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The seed of Dao of sun was generated, bringing Ji Hao a series of changes from his soul to his body.

Ji Hao’s primordial spirit had grown into the seed of Dao of sun. His spiritual space was added with the power of sun, strong, warm and fierce. His spiritual power was now just like the sunlight, and could flash across hundreds of millions of miles in a moment, far faster than the spiritual power of any Qi cultivator. In mere terms of the scanning speed of spiritual powers, even top-level powerful beings among Qi cultivators, such as Po, couldn’t compare with Ji Hao now. This had nothing to do with power levels or cultivation levels, it was purely a magical ability delivered by the nature of the seed of Dao.

Apart from this, Ji Hao’s primordial spirit had been shining in his spiritual space like the sun. Not only his spiritual space was now being nourished by the power of sun and constantly strengthening, his body was also being nourished by the power of sun releasing from his primordial spirit, and had constantly been improving. This meant that his body condition was perfecting all the time. Naturally, all kinds of benefits brought by the seed of Dao were showing up.

For example, just now, the moment the seed of Dao emerged, an immense wave of sun power descended from the sky. It transformed Into miles wide golden stream, rumblingly surging into Ji Hao’s head, and then into his body.

Ji Hao’s seed of Dao, which was also his primordial spirit, absorbed the essence sun power contained in that tremendous stream, and turned purer and purer, heavier and heavier, yet more and more lively.

The power of sun from the other sources was constantly absorbed by Ji Hao’s body. Subconsciously, he made the posture of Everything Grows, under the effect of which, every single cell of Ji hao was activated, and even the slightest cell of his body began absorbing the sun power at the highest rate, even though he seemed to be completely motionless.

A swooshing noise could be heard, as a gale seemed to blow inside Ji Hao’s body.

Following a loud water clattering sound, Ji Hao sensed great rivers flowing inside his body.

The gale bumped into the rivers and generated golden lightning inside Ji Hao’s body.

"Hmm, just like this. Human Divine Magi will have all their Magus Acupoints merge into one, then transform into an empty void to contain the spirit star powers, then grow stars inside their bodies. But, human bodies are originated from Pan Gu’s bloodline. They’re staining Pan Gu’s name by using their bodies like this." The mysterious man showed up in Ji Hao’s spiritual space and growled with a deep and strong voice.

"In the whole world, all stars are created by Pan Gu. The power of Pan Gu surpassed the power of this world. The body of Pan Gu could contain all stars in this world. All lands and everything in the world, they can all be contained in Pan Gu’s body."

"Therefore, the move of Everything Grows is originated from the creation of Pan Gu’s body. In the Chaos, Pan Gu’s true spirit absorbed the original powers of creation, created and strengthened his body. Every acupoint of Pan Gu had become a star, every meridian of Pan Gu had become a land. Each of your acupoints can contain a spirit star while each of your meridians can contain nine stars."

"In this way, when you have cultivated all your acupoints and meridians well enough, you will have over a million stars inside your body, while the others can have eighty-one at max. You will be immeasurably powerful, and you will be able to kill any Supreme Magus merely with the Divine-Magus-level power. Only in this way can you deserve Pan Gu’s bloodline."

The mysterious man talked passionately while Ji Hao’s muscles squirmed like waves.

His seed of Dao had naturally delivered an effect. With the inexhaustible sun power, Ji Hao strengthened his body through the move of Everything Grows. Currently, every single one of Ji Hao’s Magus acupoints had been expanding limitlessly while every single meridian had been strengthening largely.

His Magus Acupoints became boundless while his meridians became like thousands of enormous dragons, roaring across the void inside his body. The magical space inside his body turned wider and wider, just like the void of the universe, filled with mysteriousness.

"Not enough, Ji Hao, just not enough." The mysterious man narrowed his eyes, with the brightly blue divine light sparkling quickly in his eyes. "Little guy, your physical cultivation is still not enough. What a shame, I don’t have any more things that can be helpful to you now."

A strong whirlwind blew out from around Ji Hao’s body, letting natural powers surge into his body at a crazily high rate. As the natural powers surged into Ji Hao’s body, the seed of Dao shone with a bright golden light. No matter what types of natural power, all natural powers surged into Ji Hao’s body suddenly began burning. The power of sun could nourish anything, and could also destroy anything. All natural powers around Ji Hao were set ablaze, transforming into the golden flame, then being greedily swallowed by his body.

Nevertheless, the foundation of his cultivation was still too weak and too shallow. Ji Hao had been trying his best to strengthen his body, but he was still far, far away from the level stated by the mysterious man, that could contain a spirit star in each Magus Acupoint and nine stars in a meridian.

According to the cultivation method of the humankind, Divine Magus would grow spirit stars inside their bodies. The power of one spirit star equaled to one percent of the original star in the sky. A true peak-level Divine Magi could grow eighty-one spirit stars inside his body at most. This meant that the power of a most powerful Divine Magus could be equal to the power of an original star.

The bodies of Divine Magi were incredibly strong, for nothing else but withstanding the great pressure released by the immensely great power contained in their bodies. However, the mysterious man required Ji Hao to be over ten-thousand times more powerful than ordinary Divine Magi. In the 129600 meridians he had, over a million stars should be contained, while each of those, over a million Magus acupoints, should contain a spirit star.

With Ji Hao’s current physical condition, he could withstand the pressure given by around ten spirit stars inside this body, that was his limitation.

"Alright, alright, I can’t force it." The mysterious man sighed slightly and said, "Ji Hao, listen to me. Today, right now, after you understand Everything Grows completely, I will help you to gather and compress the sun power inside your body with the move of Everything Perishes."

The mysterious man stood up and made an extremely weird posture. He looked like a fetus inside its mother’s womb, that his body had rolled up and the sense of his life force was suddenly gone. Only a slight sprout of life could be faintly sensed.

Life and death, constantly and unpredictably switching.

Ji Hao subconsciously made the same posture and rolled his body up into a ball. Meanwhile, all the sunlight inside the area ten-thousand miles in radius was momentarily drained by his body, and the entire Yao Mountain City area was thrown into pure darkness.

All of Ji Hao’s life-force, his power and strength began compressing, gradually into a tiny spot.

He felt confused, he couldn’t sense time, and didn’t know where he was.

Next, a sky-shattering bang burst in Ji Hao’s spiritual space as his body suddenly stretched, just like a tender sprout suddenly growing out of the soil. In the next moment, he directly changed the move of Everything Perishes to Everything Grows

Between life and death, death and life, so mysterious, so indescribable.

Inside Ji Hao’s heart, all his life-force, spiritual powers and strength burst from that tiny spot, silently and intensively, shining like his seed of Dao.

Inside his heart, a fist-sized dazzling sphere of golden light released a tremendous, warm stream of power, surging inside his entire body like the sun in the sky.

The first spirit star was attained, with the help of the seed of Dao and the move of Everything Perishes taught by the mysterious man. Ji Hao had formally become a Divine Magus.

Crack! A clear and cloud series of cracking noise could then be heard — The fourth turn of the Cultivation Method with Nine Turns was reached.

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