beings? You stained the honor of Blood Moon, how can you…"

These Jia Clan battle kings, who were sent to attack Yao Mountain City by Dishi Cha, were the strongest force of Di Family, and also were the most loyal warriors of this family. However, they were only loyal to Di Family, instead of any member of this family! They didn’t know what had happened while they were kept in Ji Hao’s prison. By now, they saw Di Yantuo and Di Luolang standing over there, seeming to have already thrown themselves into the laps of the humankind. They couldn’t accept this. In their eyes, this was a humiliation to their belief. Although Jia Clan people had lower social status than Yu Clan people, they were never slaves of Yu Clan people. The relationship between the highest-class Jia Clan nobles and Yu Clan nobles was more like a cooperative and symbiotic relationship, instead of a pure dominating one.

Therefore, the appearance of Di Yantuo and the other Di Family people enraged these Jia Clan battle kings and gave them stronger wills to fight. Without saying any useless words, these Jia Clan battle kings growled out, caused a hundred thunderous air blasts, then rushed towards Ji Hao simultaneously.

The great fighting skills possessed by Jia Clan allowed these battle kings to turn themselves into the most terrifying battle machines. Cooperating perfectly with each other, they launched thousands of attacks in a moment, like fierce waves of tidewater. Every single attack aimed at the vital areas of Ji Hao’s body.

"Kill!" When their attacks almost reached Ji Hao’s body, these battle kinds barfed out.

"Kill!" Ji Hao gave a resonant growl as well while standing perfectly still. He moved his arms swiftly, leaving large shreds of after imagines in the air while laughing his counterattack to the hundred battle kings at lightning speed.

The power of the sun was strong, violent, and fierce. In addition to all these features, one of its most typical feature was ‘fast’.

The moving speed of the sunlight, which was released from the sun, was the highest in the whole world. Ji Hao had attained a seed of Dao, and his body was filled with the power of the sun, that allowed him to move at an unimaginably high speed.

The moving speed of those Jia Clan battle kings was delivered by their great physical power, while Ji Hao’s speed was delivered by both his physical strength and the power of great Dao of the sun.

In Ji Hao’s eyes, these Jia Clan battle kings moved quite slowly, far slower than his highest speed. He wielded his fists and brought up streams of golden light. Every single punch launched by him landed accurately on the fist, knees, feet or shoulders of those Jia Clan warriors.

He had reached the fourth level of the Cultivation Method with Nine Turns, thanks to which, Ji Hao’s every single attack was now as heavy as a mountain and as effective as a violent hack launched with a giant ax.

The hundred Jia Clan battle kings were sent zipping backward before they even realized what had just happened. They vomited blood, feeling as if they were struck by thunderbolts.

A whole hundred Jia Clan battle kings were forced back, but Ji Hao only launched a wave of counterattacks for that.

Standing on the grandstand, Di Yantuo, Di Luolang and the other Di Family people all had their faces turned ghastly pale, staring at Ji Hao in a soul-deep shock. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen, and Ji Hao’s feet still remained motionless by now.

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